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Tricks and Secrets of Witchcraft, fetishism, Occultism, mysticism, magic, astrology, parapsychology, mediumship and others, and how to overcome them through The Ultimate power of God In Jesus Christ, and why we should not practice them, neither consult those who practice these or accept their objects, their teachings and their ceremonies.of great Adepts delivered by Jesus Christ from the world of darkness.


Jeanne: “my father who was a wizard without me knowing it , one day while I was sick he said “Since you are often sick, I'm going to wash you this night with concoctions and all will be well. » He asked me to bring human excrements, and told my mother to bring some herbs which he named. He mixed them all in a bucket of water and washed me with it around midnight. Afterwards, I went to bed. Immediately I slept, I found myself leaving my body through astral projection, I saw my body lying on the bed and I saw another body of mine standing apart, and I moved out of the room spiritually and walked into the village and I saw the other witches out of their bodies, who also were walking around the village very late at night. I noticed that I was naked and had a male sexual organ suspended by the side of my body.

Towards the early morning hours, I returned to my room and went into my body that was lying on the bed. When it was day, I got up and noticed in the village that most old people were looking at me with curiosity. Since that day, every night I would leave my body spiritually and I sometimes find myself in places I did not know. I was told, for example: "here is Accra", "Here is London," “Paris is here ...» This continued until I entered into the evil realm of high witchcraft... One day, I left my body spiritually (astral projection) and I was walking, I saw my aunt who was holding a sheep by the rope and she was saying: "who wants to buy a sheep? I am selling this sheep!” Another day, as usual, I saw a man coming, and suddenly a thought came up in my mind that: "if he might fall!",
Immediately after this thought came on me, he fell. I did the same thing again, and I realized that every evil thing I imagined happened, how much more when I spoke. After several years of witchcraft I could now do things voluntarily according to my wishes and desires. I was struck down one day when I set foot in an evangelical church. The Christians took hold of me and prayed for me, I shook and demons screamed out from my mouth. After I got delivered, a great joy came over me as I have never had before.” Today, protected by Jesus against all other witches or mystics, Jeanne can now reveal all the secrets without problem.


Chantal: A former high level witch delivered by Jesus Christ, said: "My parents and I were one day at home, and I saw my uncle coming. In fact my uncle was walking with his head down and feet in the air but people saw him walking normally. When he arrived, he began to shake hands with my parents by using his foot. It is a way to impoverish and to curse them and when he came close to me, he handed me the foot and I told him: "I do not like what you are doing." He smiled and he took me aside and said: "I now know that you can see what we see, and as you know these secrets already, we'll initiate you and you’ll discover your gifts and you'll be very rich, you will have cars, lands, villas stc.... » Immediately, I was interested in what he was saying and we made appointments to go to the village. I took a friend along and arriving at the village, my uncle and the both of us had to enter into a very small hut that could contain two to three people physically.

When we entered the hut, we found the whole village inside spiritually. The village chief and the dignitaries of the village were all there, with many people all came in search of witchcraft power. They washed our faces and we were given injections, bottles of perfume, etc., such things that fetish priest gives. The fetish priest only gives objects of witchcraft, and make each bearer of such objects a unconscious witchcraft and be cursed before God. The sorcerer is a seller of articles of witchcraft to the profane.

After been initiated, we left. When we left (my friend and I), then the idea of going to San Pedro ( a town in Ivory coast) came to me. We took a vehicle. Arriving at San Pedro, I had the push or desire to go to a maternity ward. Getting into the maternity ward, we stole a baby who was in his cradle and whose mother was absent. I took the child and went to an uncompleted building, I cut off the child's head, his head fell to one side and blood spurted from the other side of the body, I sucked the blood in my mouth and I quickly spat it on the wall. When I did this, Suddenly a giant appeared striking his chest with his hand, saying: "I am the king of darkness." And he disappeared.

When he vanished, I was possessed by evil spirits. Immediately a desire came over me to go and kill my little brother who was with my parent, this is because my mother loved him very much ... From that day, I left my body by astral projection to go to meetings of witches. The more evil you do, the more the devil (the great master) will love you. He called me chantou-Baby. He loved me very much. I impoverished my father who was a medical doctor and I as well struck my little brother with epilepsy etc. My father who was seriously stricken with poverty went from one fetish priest to another, and I accompanied him. I saw that most fetish people are witches that operate at night, and during the day, they pose as charlatans for money.

I communicated with my eyes with them without my father knowing this. Exhausted and tired, my father eventually got converted to an evangelical church. When he started praying out loud, fire filled the whole house and I could not stand it, so I fled through the window. One day my father asked me to accompany him to church. I would not because the devil told us to never go there. But my father insisted each time. In order not to let him know that I am witch, I then decided to accompany him to his church.

On the way, I saw a man dressed in red. He called me by name and said: "Chantal where are you going to? I told him: "I am accompanying my father to church. He said, "You know I do not like there." I told him: "If I do not do this, my father would know I am a witch. » As we approached the church, I saw the church as if plunged in the fire, and the more I advanced, the more suffocating I was. Arriving in the hall of the church, the pastor said during prayer: “You're here today and Jesus wants to rescue you." Immediately I trembled. I got up and fled.

The Christians pursued me and held me. They began to deliver me by saying: "In the name of Jesus Christ, demons get out of this girl ...." I shook and the demons Screamed through my mouth. And what the Christians did not see is that I transformed myself into a snake, a dog, an owl, to hurt them, but all was in vain. One of the Christians, really born again, persevered in prayer while others were tired and the last demon left my body saying: "If your Jesus is good why is He hurting me. » And I was delivered and at the same time I received the Holy Spirit baptism.” Amen.

MARTHE: - A Queen of witchcraft and Clairvoyant Priestess delivered by Jesus Christ.
The reality of supernatural things which the bible spoke about: Angels and the protection of Christians against all witches and enemies. Luke 10:17-19

“I was a queen of witchcraft from my region. To get to this position, it has to take a spiritual warfare with the former queen of the witches that existed before you and to kill her and to drink from her skull. Apart from been the leader of a great group of witches, I was also a clairvoyant (a seer). At night I kill and name who is going to deliver his parent to us, and in the day, I play the role of a clairvoyant priestess, very well consulted by all those who don’t know that the witches and the charlatan is the same person in two different times of the day. All those who come to me for consultations come to receive curses and demons while they believe they have received solutions to their problems. Whenever any man wants to become successful, I would say to my self “Am I successful myself? If am not, do you think you could receive success here”.

In fact, when a man goes to consult a fetish priest, it is not the fetish man that heals the person. The fetish priest only meets with the witches to negotiate with them by saying “This man came to see me, and he gave to me money, I beg you leave him for a moment and later on you witches could take him.” It is the witches that are sustaining you that will also hand you over for a moment. I had given evil things to my customers who believed the things are good charms. At night, I was a witch, and during the day I turned to be a charlatan. During the night, as a queen, my disciples carry me on a royal chair while they sang.

As queen for many years, until one day while I sat at my home, and I saw two Christians coming towards me. They were two, but each of them had by their sides two great powerful beings, which are totally different from the spirits in our world. They are Angels, each of them holding a sword. I was seeing two real human beings and four angels that accompanied them. When my genies, my demons saw them, they fled and entered the house. I was afraid and I fled. I entered into the house.
My demons were trembling and said to me: “Do not leave us, for if you leave, with whom will you leave us with”? Few moments later, I thought the Christians had gone and I came out. I came face to face with them outside because they were waiting for me thinking I had entered the house and to come out. They told me: “we have come to speak to you about Jesus Christ.” It is then I became sure that they were Christians.

Not been able to support the presence of these angels, I said:” I believe in God already”, I said this to keep them away. They said to me:” Yes, but now you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour”. I quickly said: “I understand”. They left. Then I made a search and discovered that they were from a particular Evangelical church, because we the witches know that there are churches where we could carry out whatever we want, and there are also true churches especially the Pentecostals.

There are people who call themselves Christians and who go to church and say they are Christians also, and we the witches could kill them. I decided to kill one of the Christians who came to see me. I went to his home, I took a spring chicken from his compound, I then invited all my groups of witches to the tree where we do tie our victims and kill them. And we killed the chicken in his name and did all we know to cause him to die. The next day, instead of the Christian, it is one of our members that died. My disciples became afraid and left the city for the village. I went to the Christian’s place to see what was happening and I saw the angels escorting him. And when my demons saw the angels, they fled. I saw the Christian coming out of his car; laughing, he came forward to me to shake my hands and I fled. The truth is that, no witch can harm a real Christian.

In addition to my failures and humiliations, one day, I had a dream where there was a great hole where many people are weeping, and on the other side I saw the Christians and they were rejoicing. And I heard a voice saying: “If you stop witchcraft practice and accept Jesus Christ, you shall be where those ones are rejoicing, if you don’t, you shall be in Hell fire where the others are suffering”. When I woke up, a demon was close to me and begged me in these words saying: “Do not depart from us”. I decided one day to visit the church of these Christians. From afar, I could see an angel by every Christian. Except for those living in sin. When one of the Christians called me, it was the angel that was beside him that called me.

They carried out the same gesture. I sat down in the church. The pastor was preaching. I saw an angel close to him, and the angel was making the same gesture and moving his lips with the same rhythm as the pastor while saying the same thing like him as he preached; and behind the pastor, I saw Jesus as blood flowed from him. At the end of the service, I went to the pastor and I would not let him know I am a witch, I told him: “Pastor, I am clairvoyant and there is a witch who wants to kill a member of your church”. The pastor said to the Christians: “come and pray for this woman, she is a witch”. When the Christians were saying: “In the name of Jesus Christ, demons come out of this woman…” I trembled and shook, and the demons cried out through my mouth. They prayed for me until I was totally delivered, but I needed to fast so that they could cast out the dragon with six head, which my grand mother gave to me during my initiation when they caused me to eat the heart of a man. On the day of my complete deliverance, I was filled with Joy >>.

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Félicité narrated :<< my father practiced fetishism. When I born, he washed me with his fetish water and consecrated me saying: “Fetish, here is your daughter, protect her”. Since my childhood, noticed that I never laughed, and already I was fighting so much with the other children, and I would seriously wound them. I would break their arm etc. Their parents came to complain to my parents for their injured children.
One day, when I grew up, I went to the farm at the village of Issia (Ivory coast) where my parents lived, from afar on the road, I could see three men standing. When I came close to them, they called me by my name saying: “Follow us”. So I followed them without hesitation. We left the road to follow the bush path. After having gone a little far, the bush changed to become a village of genies (evil spirits). These demons spoke to me saying: “we are the demons of your father and we have brought you up to train you to become a fetish priestess.”

So, I remained with them. I believed I stayed with them for about three days not knowing that I have really stayed there for three months, for in this occult realm the notion of time is not the same with that of real life on earth. Meanwhile, my parents had been looking for me through the village of Issia, in the bushes of Issia, and even in our village of origin at Sakassou (Ivory Coast) which is three hundred kilometres from the place where I had disappeared, but all in vain.

According to the evil spirits, when they would have finished training me, they are going to dress me in white cloth around my chest, then they would put things on my wrist, legs and on my hands and would say to me; “ go now”. When I was released, suddenly I found myself somewhere around our home in my village of origin at Sakassou, 300 KM from the place where I had disappeared, and this had happened without me walking or using a car. That day, there they worshipped the demon called “ALLOU” which my father worshipped. I entered the circle of dance while I danced and the whole people all cried out with joy saying: “She has come back”.
From that day, I Became a fetish priestess and the Priestess of ALLOU. I came to settle down in Abidjan (a city of Ivory coast). People came from everywhere to consult me, whereas I did not know how they came to discern my presence. Instead of happiness or what they are seeking for, they leave with misfortune that I gave them under the influence of these demons that God says they are all liars and crooked. And there is nothing like good demons, all genies or demons are wicked, evil and cunning.

One day I was at market and an argument rose up between me and a woman. Immediately the devil ''Allou'' appeared to me and said: "Kpangô, I want to drink." Immediately, I jumped on the woman, threw her down and I began to drink her blood by cruelly biting her on the neck. Since that day, when this demon wants human blood, he provoked a fight and appeared and said to me: “kpangô, I want to drink," which means "my ass I want to drink." Immediately, I would bite the victim during the brawl and drank his blood. The demons cause men to leave me whenever I had any sexual intercourse with any man and had a child for them. They left soon. Thus I had 4 children by different fathers. Now the devil would appear to me when I was with my children and say: "kpangô, I want to drink." Immediately I jumped on one of my children, biting cruelly and I drank his blood. And all the children would start crying. I heard their cries with sorrow in my heart but I could not stop because I was controlled by the devil.

I searched secretly for someone to deliver me but in vain. In fetishism, we do not know how to flee from these spirits that have possessed us or turn off their negative missions towards men to whom we offer services maliciously misleading serious consequences through us their agents. They even force us to the extent of offering human sacrifices. One day, in a dream, I was with demons in the dark, and there was a beautiful shining city suspended in the sky. I watched this city, and the demons said to me "why are you looking over there"? I replied: "I want to be there", according to the Bible this is God's paradise, but the carnal eyes cannot see this. And the demons said to me: "our home is here, not there". Some religions that do not practice deliverance, including Jehovah's Witnesses tried to convert me but the demons mocked at them and would not depart. Even when I separated from fetish objects, the objects mysteriously returned.

One day, I was invited by a brother near an Evangelical church that was celebrating a feast to sell food, because I had two restaurants. Arriving, I was curious to know what was happening in the preaching hall. As soon as I set foot in the door, I felt as if pulled from behind, and I was simultaneously overwhelmed. The Christians soon came to take me to pray for me. They said: " in the name of Jesus, demons you are defeated, in Jesus' name, leave this woman"! I was very agitated, demons screamed through my mouth. The deliverance lasted over an hour. At the end, one of the Christian said: "If the devils come back, say:" you are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life and never come back. " For Jesus said" in my name you shall drive out demons " and He also said: When an unclean spirit leaves a man, he walketh through dry places, and he findeth no rest, and he said: I will return to my house whence I came. And if person who was delivered in the name of Jesus Christ had returned to his old sins or unbelief, the demons casteth out would come back in this man, and the new condition of this man would become worst than before.” Thus Jesus said to him who was healed or delivered, «Go and sin no more, lest your condition becomes worse.” And He said, cast out demons. After this deliverance, at night, the demons came into my room and Instead of saying "you are defeated in Jesus' name" or to invoke aloud the name of Jesus, I was afraid and said nothing. So they used this occasion to possess me again through my fears and my silence. The next day, I returned to the evangelical church and they carried out my deliverance again and I was still highly agitated, and the demons screamed until I was delivered. After that, I hired a small transportation car to go home. When I alighted from the vehicle to walk down to my house, the demon appeared before me where the car dropped me and he said: "if you want to leave me give to me, give back to me everything I gave you." I immediately ran home and brought out everything in the house and all I had obtained through fetishism: the chairs, bed, all that I had received from demons, and I set them on fire.

The neighbors came out and said, «the fetish priestess has gone mad.” For the first time in my life I really laughed with joy. The joy came over me. This was the first time I laughed. Late in the night, I woke to go to the bathroom in the hall outside. Immediately I went outside, the devil appeared. I tried to flee but a force pushed me towards him and I said "you are defeated in Jesus' name." He staggered but didn’t fall. And I repeated again: « you are defeated in the name of Jesus" And he staggered and turned his face towards me, and he said you can not see his face and live. I saw that he had a small head like the point of the hand, with a big eye in the middle of the forehead and a long oval eye on the right side. I said: « It is said that anyone who looks at your face shall die, but I will not die in the name of Jesus.” And he crawled like a snake. My neighbor who heard my words opened his window and saw the demon that went away crawling. He cried," is that what is behind this woman? "And he quickly closed the window. So, this was how I was freed from this demon.

Eni reports: <<in my difficulties, a girl older than me whom I knew, but had become suddenly rich, invited me to her home to live with her as her husband. What surprised me was that I considered this as a grace of God after much suffering. But one night, while we were lying in the same bed, I woke up and instead of the girl, I saw a snake Boa. The next day, again in the night I awoke and saw that the girl disappeared and reappeared on the bed.

Another day in the night I awoke and saw the girl in a transparent form and one could see through to the bed-sheet. The next day I asked her, and she told me never to ask this question, otherwise I will see. When she left, I took the opportunity to enter a room in the big house where we were, a room that I had not seen since I came there. There was in this room a large refrigerator. I opened it and saw pieces of human flesh and bowls of human blood. I realized I was not safe. When the girl returned, she knew that I had seen what was in the room. She gave me a book to read on mystical things and which spoke of becoming rich.
That evening she asked me to accompany her to a meeting. We arrived. The man who led the meeting had only head and no visible body. She introduced me as a new member. They took my name, and this was to be sent to India. We returned home. The next evening she went with a little girl, she invited me to dinner, she took the girl, made her lie on the table before me, she took two fingers, and pulled out her eyes.

She cut off her head and cut it into pieces, put these pieces in a large dish and asked me to eat. I refused, she looked at me and hypnotized me and I did not know how I put my hand into the dish and started eating and even licking my fingers. She said: "This is a pact between you and me, nobody should know what has happened in this house, the day you reveal the secret, that will be your end”. I went so deep in occultism and mysticism, due to the powers and wealth they promised me. When she saw that I was getting involved, she broke away from me. I now lived apart. One day a beautiful woman whom I met in the street promised to visit me one day at my house even when she didn’t know my place. She came at my home one day, and I often visited. One day, she told me to accompany her so that I could know her. We boarded a bus and we stopped at a bus-stop not far from the sea.

She took something like a belt and tied us together, she washed both hands, and a wind came blowing behind us, and we began to fly above the sea until we went into the sea. We crossed the bed of the sea and suddenly we found ourselves in a big city under the sea, an occult realm, which any true occult initiate can testify of. This woman came and presented herself to me as the queen of the coast. She told me that she has chosen me for a mission. And that she will give me lots of power and wealth if I will agree to do what she demanded.

She gave me things to wear on her finger, rings, etc... And made me to swallow a boa snake through her power, she put things inside my body, etc... In this city, in some rooms, there were devices such as televisions through which they could see the activities of anyone we had in mind. My mission was to attack every true Christian, or to cause them to backslide or to sin. For according to the devil, all the rest that are in the world already belong to him, including false Christians. (Only true Christians will have eternal life in heaven where he and the demons were expelled from by God). I came out from under the sea after this initiation that was a high level possession. I acquired great powers. I moved with my body or out of my body at the speed of thought.

One day, returning from a trip, I found a man in my room when I opened my door which I had locked. He entered mystically. As soon as I entered, he told me to prepare myself for a travel to India. I asked him how. He told me to sit beside him if I'm ready. I sat down. He touched me, and immediately we found ourselves in an underground temple in India where someone with a body without head and who served human flesh in a huge dish and then human blood. We ate and drank with other men present at this occult and mystic gathering of great initiates. (Novices and beginners may never suspect such things about their masters who are hiding behind moral concepts and concealing secrets).

The moral teachings of doing good are data hypocritically prepared for beginners in the mystical orders, and also they are just umbrellas to keep them safe from the police and prosecution about their secret practices. However, Satan knows that no mystique even if he wants to, will never be able to do good as long as he remains in the mystical realm which is primarily for his personal gain and for his pleasures. I had become so powerful, said Eni, that Satan named me in the years 1982 as the World President of witches. In one of our meetings attended by Lucifer, that is to say, Satan himself, the great master of all mystics and occultists, the theme was solely: "Christians".

But one of us who asked him a question mentioned the name of Jesus. Immediately, there was a loud noise and Satan fell from his throne, and he cried out to never mention that name in any meeting. In fact, Jesus said: “In my name, you drive out demons." All the mystics, occultists, fetish, wizards could try and experiment this before these spirits, genies, demons or other spiritual entities called, energy, magnetism and other areas of mysticism and occult practices. When you say the name of Jesus out loud, even spiritual entities which often pretend to be real angels or true benefactors all flee or disappear, and you would know they are not from God but from the devil and are liars, and powerless before Jesus, the true one spoken of in the Bible and Christians whom they confess. Still, no witch or any other powers can overcome a true Christian.

After several destruction of human life, and the dangerous mission entrusted to me, which could cost my life, I wanted to know how to leave this occult and mystical world, but I did not know how. One day a carpenter who was a Christian called me and said that God gave him a message to me. He began to preach to me the gospel of Jesus Christ. I listened to him preach. When finished, he told me to kneel down so that he could pray for me. I did. When he said: «in the name of Jesus, demons get out of this man!" I fell, and the demons in me went into action, I began to creep on my chest, wanting to fly away, but was on the ground level without touching the ground, and the demons in me pushed me to destroy everything in his workshop.

But he continued to say: "In the name of Jesus, demons come out of this man ..." "At one point I saw some of our occult members coming to help me, but with the power of God present, they couldn’t approach... Jesus Christ delivered me by giving me experiences that proved he is the only Savior that God has given to every man, and everyone must submit to him and be converted according to his written word in the Bible, as the only word of God, which Satan sends false prophets and false designers to mislead those that would be lost, because they would not come to Jesus the Son of God and the Savior to ask for forgiveness of all their sins, and to seek for healing, deliverance, success, protection, eternal life and relief from all witches, occult, mystical, demonic spirits and others that God spoke about in the Bible as from the devil, and which must be overcome by the supreme power of the true God in Jesus Christ given by God to all who accept Jesus Christ as Savior, and who lives by His word the Bible alone, and talks to Jesus Christ and ask everything in his name.

Bakagika, A high level magician testifies about the reality of the devil. He said: “while I was a magician of a higher order and was working with the spirits, one question kept running through my mind. I wanted to ask these spirits on behalf of whom they work, to whose service are they operating. This was what I asked one of them once. He said: "you and us, we are all serving the Grand Master." I told him: "I want to meet the devil." So he grew angry and said, "why do you call the devil, the devil is a pejorative personality, insulting that he was given the men on the earth, he is the Grand Master, he is called Samodieu of two hearts, but it is not easy to meet him, I'll put you through to one of his closest, Nabam, here's how he is invoked.” So I called Nabam, and there was a whirlwind of sand and leaves, and the whirlwind transformed into a man who said to me: "why do you call me? » I told him: "I want to meet the devil." He became annoyed and said to me: "why do you want to call the devil, the devil is a pejorative name, the Grand Master, he is called Samodieu of two hearts.

He is very busy, I do not know if he will come. But here's how he is invoked”. I began to invoke him. Gradually there was a whirlwind of leaves and sand, and under the whirlwind, there appeared a small lizard, the lizard grew gradually as I continued to invoke.
The lizard turned into a crocodile, which was the size of a man with the body of a crocodile, but with the head of a man of about thirty years old. He said: "Why do you call me?" I told him: "I want to be among the billionaires of this world". He looked at me, took a shell of his body and gave it to me. On the shell there was on one side a list of members of my family that are dead, and on the other side, a list of the living, and it is written on the shell : "give five people among the living ". I told him: "I'll think about it." He said: "You know how to call me."
He turned on to enter into himself and disappeared. Now when I want to call him, I would go near the Red Sea, near Saudi Arabia, and the devil and i would go into hotels in cities worldwide and to nightclubs, to have sex with girls and women that are craving for money and luxury, and who thought we were normal people. A mystic, occultists and magicians of higher level or evil spirits can also transform into a girl or woman to seduced men and to destroy them. These girls or women who had intercourse with us later fell sick and died. One day, I was delivered in an evangelical church where I was invited”.

The devil is not an idea, he is a real being. He is the greatest and most powerful of all the evil spirits and God called him the devil and Satan, because of his cunning and evil characters. God talks about the devil in the Bible in Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28; Revelation 12/12. Just say the name of Jesus and he will flee and disappear, Satan and other spirits or demons, and all the beings that many see in a dream or reality in the form of a dead relative or friend, and those call virgin Mary, alien (UFOS) and evil angel will all flee at the mention of Jesus.

The dead cannot appear to a man, these are demons, especially the demons of necromancy, the spirits of the dead that God condemns, which take human forms and mimic them like the chameleon when it takes the color of it’s environment, this in order to deceive men and make pacts with those who listen to them through objects and messages that they give to their own misfortune and the misfortune of men. Invoke the name of Jesus whenever these beings appear and they will disappear and this will prove to you that they are impostors.

We killed 400 children and plunged in their blood
Sandrine, a great mystic delivered by Jesus Christ relates: “One day, my father introduced me into a mystical order which he entered, thinking that he is protecting himself from witches and from problems. And they handed me a roll of children under 12 years. One day I was initiated after my encounter with a dwarf on the street who knew my name and told me that soon I will be tested. A few years later they initiated me. I would leave my body to participate in meetings in the pyramids of Egypt where there was a circle and where 13 of us came in, etc...

I exercised the power of my mind and many other things. I quickly climbed all the degree ladder of the mystical order. And I wanted to go beyond the world greatest initiate. I initiated many people and the most complicated mission was given to me. I have participated as a great initiate in ceremonies of novices and neophytes that were falsely told not to do evil and at the same time told to keep secrets, and this evil is what they will do once they are initiated, according to the truth of all mystical order.

In this ceremony, we would take four hundred children kidnapped from around the world, these children are taken to a mountainous region of Togo, we cut the head of these four hundred children and we plunge into the pool of blood to be qualify for the degree of initiation and we keep the secret of how we became master, grand master and others, or how we acquired such powers. It's the same thing in fetishism and the occultism. One day I met my college professor who was an evangelical Christian, to tell him that my younger brother was suffering from an incurable disease. The teacher got me in touch with his pastor and my little brother was freed from the disease. This caused my parents to be converted to Jesus Christ.

At a prayer vigil of the Evangelical church in which I took part, because my parents asked me to be present, the pastor asked all those who want to accept Jesus Christ to come forward so they could pray for them. I did not make a movement. He then called all those who often suffer from cramps. As I often suffered from cramps, I got up. When the pastor said: "In the name of Jesus,” I was struck down." The Christians prayed for me. I was trembling and demons were screaming out of my mouth until I was totally delivered. So this was how I became a Christian after so many years as a high hierarchy mystic. I invite all mystics to speak to Jesus Christ now accepting him as Savior and asked him to deliver you from the works of the devil, the real Jesus in the Bible and not the false Jesus spoken of by false books called God's will. Let him go to an evangelical church now and save his life instead of trying to save his ideas and his pride. It is only by experiencing Jesus Christ he can know the truth and will be delivered from demons, illnesses or problems and lies.

Lisungi reports: "A priest who was at the same time my teacher once told me he could give me a pen that writes on its own the exact answers of examination topic, that I could defy gravity and float in space, etc.. In all these, he didn’t tell me that it includes demonic possession and maledictions which will come in the future. He gave me a magic book to read and a diet rule to follow.
One day, we went to the cemetery and he brought out chopsticks, made some incantations and the tombs of the cemetery disappeared, and a city of light appeared, it was swarming with people and there they practiced all sorts of sexual freedom and other obscene things. One day, he placed a tablecloth on the floor; we took off only to find ourselves in another place. Mystics with their astral projection pollute the air so much, destroy homes, abuse of men and women, and rape and steal through mystical means. They escape the police because they are invisible, and they often deny any charges. (In occultism, we could go under the Earth through incantation.

The earth becomes soft as we sank, and suddenly we found ourselves in a big city where some political, occultic and other people meet in quest for power and magic. I worked with spirits, demons). In magic, there is no real way of becoming rich, except by human sacrifice, which also have forbidden rules after the sacrifice, and other requirements from the spirits and occult masters, who could ask for another human life after the first human life, except you. There was also an opportunity to marry an occult woman who would give you money, but by cutting short your life. There was also fallacious possible ways through stealing non-lasting money by magic through evil spirits even after a deadly trial.

This money can never buy something durable, and should be spent within the time specified on the package, and should not be used to purchase durable objects at the risk of dying. I did all this, except human sacrifice. After all these deadly trials, I could ask these spirits for bank notes, but that money could not be used for any important thing. I agreed to marry a woman of the occult world, who asked me a few years later to go know her home, meaning I had to die. But before that day, something I caused me to visit the Christians.

One day, I wanted to induce sleep through my magic power on Christians who were praying and bothering me when I was carrying out some mystical work somewhere outside. I myself fell asleep and I woke up the next morning on the same place in this street. I realized that I had spent the night there sleeping instead of the Christians that I wanted to curse. And if a thief had been there, he would have killed me. I was terrified. I also noticed that when a man dies he leaves his body, but the soul and spiritual body of the Christian never comes to the cemetery, it does not follow his body to the cemetery and do not come to torment, including the soul of all infants and small children, they never follow their bodies to the grave.

I asked my occult teacher, he said: "those there, their masters do not want them to come here. Also, babies are sinless and they can’t come here. In fact, Jesus said: «that he who believes in me will live even though he dies, for I will raise him up at the last day; if any man lives and believes in me, he will never die. » I also noticed that when a man utters the name of Jesus, the spirits that worked with us fled and the occult or mystic light were extinguished for a time, and if this man speaks against the demons or our powers in the name of Jesus, our occult light go off entirely. Jesus Christ delivered me from the death which would have been my sentence in my development in magic.

Francoise narrated:
"After many years of witchcraft and mysticism, I fell sick and went to consult an occultist. He invited me to a ceremony with several other people who also came to consult him and they had parked their cars outside. We took off our clothes and he asked us to lie face down in a room where he led us. In this position, we were to repeat certain words, and act as if we swam.

We were to keep our eyes closed. But, I opened one eye out of curiosity, and I saw that each of us turned into boa progressively from head to foot. A few minutes later, we all became boa snakes all over the room. I was fully aware of becoming a boa. Our occult teacher stood up among us. We understood what he was saying and aware of the outside world, but when we wanted to speak, a hissing sound like that of a snake came out of our mouths. Later, the occult master did what he wanted to do and we again became men. He even said it could happen that we may never return to the state of man once transformed into animal.

But we shall be conscious of being men before that are now stucked in the animal state, and could be killed or be sold in the zoo, and still recognizing the men. We could also practice by ourselves at home and change and go wherever we want. Since then I transformed myself alone. But I still was not healed. One day he took me in a canoe in the middle of the river. Reaching the middle of the water, he asked me to leave the boat and dive into the water while I could not swim. Then I refused, he pointed to something behind me when I turned my head to look, he pushed me and I fell into the deep water. I went through a great depth of river as gulped water at the beginning, and suddenly, I found myself in a city. A place where there were many people and buildings.

They asked me to give out my father in order to become rich. Which I refused. Several hours later, these men who could not convince me told me to leave. I found myself at the edge of the canoe that was still in the middle of the water in which the occult master was waiting, I got into the canoe, and we returned home. My real husband was still alive and who was looking for me, was at the edge or the river and saw me back in the canoe after several hours in water, was so astonished. The disease was still there, and in addition, I now saw demons possessing me, sleeping with me and gave me occult children. I heard their voices, and often, they caused a strong wind that snapped at the door and objects falling and they threatened to kill my husband, who also heard their voices and who also died through their hands.

As for me, I searched for deliverance from the disease and from those demons that lived at my home. I did not know that by just calling the name of Jesus out loud could caused them to flee, and that I could overcome them by ordering them to leave in the name of Jesus, with authority, and I didn’t know also that I could get converted to Jesus Christ in an evangelical church for genuine peace, healing and solutions to my problems. I was the prisoner of the demons and the visions they inspired. I swelled up in a demonic way and demons came to suck my breasts which became huge and ugly. One day, my father heard that an evangelical pastor came to where I lived, about fifty (50) kilometers to where I was to conduct deliverances, healings and other miracles in the name of Jesus Christ, as Jesus did and commanded all those who believe in him to do the same. We went in there and the pastor began my deliverance. Immediately he said: "In the name of Jesus, demons get out of this woman ..." I was struck down and was delivered.

Patrick relates: "I used to read my horoscope. One day I discovered in a horoscope books, the address of an astrologer, seer, medium and parapsychologist who said he can reveal things to me, and to make me discover my hidden gifts etc... I wrote to this address and I received the answer that put me in contact with one of the greatest school of high witchcraft, black magic and white magic.

Here are the first courses that they gave to me. How to go out of my body. Astral projection. I succeeded in getting out of my body. From that day, when I approach a girl in the street and make advances and if she refuses, I would do everything to know her home. At night, I would leave my body spiritually; I would go into her room and had sexual intercourse with her while she sleeps. During intercourse, she would see me in her dream thinking it's just a dream while it's real. As soon as I finished the act and I got up, I saw demons and evil spirits that have tails that are with me struggling to have sex with her, by using their tail. When she woke up, the girl is just like a woman who has had sex with a man consciously.

From then on, the girl becomes a fornicator, possessed and insatiable sexually and plunges into sexual debauchery and prostitution. The second course was levitation. In a sitting position, I rose from the ground and I rose to the ceiling... Sometimes the mystical or occult master who was in Paris would come into my room, to give me some instructions on how to use objects. (Today, Patrick has been delivered by Jesus Christ)

Emmanuel Eni ex - World President of witchcraft, fetish, occult, mystic who presides over the international conference of witches held in South Africa, and was delivered by Jesus - Christ, and author of the book "Delivered from the Powers of Darkness" published by "Word of life", narrated: “ A true Christian is not recognized by the fact that he carries a Bible or by the number of meetings he has attended" (note that there are false Christians and also false churches, false religions and false conceptions, and real Christians).

The true Christian is known by the spiritual light that shines continuously like a very bright candle in his heart or as a circle of light around his head or as a wall of fire all around him. When a Christian moves, we see many angels around him. One on his left and the other on the right hand side and another behind him. Because of this, it is difficult for us to go close to him.

The only way to get him is to cause the Christian to fall into sin, which opens a door through which we can enter. When a Christian is driving a car and we want to hurt him, we always see that he is never alone in the car. There is always an angel by his side. It is written: << A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come near thee >> (Psalms 91 / 7).
There was a pastor full of the Holy Spirit, Whenever he knelt down to pray, he would throw confusion into the camp of the enemy, sorcerers or others. To destroy him, we sent girls to him. This man agreed to feed them but refused to be drawn into sin. They did everything they could, but they did not succeed. Consequently, these girls were put to death because they failed. So, I then transformed into a woman. I went to see him and I used all sorts of words, I tried to seduce him, but he was adamant.

This was too much for me and I decided to kill him physically. One day, the pastor went to the market at Oduekpe Street (in Nigeria). I followed him closely and when he stopped to buy some products, by the power of my will I wheeled off a trailer loaded with drums of oil and caused it rush into the market where this man was. The trailer truck went to knock down a high tension electricity pole and rolled over in the market killing many people, but the pastor escaped death.

Another day I saw him walk towards the town of N'kpor (A town in Nigeria). Again, by my will power, I directed an army truck loaded with yams passing on the road to kill him. The truck went straight into the street of a new cemetery, killing many people, but the pastor was again spared. After this second attempt, we left him. He is still alive. "It is written: "at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth” (Philippians 2 / 10). Emmanuel Eni relates the case of another pastor of a church at Ebuhe Mea in Nigeria whom he wanted to eliminate when this pastor was walking somewhere. He said: "I commanded rain to fall and the thunder to rumble. Suddenly the trees began to lose their branches. And this pastor began to sing a song that says "in name of Jesus every knee will bow.”

As he continued to sing this song, the rain stopped, the thunder rumbling stopped and immediately two angels appeared one on his right and one to his left with a flaming sword in their hands. Their eyes and their swords were like flames of fire. Then a strong wind blew and carried me away... «Because of a Christian, the devil may decide to destroy many people thinking he could kill him, but he always fails. These things happened to many Christians without their knowledge.
Their God has always protected and delivered them. The problem is that the devil does not give up. He always thinks he will perhaps succeed someday, but he will never succeed as long as the Christian walks in the love of God and remains in him and so long he does not get entangled in the affairs of this life. The devil can never succeed regardless of its violence and its efforts. Only the faithless or the sinner belongs to him. Jesus said to his true disciples, the real Christians <<…nothing shall by any means hurt you>> (Luke 10:19). There was a young Christian man who loved going about testifying about his conversion and his deliverance.

He did much evil in the spiritual world (witchcraft, mystical and others), because of this, I decided to go after him personally. One day, he was driving in a luxury coach to Lagos. He went to a meeting where he would give his testimony. So when the bus was travelling at high speed, I used my will power to get him off the road. That's what happened.
The bus crashed against a tree. All the passengers died, with the exception of the young convert. It was really miraculous because he came out of the vehicle through the car boot and began to shout: » I am free, I am free». We wanted to prevent him from testifying, but we failed. "You're the apple of my eye" says God. There was a young Christian, he was very zealous and started distributing Gospel tracts inside the bus. When he handed me a tract I refused. Then he began to preach the gospel to me. It began to bother me, so I hit him with the ring I wore on my finger with intention to kill him. He shouted: << the blood of Jesus! ». Immediately, there was lightning, thunder and an angel appeared and a strong wind pushed me forcefully out of the bus...

Benoit : a high ranking wizard who also operates as a fetish priest had received a customer who was deputy CEO of a company, and wanted to be CEO (Director General). He would have to therefore kill the Director General for his client to take his place. Unfortunately for him, the man they wanted to kill was a true Christian. He said: "When I left my body to go to this man’s place, his house was surrounded by fire, a fire that I could not go through, or overcame, because the fire surrounded the house of this man, and I could not climb it since the fire rose higher and higher when I tried to climb over into the house.

One day, I transformed into a bee and I got to the window of the Christian. I saw him surrounded by a fire and a flaming sword spinning over his head when he read the Bible aloud, or sang the name of Jesus or a Christian hymn. The sword stopped turning when stopped reading or singing, but the fire was always around him. Unable to kill him, I tried to kill his children, but they were also surrounded by fire, even his poultry fowls were surrounded by fire. So I decided to go to the seaside to invoke a demon of a high hierarchy so as to know how to kill this Christian. I knew that if the demon summoned did not appear from midnight until dawn, the man who invoked it would become mad and walked naked through the streets in the cities.

Knowing that I just had to kill that man so that my client who had given a portion of the large sum of money could take his place, and pays the rest, getting to the seaside, I persevered in the invocation especially so that I would not go away without seeing it for fear of becoming mad. Suddenly, around 3 AM, I saw the demon coming out of the water in the form of a very angry lion towards me. Seeing I was in danger, I shouted: "Jesus!" Suddenly, the lion fell back and went back with full speed into the sea. Few minutes later, I saw close to me a very polite girl and I knew it was the demon that had taken her form. I held the name of Jesus on my lips in case the demon wants to attack me. I asked him: "Why didn’t you come when I invoked you? He replied: "I had no time, you know, the master (Lord Jesus) is coming soon, and before then, and I have to seduce the world." I asked him: "Why couldn’t I kill that man?" He replied: "All birds are not edible." It was since that day that I converted to Jesus Christ”.

Chantal: I had just been converted to Jesus Christ and I went to the village. When I arrived, I fell ill and I knew it was an attack. I began to pray, but the sickness persisted. One day I had a dream and I saw my aunt who came into my room with men, and in the dream she told the men: "I told you long ago to kill this girl, you told me to wait. Now she has joined their church, we can do nothing.”

And the group went out. And I woke up. When I knelt down to pray, whenever I closed my eyes I saw my aunt blowing a white powder in my direction and I lost all strength, and I could not pray. I tried several times without having the strength to pray due to tiredness and sleep took me off. Then I decided to carry out a fast for 3 days and 3 nights without food or drink day and night.

On The 3rd day, my aunt complained that some invisible people were beating her. Towards evening, she spread a mat near the house, she slept on it, and she died. THE WITCH AND HER FAILURE OVER A CHRISTIAN WHO WAS A VIRGIN A high level sorcerer learned one day that a girl in the village was a Christian and a virgin and refused all advances from men because, she said, she will never involve in sexual intercourse with any man before marriage. This information led the sorcerer who decided to approach her, what he did. He made advances which she refused. He returned home and said, "What one can not obtain by words, one could obtain it by money."

He took a note of 20 US dollars which he bewitched, saying: "if she takes the money, it means that she accepted me." He went to her home, he remade his advances and before leaving, he handed the money to her. The girl said, "You perish with your money." Then he became angry and decided to kill her. One day seeing her going to the farm, he transformed himself into a snake and went along to the bite. He hid in the grasses. When the girl arrived a few paces from him, she began to sing a Christian song. Suddenly, he saw that out the mouth of this girl who sang, came flames of fire, which surprised him.

He then crept back into the grasses and let her pass. He returned home and in the evening, he left his body and went into the bedroom of the girl late at night to kill her. Coming close to her, he saw a fire around the girl. He tried to bypass it, but the fire increased to envelope the girl. He tried to overcome it but the fire rose higher. He tried to force his way by daring to cross the fire but could not. He insisted when he saw a man come out between the girl and the fire and appear before him saying: "why do you want to kill me? » He replied: "it's not you I want to kill, is this girl I want to kill." The man said, "If you want to kill her, which means it's me you want to kill."

The sorcerer grew annoyed and said: "Who are you to defend her? » And the Being who appeared to him replied: "I am the God who saves and the God who judges”. Immediately the witch fell and lost all power, all strength. He could not go back home into his body. He began to beg the Being, asking him to allow him to return to his home into his body for dawn was approaching, and if he does not return before the women swept the yard, he would die. He begged that being to give him for the last time his strength to go home. The being then granted his request. He returned home. The next day, he asked his cousin: "Who is the God who saves and the God who judges?» His cousin said: "It is Jesus." Since that day he was converted to Jesus Christ and became a Christian, and even became a Pastor.

One day, while listening to the radio, a mystic who had established an initiation center to make money, was on the radio saying he was ready to initiate men at a certain price, and that He also worked with a female spirit he called ''divine mother,’’ “the Queen'', ‘‘the goddess ''and with another woman of the occult and mystical world. He said that when he lit his candle, and did this and that, this woman would appear dressed in blue.

And radio listeners listened to this man. As the radio telephone was opened and that listeners could call, and not to permit the Ivorian population to fall prey to these men who made the pact with the devil consciously or not, but who wanted to gain wealth from these men whom they are leading to the devil. I called at the show and said: "Sir, I will tell you that this woman who appears at your invocations and ceremonies, and with whom you work, is a demon who disguise and takes that form, and she could take several other forms, and she comes from the devil, according to God. To know that she is from the devil (and she works for the misfortune of men, but with guile), when this woman appears, say out loud: ''Jesus!’ You will see her disappeared. Now, why would she disappear, if she is of God, and when Jesus is invoked who is also of God, why disappear?

It proves then that she is not from God, even if she spoke of God to deceive. In addition, she shows that Jesus is stronger because she fled when you invoke the name of Jesus. Why not follow Jesus who is stronger than her and wait on Jesus for all you need, and live according to the unique word of God the written in the Bible. God says that every spirit that works with any fetish priest, any occultist, mystic and all others come from the devil and they are for your misfortune but they lie and deceive. «But instead of experimenting with what I said, this mystic grew annoyed. But the next morning, a student came to see me to thank me. He said: "Last night I listened to the radio and the mystic that you called was explaining how he operates, and how the occult woman appears in his house; while he spoke, a monster came to strangle me by my neck, and I struggled with him, unable to get out and was choked said the student; it was at the same time you called and said to him that whenever this woman appeared, let him call aloud the name: “Jesus Christ”.

When you said <<Jesus >> on the radio broadcasting; immediately, the monster that squeezed my neck released me and disappeared. So I came to thank you." In fact, Jesus said: "In my name, you shall drive out demons.'' THE SOOTH SAYER COMMONLY CALLED “VIS-À-VIS” KILLED BY HIS EVIL SPIRITSWhen I wasn’t yet a Christian and I was sick and could not be healed by the doctors, they showed me a supposed great fetish priest, soothsayer. I went to his home. He began to consult me. I listened to him speak. Then he said, speaking of himself: «the spirits gave me seven (7) years to live, I have seven (7) more years and then I shall die.”” Thus, according to him, seeing that his life is short, he began sleeping with most of the women that came to visit him. And said something like this: "to have genies (spirits), just give them what they want, if you give your child or other, genies will come out and you will walk with them, and people would start coming to you for consultation, and you will have plenty to eat ". That same year, not seven (7) years later, MR vis-à-vis died, killed by his demons. He fell in his yard one evening at about 6 PM without any illness and could not open his mouth to speak. He was taken to the town in a hurry. His colleagues carried out some sacrifices for demons to save him but he died. Demons are liars, says the Lord God.


( Spirits) Rev. Okou Djédjé narrates: "A lady came to visit me one day, and told me she is the daughter of a great occult healer in Abidjan called mignon, who was married to Mamy Wata (marine spirit) and who usually received large sums of money under his pillow. And he said he gives jobs to people and so many people came to consult him in Abidjan. She said she came to see me because she can not find a husband to marry her. I asked her: "You have certainly gone to visit several fetish and mystical men?" She said "yes". And I said to her: " Did any of these slept with you? »

She said "yes". I told her: "it is their job." I asked her: "What did they tell you before having intercourse with you? » She said: "He told me, since I wanted a man with whom I shall live to be faithful and marry me and do whatever I demand from him, that he is going to make a very powerful charm that will never fail, but it is done with sperm. Then I asked him how. He told me that we must have sex together, and he will take the collected semen, and mix it with a charm, according to him, and I was to put everything into the soup of my man and that when he eats this he will love me more. I accepted and did it.

But my man became worse. When my man needed a girl as company, he would ask me to return to the village, and gives me a date when to come back. When I come back a day or two days beforehand, I would find a woman at home, and he told me to complete my remaining days by sleeping in the parlor until the woman leaves. I then remained in the parlor, and when she would be leaving, I will now enter the room.”” I told the girl: "We will see what’s wrong with you, but first of all, I’ll write a letter to your father"; for she had said that her father was a great occultist. I said: "I'll tell him to abandon his spirits or they will kill him very soon. And you'll give him the letter I'm going to write today, as for you, you'll have to accept Jesus Christ and I will carry out your deliverance. For your father, I will ask you to be present when he reads the letter so that you could tell me what he said.”

I sent the letter on the spot, because I used to write to the occultist and to those who are on the wrong track to warn them. She left with the letter after having advised her, and prayer of deliverance followed, with directives to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. She returned the next day. I asked her: "What did he said after reading?" She said: "When he finished reading, he smiled." one night at about 11 PM, this man came to me at my home as indicated by her daughter. He told me it's just a greeting.

Then, he left without another word. It did not last long and he died. I invited a multitude of people, including witches and witch doctors of Lakota (a town in Ivory coast notable for witchcraft activities) and other places for an Evangelization crusade, one of them that I was supposed to conduct his deliverance, but who had to first of all tell me how he became a magician, said to me: "Here is how Zirignon died whom you spoke about in your preaching: one day, he called us, and told us that this night, the spirits came to look for him, to take him away, because they are not happy, they said. For according to the spirits, he was an Akan (a tribe of Ivory Coast) and he died and was re-born (reincarnated) in the Bete tribe, when he was an Akan, he was a king and he was respected, yet the bete tribe did not respect him, so they were not happy. And he told us: "thank my wife for when they took me, she cried out, and they left me, but they said that they would return, there is no more forgiveness. A few days later, Zirignon died,” he said to me. God says that the devil is a liar.

Prosper: Rev. Okou Djédjé relates: "When I extended an invitation to the witches, witch doctors, occultists, mystics, the most popular ones of Ivory Coast that pulled the greatest crowd, to an Evangelization conference,the third day of the conference, I was to receive one after another of these various witches, fetish priests and other occultists and mystics who have accepted Jesus Christ after two (2) days and would want to be delivered. There was a large room that was prepared so I could receive them individually and privately.

When each of them came in, they told me how they became a sorcerer, or fetish men, etc., and then they received the prayer of deliverance as it is in the Bible. One of them, after telling me how he became a fetish man, told me how his spirits maltreated him. He said: "My spirits paralyzed my foot, and they turned the heart of my wife and my children away from me, and they stopped giving me food to eat. And at night the spirits came into my room, they would lift me up and caused me to float about in the room. When they wanted to throw me out, I cry, and they would release me, and they would again raise me and torment me until morning. I don’t know what to do ".

I said to him, "for two days, I've taught you how to chase out these demons by invoking the name of Jesus, and how to overcome your witchcraft grand masters , witch doctors, occultists and mystics, and these demons, that you ordered and asked you to kill or make human sacrifices when they want. If you see them now, say out loud: “Jesus!” Or say “Jesus save me”, or “In the name of Jesus, demons leave and never return.” And speak to Jesus, addressing him directly saying:" Lord Jesus, my savior, save me, forgive me my sins, etc., deliver me from the demons, sorcerers, etc."; meets a pastor of any Evangelical Church.

Every mystical acts have demons under their foundations, only some mystics does not see the spirits that their every action solicits or put into action or motion, only the real insiders see them, hear them. If you see a chair walking alone, or a man floating, and you say: "In the name of Jesus, demon, you are defeated, I cast you out, the table and the man will fall. It is not energy transmission, or psychic development or others. They were been carried by demons or demonic powers. I prayed for the healing of the one who was paralyzed, I broke his walking stick and told him to get up and walk in Jesus' name, and he left the room walking without his cane in the name of Jesus before all.

An American Satanist reported what she saw when she and her group wanted to attack a Christian family. She said: "When we came near the property of this family, we could not go further. Their whole area was surrounded by huge angels. These angels were on the place, dressed in long white robes and were so tight against each other that their shoulders touched one another. They wore no armor or carried weapons. Nobody could go through them. All the spiritual missiles we launched against them bounced back on us without doing them any harm. Firstly, these angels mocked at us saying "Come if you dare and try to pass". As time passed, other members of our satanic sect became more and more furious. Suddenly, the appearance of angels changed, and lightening came out of their eyes and threw down all these Satanist witches".

HOW GENIES (THE DEVIL AND DEMONS) CAME ON EARTH Here is what God said to Satan, the devil, the chief of the genies, and other evil spirit according to their history:

<< Thou has been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, ,the onyx, and the jasper… and thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created. >> (Ezekiel 28 / 13). I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God. You walked among the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. (Ezekiel 28/14-15). "Your heart was lifted up because of thy beauty; thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness (Ezekiel 28/17). I will cast thee out of the mountain of God and I will destroy thee covering cherub, from among the stones of fire (Ezekiel 28/16).

Thus :<< And there was war in heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven>>"(Apocalypse 12/7-9). God said: << How art thou fallen from heaven, o Lucifer, son of the morning. How art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations. For thou hast said in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. >> "(Isaiah 14/12-15).

And Jesus Christ the faithful witness of creation says : "<< Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea, for the devil is come down to you having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.>> (Apocalypse 12/12). Then Jesus said to the men: "<< BE sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour >>. (1 Peter 5/8). In fact, Jesus said: "Everyone who sins is of the devil." "Resist the devil and he will flee from you". Satan, after his fall, in order to avenge God, left and Caused Adam and Eve to sin. To achieve this, the devil told the woman whom he found: "Did God really say you must not eat from any tree in the garden?"
The woman replied: "We eat of very trees of the garden but on the tree in the middle of the garden, God said: “you shall not eat, because if you eat that, you shall die. » The devil replied: "You will not die, but God knows that if you eat it you will be like gods in the knowledge of good and evil. Then the woman took the fruit of the tree and ate and gave to her husband who was beside her and he ate. And since that day death stepped into them. They were expelled from the Garden of Eden by God and they lived in sorrow until the day they died. From that day, the man became mortal, sin and problems multiplied on the earth, Satan gain control over man and took control of the world, therefore, dominion was given to man by God in the beginning because man had not sinned. Despite all, from the sin of Adam and Eve, which marks the victory of the devil and his demons over man through deception, God prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ, the son of God that would destroy the devil's power. Whoever accepts Jesus receives the power over Satan and his works and receives eternal life.

Ray, a former mystic narrates: "When I was a child, I slept on a bed of a priest who would rise up late at night, thinking I was asleep in order for him to go out. One night, I pretended to sleep and he left. I followed him. He went to the cemetery. Arriving at the cemetery, he took out two rings from his pocket and began reciting incantations. After some time, balls of fire started to fall on the graves and turned into smoke, which again turned into men dressed in white. And the priest started conversing with these men.

Then he returned home. I hid myself to see what was going on, but he already knew, because when he came home after me, he saw the sand on the bed. This priest often carries out false practices, false prophecies and other things to attract men. When he was going back to his country, he handed me a book and asked me to write on the address that contained the day when I would have problems. Years later, when I wrote, I received a response within two weeks, and it was written: "We have been following up for a long time now, you had many problems, your father died, now we're going to help you”. I was in contact with the Rosicrucian order. I was initiated, carried out almost every experiment, including the invocation of spirits or others at the cemetery. I projected out of my body, etc.. After a few signs of success, I lost my job. I plunged into mysticism and consultations of fetish priests and other great occultists, but in vain. My wife got converted to Jesus Christ in an evangelical church. After several refusals that I opposed to Christians who visited and invited me, I accepted a date. After the sermon of the pastor, the Christians prayed for me, and I was delivered”.

did not believe in God, let alone in Jesus Christ, but only in his fetishes, mysticism and occultism which he practiced at on a higher level. He even married a water spirit; an occult woman, a demon who lived in his house secretly, hoping that she is making him rich or solving his problems. One day, two Pentecostal Christians, going past his house, came to his home to preach the word of God to him. Mr Zokou told them that he did not believe in their God, and he praised his fetish, mystic and occult powers. After discussion, one of the Christians said: "if you want to know that Jesus Christ is actually stronger than your fetishes and other powers, stand before your fetishes tonight and say:" Jesus, if you are stronger my fetishes, proves it to me and I will follow you. "Mr Zokou accepted. At night, he stood before his fetishes and prayed" Jesus, if you're stronger than my fetish show it to me and I will follow. At a certain hour of the night while he slept, he awoke. He felt something on his nose. He took it off and saw it was a broken eggshell. He got up and looked down and saw all his fetishes destroyed, mask broken, broken eggs.

Caught in panic, he knelt and asked Jesus to forgive all his sins and decided to belong to Him, meaning to convert. The occult woman disappeared immediately, and his wife who had left him without reason because this demon could not live with her, returned. Note that in signing pact with the devil, the occultist who gave him the occult strange woman said to him: "We will carry out a ceremony and we will be transported to a place. You'll see a white woman and a black woman, black one is wearing a snake around her neck, if you choose her, you'll have her as a wife because she is jealous, she can not live with another woman, therefore you are not to get married physically. As for the white woman, if you take her, she will live with you, but your real wife will remain at home. Note that Zokou had married his real wife in the presence of the Head of State, Chairing the Republic then. Taken to that occult location, Zokou chose the white woman. But on getting home, she found the black woman who had the snake around her neck in the room he had built for her on the recommendation of the occultist, and it is from her he hoped to get wealth. His real physical wife, without any problem, took her bags and left the house until the day Zokou prayed to Jesus, and his masks and fetishes were broken and the demonic spirit wife who would destroy him soon disappeared. He was thus delivered by Jesus. To learn about these things read our book: Secrets of the Occult and others.

THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH, HEAVEN AND HELL FIRE, EVIDENCES Similar testimonies of the dead coming back to life:
Lisungi Narrates: "A few seconds after my lungs ejected the air in it, I saw myself get up and standing on my bed that my feet touched the ground. Beside me, on the other side of the bed in the hospital, I noticed someone also rising out from his bed. This person asked me if I was ready for the journey. I felt as though I had to do some travelling, but to where? I do not know. So I responded positively. My new companion and I stepped out of our respective beds, and we proceeded to the exit in order to find a means to travel to bring us to our unknown destination. I cast a glance at the place I had left.
On the bed, I noticed an elongated shape that was dressed in my clothes. I did not recognize this form as my old body because I had another, and I was not naked but dressed. We stood at the other side of the road that passed by that place. A white car that was carrying a man, actually an angel because people could neither see us nor hear us or see him stopped near us and said to us: King Jesus sent me to get two men who were supposed to be here. My companion and I hastened to say that it was us, but he looked at us and departed. After his departure, we saw a group of people. In fact, our relatives and friends came and wept without noticing our presence outside.

They passed us and entered the room where we came out crying around the two bodies lying on the bed where we were. Since the noise they were making were disturbing me, I approached one of them for him to explain why the uproar. I touched him and asked why these noises. But he did not even turn to look in my direction. I left him to go find another. His reaction was the same as the first. I wanted to contact a third person, when my companion intervened and told me: "Don’t you see that they can neither see nor feel nor hear us?" I replied: "If we can not see or feel or hear us, it means we're dead ...

My friend said this to me, “as for me, I’m alive and I will not die”. (In fact Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me shall live even if he dies, and I will raise him on the last day." The Christian knew whereof he spoke because when we die, we remember all even if things become different, the same way as the sorcerer who leaves his body and goes to distance places with his astral body and still remember who he is and where he was before leaving his body and he knows where he left his body, and would returned to his body. In death, nothing is done voluntarily, we leave the body unintentionally and we can not enter or go wherever you want, but wait to be taken to the place of torment of the devil and demons or the paradise of God, (the location of those saved by Jesus). A few moments later, the people crying began to move away as they carry away the two bodies from the hospital... We were still waiting and we looked up, we saw a boat sailing in space, and whose passengers were all black women wearing white handkerchief. A voice rose in the boat and said: "Christian women" “African Christian women! »The boat had the flag of Jesus. When they saw us, the women waved their handkerchiefs at us and sang a melody which reads:" The flag of Jesus is waving and will show us the way to heaven.” We stood gazing at the boat with passengers disappeared into the clouds. We replied to their greetings by waving our hands ..."

Eni spoke of Paradise, he said: "What I saw can not be described by words:” ''GLORIOUS!'' I saw a new city. The city was huge and beautiful. The streets were made of gold. The building cannot be compared to anything that exists in our world. «Jesus said: "IT IS HERE, THE HOPE OF THE SAINTS. WOULD YOU WANT TO GO THERE? I immediately replied: "Yes." Then we returned to the throne and Jesus said to me: «GO AND TESTIFY OF WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU”. HELL FIRE Eni to whom God unveiled the existence of hell fire and heaven, like many others who spoke about the fire of Gehenna, he said: "What I saw was very frightening. It was like a city on fire. Hell is real and is something terrible.” This is the place that was prepared for Satan, his demons and all those who disobeyed.

TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST SAY THIS PRAYER :"Lord Jesus I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour, I ask you to forgive me my sins, all the sins that I have committed from my childhood until this day: the sins of lying, theft, fraud, anger, hatred, injustice, violence, rape, sex before marriage and outside marriage, adultery, abortion, jealousy, sins of consulting fortune tellers, witch doctors, astrologers and others, and every other sins. Lord Jesus, heal me, deliver me from every unclean spirit and from every problem, open for me the doors of job ...”

( speak freely to Jesus Christ, ask him what you want and ask for forgiveness all your sins by reciting the above prayer, and at the end of your prayer, cast out the demons by saying aloud: "In the name of Jesus Christ, you demons of witchcraft, fetishism, sin, sickness, bewitchment, failure, unemployment, doubt, anger, sexual immorality ... " (quote the sins in accordance to your problems, to your sins and your faults and say " you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ, get out of my life in the name of Jesus Christ and never come back again... "After that, come to see us or any true Pentecostal church, and so that they could lay hands on you and pray for you. Repent and read the Bible, the New and the Old Testament. From now on, pray without ceasing asking what you need, and repent from all your sins, and ask for the Holy Spirit and spiritual qualities that you do not have, and drive out the demon of each problem and of every sin and every temptation, bad thoughts and fault. Wherever you sense danger, have bad feeling, or you see something abnormal, or hear a bad thing, say this: "You are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life, go far away from here and never return any more! ...” or invoke the name of Jesus.

HOW TO OPERATE SO AS TO NEVER FAIL In accordance with actual and biblical testimonies of what Jesus did for men, to be healed or delivered or other, for every other solutions that man seek for and for salvation, follow these rules : 1- Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Say, for instance, "Lord Jesus, I accept you as my saviour ...." 2- Repent confessing all your sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, make your confession like this: "Lord Jesus, forgive me all my sins, sins of sex before marriage and outside marriage, of masturbation, theft ..., because in my life, I have sinned, I have stolen, I lied, I consulted witch doctors... "(Name all the sins that you once committed and ask forgiveness from Jesus).

3- Ask Jesus Christ to heal you or solve the problem that you have. Example say: "Lord Jesus, I pray you heal me, deliver me from disease, pain, unemployment, debt ..."

4- Use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out all evil spirits which causes you to suffer or the sins you have committed. For example, you should strongly address the demons like this: "You demons of illness, bewitchment, witchcraft, unemployment, poverty, of sex outside marriage ... Get out of my life in the name of Jesus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus ... (you should pray often as much as you can and drive the demons each time).

5- Believe that you're healed or that God has answered your prayers and thank Jesus Christ for having healed you, for Jesus Christ said "whatever you ask in my name, believe that you have received it and you will have them”. Example say "Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, and for solving my problems, thank you Lord Jesus Christ." 6- Now, begin to put in action the things you are looking for, if it is a job, go and deposit your applications for jobs, if it's for healing, let a true pastor or a true Christian lay hands on you and pray for you casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's for a reconciliation, meet the person or the leader in charge.

7- Carry out a fast, if you think the subject or the problem you are having is serious, especially since the Lord Jesus said that there are demons that won’t come out of man except by fasting and prayer, and thus there are problems that are resolved only through fasting and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Fasting for 3 days without food or drinking day and night 24 hours over 24 hrs is biblical and very effective. But you're free to choose the days of your fasting and may go from one to 40 days praying without ceasing. You could go for 3 days without food or drink day and night if the subject is important and that hands should be laid on you and pray for you. If it persists, you could try another much longer fasting drinking after the first 3 days without eating day and night depending on the number of days that you have chosen and that Christians pray for you. See the biblical example of Esther etc...

8- Pray without ceasing, perseveres in prayer, wake up a little early every morning and pray for at least an hour without stopping and drive out the demons as in number 4 mentioned above. Do the same every night before bed. Ask God every time in your prayers for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and for spiritual qualities such as kindness, joy, love, patience, temperance, gentleness, etc... Abandon all your weaknesses, all malice, all bad characters, any hatred toward anyone.

9- Now abandon all sin and live a sinless life and be full of kindness, even toward your enemies, be without blemish, and do not commit and do not think of any evil. Abandon all sin (sexual sin, masturbation, sex outside marriage, occult fetishism, other religion, other belief, forsake other conceptions that go against the bible), including worldly music, sinful dances, hatred in politics, thoughts and other thing that opposes God’s word

10- Read through the Bible, preferably starting with the New Testament from beginning to the end without skipping any page to find information and so as not be deceived, then reads the Old Testament. To know what to do or what not to do, and the whole word of God, read or listen to current testimonies of what Jesus did for men in the area of healing, deliverance, protection, power, success, employment, marriage and others. Read or listen to messages that took place prior to your conversion or your absence, know what the Bible says from beginning to end, and make documentation, catching up to have the same level as those people you met during your conversion and even grow better than them.

11- Invite everyone, parents, non-Christians to Jesus Christ, to the church by testimonies and other strategies. Do not be indifferent to their non-conversion, their sins, their problems, their views as regarding eternal life ... evangelize by inviting all to Jesus Christ, to the church every member of your family, your neighbours, your colleagues, and anyone...

12- Concentrate on the things of God: conversion of souls
away from sin, love for every man and kindness to them for their conversion, be perfect and be very active for God and for yourself in evangelism, and at work, in creativity and in search for job. So be active, be creative in spiritual, material and economic works, and never prefer the work of the world more than God's work and don’t fall in love of money and riches of this world except for the need of money for essential daily life needs and for everything that is useful and for the financing of God’s work. Then God will bless you greatly and you will want nothing and nothing can overcome you as long as you continue.

13- Live for Jesus Christ and for his Gospel in the world and be sure that you will not want anything and that nobody can defeat you unless you sin and live in sin. Therefore, repent immediately from every sin you have committed inadvertently, but never sins voluntarily, for anyone who sins is of the devil, says the Lord Jesus. And God does not answer the prayers of sinners.

14- Never doubt nor fear. If fears and doubts should come, say this: "Thou spirit of doubt and fear, you are defeated in Jesus' name, go out of my life, and never come back again, and you have no power .... I know that Jesus Christ has heard my prayers...»

15- Ask all things to the Father in Jesus' name. Jesus said "Whatever you ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours" and he said: “all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Do not be afraid ... let your needs be made known only to Jesus Christ.

16- Support and financially give for the work of God in tithes and offerings and voluntary donations according to the needs of the church and of work. If you want to be blessed materially, be faithful in your tithe and your free will offering but worthy and of value to support the work of God and "world evangelization, and not superfluous. -NB: you should know that prayer is not a recitation, so speak freely to Jesus Christ or to the Father (God) in Jesus' name, but please include these in your prayers: 1- You must acknowledge that Jesus Christ is your saviour and he is able to heal you or solve your problem. 2- You should ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ or God, in Jesus' name, from all your sins that you have cited and your decision not to commit the same again. 3- You should make request for your needs; for all that you want spiritually, morally and materially. 4- Your request of the Holy Spirit and for the spiritual qualities that you don’t have, in the place of your known sins and faults. 5- your spiritual warfare by casting out demons in Jesus' name, the demons of what you are suffering from, your problems, your sins and your faults. 6- Thanking Jesus Christ for what he hath done for thee, for your healing, deliverance, and thank Jesus for what he hath given to you, even before receiving them. NB:- Pray without ceasing, for example when moving from one place to another: "Lord Jesus accompanies me and protect me ..." before every meal: "Lord Jesus, bless this meal ..." then pronounce name of Jesus out loud before every evil spirit, before every danger, and cast out the demons of doubt, temptations and every other works of the devil.

The young Christian and the seducing girlA young Christian man invited a girl whom he coveted while he was not yet converted. When he got converted, without the girl knowing this, she came to visit him in order to accept his former advances and to sin with him. Facing this temptation, the young man rose, withdrew and prayed as follows: "Lord Jesus, deliver me from every spirit of immorality and sexual sin and separate this girl from me. As for you, spirit of fornication, sexual desire, you are defeated in Jesus' name, come out of my life, get out of my mind in the name of Jesus, go away and never come back anymore, and leave this girl in the name of Jesus Christ.

I separate myself from her in the name of Jesus Christ, by the blood of Jesus! ...” And he met the girl to tell her that he has been converted to Jesus Christ, and evangelised her not permitting her to seduce him, knowing that if he falls into sin, it is his return all the demons that had left him during his deliverance and at his conversion, the return to all the illness that he had been healed of, the return of poverty, unemployment, famine, the return under the domination of witchcraft powers over his life, and death, and condemnation to hell fire. If a girl or a man is holding your mind or thought captive by seduction and you are being tempted, do not shut up, cast out the demons and ask Jesus to deliver you from her or him, to separate you from her or him, and avoid the person. If he or she continues to visit you or if that person is on your way, preach to him or her, if she wants to seduce you, chase her away. For example, you can say: "Thou spirit of fornication, you spirit of carnal desires, you are defeated in Jesus 'name, go out of my mind in Jesus' name, and never come back again, you go out of my life.

You that wants to cause me to sin, spirit of adultery, you who want to use this man or woman to lead me to sin, you are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life, and do not come back.” Insist, then talk to Jesus saying: "Lord Jesus, I pray deliver me from this demon of sexual temptation, or demon of anger, jealousy, hatred, unbelief, etc., I ask you Lord to separate me from this girl or from this man, by thy powerful blood, and that I will see him again, or he or she meets me no more in the name of Jesus. » The young Christian and the naked girl A young true born again Christian, received the visit of a very charming girl to his home who told him: “You're a handsome man, I like you, but you don’t like me?” The young Christian replied: «In the name of Jesus, stop what you're doing. »

She did not listen. She undressed, took off her clothes, her knitting, her bra, she removed her pant and the rest, and she stood before him naked refusing to listen to him, and said: "Do you think I'm not beautiful?" He turned his face and said: "Get dressed right away, or I'll strike you." And he went out and walked away. She dressed up and left. This kind of girl and men like this will push you to sin in vain, and you will lose everything, in addition they will forsake you when you are in problems or leave you for another person, even when you will need them. If not AIDS disease that he or she would give to you as a reward for your sexual freedom, she would be looking for your money or livelihood or success through sin. You will only be left to weep regrettably. You must know that God said: ''

Cursed be the man who trusted in a man.'' And Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. If you sin, you're guilty. Therefore, do not look for excuse or justification. It is you who have coveted and acted that way. God said, '' The soul that sinneth shall die.'' Jonas, the former Rosicrucian and spiritual warfare Jonas was an initiate of the Rosicrucian order for many years. One day, he came to an Evangelical conference where he was moved by the boldness with which the preacher was speaking, saying that a witch is nothing before a true Christian; contrary to the Rosicrucian order where their assurance before witches is not to such point, he said: you cannot know the power of the other. At the end of the conference, he decided to accept Jesus Christ as his personal saviour, including deliverance and salvation.

On getting home, at towards midnight, he heard voices saying: “we shall kill you”. And this voice was accompanied by fear. And he heard a voice said: “Tell them that Jesus is more powerful” and he said:” Jesus is more powerful”. And the voice went down. Later, the voice rose again: “we shall kill you”. And he said: “Jesus is more stronger” And the voice disappeared. And the voices continued again the more saying: “we shall kill you, we shall kill you, it is not going to go on like this”. And he replied: “Jesus is more stronger, Jesus is more stronger, Jesus is more stronger…”, until the voice died down. Whenever danger, temptation, evil thought and lasting fear present themselves, Invoke the name of Jesus Christ, and say something like this: “Jesus is my saviour, I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus is more powerful. You demons, you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ, go away from here and never return again. You demons, depart from my life in the name of Jesus Christ” etc. Spiritual warfare means, casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ and declaring words of authority. Jesus said: “In my name you shall cast out devils…”

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