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No 10

The Bible and the Koran,
Which of these is God's word?

In the Bible, God says: "You shall not kill."
In the Koran Allah says: "you can kill to defend yourself and you can kill for God's sake".
In the Bible God says: "One man for one woman"
In the Koran Allah says: "You can marry up to 4 women"
In the Bible God says: "Thou shall not divorce except for the case of unfaithfulness of the woman..."
In the Koran Allah says: "You can divorce. If a man says to his wife 3 times; "I divorce you". This divorce is approved by Allah.
In the Bible God says: "Thou shall not lie"
In Hadith of the Koran, it is written: "You could lie to protect your marital home, you could lie to ..."
In the Bible God says: "Jesus is the Son of God"
In the Koran Allah says: "God has no Son"
In the Bible God says: "Jesus was crucified, died on the cross and rose again on the 3rd day, he ascended physically into heaven in the present of all His disciples; from where he will also visibly return."
In the Koran it is written that: "Jesus was not crucified, he was not killed, he is not dead, but he was directly taken away into heaven from where he will return. But when he will return, it is the Muslims that he will take away, and he shall be by their side, for he had said, according to Muslims that after Him is Mohammed."
In the Bible God says that: "Jesus is the Saviour of the world, his word is final for the salvation of the world, until the end of the world. Matthew 28, Revelation Chapter 2, Mark 16:15-18.
In the Koran it is written that after Jesus is Mohammed.
Jesus said: "I am the first and the last". The book of Revelation chapter 2 etc…
Can the same God say two contradictory words to the same generation of men, of which we are and for the same salvation?
Can God say at the same time: "Do not kill" and "you can kill?"
"Thou shall not lie" and "you can lie?"
"One man for one woman" and "One man four wives?" Etc...
Between the two, one must be lying; one of them is not God. Alternatively, there is one that is not from God.
Indeed, Allah of Muhammad may not be God Yahweh which the Bible speaks about.

Jesus said to his disciples and all Christians of this present day; "Go ye into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons, they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it will do them no harm, they will lay hands on the sick and the sick will be healed".

And until this day, miracles continue to place in the name of Jesus Christ and we are inviting all the sick and everyone.
The Koran, is it the word of God? This is the answer in the form of questions of Anish Shorrosh to Ahmed Deedat who, based on the Koran and arguments that are common to Muslims, says that the Bible is not the word of God, that Jesus is not the son of God, nor exceptionally divine, or God, he was not crucified, and that the Bible and even Jesus announced the coming of Mohammed, that Jesus is in the Koran and his true word is in Koran and not the Bible, that the Bible was falsified, that Christians are not in the truth and the Koran is to be followed with Mohammed as the prophet of God and that Allah should be followed as God, etc.. A multitude of books, journals and videotapes have been made by Ahmed Deedat and other Muslims to spread the news that the Bible is not the word of God, can be found in almost every country in the world. They denounce the Bible, Christians, non-Islamic countries. Christianized countries or Christians believe the Bible. Muslims consider Christians and the so-called Christian nations, Jews and Judaism as been outside of God, far from God and even against God because these countries or people do not accept Allah as God, and that these do not believe in Muhammad as a prophet of God and the Koran as the book of God. Here are the titles of Ahmed Deedat's tapes produced at the end of his lectures and debates organized by the Islamic propagation centre located in Western countries, Christians as instruments of Islamization of these countries and the world are these:
-The Bible, Is it the Word of God? Deedat answers no!
- was Jesus Christ crucified? He answers no!
- is Jesus Christ God? He answers no!
-The Prophet Muhammad in the Bible.
He argues "yes" and criticizes the Bible, Christians and Christianized countries or non-Islamic ones. On each of these titles, he has also written books and there are many other tapes aired with antichrist aim by Muslims to Christianized nations. And here are some titles released by the Islamic world against the Bible, against Jesus Christ in the Bible and the Christian faith "Muhammad in the Bible and Jesus in the Koran" (the title apparently peaceful camouflaged hate content, contempt, ridicule or insult to the Bible, to Jesus Christ the true one and to those who believe in him, there are other titles such as: "the Christians of the Bible" "Islam and Christianity" (this is another book identical to the first one).
-The church now, is it Christian or Pauline? Etc. The book is intended as a response against Christianity when the Koran was the first to attack Christianity or at least it is like the Koran because the Koran itself is the first Islamic books which, although it recommends Muhammad and Muslims to read the Bible or go to the Jews and Christians to be assured of the truth if they are in doubt, and is saying at the same time without shame contradicting itself that the Bible is falsified and that the Koran is the truth even if we read the Bible to know the truth and falsity of the Koran. What a maze! And now Ahmed Deedat in his lectures and debates organized by the Islamic Propagation Centre, told gathering Christians and preachers that the Bible is not the word of God and ridicules it, and he mocks the Bible, Christians and Christianized countries or non-Islamic ones. Christians who invited these organizers of Islamic debates or conferences did not know that it is only a way or an alibi for disseminating the opinions of Ahmed Deedat and to publicize him. In addition, they invited people who do not know the Koran or those who knew nothing about the theme of the debate. But meanwhile, as for these Muslims, they attacked the Bible freely from end to end to produce films and to make this available to their followers so that it will serve as instruments to convert Christians or men in Christianized countries to Islam … this is Only the debate: "The Koran or the Bible, which is the word of God?>> Anis Shorrosh a Christian Arab who thus proposed wording of the topics in the centre of Islamic propagation in the United Kingdom to give response to Ahmed Deedat by returning the question back to him : << is the Koran the word of God ?>> Muslims are determined to win the world to Islam, to Muhammad and to Allah their God and allow these conferences, the seminars, books, the tapes,… for to go against the Bible and against those who believe in the Bible as an upsetting of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the fundamental points of salvation. These responses involve their rights to promote the biblical word of Jesus Christ by leading people to believe those who wish in peace and in love for every human on earth. This newspaper gives reports of responses of Christians to the statements of Ahmed Deedat and many other Islamic orators or writers on behalf of the Koran of Allah and of Muhammad against the Bible, God and Jesus Christ of the Bible.


I say: Islam has the solution. If you (Americans, Christians ...) do not adopt it, you will not get away. You're in hell and you'll remain with your drunkenness, your homosexuality, your excellent women (women without husbands, you should be polygamous). You have no other alternatives than to embrace Islam. You (American Muslims) are you here for fun?. In this environment you can change people. It is the mission of Islam to change this country. You have (this country). Allah has given it to us. He said in the Koran. He gave you Hadin that is to make you prevail over all other religions, other lifestyles. Whether Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Communists, and all ists, Islam is destined to dominate them all "whether the unbelievers like it or not,>> Islam said: " whether the idolaters like it or not It is the destiny of your religion>> . This formula returns three more times in the Koran. He (Allah), it is he who sent the good word and the religion of truth to make it reign over any other religion. Allah is witness that his religion will prevail with or without you. Allah gives us the opportunity to serve his religion. Do (you Muslims that which God commands you and you will be rewarded as the prophet. Allah has given you answers and solutions to problems. Help them and while helping them, you will help yourself. Change them (the U.S. Christians) and you will change the world. It is the sun of Islam, the truth of Islam, the truth of God who will rise in the west (Christianized countries). The entire nation (U.S.) is hungry. It eats anything. Everything succeeds here (in America). They worship religions such as Moon, Guru Maharaji, Mahikari, Father Divine, they adored him, and he is dead. You also have the worshipers of Satan, everything and anything. The nation is hungry, she is frustrated and confused. This abundance of food, they do not know what to do. All they fall under the hand they take. What are you doing, you Muslims, are you castrated men? You need to wake up. Allah has sent you here for reasons best known to you. Christians feel that God has sent you to them. You are sent by God to accomplish a task. <<Change them >> A people susceptible to adore anything and everything. Why not accept Allah? Why wouldn't you? It is a privilege that Allah grants you and you need to grab it ...
(Brief excerpt from the videotape "Muhammad in the Bible by Ahmed Deedat.)


Ahmed Deedat is well known by Muslims and some Christians because of these videos where he denigrates the Christian faith, Christ and men, including countries that believe in the Bible, and this for the benefit of the Koran, the Muslim and Islamic countries. .. I know his intentions. He is a leader, a preacher, and President of Islamic propagation centre. He is presented as a champion for the cause of Islam against Christianity, Judaism and every other thought, religion or non-Islamic faith and a champion who attacks Bible, and all those who believe in it, with the intention of bringing all those who listen to him to Islam, the religion called of Allah and of Muhammad. Allah as God and Muhammad as the prophet of Allah. he is also presented by peers before his lectures as a Doctor of comparative theology and biblical scholar and uses the Bible as the Word of God when it comes to bashing Christians and the acceptance of that same Bible as word of God when it comes to finding traces or prophecies (fictional) about Muhammad and Islam (who needs the Bible to know the truth or false). His intention is clear it is that of the Koran, of Allah of the Koran, of Muhammad according to the Koran and the Hadith and of koranic Islamic Muslim. This with the aim to make all men in the world and all countries or states and political powers of the world to become Muslim and to cause these to go against Christianity and other faiths. In fact, he is not the
first and his method and arguments also are not. Since the existence of the Koran, some of its passages, ask the muslim to beware of Jews and Christians. And the Koran is the first book challenging the fundamental content of the Bible and replacing this content by another word considered to be from God. Deedat is working in the same thought as his predecessors and with all their old arguments which he added his own, and he wrote books criticizing the Bible. Judaism and Christianity existed long before the global or international tours of Ahmed Deedat against the Bible and those who believe in him. And the Koran is the first book of its kind according to Islam.
Because of Ahmed Deedat's love for conferences and debates, I'd like to meet him in a debate on the subjects he invented, which according to him, the Bible is not the word of God and that Christianity is not of God, all this in the name of the Koran. I know the method of Deedat.
Firstly: He says that everything which is written in the Koran is true, that the contents of the Koran is what should be the foundation for reasoning. Anything that contradicts the Koran is false, anything that goes against the Koran is not of God and is not true says Ahmed. And that anything that the Koran contradicts should be considered false. The Bible, God of the Bible, the biblical words, Jesus of the Bible, etc… are therefore false according to Deedat. Secondly: He takes passages from the bible which he had called false to justify the Koran, Muhammad and Islam; and he associates it with passages from the Koran which he already regarded as true and of which he do not need proof, evidence, because according to him any verse of the Koran is its own proof, its own evidence. So he takes biblical passages that suit him, or as proof of assertions of the Koran, even if he misunderstood these biblical passages, he then removes them from their context. In fact, no doubt, as for Muslims, they may even lie to defend Islam, the same way that Islam allows a husband to tell lies to save his home if necessary. For the Christian, Jesus said: "The devil is a liar" and anyone who sins is of the devil, to tell lie is a sin. Indeed, in this regard here, Ahmed considers biblical passages as true. As for assertions and words of the Bible which contradict and condemn the words and practices of Islam, he considers them as deductive, but never as an objective assessment. Every passage in the Bible reinterpreted by Deedat or misunderstood by him or which he removed from its context or history is a way to establish the veracity of the Koran and the falsity of the biblical word, especially when it comes to what the Bible says basically about Jesus Christ and the salvation of man. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the only saviour of mankind. And only the bible word is the first and the last for the salvation of those who believe. We could therefore summarize the psychological attitude of Deedat as follows: the Bible is not the word of God, if it is to turn men into Christians like the biblical Christians such as: the apostle Paul, Peter, James etc. According to Deedat it is the word of God, if it is to change men to Islam because according him, the Bible or Jesus predicted the coming of Muhammad, to whom the Koran was given to for mankind and to replace the Bible, and as well replacing Christianity with Islam. So this is the strategically, hypocritical and crooked way that Deedat uses the Bible since he does not sincerely believe in it. For him, the end justifies the means; the Bible is both true and false. Thirdly: The other method of approach or attitude of Deedat in his conferences and debates, is his unbelief, and refusal to accept certain assertions of the Bible and Christians, even if they have invited every man to test and see whether they are true or false and even if the evidence is palpable. Deedat took refuge in his refusal to believe, to experiment, to try and to recognize. And prefers to mock, ridicule, scoff and escape the call. Deedat's fears is that he does not want to see the Bible as the truth. And he knows why.
Fourthly: Ahmed Deedat is always looking for contradictions in the Bible. If he finds any according to his mind, thanks to Allah! And he would use this to conclude that the Bible is false, it is not the word of God. The Koran had said, Allah had said, Muhammad had said. And he concludes: If the Bible is false then the Koran is true. Ahmed did not seek to know the truth. Without doubt, did he leave the task to the Christians? Ok! I will show it to him since there are contradictions and inaccuracies in the Koran, if he wishes to know this and if he is willing to bear it. And then I'll explain to him what he does not understand in the Bible and what he calls false or contradiction in the Bible. And if he is willing, we would go to the more practical phase of this: The experimental phase between Allah of the Koran and Jesus Christ son of God of the Bible. And we will see between the Islamic Muslim and evangelical Christian which has true relationship with God and who is telling the truth beyond mere discussion and persuasive speeches. We must shift to experimentation after theory. And if Ahmed does not believe, at least he should allow Muslims who will decide to believe what they should believe. While waiting for Ahmed to accept this debate, I am inviting Muslims to all true churches of Jesus Christ for their salvation.
Fifthly: when Ahmed has no arguments, he builds some to prove that the Bible is false. What a stunt! To say it is false, he says he searched for the origin of words that are in the Bible and that have been fully processed and can not find the words and original facts. Then he would bring out original words and facts of his imaginative mind (false) or writings or assumptions of a few anecdotes or fables for the evil of Islamism. But passages of the Koran continue to tell Muslims that the Jews and Christians are the only ones who can enlighten them and to ensure what they do not understand in the Koran. The construction of arguments, i.e. their inventions or fabrications, consists of things that Ahmed Deedat can not prove what he said but imposes it with little imagination and illusion to the mind of the listeners, and these ones cannot verify what they have heard, since they have been told that what is being spoken of has happened before any existing human being. As for Ahmed, the name Jesus was ignored by Jesus himself because he was never called Jesus in his lifetime. Also the name of Mohammed, which he said was in the Bible, has been changed by another name and "everything beautiful" and in addition, men have transformed the ancient writings, except that of the Koran. Ahmed testifies of all. This request for a debate is also an open letter to Ahmed Deedat ... to the wise.


Criteria of God's prophets according to the Bible:

1 - Must be a Jewish descendant of Jacob, not excluding Abraham, Isaac and Jacob himself, who are three descendants, respectively great-grandfather, grandfather and father of the Israelites.
2 - Must be from the land of Israel after Moses who led the people of Israel, his people into this territory. That is to say the territory of Canaan, current place where Israel is now and genealogically flows back to Jacob; not only to Abraham or Isaac who had other children who were descendants but have no part with the Israelites among whom God made his choice until the messiah or the salvation of all mankind.
3 - The last prophet before Jesus Christ was John the Baptist, who came to announce and to present to Israel the son of God, the awaited Messiah, foretold by the prophets who preceded Jesus Christ who came and who has accomplished everything.
4-Jesus Christ inaugurates a new and final era where we no longer speak of a prophet as of old fashion, but the Son of God and Jesus Christ is the first and whoever believes in him and obeys his word becomes God's child and receives the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ can receive the gift of a prophet among the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, and this as a Christian disciple of Jesus Christ and not as an autonomous prophet or a new prophet, having no other word other than that of Christ and playing no other role that to preach the word of Christ. He must not regard himself as identical with Jesus Christ, but acknowledges Jesus Christ as his Lord, his Saviour and master.
5 - From Jesus Christ who is himself God's Word made flesh. All nations must receive the same word of Jesus Christ who is from Israel, beginning from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria ... to the ends of the earth. Jesus told his disciples before ascending to heaven: Go around the world and preach the gospel to every creature, He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be damned. "I am with you always until the end of the world" "And these signs will accompany those who believe" Mark 16/15-18. Those who believe and are saved are called Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, God's children. They are the only ones who will have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ as the first and last for the salvation of man and through their obedience to the biblical word. Jesus warns them against false prophets, antichrists, false servants, and false brethrens. He said: "there shall arise false prophets" Matthew 24/24. He also says "beware of false prophets. "They will come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Matthew7/15." Many will come in my name saying that I am the Christ. And they shall deceive many" Matthew 24 / 5. And he said:" Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass "But Mohammed claims to be from the Bible. He was told they spoke of him in the Bible, and Mohammed finally came to believe that he is a prophet for a new era and that the Bible speaks of him. And this is written in the Koran. But the contents of the Koran differ from the contents of the Bible. By Reading the Koran one could clearly see that he sabotages the Bible and especially faith in Jesus Christ, the Christian faith and besides his aim or even his explicit intention is to be an opposition to Christianity and the Bible. Apart from few contradictions, he gives the impression that he accepts the Bible and Jesus Christ of the Bible but not as Christians accepted him. Rather the Koran does not accept the Bible and prefer to say it does not accept the current contents of the Bible or the present day Bible, without showing the old and authentic Bible which he claimed, rather he accepts the Koran as the replacement of the Bible along with his successor. Meanwhile, he took almost all the events reported in the Bible and changed them and presented it in a different form. And justified himself by saying that the Bible has been falsified. If the Koran is the Word of God, it means it is not the same God of the Bible. If Mohammed is God's prophet, then he must not be the same as that of Yahweh of the Bible.

1- The God revealed by the Koran, is He the same as that revealed by the Bible?

My answer is no. The Allah of the Koran is not the same God revealed in the Bible. I would like to remind the readers of what I said in the second chapter, namely that the Arabs, before the time of Muhammad until the birth of Islam had regarded Allah as one of their many gods. It was Muhammad who proclaimed that Allah was the only true God and that all other gods were idols. I know that the word "Allah" is a generic word for "God" in Arabic. Thus, even a Christian Arab who speaks to God also uses this name. I remember once praying in our house in 1991 with a group of Christian friends, one of which was a dear sister in Christ from Syria. While addressing God, she spoke of God as the Father of Jesus Christ. This has led many people, even many Christians to believe that the Allah of the Koran is the same God as that of the Bible. Yet even in French or English the word "God" raises several different definitions. Ask the following question to twenty different persons. "Who is God?" Among the answers you will get, many will be quite different from what the Bible calls God. By comparing what the Koran says of Allah, to what the Bible says of God, it is clear that this is not the same God.
These few paragraphs that follow will suffice as evidence.


If Allah of Muhammad is the God of the Christians, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, if the God of Mohammed is the same God as Jehovah, Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, then he must have the same ways like him, especially not to present to humanity two different persons (Jesus and mohammed) and two contradicting words (the bible and the koran) for the salvation of man for the same eternity. If Allah is the God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel, the Muslim should then read the Bible as requested by the Koran to accept the Biblical content, this by acknowledging Jesus Christ as son of God who came into the world and having done everything, died been crucified as prophesied by God for the forgiveness of sins for whosoever believeth in him, the only criterion of man's salvation, the one who rose from the dead and ascended to heaven before his disciples into heaven, where He is seated at the right hand of the Father God and where he comes not to marry, have children and die like the Koran says or the Muslims, but for the end of the current system of things. First, for a thousand years of life on earth when Satan the enemy of God and man shall be bound, the antichrist and false prophet will be cast into hell. Then, after the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on earth with Christians, and not with Muslims as says the Koran. There will be the last judgement in which those who believed in him and obeyed his word the Bible, not Koran, shall go to the paradise of God, and those who do not believe in him as their only saviour, lord and master and the Son of God who died for their sins and those who do not obey the biblical word that still exists and in which he said: my words will never pass away, all these people will be thrown into hell like Satan and of course his demons. All men will rise to be judged by God through Jesus Christ. That means by the word of Jesus Christ and by Jesus Christ himself. The Koran wants to replace Yahweh by Allah, the Bible by the Koran, Jesus by Muhammad, the Christian by Islamic Muslims and to replace all the words of the Bible by the Koran. And the Islamists to achieve it, sought for contradictions in the Bible. Which they demonstrate by pointing to what they claim as contradictions of the bible. Which they proves, according to them, believe that everything the Bible says which the Koran does not say are false. And this argument is used by the Koran to sabotage the Bible. Yet, the Koran (also) has serious contradictions and inaccuracies (and even worst) In general, several people came after Jesus Christ and instead of being simply and purely Christians as God and Jesus Christ his son demanded in the Bible, and instead of keeping far from deceptive evil spirits that disguised as an angels of light that brought misleading religions that have nothing to do with Yahweh God or his word, they have rather listened through lack of discernment or ignorance of every biblical word or by personal ambition ... These men followed their own thoughts and without reading the Bible themselves to obey it and to learn the wiles of the devil against God's word and therefore distinguish the truth of God for the salvation souls. So they appropriated the biblical passages and consider themselves as coming after Jesus Christ to create another religion or another biblical or divine conception. This is anti-biblical and the passages they generally quote have nothing to do with them, and they do not understand it. Moon, Guru Maharaji, Oshofa, etc.. have all established religions or doctrines which appears to be that of Christians or claiming after the Bible like Jesus Christ to have met with strange beings who told them that they are prophets of God or to have had mysterious experiences which they saw as criteria of their truth even if these are contradicted by the Bible. And even if they do not face a true Christian in the demonstration of the spiritual power of God. Then they simply assert that it is some Bible passages that have been forged or mistranslated. Yet all that is called God is not necessarily God, whether the name of God is written in small or capital letters. But this is not the true God and anything claiming to be God himself is, according to the Bible a demon or inspired by Satan and his demons. Or it is simply a human deception by Satan's angels called demons, by the spirit of the antichrist or by another spirit, Zeus, Jupiter and others, is not the Lord God of Israel, even if they are considered God in Greece. It is no sin to say that God have a son since the God of Abraham has a son Jesus Christ, and who became the Son of God and including those who believe in Jesus Christ. Allah of (Muhammad) may not have a Son and God (Yahweh) can have. Jesus Christ did not say he is the son of Allah of Muhammad, but God of Abraham and Israel. The hypothesis or argument that the Bible has been falsified is easy. Also, God alone can cause one to prophesy, for in the Bible, a woman who had a spirit of divination, a python spirit cried out when she the apostles of Jesus Christ saying "These men are servants of God Most High and they have come to announce the way of salvation." She did this for several days. Paul, tired, turned and said to the spirit, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And the spirit left her at that same hour ... Actes16/16-18. And it is also written that the Christians who have received the Holy Spirit could prophecy which is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 19/13-14 read "As regarding Prophets (in the Church of Jesus Christ), it is written that let two or three speak and let the others judge "1Corinthians 14/29. Do not make every man a prophet of God for the simple fact that he speaks or prophesies in mysterious ways or say mysterious things. Many spirits could make people to prophesy but with the aim to mislead people from the truth of Christ. And every prophecy of the Lord God is consistent with the word of salvation given in the Bible and lived by the apostles through the life of the Holy Spirit as written in the book of Acts and the epistles of the apostles. From then the Holy Spirit continues to lead the Disciples of Christ in truth until now. If Allah Is Yahweh, their words would not be contrary.

The titles of "Muhammad in the Bible and Jesus in the Koran" and "Night Journey" of Mohammed has no other purpose than to undermine the Christian faith before Islam and the person of Christ before Mohammed. Islamic books that carry these titles show that these titles appear "neutral" and "peaceful" and only conceal the destruction of the biblical words, Jews, and Christian and rejecting the Christian faith. In fact, Muhammad is not actually in the Bible, there is no offense to those who struggle to find in biblical passages that they do not understand and which do not speak of Mohamed, and of other self proclaimed prophets. All the passages in the Bible do not speak of Mohammed, and it also confirms that for the Koran to be true, it depend on the Bible and not the other way, the Bible which they regarded as fake, this to name but a few Koranic verses which are contradictory because they contradicted other Koranic verses which points to the Bible as true. A Muslim searches for Muhammad in the Bible, but Christians do not seek for Jesus in the Koran and he knows that the real Jesus is not and will never be in the Koran which was written about 6 centuries after Jesus Christ in a country outside Israel and from the words of someone who is neither Jewish nor Christian, nor a followers of Jesus Christ but who simply heard of Christ and the Bible and who presented themselves as those who renounce the bible. Similarly, the real Adam and Eve, real Cain, Abel, Noah , Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David ... the true prophets of Israel, the biblical prophets, are not in the Koran but their names were only used and their stories and words are contrary to those of the Bible they are assigned .. The Jesus of the Koran is not the real Jesus as the nature of the Issa of the Koran that Muslims consider as the real Jesus and they refuse even the name Jesus which means Savior, and the words of the said Jesus called issa is not the words and deeds of Jesus Christ of the bible. The fact that Muhammad said words that are not supposed to come from him, he and his entourage, did not mean that these words are true or come from God Yahweh the father Jesus Christ, the God of Israel, of Abraham and other prophets mentioned in the Bible. Whatever the koranic debate may be, and as the Koran demanded, you should read the Bible to know the truth when in doubt. Again, let Mohammed and Muslims recognize that Muhammad was a simple man who
also had his weaknesses and sins, he can err or be deceived, and may ignore or doubt and he was known to have had doubts about Jibril. Muhammad did not called himself Prophet but it was a strange being who called thus and who appeared to him and presented himself as the angel Gabriel, and then his uncle, then his first wife Kadija, who affirmed that he is a prophet. Also, Muhammad was unable to identify the being by himself or even the being that took him in his nocturnal journey.... And it was Kadija who taught him that the being was not a demon, but an angel from a highly questionable experience, especially from the Christian view of the Bible. And it was this being that spoke to Muhammad and which he regarded as true. And if the being lied to him and said false things, then Mohammed was misled. Muhammad would not be guilty as such, he would not have believed. Thus the name of Jesus is used in the Koran; at least what they say is his name in Arabic, or his real name, even if it is not the real Jesus, his words nor his true actions. Similarly it is not the true Jesus that was presented to him by this strange being when he took him to the 2nd heaven and in reality, this is not the second heaven. And it's the same for other people and prophets of the Bible whose names and histories are only used in the Koran and the words were transformed to make the Koran go against the Bible as regarding its statements about the salvation of man. Jesus, the true one, born of the Virgin Mary in Israel and in which today's Bible speaks about is not in the Koran, nor his speech nor his real acts, but his Arabic name more or less accurate and is even desecrated and used to make the messenger of Allah and Muhammad indirectly a harbinger. Muhammad never went to the heaven where God and Jesus of the Bible are because they are in the 3 rd heaven and not on the 2nd and 7th as Muhammad said. The 7th Heaven where he said he went alone among all men and was given accessed to by God does not exist. Also, the 2nd heaven biblically is the realm of Satan and his demons. And the 3 rd heaven is that of God, Jesus Christ and the angels of God and the first heaven (sky) is our heaven, where we live today and which we see. There is no 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Heaven. Only mystics and occultists generally speak of 7th heaven which in reality and in the light of the Bible and the word of Yahweh God is a lie, a deception of the devil. The Bible says that Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light to deceive people. And many people such as Rael, chanters of aliens, who can not distinguish between God and demons, neither true angels from demons, who had mysterious experiences through the deception of demons disguised as Aliens and who believed all that was narrated to him during an astral travel that he saw described to him as heaven. And Rael said he saw Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed and was told that now he is the last prophet who should tell the world how to be saved and explain what is written in the Bible and the Koran, but according the current mindset of men. Now, he said along with his followers the Raelians, that the Bible and other religious books should be understood by scientific method. And he said, Jesus and Mohammed are of the past. And one must now be a Raelian and prepare the arrival of extraterrestrials (aliens). And yet the aliens are demons who deceive men, who ignore the gospel of Jesus Christ or who do not believe in it and who is thus the cunning of Satan, demons or spirits that often disguise themselves as benefactors, as angels, as messengers of God and even as God, the mystical experiences that they operate are against the true God. And Jesus Christ can deliver people from these evil beings which the Bible spoke about provided they come to him and invoking his name Jesus.
2 - The Jesus of the Koran is not the same as the Jesus of the Bible.

The Koran speaks much of Jesus, Son of Mary. But which Jesus? Remember that even the Bible speaks of several Jesus. Read for example: Luke 3.29; Colossians 4.11. The Jesus that I will discuss in the following lines is the Jewish Messiah "Yeshuah", who according to the Bible is Christ the Lord and Savior of mankind. While the Jesus of the Koran is called "Messiah", illustrated in this world and the Hereafter, "the word of Allah," the Spirit of God, "the Son of Mary," it is fundamentally different from that of the Bible. What are the proofs? First, the Jesus of the Koran was a messenger of God and not his son because it is impossible for God to have a son says the Koran. Sourate4. 171 say: "God is One! Glory to him! How could he have a son? ...." For Muslims there is no greater sin than to declare that Jesus is the Son of God, for to say that Jesus is the Son of God, means declaring that he is the physical son of God, that God had sex with Mary. This is totally false. No Christian believes in such heresy! The Jesus of the Bible is the Son of God. Several biblical passages confirm this truth. I invite the reader to read the Bible. Jesus is the Son of God with a spiritual perspective and not physical. He is the Son of God because he came from God, the Spirit of God.

For anyone who believes in the biblical saying where it is written that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation for man in order to escape hell, the Koran is not the word of God since the Koran denies this and says another thing and even goes against the points of the Bible while recommending that Muslims read the Bible which is the way to be reassured of the word of Allah given to Muhammad, but he says at the same time that the Bible was falsified. The Koran says that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, Jesus Christ was not crucified, he is not dead, let alone for the sins of men, or resurrected, and that he is not the incarnation of God, he is not the means of salvation for man nor the present access to God and to heaven and so on. In reality, the Koran speaks of the Bible, both of the Old and New Testament, but in its content, it distorts the facts and words of the Bible and said that the Bible was forged by men, especially by Christians and disciples of Jesus Christ. The Koran makes mention of prophets and people of the Bible but in a different way and falsely in relation to the Bible. It speaks of Jesus Christ or at least says he is Jesus Christ in the Bible, and presents him as a simple man, a simple prophet who came to Israel alone and not for the whole world. And having promised the coming of Muhammad after him that all must now follow. The Koran tells Muslims to believe in Jesus Christ and all the prophets of the Bible, and even in the Bible. But at the same time it obviously betrays the identity of Christ, it betrays the history and the words of the prophets of the Bible, God's words and the words of Jesus Christ, the true one which the Bible speaks of. And the Koran gives Muslims the impression that it is the truth and the Bible is a lie, or at least it says wrong wherever the bible says otherwise. What the Koran says to Islam, is that men of the earth must all adopt the Koran and accept Allah who gave the word of the Koran as God and Muhammad as his prophet. And accept Mohammed as the greatest and the final prophet of God. So Muhammad is superior to Jesus Christ and all of God's prophets of all times in the Bible. Precisely these are the statements which the koran shows and proves that the Koran is not the word of God for the Christian, and Allah is not God (the God of the Bible ) even though the Koran borrows stories, names and points from the Bible, and even if it tells Muslims to read the Bible because it is of God, while saying that it was forged... The Koran is not the word of God for Christians, while Muslims enthusiastically listed many contradictions and inaccuracies in the Bible even when they see the bible as the announcement of the coming of Muhammad. Indeed, if Muslims are interested by the question << Is the Bible the Word of God? >> It is for the survival of their faith. Indeed, the Koran quotes the Bible and asked Muslims, including Muhammad to read the books of the Bible if they are in doubt with respect to the Koran... The Bible says different things from that of the Koranic statements and do not quote the Koran or announced Muhammad, but Muslims are struggling to find listings and related names of Muhammad in the Bible, the Bible which they considered inconsistent, inaccurate and uncertain at the same time, but at the same time, when a Muslim reads the Bible on the recommendation of the Koran, he sees the two books which they claim is talking of the same God saying things contrary, opposite or greatly different, the Muslim fears and rejects the idea of knowing that the Koran is false. It then creates an instinct for preservation of the Islamic faith, usually adopted in childhood, and in an obligatory way, and put in their minds that the Bible is falsified and also the Koran says so. Hence In this way, they strongly maintain their position to never renounce Islam, besides the risk of their life, as in some countries where they are abandoned or rejected by their families in most cases, or lose gains and privileges or simply because they do not want to believe in the Bible by a simple decision, and not for the sake of truth, the Muslim is seeking like Ahmed Deedat and all those who preceded him since the advent of Islam, including his contemporaries contradictions and inaccuracies in the Bible, and if they finds any, in their misunderstanding or less in their rejection of all they have read and which is not Islamic, they deny capitally the Bible that it is not the word of God, but that only the writings of the Koran are true. But the writings of the Koran are also gravely contradictory, inaccurate and totally uncertain just as a Muslim criticizes the Bible. It is true that as for a Christian, the Koran is not the word of God Yahweh. As for Allah, it was not he who gave the Koran and is not God Yahweh, i.e. the God of Abraham, 'Isaac and Israel, the Creator of all men on earth which the Bible speaks about. The Christian does not force a Muslim to become a Christian... He loves the Muslim even if he does not believe that Islam is of God Yahweh, even if he does not believe that Allah is the same God of the Bible. For Christians, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not just a prophet. Certainly, he is a prophet because he prophesied and spoke of things to come, spoke of God, but also and above all, he is by nature the Son of God and the Messiah, the only one by whom whoever believes in him shall be saved . The first and the last.


The being who appeared to Muhammad and who could be an angel or a devil according to Kadija the first wife of Muhammad who according to her, identified or tested, and accepted or believed that it is an angel God called Jibril. At this time the Bible existed already and Kadija who had a bit of Christian education from her uncle did unfortunately not take the Bible or spoke according to the Bible, so as to distinguish an angel from a demon. So it is from the Bible that the Koran quotes, we should try to know whether this being is truly an angel or the angel Gabriel actually quoted in the Bible or a demon, and not in relation to subjective experiences and without any real possibility of validation, from Kadija who asked Muhammad to sit on her thigh when Muhammad saw the strange creature, he usually avoided this to see if the being would remain in place or disappear from Muhammad's eyes. Muhammad sat on the thigh of Kadija and when she said that the creature had disappeared she concluded and told Muhammad to be happy that it was an angel for he is a prophet of God. In the Bible, to be the Prophet of the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob, one must first be Jewish, and it was after the prophets came the son of God. Jesus Christ in whom we must believe to become children of God and be saved. Also, Jesus said: "In my name you will cast out demons" and all the disciples of Jesus Christ, all those who believe in Jesus Christ casted out and are still casting demons out today by the mere invocation of the name of Jesus Christ. This truth was already in the Bible about 6 centuries when Muhammad and Kadija faced this strange creature. And neither God, the Bible nor any book or prophet says that an angel disappeared when a woman was uncovered when she shows her hair or her nakedness. Why should an angel flee because a woman shows her nudity or uncovered her hair, and again, coverage of hair is a sign of respect and seeing this does not put angels to flight? An angel would also not flee when a man and his wife have sex and demons do not or will not freeze too or be concupiscent spectators during sexual intercourse between a husband and his wife or at the nakedness of a woman or the discovery of her hair. Sex between husband and wife is not sinful since they are husband and wife, and therefore angels are without gene nor the temptation to sex or seeing the nudity of a woman before her husband. Angels also have a role to protect the people of God, if these angels should flee whenever they see the thigh of a woman or even the nakedness of a woman who is with her husband, or her legs which sits her husband, how then could they (angels) protect men and women? Demons or evil spirits would then have the doors open all night in the homes of people because of the nakedness of man and woman on the bed since according Kadija, this causes angels to flee and men would no longer have defences as the angels fled or can not approach, appalled by the nudity portrayed as impure, immodest by the theory Kadija before which (poor) Muhammad can not say anything and could only believe. Kadija also said that if that being which Mohammed saw was a demon, it would not have disappeared when this being saw her body because the devil is so shameless and he loves it. So if the being had vanished, then it is an angel, a holy being. Unlike the demons that are as shameless and according to Kadija would remained fixed to such impure thing and would use this opportunity to penetrate or fornicate with the man or woman who offers them an opportunity of fornication. The disappearance of a demon does not mean his flight. As for angels, they look at sex as a man would look at any object, a stone, a leaf or a passing vehicle on the road. Similarly, God himself who is perfectly holy would never disappear seeing the naked Kadija whom he has created naked and has given her the sex organ, so he knows the components and therefore cannot excite God or his angels. God and his angels see the sex of all women and all men, every day he sees the night as the day. And God watches over his true servants and even if they are physically naked and the angels guard them. They do not flee. Only the demons come into man or woman when he or she gives them an opportunity to fornicate. The being who disappeared is not an angel on the basis that he disappeared at the sight of the head or naked body of Kadija, and the instrument of Kadija to test or verify angels or devils by been naked is a false test full of ignorance and falsehood to one who knows biblically what an angel or a devil is, and most importantly, what Jesus said and demonstrated in the Bible and the same as expelling a demon by those who believe in him, these demons that are liars who often pose as benefactors or God's messengers or servants of God when the Bible says that Satan masquerades as an angel of light to deceive people. Hence did Kadija developed this principle and she wants to be the teacher to Muhammad who was actually sincere, humble and honest to this mysterious situation? Isn't Kadija behind this strange being that appeared to Muhammad? and therefore isn't Muhammad who knew nothing became the victim of Kadija's mission? Read the Bible to learn how to cast out a demon and how a demon enters a man or a woman, how they enters the body and live and how they go and come in ... how they can make one sick, to cause trance, how they disguises themselves as angels of light, how they lie, cause men to fall, how they provoke men to anger, malice, cruelty, bad temper, false beliefs, how they speaks through a man, how they can even make cause one to be a soothsayer, a prophet etc.. But not of God which Jesus Christ is the Son. Regarding the words of the Koran which was said to have been received by Muhammad miraculously, there is no evidence that they come from the God of the Bible. It is not miracles that make one to know God, but God made known the miracles that come from him. Because it is not God only that can do miracles. In mysticism, occultism, magic and even witchcraft, there are miracles. By saying mysterious things, Mystics and occultists could transfer letters or objects from one place to another spiritually; they could convey thoughts and words in a mysterious way without moving and simply strange ways. You can get a letter on your bed in your room, even without any person entering physically and without the letter going through the mail post office. It is a matter of the occultist using a mystical, occult procedure or even by ordering their demons and their spirits. Occultists also go on strange trips in heavenly places, this by their masters or initiators or by demons in strange places. They travel on long distances to meet with people and strange things that have nothing to do with human life in this world or with the true God whom Jesus spoke of in the Bible, but to places which they have occupied and taken to be the heaven of God by these mystics which are being used by the enemies of the true God, and the sky is not necessarily God's heaven even if we use the word God or Jesus or the prophets of the Bible. According to the Bible, there are 3 heavens and the 3rd heaven is where God lives, Is Jibril Angel Gabriel?


Talking about the so-called ascent to heaven of Mohammed. Muhammad spoke of 7 heavens where he went to, while there are 3 heavens as the Bible said. Talking about the animal that carried him. This being has human face and animal body. Mohammed said he did not know it and Muhammad was only asking questions to this being who was carrying him and who replied, including this animal. He could not verify anything. Mohammed acknowledges that it was the being himself who said he was the angel Gabriel outside what Kadija said, but he himself can not verify this, because there is no means of verification between an angel and a demon. Hence his questions and his passivity in his nocturnal travel. Talking of different heaven which he said he had journeyed with this creature and what he said. Muhammad acknowledged that he never knew where he was during his night journey, and it was this being which led him that explained everything without him knowing whether what it says is true or false, even the people he met. It's the being who told him that this is Adam, another Abraham, another Jesus etc... Mohammed said that to go to heaven, they went through the temple of Jerusalem; the Golden Temple was destroyed and no more exists. Did he travel to heaven of the Bible? Did Jibril told him the truth and the other beings that he saw?


Response Of Anis shorrosh to Ahmed Deedat

"Some years ago I visited China. A missionary born in China told me in these terms: If a Chinese should ask you questions, do not say that the West is more advanced than China. Surprised, I told him I can not be dishonest. Why then? I said. His answer was simple: The Chinese people believed that they are the most advanced in the world. They would be upset or sad if they were told otherwise. I ask you, what would be your attitude to such situation? And how long are you going to hide the sunlight? Should we leave them to their fate those who are hopelessly bandaged in their eyes? Refusing to see anything but darkness in the world? No not. The time has come to remove the blind cloths of the eyes. The first day of creation, God said "Let there be light and there was light." According to statistics, the Arab countries have 174 million people out of 14 millions who profess the Christian faith. I underlines that my research is meticulous, objective and honest. I spent much time in prayer and meditation. Today, I present the results of my research. I hope you came with an open mind and not closed, driven by a deep desire to learn to know the truth by putting aside partisan considerations. Some conclusions will not be pleasant. They are not for me either. Your faith will certainly be challenged and your mind challenged.
Accept the ideas I'll present to you with love and not with hatred. For they are intended to instruct you and not to insult you. We want to analyze, examine and study the subject from all angles. Remember that you have the opportunity to participate in a debate that will last for an hour, during the time allotted to questions. To return to our Chinese history, the opening of China to the outside world was initiated in 1976 and the Chinese became convinced that there are other more developed nations, the social, scientific and technological. China finally stood up as the Chinese proverb says. In other words, it aims to catch up with other advanced countries. Even the USSR was shaken by the GLASNOV perestroika after decades of obsession, thanks to Mr. Gorbachev. Stalin is now denounced as responsible for the murder of millions of people. The true Muslim is convinced for years that Islam is the best religion and that the Koran is the last testament. If this were true, if this testament is a genuine document, not a collection of dogmas and borrowed stories, why do Muslim countries fear religious freedom; all citizens of Christianized industrialized countries are enjoying the freedom that is forbidden in Muslim countries. Why last week, the State of the United Arab Emirates stopped to deliver a sermon in a church in Sharage. Mr Deedat, to my knowledge, I have never been denied to stay in an industrial Christian country. Why have they built on their borders huge walls more formidable than the Great Wall of China?
and the Berlin Wall? Why is citizenship not recognized for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia? Why are women and children suffering so much misery in most Muslim countries? Discrimination and prejudice are constantly preached in their sermons but never in their practices. If truth is superior to lying then the only fear that we must overcome is fear itself. I have a dream that will come to pass when nations that closed their doors will open it to the refreshing breeze of religious freedom, the freedom that Jesus proclaimed: "If the son makes you free, you shall be free indeed" John 8 / 36.

I have a dream which will come true, if men and women, boys and girls of all nations may freely accept the divine revelation embodied by Jesus Christ.
If they accept Christ, I do not say they adhere to Christianity or the Christian religion, they will love God above all, they would find the path of love, forgiveness and peace through the Holy Spirit. The world has experienced several revolutions through the centuries; religious, political, military, industrial and technological revolution. But the world will be rocked by the biggest revolution: the revolution of truth. Here are some results of my research.
Mr. Deedat has deviated men through his videotapes, books, his theories.
Muslims say that Allah was revealed in a book and not in the person of Mohammed. On the contrary, Christians believe that in the beginning was the Word and the Word became a human being: Jesus is the Word of God. Reading the Koran, one who knows the Old Testament will find that many events of this book are written in the Koran. Many times, the stories told in the Koran are often confused.
Muhammad had heard the stories of his Jewish friends in Medina where he claimed he received the bulk of the revelation which later became the Koran. His 7th and 9th wife were both Jewish. Kadija his 1st wife received a Christian education. She had a Christian uncle. His 8th wife belonged to a Christian sect in Egypt. He certainly must have learned from them much of the Old and New Testament of the Bible. The Koran has selected the following names: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael. The surat of the feast is a typical example. If the origins and the prophecy of Islam actually dated back to Abraham, we should find in the Old Testament references to Allah, in Mecca, the Kaaba and black stone, the rituals and ceremonies of Islam. But the Bible makes no reference to Allah or Islam. No reference to Mohammed, let alone Islam. It is logical to infer that Islam has evolved from the animistic and polytheistic culture of the inhabitants of Mecca. In fact the Meccans worshiped 360 idols including one called Allah. How is Mohammed's father called? If Muhammad really had been given the revelation, how is it that the names of his father or as you need to know Abdullah, the servant of Allah. Much of the New Testament is plagiarized and borrowings are considerable. 130 passages in the Koran refer to the Bible. Most Christian scholars believe and this is confirmed by the history of Islam, that Muhammad had contact with Christians at the age of twelve, on his trips to Damascus. In regard to paganism, we believe that the Arabs of that time had erected seven temples, dedicated to the seven planets. Mecca also housed a temple dedicated to a planet. Facing the Kaaba stood the statue of a goddess.
Aisha (favorite wife of Mohammed) declared solemnly that the body of the Prophet did not disappear during that journey of Mohammed to heaven, and that Allah had taken his spirit overnight.
After a vision, Mohammed tells how the angel Gabriel carried him to a mountain on the back of a winged creature with a human face and showed him the seven sons of heaven: Mohamed says he saw Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others. However, listen to what the text from a book entitled "The Testament of Ina" Chapter 1/4-10 and Chapter 2 / 1 /: On the first day of the month I was at home, lying on a sofa, then I slept and in my sleep, my heart was filled with sadness and suddenly near the couch, I saw two men they called me by my name. I woke up, be Courageous they told me, do not fear, the eternal God sent us to thee this very day to go up to heaven with us. The beings carried him on their shoulders and carried him to heaven. The description of heaven which he went to is identical to that contained in the Testament of Abraham... Islam has adopted elements of the Serbian religion which existed before him, a monotheistic religion. They made sacrifices and prayed 6 times a day. Islam has reduced it to 5. The Serbians fasted 3 times a year. This is what the Muslims do during the month of Ramadan. And they interrupted their fast at sunset, as Muslims of our days do. Muslims have turned it into Ramadan and interrupt their Ramadan fast at sunset as day. As for contradictions in Islam of the Arab people is wonderful since Muhammad was illiterate and they proved that the Koran is extraordinary. However, several of Mohamed's biographers dispute this fact which serves to magnify and glorify the so-called miracle of the Koran, the work of Mohammed. When the treaty was signed between Mohammed and the Meccan, the meccans refused to recognize Muhammad, the messenger of God, yielded to their request. He renounced the title and wrote with his own hands. Muhammad son of Abdullah, instead of the prophet Mohamed.
The second fact which shows that Muhammad was not illiterate occurred on his deathbed, felt his death approaching, he sent word to his wife Aisha favourite among the 15, to bring writing materials to him so that he could indicate the name of his successor. He had worked for years as a merchant and trader and made several trips to Damascus. This suggests that he could read, write and calculate.
During a visit I made in 1979 at the Monastery of St. Catherine at Mt Sinai, the monks showed me a letter personally signed by Muhammad in which it guarantees freedom to the monks.
In Surat Allah: Allah urged Mohamed to read and Mohamed read. Theoretically speaking if you can read you can also write. Why did the God of Mohammed said that he should teach with the pen (feather pen) in the crowd.
In the book of Hadith Aisha said that the angel Gabriel gave orders to Mohammed to read for three consecutive times and he read. Anyone who has studied the Koran, have uncovered monumental problems in terms of content. Arab Muslims have made it so that the Arabic Koran is to be taken as the only word of God. And many Muslims are unable to read the ancient language. Moreover the Arab theologians argue that the literary style of the Koran is superior. This is not true. Especially since there are no vowels in Arabic. In addition, it is not solid proof of divine inspiration. But this is mere assertion without valid arguments. The precepts of the Koran concerning God, creation, prophets and Imams have been announced long before the advent of Mohammed. Muhammad brought nothing new. The revelation of Mohammed is not superior to that of the early prophets. Nor has he any evidence that shows that the revelation of Mohammed is of God
In the Koran, the story of Solomon is amplified and distorted: the Bible says that Solomon employed for the construction of the temple, able men, described as the city of Tyr, the Koran says in the Surat verse problems 81and 82 that these are demons, that it is the genies (evil spirits) that made this work.
In the Surat of the cow it is written: Isaiah resurrected 100 years after his death. The resurrection of a man is possible but what use is there to resurrect a dead man, a hundred years ago (is it for him to live as before)? The Bible says that God revealed the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, there is no question of a cloud that was over the people of Israel as the Koran said; surat Allah's paradise 71. in the surat of the feast, verse 60, we were told that Mohamed believes in reincarnation. The Koran has it brought a new revelation? Revelation is the process by which God communicates to men the truths that can not be obtained by natural means. For example that man was created on the 6th day; God saw fit to reveal to Moses the creation. Muslims claim that the Koran is unique about its information. it delivers on the past and the future. According to tradition, Aisha had formally stated that Surat 61 consists of 200 verses in the life time of Muhammad but after the death of Mohammed and the standardization of the Koran by Othman, it still has more than 72. I am signalling to you that the Koran that you have do not have the same number of verses of Koran or others neither the first Korans. The number of verses cancelled is significant because 40 surats are affected by this major problem.
Another situation: Mohammed communicated to the faithful in Mecca that the physical orientation of the prayer should be in the direction of the Kaaba. But after migrating to Medina, he abrogated it and asked the Muslims to turn towards Jerusalem to gain favour with the Jewish majority in the city. Then 17 months later, Allah changed his mind for the second time and ordered Muhammad to look back in the direction of Mecca and not toward Jerusalem before prayer. A man may be subject to error and it is normal that he corrects his mistakes, but God is infallible. He does not contradict himself, he has infinite wisdom.
Muslims claim that the Koran was written entirely on tablets kept in heaven. This doctrine is borrowed from the Bible in the book of Exodus chapter 32/16 (on the commandments of God mentioned in the Bible)
Before, Mohammed used to say that the revelation was communicated to him through the angel Gabriel, many biographers believe that Mohammed's revelations which he claimed to receive from heaven come from law and the religious pretexts. Several came from Roman Catholicism. There are executions, polygamy and all under the pretext that God Almighty has commanded them to do this.
Muslims say that the Arabic Koran is the perfect and exact representation of Allah. Therefore, only the Arabic Koran is supervised and many Muslims who do not know Arabic are forced to learn it by heart. However, Mohamed or Allah has used in the Koran a number of foreign words and phrases.
This has led experts to wonder if the language of Allah (Arabic) is so poor as to be assisted by other languages. (..)
Whoever believes in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior atones for his sins and the Holy Spirit will fill his heart with the assurance of forgiveness. The Bible is full of information on what only Christ can do for us who believe in him. Jesus Christ gave gifts of inestimable value.
"He loves us (John 15/16; Romans 8 / 35
- He connects us with God (1Timohéé 2 / 5
- He protects us before the Father (1 John 2 / 1)
- through him, God declares us "not guilty" (Romans 3 / 24, 5 / 1)
- He reconciles us with God (2 Corinthians 5 / 19)
- He sets us apart for God (1 Corinthians 1 / 30)
- Through him we have peace with God (Romans 5 / 1)
- By him we are forgiven of our sins (Ephesians 1 / 7)
- Through him, we become adopted children of God (Ephesians 1 / 5)
- Through him, we become heirs of God (Ephesians 1 / 11)
- Through him, we receive the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1/13-14)
- He lives in him. We are never alone, never alone! (Col. 1 / 27)
- He intercedes for us (Romans 8 / 34)
- By him we are freed from the power of Satan and translated into the kingdom of light (Col. 1 / 13)
- In Him we have eternal life (Romans 6 / 23)
- He shows us how to live. He is our supreme example (1John 2.6)


I do not know much about the Koran. Yusuf Ali translated the Koran and said that a Christian can say that the Bible is the word of God. The Koran has also been translated into many languages, different translations. I believe in 1878 the Koran was published in a particular translation and the market for it was withdrawn. In terms of translation, the Bible and the Koran have the same problem. I know that most Muslims know that after the death of Mohammed there were a number of versions of the Koran that was circulating and instructions were given by doctors of Muslim religion to the Caliph to standardize the texts.
There were many texts of the Koran existed. There were a lot of variable readings. During the reign of Caliph, He received reports that in different parts of Syria, Armenia and Iraq, that Muslims recite the koran in a way different from those recited in Arabia. Othman asked for the manuscripts of the Koran that were in possession of Atsa, one of the wives of Muhammad and the daughter of Omar and ordered Zaid bin Tahib and three others to make copies of the text and correct them if necessary. When it was finished, Othman sent to every Muslim province one copy of what they had copied, and ordered that the remaining copies of the koran that were written on fragmentary materials to be burned. In terms of contradiction, there is a change in the number of Surat 32 / 5 and Surat 70 / 4. Regarding the Bible, if there was fraud, could the fraudsters not remove the contradictions? They were copied by hand and copyists may have made mistakes. If there was an error in the genealogy of Jesus, it could have been put into question. The Bible is a book of the prophets and it is true. I do not think the Koran is the word of God. I do not believe that Muhammad is the prophet of God. But I respect your faith, I respect your sincerity. I have waved the Bible in 140 countries around the world that I visited, saying that the Bible is the Word of God John 13/16. God wrote the 10 commandments on the stone. The Bible was written by man inspired by the Holy Spirit who is God. God used men. There is a version of the Bible but many translations. The scholars of the Koran have the same problems in translation. The Apocrypha were not inspired. The Muslim says they believe in the Torah and the Gospel, but they said at the same time that it is a corrupt text. They say the book is authentic but were lost and did not say where, when and how. The Koran recognizes the Torah and the Gospel. If God gave the books he could preserve and conserve it, since God is omnipotent. Mohamed preferred this book; the Old Testament that I'm holding is the same as what the Jews and the Church had at the time of Mohammed. God has preserved it, the Christian faith is not futile. Muslims know that after the death of Muhammad, there were a number of versions of the Koran which circulated and instructions were given to the caliph Othman to standardize the text. Othman asked the manuscripts of the Koran taken, that is, what he had copied and asked that others be burned. The only people who have requested that the Bible be burned were his detractors. I will prove that the Bible is the word of God. "I asked a man in Africa" how did you become a minister of Christ? He said: "Jesus can not be a Messiah and a great prophet and a liar at the same time. So I became a minister of Jesus." He added: one of my closest friends was a Christian; we never ceased to debate Christianity and Islam. The Christian said: "There was a man possessed by a demon. You know this story very well in Mark 16/17 which stated: In my name they will cast out demons. This is a book of power. Millions and millions of people were healed by the power of God by invoking the powerful name of Jesus. Millions have changed instantly and were freed from slavery worse than hell itself. That's what he told me. You can go to our churches and see men who were alcoholics, drug addicts, but they are delivered from each of this slavery as hell can give. And I think that your Islamic religion believes in hell. Tonight they are free by the power of God Almighty, released by the powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus produces results; it breaks the chains of sin, and fills empty hearts. He said to me: "We went, I went with him, he prayed for this man possessed by a demon. When we arrived there, his mouth was foaming. I've never seen anything like it before, and he said: "my friend prayed for him without visible result. He went to look for another pastor, and I remained alone with this possessed man, and I said to myself that I will pray for him too. He said: "in the name of Mohammed come out of him." I asked him what happened. he prayed several times with name of Mohammed commanding the demons to come out of him. He could have prayed in the name of Abraham, Moses, Paul etc.. Unable to do better and seeing nothing was happening with no effect. Thus, alone standing there, he said: I think I'll try what my Christian friend said. I do not believe it but I'll try it. He laid hands on him. He said to; "Brother Swaggart! Before my eyes he was delivered by God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ". Islam believes in the miracles of Jesus Christ. Jesus said: "Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden. One day he will return because he said he will return. Many Bible prophecies have been fulfilled, those which are not will be. God loves you and it is through faith in Jesus
(God loves you and is by faith in Jesus Christ) that we can go to him.


Elizabeth, a young girl of about 12 years, was one night in her room with her younger brothers while their parents went on a trip. Suddenly someone entered the room while all doors and windows were closed. And this being was bright. The children cried for fear and fled out through the window which broke and made a lot of noise. The Neighbours asked: "what is happening? The children answered that someone entered the room while the doors and windows were all shut and they do not know by which way he came in, so we screamed and he fled. Since then, the next day, this being appeared to Elizabeth alone. She was now the only one who sees it. And this being which is a demon, which men call genie or evil spirit, approached her and slept with her. She was a catholic, and her father was a catechist, the father took her to the Bishop Yago but could not be delivered. She was as well taken to another bishop, but they could not cast out the devil. Years passed, during which she still suffered from this devil. Later on, she met many renowned fetish priests of the Ivory Coast such as Koudou, considered to be the strongest of all the sorcerers and witch doctors of all time. Koudou said to her: "since your genie is strong, we'll go to the cemetery to solve the problem." Arriving at the cemetery, he made her to lie on a grave. When he began to consult, the demon came and slept with her in front of Koudou. He said: "your genie (spirit) is too strong, I can not." As for Zérédji who is said to be the new reigning most powerful witch doctor, he asked her to bring the water from a corpse, then he asked her to sleep in his so-called sacred forests on every 24th of every month for 5 months. In this forest, as she slept, at night, several demons came to sleep with her until morning. The evil spirit often come in the form of a man having the breasts of a woman or as a woman having sexual organ of a man, and sometimes it was neither man nor woman. These beings also appeared to those of their home, in the bushes or at their farms, in dreams or nightmares and take various forms as well as that of a dead person. Seeking for deliverance, she went to the Celestial Church of Christ, to the Mahikaris, Guru Maharaji and to several mystics but all in vain. For 18 years without solution, until the day she decided to committ, then she thought about visiting an evangelical church close to her. The church which she had never attended. The first day she stepped into the evangelical church, she heard the pastor preaching that Jesus Christ heals, delivers and saves men from every demon, and solves any problem if we ask him for it. And the pastor asked the Christians to pray for her, which they did by casting out the demon. Arriving at her home, the devil came at night but could not come close to her. When she went to the oil lamp that lit the room to extinguish it, and then suddenly a great light burst into the room and lit the whole place, Elizabeth didn't know whence this light. The demon went under the bed. Elisabeth was led to look under the bed. She saw that the light shone under the bed also. Then the devil left under the bed and fled through the roof of the house making a lot of noise. Neighbours came asking: "what is happening?". Elizabeth replied: "It is Jesus who drove out the demon." It was unbelievable but true! This demon, which had tormented her since childhood until when she was 30 years old fled away by the power of Jesus Christ. Since that day, Elizabeth was freed from 18 years of living in nightmares, demonic possessions and oppressions. In fact, Jesus said: "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons. ... If they drink any deadly thing it will do them no harm ... they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick shall recover." Mark 16 / 15 to 18. And Jesus said: Lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world. Matthew 28 / 19. After her deliverance and now converted, the idea to sell children's cloth came to her. She demanded for about 45 USA dollars from one of her parents who now gave it to her. At the same time, she learned in the church that God says in the Bible to give tithe of everything you receive if you want to be prosperous and economically successful. Tithe is a tenth of all income. Not yielding to this commandment brings you under economic hardship, poverty and curses. Read Malachi 3 / 7 to 12. Elizabeth gave a tenth of what she received from her sales to the point where she said customers bought all the clothes she was selling at her home even before the goods gets to the market. When she refused to tithe one day, she said, her goods remained intact without being purchased. Elizabeth then decided never to stop paying her tithes and offerings. That's when her prosperity began. One day, out at night, she saw a strange creature lurking in the dark; she shouted "Jesus" and it disappeared. Like Elizabeth, Lawrence also was delivered, he saw demons appeared in the room where he slept, either in the form of an old man or as a dwarf or as a giant, and before which he was unable to flee or react; and he Shouted out aloud: "Jesus" and was delieverd. Like the deliverance of Boua E. who behaved like a mentally ill person, like a fool, and who would masturbate constantly, peeping on naked women in thatched bathroom in villages, after seeing a demon in the form of a naked woman having long hair who was sitting in the bush where he had gone to fetch firewood, he cried and fell. Since that day, he was mentally ill, and walked from village to village, from city to city. And he was finally delivered by Jesus Christ in a Church.

Pakistani Muslim woman Delivered from paralysis through Jesus Christ and was converted from Islam by Jesus Christ.

A Pakistani Muslim woman has been paralyzed since childhood and moved about in a wheelchair. She kept reading the Koran, the Muslim holy book, which also speaks of Jesus but with some negative concept about Jesus. However, in this Koran, it recognizes that Jesus Christ of the Bible and of the Christians healed the sick, delivered the lame, gave sight to the blind, made the dumb speak, raised the dead etc.. She knew that Christians still believe in Jesus Christ as son of God and the only Saviour whom God gave to mankind, and that one must believe in Him to be saved, healed, delivered, and to have eternal life. And that Jesus heals, delivers and saves men from all dangers and problems when they ask him to. The Pakistani woman, knowing very well the difference between the Bible and the Koran, also knew that Jesus Christ whom the Christians spoke about and he is still performing these miracles through the Christians in evangelical churches and everywhere, in evangelistic crusades. While on her wheelchair, this woman decided to talk to Jesus Christ as the Christians do with respect to this paralysis. She says "Jesus Christ, I pray, heal me. . ." Suddenly, she saw as in a vision a man who stopped a few paces from her stretching forth his hand in a gesture of invitation. She got up, forgetting that she was paralyzed and she walked towards the man. As she was about to grasp the hand, the man disappeared, and this woman continued to walk up till this day. Being now a Christian leaving Islam, she wrote a book which is widely known around the world entitled: " Dieu était si loin" meaning in English; "God was so far". Thus many sceptics, Buddhists, sorcerers, witch doctors, occultists, mystics, philosophers, were healed and delivered and all those who believe not in the God of the Bible.


ZOUKOU did not believe in God, let alone in Jesus Christ, but only in his fetishes, mysticism and occultism which he practiced at on a higher level. He even married a water spirit; an occult woman, a demon who lived in his house secretly, hoping that she is making him rich or solving his problems. One day, two Pentecostal Christians, going past his house, came to his home to preach the word of God to him. Mr Zokou told them that he did not believe in their God, and he praised his fetish, mystic and occult powers. After discussion, one of the Christians said: "if you want to know that Jesus Christ is actually stronger than your fetishes and other powers, stand before your fetishes tonight and say:" Jesus, if you are stronger my fetishes, proves it to me and I will follow you. "Mr Zokou accepted. At night, he stood before his fetishes and prayed" Jesus, if you're stronger than my fetish show it to me and I will follow. At a certain hour of the night while he slept, he awoke. He felt something on his nose. He took it off and saw it was a broken eggshell. He got up and looked down and saw all his fetishes destroyed, mask broken, broken eggs. Caught in panic, he knelt and asked Jesus to forgive all his sins and decided to belong to Him, meaning to convert. The occult woman disappeared immediately, and his wife who had left him without reason because this demon could not live with her, returned. Note that in signing pact with the devil, the occultist who gave him the occult strange woman said to him: "We will carry out a ceremony and we will be transported to a place. You'll see a white woman and a black woman, black one is wearing a snake around her neck, if you choose her, you'll have her as a wife because she is jealous, she can not live with another woman, therefore you are not to get married physically. As for the white woman, if you take her, she will live with you, but your real wife will remain at home. Note that Zokou had married his real wife in the presence of the Head of State, Chairing the Republic then. Taken to that occult location, Zokou chose the white woman. But on getting home, she found the black woman who had the snake around her neck in the room he had built for her on the recommendation of the occultist, and it is from her he hoped to get wealth. His real physical wife, without any problem, took her bags and left the house until the day Zokou prayed to Jesus, and his masks and fetishes were broken and the demonic spirit wife who would destroy him soon disappeared. He was thus delivered by Jesus. To learn about these things read our book: Secrets of the Occult and others.


Lazarus narrated: "I lived a life of sexual debauchery. After several gonorrhoeas, I was diagnosed with AIDS according to the medical doctor's report. Every medicine I used, be it traditional or pharmaceutical, did not have no positive effect on me. At one point, my eyes were almost pumping out from their sockets because I was so thin. And there were spots on my skin, my hair was fallen off, parts of my body began to rot. I had very strong pain in my head as if a spike was pierced in the head. I was very cold and at the same time I was sweating. My teeth were yellow. At a particular point, everything I ate both came out through diarrhoea and vomiting. In the room where I was at my parents' place, everyone had abandoned me. After the visit of the last traditional occult medicine man that my mother brought to me and who carried out his cure procedures on me, I became more skeletal. I could not stand on my legs. I had only my eyes to weep and wait for death. But suddenly, I remembered an old Bible lying in this room. I crawled towards it. I took it, opened it and came across this phrase in which Jesus says: " What is impossible with men is possible with God" Luke 18 / 27. I reread it several times and through to the depths of my heart, then I said: "Lord Jesus, if this sentence is true, heal me." After this sentence, I heard like three trumpet blasts and a fire through my body. Suddenly, I stood on my feet and I saw all my limbs trembled. I panicked and shouted: "they want to kill me!". The fire stopped, I stopped shaking, and I realized that I had regained my strength. My limbs and my body had found life. I left the room running and I found my cousin outside and I said: "Jesus Christ had healed me." It was unbelievable and yet true. What is impossible with men is actually possible with God. I was really healed. I went for my test on HIV AIDS and the doctor said that I am no longer carrying the AIDS virus. Jesus heals AIDS. Let those who believe come if they have AIDS, those who would not escape are those who live in unbelief and sin, and who follow the doctrines of demons, false beliefs and religions and different philosophies.


Okou Djédjé reports: "One day while I was in a conference, I received a man of about 40 years old, very thin and could hardly stand on his feet. He sat on a chair somewhere. The shirt he was wearing was dirty. He told us that he had fallen on the street when he was walking and a man lifted him up and told him to go to "La Salle des fete" in English called "The hall of feasts" in Yopougon New Quarters (a quarter in Abidjan, Ivory coast) where a pastor was operating healings and deliverances. At the end of the conference, I went to the man and found that AIDS virus had eaten him up from his head to feet with all these symptoms. In addition to diarrhoea which was permanent. He only went up and down from the hall to the toilet room throughout the conference. I laid hands on him while he cried and I prayed to God in the name of Jesus Christ to heal him. And I told the crowd: "all those who have HIV and AIDS who could fast for three days without food or drink day and night, I will pray for them provided they are sincere to have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, they will be healed in the name of Jesus Christ." In-fact, Jesus said that there are demons that would only come out by fasting and prayer in His name, and thus there are diseases that do not heal except by fasting and prayer in conversion to Jesus Christ, hence the role of fasting and prayer for healing of any stubborn disease is necessary. Every difficult situation or serious cases need fasting and intense prayer in Jesus' name. At the end of my speech, this man said to everyone that he would fast and he was going to be there every day and he would obey all the Word of Jesus Christ. On the third day of his fast, I approached the man and said: "Father, I beg you to forgive all sins of this man and heal in the name of Jesus Christ." And I said: "You AIDS virus, in the name of Jesus Christ, you are destroyed. Let the fire of God go through this man and consume all of the AIDS virus in the name of Jesus Christ!." And I say to this man "go, you're healed of AIDS in the name of Jesus." The man left and returned within 2 weeks. At the end of the conference of that day which I preached every day, a man rose from his seat and went where I was without me noticing him. And he said: "I want to testify." I wanted to tell him that we had no more time, but he was already close to me. So, not knowing what it was and not wanting to frustrate him seeing he was well advanced moving in front of all, I handed him the microphone and took my seat in the meeting wondering what such a man wanted. He began by saying: "Do you recognize me? It was I who had AIDS virus and was sitting in the corner there and weeping. I just came to tell you that
Jesus Christ has healed me, and also to tell you that if you sincerely accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and if you sincerely ask him for something and does not doubt in your heart, he will surely do it". I approached the man and I recognized that he was the man who have had AIDS a week and half ago. Even his hair had grown; the spotted skin was quite restored, improved. This man was already big and strong for so little time. The crowd cheered, praised Jesus and cried for joy. Jesus is really the strongest. Thus was also the deliverance of Serge who testified on the radio, also the man from Marcory( a district of Abidjan in ivory coast) who testified on the radio, the Cameroonian, including Aminata, the young man from Bonoua, the man from Agboville, also another who wanted to become a pastor, all these people and others were healed of AIDS by Jesus Christ through our hands and the hands of other men of God, and you could meet with them and they continue to testify. Some were healed instantly, others by fasting several times. Jesus makes the blind to see, makes the lame walk, who raises the dead and is still doing other miracles today said: "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth." Matthew 28/18. He has the power to destroy the AIDS virus. Let all those who have AIDS or suffering from any disease come for deliverance by accepting Jesus Christ.

The supreme power of Jesus Christ over scientific knowledge of men, of medicine and others.

Véronique: healed of serious ulcer, and delivered from unbelief through Jesus Christ.

Véronique does not believe in the God whom the Christians are talking about. Being a Student, she also belonged to a group of mystics, and she
was suffering from an incurable ulcer. When she was asked to accept Jesus Christ, she went on challenging the questions about the Christian way of believing in God, and of seeing God. She suffered from an ulcer that kept her from eating spicy foods. But she was now at a stage where any food she put in her mouth was unbearable by her stomach. She suffered so much and she knew that soon she would not be able to eat more, and this continued despite medical cures and others. Before her questioning of the gospel in favour of mystical doctrines which she believed is superior and could not heal her, one day a Christian practical told her: "Jesus Christ can heal you from any disease if you accepted Him as Saviour and allow Christians to pray for you. There is a prayer vigil where there will be healing tonight". Once more, she said: "If that's it, I will accept, and I'll be at the vigil." That same evening, she went to the crusade. After the sermon, the pastor asked all those who want to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour to stand up for prayers. She did. He then asked that those wishing to receive healing should lay their hands where they are having pains and ask Jesus Christ to heal them, then accept him as their saviour, and then repent of their sins with sincerity. After this, the pastor prayed for them, and said: "Believe that you are healed." In fact, Jesus said: "whatsoever thou shall ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours ...." The next day, she bought a spicy meal which she ate. She had no problem with it. The following day she repeated the same. Then she shouted: "Jesus has healed me, I am healed ...." What is impossible with men is possible with God.



Since my conversion, after several years of atheism, I wanted to be healed from a pain I had suffered for at least 14 years continuously. Then I went to an Evangelical Crusade where I was invited. I saw the lame walk, the blind see and other miracles taking place. They prayed for me. But to say the truth, I was not healed. But I wanted to be healed really, quickly and completely like the lame that I saw walking, the blind who saw and whose parents rejoiced. I came home, and reading the Bible, I read that one day, the disciples of Jesus who did many miracles could not healed a lunatic child. And when they asked Jesus why they could not deliver this child, Jesus replied: "this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer." Then I said, the kind of pain in my shoulder blade can only go out by fasting and prayer to God in the name of Jesus or directly to Jesus Christ. But to start with, I knew that before all, I have to abandon all sins. I then fasted for three days without eating or drinking and I was prayed for, but I was not healed. I told myself: "Jesus fasted for forty days, then the maximum is forty, so I have only done three days out of forty days, So in the next two weeks, I have to carry out a 5 days fast without food or water, that is what I did and I felt better. I was quite cured, but I still felt a slight pain, but I wanted to feel completely healed. then I told myself: " I'm going to do fourteen days of fasting with the first 3 days without eating or drinking, day and night and other days by drinking only water but without food day and night; and if I am not healed, I will return to zero and I will do twenty-one days of fasting, beginning with the first three days dry without food or water. And if I am not healed, I'll carry out a thirty days fast after the same manner, and if I'm still not healed, I will do forty days. If I am not cured after forty days, then I could only jeopardize these words of Jesus that says "there are demons that can only come out by fasting and prayer." After five days of dry fasting, I did two weeks later and I made the fourteen days of fasting as I have said. When I did it, I was completely cured. I found no need to continue.

J.B: The Importance of prayer periods (time) in certain cases

JB narrates: For several years, I prayed and I was prayed for without obtaining healing, while multitudes of other sick folks were healed before me. One day, someone told me to persevere in prayer if I had given up all sins. I did not take this advice seriously, thinking I had done everything. I thought that this disease was not in the area of divine healing from God but a medical issue. When I was not yet converted to Jesus, I had already tried all with medical doctors and then with every known fetishes or renowned fetish healers but I was not cured. I was sweating profusely and had severe burns and horrible tingling in my body. A kind of bewitchment. I had to always be close to the fan or be under the tap for cold water so as to reduce my suffering. I went out only when there is more sunshine and I wore shorts and light clothes only. One day, I water fasted for 21 days, drinking alone, but I was not healed. But an idea came to me after this fast. I had the idea one morning to pray from 7AM to 5pm non-stop, asking Jesus to deliver me, and driving out the demons in the name of Jesus and repenting of my sins. For he that lives in any sin and yet seeking for deliverance can not be healed…
I said to myself: "today, I will pray from 7 am to 17h without stopping." This is what I did in my room without going outside, and alone. Towards 4pm, I said: "Lord Jesus, heal me and make me what you want me to be." Instantly, something came out of me, and I was immediately delivered and healed of this long standing illness which had defied all." Indeed, there are cases that you must pray until demons come out and stopping half way. J.B could have been healed several years back if he had done the right thing. Indeed, one days, Jesus prayed all night depending on the subject, although in some cases, he did not pray and only said a word to make miracles. Throughout the night periods, there are at least 10 hours of time. Pray at least 1 hour per day non-stop if you have a serious problem, and casting out the demons aloud in the name of Jesus Christ. And do better instead of being lazy. Meet a good pastor of an evangelical church, so they could lay hands on you and pray for you in the name of Jesus. This applies to all matters, including issues of marriage.



The Evangelist T.L Osborn in India

Buddhists and Hindus delivered by Jesus Christ

Jesus said: "And these signs shall follow those who believe in me: In my name they will cast out demons ... they drink deadly things and it will do them no harm ... they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick will be recovered. Mark 16 / 15 - 18." And Jesus said, "Go ye into the entire world proclaiming the good news to all creation. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be condemned ..." (Mark 16 / 15) " All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth ... and lo I'm with you always even unto the end of the world ..."Matthew 28. One day, the American evangelist T.L. Osborn went to India where most of the people do not believe in God, the God of the Bible, the creator of heaven and earth, the true God. In India they speak rather of reincarnation and Law of Karma and God as all that exist, example: man, animals, all things are a part of God, and God is everything and everything is God. So for them, if a person is sick or have problems, that means he has done such evil before his birth in his previous existence, and returned to earth to be reborn so as to pay for the harm he had done, to pay his Karma suffering from the evil committed prior to his death, and has come to respect the Buddhist or Hindu laws which will allow him to reach Nirvana (paradise realm of total bliss), then never to return to earth if he has reached perfection; because according to them, the earth is where the cursed return and those who did not achieve perfection in God, and where one comes only to pay his karma. Osborn was therefore visited this country where people believe that if we suffer, it means that we are under a divine law before which nothing can be done. Osborn knew it was a false doctrine of seducing spirits denying the idea of a creator God and different from His creatures. Osborn, who arrived in India for this proofs of God which the Bible speaks, went on radio and to a newspaper and made an announcement inviting all patients, all blind, all lame, all disabled so that they would be healed by God in the name of Jesus Christ. Buddhists, Hindus and other speculators and unbelievers all came to this God whom the Christians speak about, for they also wanted to be healed and overcome their problem, and thus for God to save their lives, to deliver them from their conceptions, from their doctrinal or religious beliefs that does not resolve their problems. They came in large numbers to the crusade ground. Osborn preached the word of God where Jesus Christ said: "I am the way, the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father except through me." (John 14 / 6). And Jesus said: "I am the first and the last for the salvation of man." (Revelation 2). At the end of his sermon, he asked all those who want to accept Jesus Christ and to receive from the true God, their Healing, deliverance and salvation, and also to come forward so that he could pray for them. Many Buddhists and Hindus came forward voluntarily. He prayed for all these people: the sick were healed, the lame and the paralyzed got up and walked lifting or throwing off their crutches, even already, during his sermon and the testimonies which he gave; the same thing continues to happen wherever the true Jesus Christ is preached and wherever deliverance is carried out. Therefore, If Osborn heals the sick and delivered those with infirmities as Jesus asked him to do in the name of Jesus Christ, it means the god of the Buddhists which consider a disability or persistent unemployment as the result of an act of divine condemnation, that is to say a divine principle; DIVINE WILL is not God, because a man can not be stronger than God, and prevent the will of God,and heal a man whom God has condemned to be sick. God says that there are false prophets sent by the devil and they are at the root of many false doctrines, false religions and false philosophies, misconceptions and false practices for the destruction of man. Jesus Christ and the Bible is the only truth of God for the salvation of man, and God has proven this.







THE EVIDENCE OF GOD AND THE TRUTH, the scientific nature and the historicity of the biblical content. INVITATION OF ALL MEN TO READ THE BIBLE AND TO EXPERIMENT AND VERIFY WITH IT.




In accordance with actual and biblical testimonies of what Jesus did for men, to be healed or delivered or other, for every other solutions that man seek for and for salvation, follow these rules :
1- Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Say, for instance, "Lord Jesus, I accept you as my saviour ...."
2- Repent confessing all your sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, make your confession like this: "Lord Jesus, forgive me all my sins, sins of sex before marriage and outside marriage, of masturbation, theft ..., because in my life, I have sinned, I have stolen, I lied, I consulted witch doctors... "(Name all the sins that you once committed and ask forgiveness from Jesus).

3- Ask Jesus Christ to heal you or solve the problem that you have. Example say: "Lord Jesus, I pray you heal me, deliver me from disease, pain, unemployment, debt ..."

4- Use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out all evil spirits which causes you to suffer or the sins you have committed. For example, you should strongly address the demons like this: "You demons of illness, bewitchment, witchcraft, unemployment, poverty, of sex outside marriage ... Get out of my life in the name of Jesus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus ... (you should pray often as much as you can and drive the demons each time).

5- Believe that you're healed or that God has answered your prayers and thank Jesus Christ for having healed you, for Jesus Christ said "whatever you ask in my name, believe that you have received it and you will have them". Example say "Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, and for solving my problems, thank you Lord Jesus Christ."
6- Now, begin to put in action the things you are looking for, if it is a job, go and deposit your applications for jobs, if it's for healing, let a true pastor or a true Christian lay hands on you and pray for you casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's for a reconciliation, meet the person or the leader in charge.

7- Carry out a fast, if you think the subject or the problem you are having is serious, especially since the Lord Jesus said that there are demons that won't come out of man except by fasting and prayer, and thus there are problems that are resolved only through fasting and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Fasting for 3 days without food or drinking day and night 24 hours over 24 hrs is biblical and very effective. But you're free to choose the days of your fasting and may go from one to 40 days praying without ceasing. You could go for 3 days without food or drink day and night if the subject is important and that hands should be laid on you and pray for you. If it persists, you could try another much longer fasting drinking after the first 3 days without eating day and night depending on the number of days that you have chosen and that Christians pray for you. See the biblical example of Esther etc...

8- Pray without ceasing, perseveres in prayer, wake up a little early every morning and pray for at least an hour without stopping and drive out the demons as in number 4 mentioned above. Do the same every night before bed. Ask God every time in your prayers for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and for spiritual qualities such as kindness, joy, love, patience, temperance, gentleness, etc... Abandon all your weaknesses, all malice, all bad characters, any hatred toward anyone.

9- Now abandon all sin and live a sinless life and be full of kindness, even toward your enemies, be without blemish, and do not commit and do not think of any evil. Abandon all sin (sexual sin, masturbation, sex outside marriage, occult fetishism, other religion, other belief, forsake other conceptions that go against the bible), including worldly music, sinful dances, hatred in politics, thoughts and other thing that opposes God's word ...

10- Read through the Bible, preferably starting with the New Testament from beginning to the end without skipping any page to find information and so as not be deceived, then reads the Old Testament. To know what to do or what not to do, and the whole word of God, read or listen to current testimonies of what Jesus did for men in the area of healing, deliverance, protection, power, success,employment, marriage and others. Read or listen to messages that took place prior to your conversion or your absence, know what the Bible says from beginning to end, and make documentation, catching up to have the same level as those people you met during your conversion and even grow better than them.
11- Invite everyone, parents, non-Christians to Jesus Christ, to the church by testimonies and other strategies. Do not be indifferent to their non-conversion, their sins, their problems, their views as regarding eternal life ... evangelize by inviting all to Jesus Christ, to the church every member of your family, your neighbours, your colleagues, and anyone...

12- Concentrate on the things of God: conversion of souls, abandoning sin, love for every man and kindness to them for their conversion, be perfect and be very active for God and for yourself in evangelism, and at work, in creativity and in search for job. So be active, be creative in spiritual, material and economic works, and never prefer the work of the world more than God's work and don't fall in love of money and riches of this world except for the need of money for essential daily life needs and for everything that is useful and for the financing of God's work. Then God will bless you greatly and you will want nothing and nothing can overcome you as long as you continue.

13- Live for Jesus Christ and for his Gospel in the world and be sure that you will not want anything and that nobody can defeat you unless you sin and live in sin. Therefore, repent immediately from every sin you have committed inadvertently, but never sin voluntarily, for anyone who sins is of the devil, says the Lord Jesus. And God does not answer the prayers of sinners.

14- Never doubt nor fear. If fears and doubts should come, say this: "Thou spirit of doubt and fear, you are defeated in Jesus' name, go out of my life, and never come back again, and you have no power .... I know that Jesus Christ has heard my prayers..."

15- Ask all things to the Father in Jesus' name. Jesus said "Whatever you ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours" and he said: "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Do not be afraid ... let your needs be made known only to Jesus Christ.

16- Support and financially give for the work of God in tithes and offerings and voluntary donations according to the needs of the church and of God's work. If you want to be blessed materially, be faithful in your tithe and your free will offering but worthy and of value to support the work of God and "world evangelization, and not superfluous.

- NB: Pray without ceasing, for example any movement: << Lord Jesus accompany me and protect me..>>, Before any meal: << Lord Jesus, Bless this food <<And proclaim the name of Jesus with a loud voice before all demons, all danger, and drive out the demons of temptation and other works of the devil.


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