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Elizabeth, a young girl of about 12 years, was one night in her room with her younger brothers while their parents went on a trip. Suddenly someone entered the room while all doors and windows were closed. And this being was bright. The children cried for fear and fled out through the window which broke and made a lot of noise. The Neighbours asked: "what is happening?
The children answered that someone entered the room while the doors and windows were all shut and they do not know by which way he came in, so we screamed and he fled. Since then, the next day, this being appeared to Elizabeth alone. She was now the only one who sees it. And this being which is a demon, which men call genie or evil spirit, approached her and slept with her. She was a catholic, and her father was a catechist, the father took her to the Bishop Yago but could not be delivered. She was as well taken to another bishop, but they could not cast out the devil. Years passed, during which she still suffered from this devil. Later on, she met many renowned fetish priests of the Ivory Coast such as Koudou, considered to be the strongest of all the sorcerers and witch doctors of all time. Koudou said to her: "since your genie is strong, we'll go to the cemetery to solve the problem." Arriving at the cemetery, he made her to lie on a grave.

When he began to consult, the demon came and slept with her in front of Koudou. He said: "your genie (spirit) is too strong, I can not." As for Zérédji who is said to be the new reigning most powerful witch doctor, he asked her to bring the water from a corpse, then he asked her to sleep in his so-called sacred forests on every 24th of every month for 5 months. In this forest, as she slept, at night, several demons came to sleep with her until morning. The evil spirit often come in the form of a man having the breasts of a woman or as a woman having sexual organ of a man, and sometimes it was neither man nor woman.
These beings also appeared to those of their home, in the bushes or at their farms, in dreams or nightmares and take various forms as well as that of a dead person. Seeking for deliverance, she went to the Celestial Church of Christ, to the Mahikaris, Guru Maharaji and to several mystics but all in vain. For 18 years without solution, until the day she decided to committ, then she thought about visiting an evangelical church close to her. The church which she had never attended.

The first day she stepped into the evangelical church, she heard the pastor preaching that Jesus Christ heals, delivers and saves men from every demon, and solves any problem if we ask him for it. And the pastor asked the Christians to pray for her, which they did by casting out the demon. Arriving at her home, the devil came at night but could not come close to her. When she went to the oil lamp that lit the room to extinguish it, and then suddenly a great light burst into the room and lit the whole place, Elizabeth didn't know whence this light. The demon went under the bed. Elisabeth was led to look under the bed. She saw that the light shone under the bed also.

Then the devil left under the bed and fled through the roof of the house making a lot of noise. Neighbours came asking: "what is happening?". Elizabeth replied: "It is Jesus who drove out the demon." It was unbelievable but true! This demon, which had tormented her since childhood until when she was 30 years old fled away by the power of Jesus Christ. Since that day, Elizabeth was freed from 18 years of living in nightmares, demonic possessions and oppressions. In fact, Jesus said: "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons. ... If they drink any deadly thing it will do them no harm ... they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick shall recover." Mark 16 / 15 to 18. And Jesus said: Lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world. Matthew 28 / 19. After her deliverance and now converted, the idea to sell children's cloth came to her. She demanded for about 45 USA dollars from one of her parents who now gave it to her. At the same time, she learned in the church that God says in the Bible to give tithe of everything you receive if you want to be prosperous and economically successful. Tithe is a tenth of all income.

Not yielding to this commandment brings you under economic hardship, poverty and curses. Read Malachi 3 / 7 to 12. Elizabeth gave a tenth of what she received from her sales to the point where she said customers bought all the clothes she was selling at her home even before the goods gets to the market. When she refused to tithe one day, she said, her goods remained intact without being purchased. Elizabeth then decided never to stop paying her tithes and offerings. That's when her prosperity began. One day, out at night, she saw a strange creature lurking in the dark; she shouted "Jesus" and it disappeared. Like Elizabeth, Lawrence also was delivered, he saw demons appeared in the room where he slept, either in the form of an old man or as a dwarf or as a giant, and before which he was unable to flee or react; and he Shouted out aloud: "Jesus" and was delieverd.
Like the deliverance of Boua E. who behaved like a mentally ill person, like a fool, and who would masturbate constantly, peeping on naked women in thatched bathroom in villages, after seeing a demon in the form of a naked woman having long hair who was sitting in the bush where he had gone to fetch firewood, he cried and fell. Since that day, he was mentally ill, and walked from village to village, from city to city. And he was finally delivered by Jesus Christ in a Church.

Pakistani Muslim woman Delivered from paralysis through Jesus Christ and was converted from Islam by Jesus Christ.

A Pakistani Muslim woman has been paralyzed since childhood and moved about in a wheelchair. She kept reading the Koran, the Muslim holy book, which also speaks of Jesus but with some negative concept about Jesus. However, in this Koran, it recognizes that Jesus Christ of the Bible and of the Christians healed the sick, delivered the lame, gave sight to the blind, made the dumb speak, raised the dead etc..

She knew that Christians still believe in Jesus Christ as son of God and the only Saviour whom God gave to mankind, and that one must believe in Him to be saved, healed, delivered, and to have eternal life. And that Jesus heals, delivers and saves men from all dangers and problems when they ask him to. The Pakistani woman, knowing very well the difference between the Bible and the Koran, also knew that Jesus Christ whom the Christians spoke about and he is still performing these miracles through the Christians in evangelical churches and everywhere, in evangelistic crusades. While on her wheelchair, this woman decided to talk to Jesus Christ as the Christians do with respect to this paralysis. She says "Jesus Christ, I pray, heal me. . ."

Suddenly, she saw as in a vision a man who stopped a few paces from her stretching forth his hand in a gesture of invitation. She got up, forgetting that she was paralyzed and she walked towards the man. As she was about to grasp the hand, the man disappeared, and this woman continued to walk up till this day. Being now a Christian leaving Islam, she wrote a book which is widely known around the world entitled: " Dieu était si loin" meaning in English; "God was so far". Thus many sceptics, Buddhists, sorcerers, witch doctors, occultists, mystics, philosophers, were healed and delivered and all those who believe not in the God of the Bible.


did not believe in God, let alone in Jesus Christ, but only in his fetishes, mysticism and occultism which he practiced at on a higher level. He even married a water spirit; an occult woman, a demon who lived in his house secretly, hoping that she is making him rich or solving his problems. One day, two Pentecostal Christians, going past his house, came to his home to preach the word of God to him. Mr Zokou told them that he did not believe in their God, and he praised his fetish, mystic and occult powers. After discussion, one of the Christians said: "if you want to know that Jesus Christ is actually stronger than your fetishes and other powers, stand before your fetishes tonight and say:" Jesus, if you are stronger my fetishes, proves it to me and I will follow you. "Mr Zokou accepted.

At night, he stood before his fetishes and prayed" Jesus, if you're stronger than my fetish show it to me and I will follow. At a certain hour of the night while he slept, he awoke. He felt something on his nose. He took it off and saw it was a broken eggshell. He got up and looked down and saw all his fetishes destroyed, mask broken, broken eggs. Caught in panic, he knelt and asked Jesus to forgive all his sins and decided to belong to Him, meaning to convert. The occult woman disappeared immediately, and his wife who had left him without reason because this demon could not live with her, returned. Note that in signing pact with the devil, the occultist who gave him the occult strange woman said to him: "We will carry out a ceremony and we will be transported to a place. You'll see a white woman and a black woman, black one is wearing a snake around her neck, if you choose her, you'll have her as a wife because she is jealous, she can not live with another woman, therefore you are not to get married physically.

As for the white woman, if you take her, she will live with you, but your real wife will remain at home. Note that Zokou had married his real wife in the presence of the Head of State, Chairing the Republic then. Taken to that occult location, Zokou chose the white woman. But on getting home, she found the black woman who had the snake around her neck in the room he had built for her on the recommendation of the occultist, and it is from her he hoped to get wealth. His real physical wife, without any problem, took her bags and left the house until the day Zokou prayed to Jesus, and his masks and fetishes were broken and the demonic spirit wife who would destroy him soon disappeared. He was thus delivered by Jesus. To learn about these things read our book: Secrets of the Occult and others.


Lazarus narrated: "I lived a life of sexual debauchery. After several gonorrhoeas, I was diagnosed with AIDS according to the medical doctor's report. Every medicine I used, be it traditional or pharmaceutical, did not have no positive effect on me. At one point, my eyes were almost pumping out from their sockets because I was so thin. And there were spots on my skin, my hair was fallen off, parts of my body began to rot. I had very strong pain in my head as if a spike was pierced in the head.

I was very cold and at the same time I was sweating. My teeth were yellow. At a particular point, everything I ate both came out through diarrhoea and vomiting. In the room where I was at my parents' place, everyone had abandoned me. After the visit of the last traditional occult medicine man that my mother brought to me and who carried out his cure procedures on me, I became more skeletal. I could not stand on my legs. I had only my eyes to weep and wait for death. But suddenly, I remembered an old Bible lying in this room. I crawled towards it. I took it, opened it and came across this phrase in which Jesus says: " What is impossible with men is possible with God" Luke 18 / 27. I reread it several times and through to the depths of my heart, then I said: "Lord Jesus, if this sentence is true, heal me." After this sentence, I heard like three trumpet blasts and a fire through my body. Suddenly, I stood on my feet and I saw all my limbs trembled. I panicked and shouted: "they want to kill me!".

The fire stopped, I stopped shaking, and I realized that I had regained my strength. My limbs and my body had found life. I left the room running and I found my cousin outside and I said: "Jesus Christ had healed me." It was unbelievable and yet true. What is impossible with men is actually possible with God. I was really healed. I went for my test on HIV AIDS and the doctor said that I am no longer carrying the AIDS virus. Jesus heals AIDS. Let those who believe come if they have AIDS, those who would not escape are those who live in unbelief and sin, and who follow the doctrines of demons, false beliefs and religions and different philosophies.


Okou Djédjé reports: "One day while I was in a conference, I received a man of about 40 years old, very thin and could hardly stand on his feet. He sat on a chair somewhere. The shirt he was wearing was dirty. He told us that he had fallen on the street when he was walking and a man lifted him up and told him to go to "La Salle des fete" in English called "The hall of feasts" in Yopougon New Quarters (a quarter in Abidjan, Ivory coast) where a pastor was operating healings and deliverances.

At the end of the conference, I went to the man and found that AIDS virus had eaten him up from his head to feet with all these symptoms. In addition to diarrhoea which was permanent. He only went up and down from the hall to the toilet room throughout the conference. I laid hands on him while he cried and I prayed to God in the name of Jesus Christ to heal him. And I told the crowd: "all those who have HIV and AIDS who could fast for three days without food or drink day and night, I will pray for them provided they are sincere to have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, they will be healed in the name of Jesus Christ." In-fact, Jesus said that there are demons that would only come out by fasting and prayer in His name, and thus there are diseases that do not heal except by fasting and prayer in conversion to Jesus Christ, hence the role of fasting and prayer for healing of any stubborn disease is necessary.

Every difficult situation or serious cases need fasting and intense prayer in Jesus' name. At the end of my speech, this man said to everyone that he would fast and he was going to be there every day and he would obey all the Word of Jesus Christ. On the third day of his fast, I approached the man and said: "Father, I beg you to forgive all sins of this man and heal in the name of Jesus Christ." And I said: "You AIDS virus, in the name of Jesus Christ, you are destroyed. Let the fire of God go through this man and consume all of the AIDS virus in the name of Jesus Christ!." And I say to this man "go, you're healed of AIDS in the name of Jesus." The man left and returned within 2 weeks. At the end of the conference of that day which I preached every day, a man rose from his seat and went where I was without me noticing him. And he said: "I want to testify."
I wanted to tell him that we had no more time, but he was already close to me. So, not knowing what it was and not wanting to frustrate him seeing he was well advanced moving in front of all, I handed him the microphone and took my seat in the meeting wondering what such a man wanted. He began by saying: "Do you recognize me? It was I who had AIDS virus and was sitting in the corner there and weeping. I just came to tell you that Jesus Christ has healed me, and also to tell you that if you sincerely accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and if you sincerely ask him for something and does not doubt in your heart, he will surely do it". I approached the man and I recognized that he was the man who have had AIDS a week and half ago. Even his hair had grown; the spotted skin was quite restored, improved. This man was already big and strong for so little time. The crowd cheered, praised Jesus and cried for joy. Jesus is really the strongest. Thus was also the deliverance of Serge who testified on the radio, also the man from Marcory( a district of Abidjan in ivory coast) who testified on the radio, the Cameroonian, including Aminata, the young man from Bonoua, the man from Agboville, also another who wanted to become a pastor, all these people and others were healed of AIDS by Jesus Christ through our hands and the hands of other men of God, and you could meet with them and they continue to testify. Some were healed instantly, others by fasting several times. Jesus makes the blind to see, makes the lame walk, who raises the dead and is still doing other miracles today said: "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth." Matthew 28/18. He has the power to destroy the AIDS virus. Let all those who have AIDS or suffering from any disease come for deliverance by accepting Jesus Christ.

The supreme power of Jesus Christ over scientific knowledge of men, of medicine and others.

Véronique: healed of serious ulcer, and delivered from unbelief through Jesus Christ.

Véronique does not believe in the God whom the Christians are talking about. Being a Student, she also belonged to a group of mystics, and she was suffering from an incurable ulcer. When she was asked to accept Jesus Christ, she went on challenging the questions about the Christian way of believing in God, and of seeing God. She suffered from an ulcer that kept her from eating spicy foods.

But she was now at a stage where any food she put in her mouth was unbearable by her stomach. She suffered so much and she knew that soon she would not be able to eat more, and this continued despite medical cures and others. Before her questioning of the gospel in favour of mystical doctrines which she believed is superior and could not heal her, one day a Christian practical told her: "Jesus Christ can heal you from any disease if you accepted Him as Saviour and allow Christians to pray for you.

There is a prayer vigil where there will be healing tonight". Once more, she said: "If that's it, I will accept, and I'll be at the vigil." That same evening, she went to the crusade. After the sermon, the pastor asked all those who want to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour to stand up for prayers. She did. He then asked that those wishing to receive healing should lay their hands where they are having pains and ask Jesus Christ to heal them, then accept him as their saviour, and then repent of their sins with sincerity. After this, the pastor prayed for them, and said: "Believe that you are healed." In fact, Jesus said: "whatsoever thou shall ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours ...." The next day, she bought a spicy meal which she ate. She had no problem with it. The following day she repeated the same. Then she shouted: "Jesus has healed me, I am healed ...." What is impossible with men is possible with God.



Since my conversion, after several years of atheism, I wanted to be healed from a pain I had suffered for at least 14 years continuously. Then I went to an Evangelical Crusade where I was invited. I saw the lame walk, the blind see and other miracles taking place. They prayed for me. But to say the truth, I was not healed. But I wanted to be healed really, quickly and completely like the lame that I saw walking, the blind who saw and whose parents rejoiced. I came home, and reading the Bible, I read that one day, the disciples of Jesus who did many miracles could not healed a lunatic child. And when they asked Jesus why they could not deliver this child, Jesus replied: "this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer." Then I said, the kind of pain in my shoulder blade can only go out by fasting and prayer to God in the name of Jesus or directly to Jesus Christ.

But to start with, I knew that before all, I have to abandon all sins. I then fasted for three days without eating or drinking and I was prayed for, but I was not healed. I told myself: "Jesus fasted for forty days, then the maximum is forty, so I have only done three days out of forty days, So in the next two weeks, I have to carry out a 5 days fast without food or water, that is what I did and I felt better. I was quite cured, but I still felt a slight pain, but I wanted to feel completely healed. then I told myself: " I'm going to do fourteen days of fasting with the first 3 days without eating or drinking, day and night and other days by drinking only water but without food day and night; and if I am not healed, I will return to zero and I will do twenty-one days of fasting, beginning with the first three days dry without food or water. And if I am not healed, I'll carry out a thirty days fast after the same manner, and if I'm still not healed, I will do forty days. If I am not cured after forty days, then I could only jeopardize these words of Jesus that says "there are demons that can only come out by fasting and prayer." After five days of dry fasting, I did two weeks later and I made the fourteen days of fasting as I have said. When I did it, I was completely cured. I found no need to continue.

J.B: The Importance of prayer periods (time) in certain cases

JB narrates : For several years, I prayed and I was prayed for without obtaining healing, while multitudes of other sick folks were healed before me. One day, someone told me to persevere in prayer if I had given up all sins. I did not take this advice seriously, thinking I had done everything. I thought that this disease was not in the area of divine healing from God but a medical issue. When I was not yet converted to Jesus, I had already tried all with medical doctors and then with every known fetishes or renowned fetish healers but I was not cured. I was sweating profusely and had severe burns and horrible tingling in my body. A kind of bewitchment. I had to always be close to the fan or be under the tap for cold water so as to reduce my suffering. I went out only when there is more sunshine and I wore shorts and light clothes only. One day, I water fasted for 21 days, drinking alone, but I was not healed. But an idea came to me after this fast. I had the idea one morning to pray from 7AM to 5pm non-stop, asking Jesus to deliver me, and driving out the demons in the name of Jesus and repenting of my sins. For he that lives in any sin and yet seeking for deliverance can not be healed…

I said to myself: "today, I will pray from 7 am to 17h without stopping." This is what I did in my room without going outside, and alone. Towards 4pm, I said: "Lord Jesus, heal me and make me what you want me to be." Instantly, something came out of me, and I was immediately delivered and healed of this long standing illness which had defied all." Indeed, there are cases that you must pray until demons come out and stopping half way. J.B could have been healed several years back if he had done the right thing. Indeed, one days, Jesus prayed all night depending on the subject, although in some cases, he did not pray and only said a word to make miracles. Throughout the night periods, there are at least 10 hours of time. Pray at least 1 hour per day non-stop if you have a serious problem, and casting out the demons aloud in the name of Jesus Christ. And do better instead of being lazy. Meet a good pastor of an evangelical church, so they could lay hands on you and pray for you in the name of Jesus. This applies to all matters, including issues of marriage.



After several years of conversion without marriage, and having been deceived by many false prophets who claimed to be men of God, and several alleged false prophecies claiming to be from God for the people, such as: "God told me that this year you will marry . Yet this never came to pass. This girl tired of depending on others, decided to speak directly to God in the name of Jesus Christ. While waiting for a sure answer, she had prayed as expected, but in a more decisive and continuous way until miracle happens at the same period.

Only one thing was in her mouth: "Lord Jesus, give me a husband, Lord Jesus, give me a husband, I beg you give me a husband, forgive me all my sins, grant me your grace, I want a husband, etc.", and was waiting for the answers and a miracle knowing that she is in order as concerning biblical ethics and precepts. On the 9th day, a man of the church, a well responsible and real born again police man, and with whom she had never talked with, came to her one church service day and demanded engagement from her and awaits her response. The Answer which she gave to this man as Rebecca did in the Bible, because she knew it came from God. This did not stop her from asking me to pray for her, so that this man does not change view to follow other girls that came around him and even parents where proposing their daughters to him, because of his social position and his Christian life.



Okou Djédjé reports: "One day, I met Kouadio, right in Abidjan Plateau. Seeing him, I noticed he was in an un-repairable state. This young man looked like a peasant in total poverty. I saluted him and asked what happened to him. He replied to me that he does nothing and does not go school anymore. He said he had failed three times the secondary school leaving certificate exams and resigned to never take the examination again because of the poverty of his parents and repeated failures. He lived in a shantytown in Abidjan ( A city of Ivory coast), a camp near Abidjan, where he does farming, planting cassava which earned him just what he needed to pay the rent for his room which is about 10 USA DOLLARS per month.
I told him: "you just have to accept Jesus Christ and re sit for the school leaving certificate exam again and all shall be well." Hearing me talking about Jesus Christ, he was surprised because he knew me as someone with unbelief, an atheist, denying the existence of God, as a professor of philosophy and psychology. So I took him to a restaurant, not far from where I had met him, to better explain and narrate to him the testimony of my conversion to Jesus Christ, and my healing from a sickness which medical doctors and many famous occult healers had failed for many years. This same Jesus who healed the sick, delivered the weak, can also deliver those with failure, lack of success, professional, economic and marital obstacles, and this Jesus can as well bring you out from unemployment and from every other problems provided one accepts Him as Saviour and be truly born again obeying all His words in the bible and abandoning all sins, Kouadio accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He got all his documents ready and went to deposit them even though the year was far advanced.

He sat for the Exams as a science student and this time he passed it. He sat for CAFOP ( A teachers training college) and he was retained, and Kouadio began to work after his training. Afterwards, he enrolled at the university in accordance with his profession and he obtained a certicate to be Inspector of Primary Education."


Okou Djédjé reports: "Here is a young man with a diploma and MASTERS in modern literature at the University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, who remained for three years without a job or any success in any of the public services or other. Not even one opportunity to have a student to teach at home so that he could earn about 20 to 25 USA Dollars per month to buy a transport bus card. He had never been able to obtain any job despite his efforts, and he remained in this situation for three years of unemployment and total blockage in the area of professional job. He lived with a cousin and slept in his living room in Abobo (a shanty district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast).

To have a cent in his pocket is a miracle to him. One day in his walk, he was resting in front of the National Library of Abidjan Plateau. Then he saw people who entered the conference room of the library. He had the idea to go too, to know what was happening. In this room, I was holding a conference on these subjects titled: "The evidences of God's existence", "knowledge of the truth", "about the world from the beginning to the end according to God and evidences of the truth of biblical writings", "the solutions to the problems of the world and of men", "the political future of the world according to God", "reality after death", "heaven and hell or hell fire and evidence of these reality", and "true salvation of man". Kouassi having realized that it was a thing about God and was not interested at first, because he said he had been in a church for 3 years and have had nothing.

But after having heard the testimonies of sorcerers, witch doctors, occultists, mystics and magicians, astrologers and others who claimed to be so powerful delivered by Jesus Christ in evangelical churches, just as Jesus Christ did in the Bible and as well as the testimonies of miraculous healings and deliverances, Kouassi was somewhat attentive. At the end he approached me and I gave him an appointment at my home where he could see me the next day. He explained his problem. After having observed it, I asked him: "Have you once seen something strange in your life?". He thought and said yes. And I said, "Narrate it >>.

And he said this: "One day at the village, my elder brother told me to accompany him to hunt for animals. When he told me I did not want to go, but I agreed so as to please him. Along the way, I still did not want to go. My mind was telling me not to go, but I wanted to please him. Getting to a place, we got lost on the road. I found this very odd because we knew this path very well. After a long search, I finally found the path. So I saw a big tree on which there were monkeys. I handed the gun to my older brother even when I knew how to shoot better than him, and according to our hunting skills, I went behind the tree to prevent the monkeys from fleeing, this is to allow my brother to shoot at them. As soon as I found myself behind the tree, I saw an anthill and a gazelle near the anthill. So I whistled for my elder brother to bring to me the gun so that I could shoot at the animal. When I whistled, I heard a whistle responding behind the termite mound but I did not see my elder brother coming.

And the gazelle approached me. I continued to whistle and each time there is a responding whistle always behind the anthill but still I did not see my elder brother come. The gazelle was still coming towards me and when it arrived at my feet, I raised the machete to strike. Then the gazelle turned into my elder brother who crawled to my feet like a snake. He crawled for a while and he got up. I asked him: "what is happening"? And my elder brother told me: "there is nothing." Kouassi I asked: "Did you tell this to your parents? He said he told this to his father and mother, but the elder brother denied all completely. I asked Kouassi: "What is the educational level of your elder brother". He said the brother has primary 2 level. I told him: "I can now understand, he had told himself that if he cannot succeed, it is you that will be successful" and I said: " Your brother had showed you that it is him who controls you" . Here is what you'll do: you'll have to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, a perfect conversion, and I'll carry out your deliverance and you'll sit for all the examinations and entrances of your choice and you carry out every step about obtaining employment as we have taught, and you'll see the difference. Kouassi agreed and he Even did a 3 days fasting voluntarily without eating or drinking from the day of his conversion and we prayed for him for his complete deliverance. We were at the time when General Robert Guei (a military officer)plotted a coup in Cote d'Ivoire. Guei launched a Scholarship programme, Kouassi enrolled and he was one of the few scholars who won.

Kouassi then sat for exam entrance into the ENS (A higher studies programme for university students in Ivory Coast), in a section called CAPES, he passed it. After training he was assigned as a high school teacher in Issia (a town of Ivory Coast). With the conferences that we held on employment and business according to God's principles in the Bible, Kouassi created plantations alongside his government job, and became according to him the largest emerging farmer of all time in his village, to the point where an old man of the village said to him: "This year it's you who will feed us." This shows how, with Jesus Christ, we can progress from the one who had nothing to eat to the one who is feeding others."


A girl of Muslim origin, with BTS (SUPERIOR PROFESSIONAL HIGH SCHOOL QUALIFICATION) for three years without the opportunity of having a job or even an internship, we met. We gave her books to read on every subject we have written, including how to obtain a job without difficulties, and we asked her to accept Jesus Christ as her Saviour and He will give her a job. This girl got converted to Jesus Christ and voluntarily fasted for 3 days without food or water for her deliverance and for answers to her problem, and this time, she deposited again her applications letters on the inspiration of God and she obtained an employment in a big company with a salary of about 500 USA Dollars per month to start with. Such was the case of all those who obtained employment in accordance their training once they came to Jesus Christ in an exemplary manner.

Prosperity through paying of tithes and offerings


After my studies in Europe, I looked for a job related to the training that I received by depositing my applications. I obtained a job in a company and they offered me a salary of about 40 USA dollars, which was extremely ridiculous. But I had no other offers. So I accepted. I also knew that I am a child of God, and that for things to change, I must obey the word of God, including paying tithes and offerings according to Malachi chapter 3, verses 7 to 12, for financial blessings. Tithing is the 1 / 10 of income, wages and even of gifts received. The tithe of my salary of twenty-two thousand francs was two thousand two hundred francs. This was what I paid in my evangelical church each month and including offerings. A few months later my salary went to about 90 USA Dollars and began to give four thousand francs CFA per month, without counting the offerings. Some time later, my salary went to about 120 USA Dollars and I gave a tithe of six thousand francs a month, my salary then progressed up to one about 350 USA Dollars, which at that time, in the year 1970, it was the salary of a senior civil servant. So I was paying my tithes regularly then. At that time, my boss gave me a service car; he called me and asked me to accompany him to a place of sales of furniture. Getting to this place, he told me to choose 2 complete sitting room furniture of my taste. This was what I did. This is what you must do so that God can raise your salary or grant you economic benefits


When I got converted by coming out from philosophical atheism and unbelief which cannot be compared with the miraculous healings and experiences that God gives, I immediately read the entire New Testament of the Bible to know what healing, deliverance and miracle are all about, which is being done in the name of Jesus Christ for all those who believe in Jesus. But one day, I opened the Bible and I came across a passage where God says: << Even from the days of your fathers, you are gone away from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return to me and I will return to you says the Lord God of host. But you said, wherein shall we return? Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me. But you say, wherein have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse; for you have robbed me even this whole nation. Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now here with, says the Lord of host, if I will not open to you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, says the Lord of host. >> "Malachi 3 / 7 to 12. I remembered at the same time that I had 2000 US Dollars in an account somewhere before I read this passage, and also that I had to tithe, that is 1 / 10 to God in the church.

As I had decided never to sin and decided to obey every word of God so that I could be answered, healed, delivered and have eternal life, I said to myself "no problem"; but I told myself that every sum I shall withdraw from this account, I will give tithes. For example, If I withdraw 20 Us dollars, I will give one tenth of it,no matter the amount so that God would give me more and that the opposite is a sin, and it leads to ruin and curse, and to stagnancy in businesses or employments. But the Holy Spirit told me to give at once all the tithe of the whole sum, which is one tenth of the 2000 US Dollars that I had. What seemed at the beginning of my conversion a very heavy blow, but bearable by fractions. So I hesitated, but I could not find peace of mind.
So I told myself that to give the tithe of the whole sum at once and of all I am going to earn is too much. It was one night. The next day, I went to the bank, I took the 200 US Dollars tithe and I brought it to the church and gave it to be forwarded to the Senior Pastor. I had just opened a facility where I hardly had just five to eleven students enrolled per day. The next day, I had thirty students registered the same day. And I set aside the tithe to give to God. The next day, I had enrolled forty. I did the same thing, the following day; there were eighty that enrolled in a single day. I gave the tithe still, and the day after I had a hundred and three students enrolled in a single day, so on and each day the registration increased, until I found myself with 2004 students recorded for 1,500 seats available for thirty classes. I told the five hundred and four students extra that I would like to return their fees so they could go and register elsewhere, they refused and asked me to buy tables - additional benches and put them in classes.

So I did as they said. There were 14 classes for final year students, five classes for secondary school class 3, and the other classes were full, and more students continued to apply to register. I began to think of decentralizing the school and look for additional premises, which I did. One thing is that you must not stop tithing if you want to live in abundance, and even receive promotions, ideas and creative gifts. Doing Otherwise impoverishes you even if God loves you. I now give tithes of 600 US to more than 2000 US DOLLARS per month according to inflow, after that, with about 60 USA Dollars and from an intelligent method and wisdom that God gives, I created almost 10 Computer Centres (cyber café), which gives me an average of about 600 USA dollars a day. And God inspired me in other things,and the incomes I used to support the work of God for the salvation of souls.

A girl who gave everything without restraint and with a good heart and her blessing

A girl who one day received a sum of money, gave all that she had received, according to the promise made to God without constraint, without someone telling her to do it even when she had nothing else. She met in the months that followed a man who made a promise of engagement to her and even demanded marriage. When God wants to bring you out of a problem, He may inspire you to do something. So, you should learn to do the right thing.

A Woman who got released by the gift she gave

A woman who is not our church member brought to us 600 US DOLLARS one day as a contribution to the work of God and for the launching of our churches in the different quarters of Abidjan (ivory coast), on media expenses and renting of halls, and although we did not ask her to do it, this woman, in the same week got a business of thirteen million francs CFA.

The young man who regretted for having given

A young man at the time of offering gave the sum of About ONE USA Dollar and had only his transport fare to return home. He later regretted bitterly for having done so, believing he had lost or made a mistake. But the same evening at home, his older sister who usually doesn't speak with him gave to him 10 dollars for no apparent reason. The next day, his uncle who was visiting the house gave him 20 dollars, a sum that was very unusual to him. He went to church on Sunday and gave this testimony. Jesus told us to fear nothing. And also not to give a weak offering to God, but rather what has value.


Raphael narrates: "When I was in 3rd grade, I learned from a saleswoman who sells Alloco (a local fried plantain) in front of a high School of Yopougon (a town in Ivory Coast) that with banana chips which you can begin with less than about 60 USA dollars," she said she earned 20 US dollars as profit daily. I concluded that this mean about 600 US dollars a month. A salary that a medical doctor or an engineer of the public service could not earn, despite their more than five to seven years of studies at the university. And I said if this woman could takes cousins from the village or house maids, and place them in front of every school in the same capacity of sales she was making in front of a high School in Yopougon, instead of 20 US dollars earnings per day, if she places them in front of ten schools, and if she earned the same thing as at the school at Yopougon, she will have a hundred thousand francs profit per day, making 600 dollars a month.

Years later, I was now at the University, and I knew that professors with a position called chair professor at the university, a position that I planned to reach in my final year, they had about 1,200 USA dollars monthly as salary after fifteen to twenty years of teaching at the university, and that is if these proffessors are well assessed by the CAMES ( an educational institution in Ivory coast), it is not immediately, and besides, this fact is rare. They usually begin with about 500 dollars as Assistant and after three years they become assistant lecturer( a kind of educational level in Africa) with about 700 US DOLLARS if properly assessed, and after eight years he becomes senior lecturer and if he is always well assessed, he will earn nearly 1000 USA DOLLARS, and finally after several years again, for at least three years of good grades and assessment, he can become a full professor with about 1,200 dollars towards his 20th year of teaching and not immediately.

But generally, most of them end up as Assistant lecturer in thirty years of service with about 600 dollars and go into retirement. At the same time, I learned that a cassava grinder installed in one place would earned 40 USA DOLLARS per day, which is 1,200 USA DOLLARS per month, i.e. equivalent to the salary of a chair professor at the university who had been teaching for fifteen to thirty years and whose written records were highly rated, and not immediately. and I could already as a student install this cassava grinder machine which cost about 800 USA DOLLARS and I could have that amount per month, provided that my grinder is well located. Also I could with the first revenues install two grinders and I would have 2,400 US DOLLARS monthly which was almost the salary of a minister at that time. MPs used to earn 800 DOLLARS per month, and ten grinders would give 12,000 dollars per month, while the salary of Public Service personnel could never get to these levels, even when you divide these into ten parts. I concluded that there is a difference between being employed and being rich in business.

To be an employee is what one does after training, to be rich or prosperous comes from the businesses you have created in a profitable sector. This shows the importance of the enterprise. Hence the divine admonition to undertake entrepreneurship. When I was creating my first institution, to have enough students, I would bring down the price, and I carried out an advertisement that is more powerful than all my competitors, by adding services and benefits not found in theirs, and I did not stop advertising from the beginning to the end of academic year, and giving the tithe of all that came each day by financing evangelization materials and equipments and media, spreading testimonies from evangelization everywhere and massively inviting souls to the church; by living only for the gospel and the salvation of souls, practicing hospitality, and good towards all and especially to pastors and souls, by creating a newspaper of global evangelization from my first year of conversion, giving my testimony of conversion and evangelising everywhere, in schools, in universities, in prisons, in public places in each district, in the towns around, and this I did continuously from the first day of my conversion to date in creating new businesses for my own life and to finance the halls for preaching, for several announcements on television, radio, posters, prospectuses, the newspaper and other materials needed, and waiting for the souls who got converted in turn give their time providing support to the work of world evangelization. That is the purpose of the work.


What could be simpler when a Christian woman had the idea to make dèguè (a local kind of yogurt milk and millet), and sell it. From the beginning, she was already selling 100 bottles at 2 dollars per bottle a day. And 100 bottles would give at least 200 US DOLLARS per day, which gives 6000 US dOLLARS per month. With this revenue, this woman had sent her younger brothers to the United States. Another Christian woman who was deeply involved in the work of God in her gifts, tithes and offerings sold 300 to 400 bottles for about 3 dollars per bottle in all municipalities, which earned her about 800 USA DOLLARS a day, so in 10 days it is 8,000 USA DOLLARS, and within a month she was making 24,000 USA DOLLARS. With great benefits. Like another who is selling cakes at the Municipal college at Yopougon (a quarter of Ivory Coast), according to what people say, she is earning 24 DOLLARS approximately as profit per day and she uses half a bag of flour per day. And 24 USA DOLLARS per day gives about 700 dollars monthly with which she provides the secondary school fees of her children that she showed to me. She only needed to place before each institution a house maid or a cousin, if this same business is placed before 10 establishments, and if her income is the same in all the locations, she would have 300 DOLLARS per day, making 7000 dollars monthly.

A young student met us and told us he wanted to sell frozen meat but he did not have enough money and we told him: "starts with what you have", we met about 8 months later to tell us that he now sells 500 cartons of frozen meat per day at approximately ONE DOLLAR as income per carton. He bought a carton at 9 US DOLLARS and sells at 10 dollars. Therefore, the 500 cartons bring in 500 dollars profit a day, which means 15,000 per month in one market. This is what he can do in all other domain of businesses that exist in Abidjan, in the villages and in the world at large, this is not with love of money but to support the work of God in tithes and offerings for salvation of souls, including helping others and giving them jobs. A woman who sells diverse foods and fruit juices said she sells about 300 dollars daily in the front of a college at Treichville (a quarter of Abidjan), and she made profit of approximately 80 US DOLLARS daily. There are methods of creating businesses from scratch which I would reveal to people who are already converted to Jesus Christ. God can also give each person great inspirations on this matter if that person is useful to him through conversion and committed to evangelism.


Célestin freed from the threat of imprisonment

Célestin was to be put in jail the next day, having embezzled a large sum of money by deceiving a person. A complaint was laid against him by the victim. On the eve of his appearance before the Commissioner of Police, Célestin was very worried; he was gripped by anxiety and despair. A Christian came to his home and said to him: "Instead of being worried, you should pray by speaking directly to Jesus Christ telling him to ensure that you do not go to jail, and that he should save you from this situation. He will do it if you believe and ask him." In other words, it is a matter of replacing the concerns, doubts, anxieties and others with prayers made directly to Jesus Christ. For once, Célestin who previously did not believe in God, knelt in his room and spoke sincerely to Christ Jesus begging him to save him from imprisonment, and promised he would not repeat again such abuse of trust. He asked God to bring the complainant to withdraw his complaint. The next morning, before going to the police, he prayed again. Standing before the Commissioner, he said to the commissioner: "Mr. Commissioner, I beg you to tell the complainant to withdraw his complaint." At the same time the complainant who was fiery and hard, against all expectations suddenly said quietly: "Mr. Commissioner, let him go, he will pay later." The Commissioner was surprised by this change of situation and asked Célestin: "Who is your fetish priest"? Celestine replied: "I don't have any. But it is Jesus." And he was released. He said: "Since that day I knew that God exists."


John Francis, already a Christian, was very hungry and was sleeping at noon in his room. To Lie down and doing nothing does not solve any problem. One day, unable to bear it he said: "Lord Jesus I am hungry, I'm hungry ...." few moments later, someone knocked at his door. He nervously replied: "Who is it"? The nearby neighbour replied: "It's me." He said: "Come in"! She came in with a dish well stocked with food, Jean Francois's prayer was granted. This means that God hears the prayers that are addressed to him in the name of Jesus. And as you pray, He touches the heart of people and gives idea to all those he has chosen to help you and he directs them to you. Your prayers create an atmosphere for God to answer you, so that you can obtain what you ask or seeking for. So do not keep quiet, but speak to God in the name of Jesus, or just talk to Jesus, repenting from all your sins. And Jesus said: "Pray without ceasing".


Aime had no money to pay his rent. The owner was coming soon. Not knowing what to do to get this money, he then fasted as God demands when it comes to serious cases. And he said to Jesus: "Lord Jesus, remember me and save me ..." and he asked Jesus for all he needed. Shortly afterwards, he conceived the idea to take a walk around plateau (the commercial heart of Abidjan in Ivory Coast). On the road he met a former classmate who rejoiced to see him. In their conversation, this friend said to him: "I have 500 dollars, I will give it to you so that you could keep them or do whatever you wish to do with it and then you could pay me when you can." His house rent was about 60 dollars a month. Aime knew that day that God knows those who belong to him and hears their prayers and solves their problems using whom He wills.


Laurence had nothing to eat that day. In the yard where she was, every one was fending for themselves alone for food. Faced with this shortage, she said to Jesus: "Lord Jesus, do something, so that someone can give me the means of livelihood today." The day was far gone. From time to time, she would return to her prayers. At a certain hour of the day, a cousin came to the yard, and before leaving he gave her 10 dollars. He did not know he was doing God's will, and was sent by God to this sister. By asking Jesus, you could also do whatever comes into your mind, by praying to know who you wish to ask, to borrow from, etc., but all actions should be carried out after prayer and praying incessantly . Jesus said "ask and you will be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened, because to him that asketh it shall be given, he who seeks finds, and to him that knocketh is shall be opened." Matthew 7 / 7. If you are in good standing with the word of God, you will always succeed. Absolutely.


Okou Djédjé narrates: "While I was still a young Christian, Robert, who was my pastor, had a problem that I really ignored, but I saw him in a dream. He was sitting on the floor, on the ground and everyone went passed him. I reached there and I went passed him a few steps and stopped. I said to myself: "this man has problems." The next day, I went to the bank and I withdrew about 3,000 USA dollars which I brought to him. It was 1 pm when I found him in his office and I told him: "Pastor, I have brought 3000 dollars to you". I put the money in a khaki envelope. He took it and he said to me: "I'll pray for you." He called one of his assistants and both of them laid hands on me asking God to bless me and use me all over the world for his gospel. I learned later that this was a man who had supplied equipment on credit for the church and the church which was in financial difficulties had delayed the return of the money for a while and the man became furious and was due to arrive at 3 pm, that day was his last date, and the pastor did not have the money to pay back to this man and then I arrived at 1 pm, there I gave it to him ".


Okou Djédjé relates: "When I was still a new Christian, Jeremiah, a good evangelical Christian, owed 1000 dollars rent and had not the means to pay back. He hoped that his bank would give him credit, but the bank refused. It was the last day of the deadline given by the company that gave him the house on rent and would put him out if he did not pay that day. For it was the rule. Jeremiah had prayed, fasted, searched, solicited his bank, but he had nothing. And it was the last day. It was 7 pm, and he went somewhere, I too, and we met. I told him: "Jérémie, good evening," He replied, and we passed each other, I took a few steps and I stopped and turned around and told him: "Jeremiah, if you have a money problem, try and see me, I can lend you one million francs, and you could pay back to me as you can." Jeremiah, surprised, was silent for a moment and asked me, "what time will you be at home"? I told him: "At 8 pm". He went to his home and told his wife: "God has spoken to Djedje". He came to see me and he received the 1000 dollars he needed. If Jérémie had asked Jesus to show him who he was to see, God would have already directed him, and would have avoid unnecessary undertakings to certain areas. For God also wants you to ask him for things so as to avoid wrong choices and wrong deals, or to know what to do. Read Daniel Chapter 2, Genesis 41, 2 Chronicles 20 etc...


A woman returning from church on foot, after the evening worship service, at about 10 pm. After the bridge of Yopougon leading to Andokoi, three robbers surrounded her and led her into a dark corner. And they said to her: "Undress yourself!" She did not listen to them and she said to Jesus, praying aloud: "Lord Jesus, save me and show me now that you are my God." The robber repeated: "Take off your clothes instead of calling on Jesus." The woman repeated again: "Lord Jesus, save me and show me you are my God." Suddenly, a man came from behind them on the bridge a few yards away and told the thieves: "Hey, you there, what do you want from this woman"? And the three robbers fled. The strange man told the woman: "I'll accompany you." Arriving at her home, behind the CEG Yopougon (an area in Ivory Coast), the Current Modern secondary School, she said: "Here is where I live." And to thank him, she asked: "what's your name?" And this man said: "I cannot tell you my name because my name is great." She did not understand what that meant. When she turned her head to go to her place and turned immediately, this man had disappeared. Jesus had come to save her. If you are in danger, say, "Jesus save me" or invoke the name of Jesus, or talk to Jesus. You will see the miracle that you will narrate yourself as your testimony. Do not be quiet on the name of Jesus. It is written: whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Jesus shall be saved. Jesus is Lord.


A Christian girl would have been raped and killed if she had been silent and accepted fear by remaining silent instead of invoking Jesus or take authority in the name of Jesus over the demons that drove the rapists. On the overgrown bush path that she took to go home, two robbers had hidden somewhere. One of them began to undress when she suddenly said, staring at him: "Thou spirit of fornication, in the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out". Immediately the man was lifted from his feet off the ground and was thrown into the bush. And curiously enough, he began to eat grass like an animal and do strange things. His friend, seeing him do these abnormal things, was frightened and fled. The Christian girl spoke again and said: "In Jesus' name, get up and go". He got up and went running and dressing himself up on the way. Jesus said, "these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons ..." Mark 16 / 15 to 18.


A young Christian returning home very late one night, around midnight, found himself suddenly surrounded by bandits. When he found himself under this surprised attack, he closed his eyes and cried out loudly: "Jesus!" Suddenly, he said he found himself a few steps away from his house, and his memory soon gradually returned. Let all those who doubt it do the same whenever they are surrounded by robbers, thieves, attackers or enemies. They would testify about the miracle that would follow. Whosoever shall call upon the name of Jesus will be saved.


A Christian girl who has always had an endless problem since her conversion, despite her prayers, she then asked Jesus: "Lord Jesus, why do I have so many problems that persist, who is behind this"? That same evening, she had a dream where someone told her: "You want to know why you have problems? Look out through this window." She went to the window, looked and saw a woman sitting backing her. She looked at the woman who now turned her head, and this girl saw her mother. She told her mother about this and she denied all accusations from the beginning. She sent her to a church. Months later, the mother united all her children and confessed and she confessed to everyone what she had done to each in witchcraft, by cursing them failures, accidents, unemployment or other misfortunes.
N.B: Ask God for any persistent problem and its solution.


This man wanted to marry a girl and wished to know the conversion level (spiritual life) of the girl, asked God so as not to make the wrong choice in marriage by relying on physical appearances. He said: "Lord Jesus, I want to marry this girl, I brought her to the church for her to be converted but I do not know if she is sincere; Lord Jesus answer me if I can marry her and show me her life." That night, he had a dream, and he saw seven men naked bowing down to the girl and she stabbed them one after another in the back. The next day, he called the girl and said: "you have seven lovers and you have cheated them all. We are going to stop our relationship. Then this medical doctor fixed his eyes on a girl well converted in the church that God confirmed to him in a dream, where God told him: "If you want to marry my servant, then you must end all relationship with the other girl. And he replied: "If you want me to stop with the other, takes her love off my heart." Immediately, every carnal love between him and the former girl vanished, and he engaged with the well converted girl.


Eliezer had a serious problem 300.000F (about 600 USA dollars). He gave a deadline to pay this sum to his creditor. He prayed, made numerous efforts but did not get the money. He gave a new deadline, the last of all. But the deadline drew close, still no money. He decided to carry out a long fasting to seek God's intervention. A Fast for 5 days without eating or drinking day and night. On 5th day, his uncle who was a sailor came home and said I was on the sea and I wanted to make an offering to a church or a pastor, yet I am not Christian, and I do not know why. But you used to be a pastor isn't it?
Eliezer replied: "No, I am a Christian." The Uncle concludes: "Christian and pastor, it's the same thing; here is 600 US dollars.


Okou Djédjé narrates: "A man working at the World Bank, well respected in the country came to see me one evening and told me that his wife is seriously ill and that the hospitals can no longer cure her, and the prayers of many Christian pastors and have hitherto not been effective and that the woman is at home. It is now three weeks she can no longer urinate, and the doctors have fixed a tube through which her urine could come out, if the catheter is removed, she can do nothing. And he received a call from a woman who told him: "You should go and see the pastor Okou Djédjé" so he came. He told me he is already a Christian.

I told him: "if you want her to be healed, do 3 days of fasting without food or water, day and night rather than going from place to place." He said to me: "shake my hand." This is what I will do. And he said: "Pastor, my first son was sick and I took him to the hospital and at the same time fervent prayers was made for him, and one day in a dream someone told me: "you have to fast". But I had no courage to fast, and the child died. A few years later my second son fell ill, he had the same signs of illness that my wife is having presently. With the stomach distended.
And my mind told me to fast, but throughout a year that this disease lasted despite all the care I wasn't able to fast, and the child died. I will go and fast this time." I told him: "Thy wife should fast as well if she can, and the third day of fasting you come and see me so I can pray for you." He left. The third day, I was sitting in my garden when I saw a woman who came in through the gate and came up to me walking normally. I asked her: "who are you looking for"? She introduced herself as the wife of the man of the World Bank who came to see me. I asked her: "when did your healing happened?" She said: "yesterday". I told her: "how many days did you fast?" She said: "two days and as for my husband he is on the third day which is today, and he will come to see you tomorrow." The woman was completely healed.


Emmanuel Eni ex - World President of witchcraft, fetish, occult, mystic who presides over the international conference of witches held in South Africa, and was delivered by Jesus - Christ, and author of the book "Delivered from the Powers of Darkness" published by "Word of life", narrated: " A true Christian is not recognized by the fact that he carries a Bible or by the number of meetings he has attended" (note that there are false Christians and also false churches, false religions and false conceptions, and real Christians).

The true Christian is known by the spiritual light that shines continuously like a very bright candle in his heart or as a circle of light around his head or as a wall of fire all around him. When a Christian moves, we see many angels around him. One on his left and the other on the right hand side and another behind him.
Because of this, it is difficult for us to go close to him. The only way to get him is to cause the Christian to fall into sin, which opens a door through which we can enter. When a Christian is driving a car and we want to hurt him, we always see that he is never alone in the car. There is always an angel by his side. It is written: << A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come near thee >> (Psalms 91 / 7). There was a pastor full of the Holy Spirit, Whenever he knelt down to pray, he would throw confusion into the camp of the enemy, sorcerers or others. To destroy him, we sent girls to him.

This man agreed to feed them but refused to be drawn into sin. They did everything they could, but they did not succeed. Consequently, these girls were put to death because they failed. So, I then transformed into a woman. I went to see him and I used all sorts of words, I tried to seduce him, but he was adamant. This was too much for me and I decided to kill him physically. One day, the pastor went to the market at Oduekpe Street (in Nigeria). I followed him closely and when he stopped to buy some products, by the power of my will I wheeled off a trailer loaded with drums of oil and caused it rush into the market where this man was. The trailer truck went to knock down a high tension electricity pole and rolled over in the market killing many people, but the pastor escaped death. Another day I saw him walk towards the town of N'kpor (A town in Nigeria).

Again, by my will power, I directed an army truck loaded with yams passing on the road to kill him. The truck went straight into the street of a new cemetery, killing many people, but the pastor was again spared. After this second attempt, we left him. He is still alive. "It is written: "at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth" (Philippians 2 / 10). Emmanuel Eni relates the case of another pastor of a church at Ebuhe Mea in Nigeria whom he wanted to eliminate when this pastor was walking somewhere. He said: "I commanded rain to fall and the thunder to rumble. Suddenly the trees began to lose their branches. And this pastor began to sing a song that says "in name of Jesus every knee will bow."

As he continued to sing this song, the rain stopped, the thunder rumbling stopped and immediately two angels appeared one on his right and one to his left with a flaming sword in their hands. Their eyes and their swords were like flames of fire. Then a strong wind blew and carried me away... "Because of a Christian, the devil may decide to destroy many people thinking he could kill him, but he always fails. These things happened to many Christians without their knowledge. Their God has always protected and delivered them. The problem is that the devil does not give up. He always thinks he will perhaps succeed someday, but he will never succeed as long as the Christian walks in the love of God and remains in him and so long he does not get entangled in the affairs of this life. The devil can never succeed regardless of its violence and its efforts.

Only the faithless or the sinner belongs to him. Jesus said to his true disciples, the real Christians <<…nothing shall by any means hurt you>> (Luke 10:19). There was a young Christian man who loved going about testifying about his conversion and his deliverance. He did much evil in the spiritual world (witchcraft, mystical and others), because of this, I decided to go after him personally. One day, he was driving in a luxury coach to Lagos. He went to a meeting where he would give his testimony. So when the bus was travelling at high speed, I used my will power to get him off the road. That's what happened. The bus crashed against a tree. All the passengers died, with the exception of the young convert. It was really miraculous because he came out of the vehicle through the car boot and began to shout: " I am free, I am free". We wanted to prevent him from testifying, but we failed. "You're the apple of my eye" says God. There was a young Christian, he was very zealous and started distributing Gospel tracts inside the bus. When he handed me a tract I refused. Then he began to preach the gospel to me. It began to bother me, so I hit him with the ring I wore on my finger with intention to kill him. He shouted: << the blood of Jesus! ". Immediately, there was lightning, thunder and an angel appeared and a strong wind pushed me forcefully out of the bus...
(they must have noticed my disappearance from the bus).

Similarly, Elaine, a former American Satanist and regional wife of Satan whom Rebecca Brown spoke about, also met a powerful opposition when she and her witch colleagues tried destroy a Christian family. It is written that: "the angel of eternal camps around those who fear him and keep them from danger" Psalms 34/8. She said that when she and the other Satanists came near the properties of this Christian family, they could not go further. All the domain of the Christian family was surrounded by mighty angels. These angels stood dressed in white robes and were so tight against each other that their shoulders touched one another. They wore no armour and carried no weapons. Nobody could pass through them. All the arrows that the Satanist fired against them bounced back to them without any harm done to the Christian family. First, the Angels mocked the mystics saying: "Come close to us if you could and try to pass". As time goes on, the other members of the satanic sect became more and more furious. Suddenly the aspects of the angels changed, and powerful lightening projected from their eyes and threw all the satanic witches down.
Jesus Christ says: "nothing shall by any means hurt you" Luke 10:17-19.


Similar testimonies of the dead coming back to life:

Lisungi Narrates: "A few seconds after my lungs ejected the air in it, I saw myself get up and standing on my bed that my feet touched the ground. Beside me, on the other side of the bed in the hospital, I noticed someone also rising out from his bed. This person asked me if I was ready for the journey. I felt as though I was travelling, but to where? I do not know. So I responded positively. My new companion and I stepped out of our respective beds, and we proceeded to the exit in order to find a means to bring us to our unknown destination. I cast a glance at the place I had left. On the bed, I noticed an elongated shape that was dressed in my clothes. I did not recognize this form as my old body because I had another, and I was not naked but dressed. We stood at the other side of the road that passed by that place. A white car that was carrying a man who is actually an angel stopped near us, people could neither see us nor hear us or see him stopped near us and he said to us: "King Jesus sent me to get two men who were supposed to be here. My companion and I hastened to say that it was us, but he looked at us and departed. After his departure, we saw a group of people. In fact, our relatives and friends came and wept without noticing our presence outside.

They passed by us and entered the room where we just left, and they were crying around the two bodies lying on the bed where we were. Since the noise they were making were disturbing me, I approached one of them for him to explain why the uproar. I touched him and asked why these noises. But he did not even turn to look in my direction. I left him to go find another and his reaction was the same as the first. I wanted to contact a third person, when my companion intervened and told me: "Don't you see that they can neither see nor feel nor hear us?" I replied: "If they can not see or feel or hear us, it means we're dead ... My friend said this to me, "as for me, I'm alive and I will not die". (In fact Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me shall live even if he dies, and I will raise him on the last day."

The Christian knew whereof he spoke because when we die, we remember all even if things become different, the same way as the sorcerer who leaves his body and goes to distance places with his astral body and still remember who he is and where he was before leaving his body and he knows where he left his body, and would returned to his body. In death, nothing is done voluntarily, we leave the body unintentionally and we can not enter or go wherever you want, but wait to be taken to the place of torment of the devil and demons or the paradise of God, (the location of those saved by Jesus). A few moments later, the people crying began to move away as they carry away the two bodies from the hospital... We were still waiting and we looked up, we saw a boat sailing in space, and whose passengers were all black women wearing white handkerchief. A voice rose in the boat and said: "Christian women" "African Christian women! "The boat had the flag of Jesus. When they saw us, the women waved their handkerchiefs at us and sang a melody which reads:" The flag of Jesus is waving and will show us the way to heaven." We stood gazing at the boat with passengers disappeared into the clouds. We replied to their greetings by waving our hands ..."




Eni speaking about paradise said: "What I saw can not be described by words:" ''GLORIOUS!'' I saw a new city. The city was huge and beautiful. The streets were made of gold. The building cannot be compared to anything that exists in our world. "Jesus said: "IT IS HERE, THE HOPE OF THE SAINTS. WOULD YOU WANT TO GO THERE? I immediately replied: "Yes." Then we returned to the throne and Jesus said to me: "GO AND TESTIFY OF WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU".

Eni to whom God unveiled the existence of hell fire and heaven, like many others who spoke about the fire of Gehenna, he said: "What I saw was very frightening. It was like a city on fire. Hell is real and is something terrible." This is the place that was prepared for Satan, his demons and all those who disobeyed.


"Lord Jesus I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour, I ask you to forgive me my sins, all the sins that I have committed from my childhood until this day: the sins of lying, theft, fraud, anger, hatred, injustice, violence, rape, sex before marriage and outside marriage, adultery, abortion, jealousy, sins of consulting fortune tellers, witch doctors, astrologers and others, and every other sin. Lord Jesus, heal me, deliver me from every unclean spirit and from every problem, open for me the doors of job ..." ( speak freely to Jesus Christ, ask him what you want and ask for forgiveness for all your sins by reciting the above prayer, and at the end of your prayer, cast out the demons by saying aloud: "In the name of Jesus Christ, you demons of witchcraft, fetishism, sin, sickness, bewitchment, failure, unemployment, doubt, anger, sexual immorality ... " (quote the sins in accordance to your problems, to your sins and your faults and say " you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ, get out of my life in the name of Jesus Christ and never come back again... "After that, come to see us or any true Pentecostal church, so that they could lay hands on you and pray for you. Repent and read the Bible, the New and the Old Testament. From now on, pray without ceasing asking what you need, and repent from all your sins, and ask for the Holy Spirit and spiritual qualities that you do not have, and drive out the demon of each problem and of every sin and every temptation, bad thoughts and fault. Wherever you sense danger, have bad feeling, or you see something abnormal, or hear a bad thing, say this: "You are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life, go far away from here and never return any more! ..." or invoke the name of Jesus.


In accordance with actual and biblical testimonies of what Jesus did for men, to be healed or delivered or other, for every other solutions that man seek for and for salvation, follow these rules :

1- Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Say, for instance, "Lord Jesus, I accept you as my saviour ...."

2- Repent confessing all your sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, make your confession like this: "Lord Jesus, forgive me all my sins, sins of sex before marriage and outside marriage, of masturbation, theft ..., because in my life, I have sinned, I have stolen, I lied, I consulted witch doctors... "(Name all the sins that you once committed and ask forgiveness from Jesus).

3- Ask Jesus Christ to heal you or solve the problem that you have. Example say: "Lord Jesus, I pray you heal me, deliver me from disease, pain, unemployment, debt ..."

4- Use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out all evil spirits which causes you to suffer or the sins you have committed. For example, you should strongly address the demons like this: "You demons of illness, bewitchment, witchcraft, unemployment, poverty, of sex outside marriage ... Get out of my life in the name of Jesus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus ... (you should pray often as much as you can and drive the demons each time).

5- Believe that you're healed or that God has answered your prayers and thank Jesus Christ for having healed you, for Jesus Christ said "whatever you ask in my name, believe that you have received it and you will have them". Example say "Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, and for solving my problems, thank you Lord Jesus Christ."

6- Now, begin to put in action the things you are looking for, if it is a job, go and deposit your applications for jobs, if it's for healing, let a true pastor or a true Christian lay hands on you and pray for you casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's for a reconciliation, meet the person or the leader in charge.

7- Carry out a fast, if you think the subject or the problem you are having is serious, especially since the Lord Jesus said that there are demons that won't come out of man except by fasting and prayer, and thus there are problems that are resolved only through fasting and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Fasting for 3 days without food or drinking day and night 24 hours over 24 hrs is biblical and very effective. But you're free to choose the days of your fasting and may go from one to 40 days praying without ceasing. You could go for 3 days without food or drink day and night if the subject is important and that hands should be laid on you and pray for you. If it persists, you could try another much longer fasting drinking after the first 3 days without eating day and night depending on the number of days that you have chosen and that Christians pray for you. See the biblical example of Esther etc...

8- Pray without ceasing, perseveres in prayer, wake up a little early every morning and pray for at least an hour without stopping and drive out the demons as in number 4 mentioned above. Do the same every night before bed. Ask God every time in your prayers for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and for spiritual qualities such as kindness, joy, love, patience, temperance, gentleness, etc... Abandon all your weaknesses, all malice, all bad characters, any hatred toward anyone.

9- Now abandon all sin and live a sinless life and be full of kindness, even toward your enemies, be without blemish, and do not commit and do not think of any evil. Abandon all sin (sexual sin, masturbation, sex outside marriage, occult fetishism, other religion, other belief, forsake other conceptions that go against the bible), including worldly music, sinful dances, hatred in politics, thoughts and other thing that opposes God's word ...

10- Read through the Bible, preferably starting with the New Testament from beginning to the end without skipping any page to find information and so as not be deceived, then reads the Old Testament. To know what to do or what not to do, and the whole word of God, read or listen to current testimonies of what Jesus did for men in the area of healing, deliverance, protection, power, success, employment, marriage and others. Read or listen to messages that took place prior to your conversion or your absence, know what the Bible says from beginning to end, and make documentation, catching up to have the same level as those people you met during your conversion and even grow better than them.

11- Invite everyone, parents, non-Christians to Jesus Christ, to the church by testimonies and other strategies. Do not be indifferent to their non-conversion, their sins, their problems, their views as regarding eternal life ... evangelize by inviting all to Jesus Christ, to the church every member of your family, your neighbours, your colleagues, and anyone...

12- Concentrate on the things of God: conversion of souls, abandoning sin, love for every man and kindness to them for their conversion, be perfect and be very active for God and for yourself in evangelism, and at work, in creativity and in search for job. So be active, be creative in spiritual, material and economic works, and never prefer the work of the world more than God's work and don't fall in love of money and riches of this world except for the need of money for essential daily life needs and for everything that is useful and for the financing of God's work. Then God will bless you greatly and you will want nothing and nothing can overcome you as long as you continue.

13- Live for Jesus Christ and for his Gospel in the world and be sure that you will not want anything and that nobody can defeat you unless you sin and live in sin. Therefore, repent immediately from every sin you have committed inadvertently, but never sin voluntarily, for anyone who sins is of the devil, says the Lord Jesus. And God does not answer the prayers of sinners.

14- Never doubt nor fear. If fears and doubts should come, say this: "Thou spirit of doubt and fear, you are defeated in Jesus' name, go out of my life, and never come back again, and you have no power .... I know that Jesus Christ has heard my prayers..."

15- Ask all things to the Father in Jesus' name. Jesus said "Whatever you ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours" and he said: "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Do not be afraid ... let your needs be made known only to Jesus Christ.

16- Support and financially give for the work of God in tithes and offerings and voluntary donations according to the needs of the church and of God's work. If you want to be blessed materially, be faithful in your tithe and your free will offering but worthy and of value to support the work of God and "world evangelization, and not superfluous.

-NB: you should know that prayer is not a recitation, so speak freely to Jesus Christ or to the Father (God) in Jesus' name, but please include these in your prayers:

1- You must acknowledge that Jesus Christ is your saviour and he is able to heal you or solve your problem.
2- You should ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ or God, in Jesus' name, from all your sins that you have cited and your decision not to commit the same again.
3- You should make request for your needs; for all that you want spiritually, morally and materially.
4- Your request of the Holy Spirit and for the spiritual qualities that you don't have, in the place of your known sins and faults.
5- your spiritual warfare by casting out demons in Jesus' name, the demons of what you are suffering from, your problems, your sins and your faults.
6- Thanking Jesus Christ for what he hath done for thee, for your healing, deliverance, and thank Jesus for what he hath given to you, even before receiving them.

NB:- Pray without ceasing, for example when moving from one place to another: "Lord Jesus accompanies me and protect me ..." before every meal: "Lord Jesus, bless this meal ..." then pronounce name of Jesus out loud before every evil spirit, before every danger, and cast out the demons of doubt, temptations and every other works of the devil.


The young Christian and the seducing girl

A young Christian man invited a girl whom he coveted while he was not yet converted. When he got converted, without the girl knowing this, she came to visit him in order to accept his former advances and to sin with him. Facing this temptation, the young man rose, withdrew and prayed as follows: "Lord Jesus, deliver me from every spirit of immorality and sexual sin and separate this girl from me. As for you, spirit of fornication, sexual desire, you are defeated in Jesus' name, come out of my life, get out of my mind in the name of Jesus, go away and never come back anymore, and leave this girl in the name of Jesus Christ. I separate myself from her in the name of Jesus Christ, by the blood of Jesus!..."
And he met the girl to tell her that he has been converted to Jesus Christ, and evangelised her not permitting her to seduce him, knowing that if he falls into sin, it is his return to all the demons that had left him during his deliverance and at his conversion, his return to all the illness that he had been healed from, the return of poverty, unemployment, famine, the return under the domination of witchcraft powers over his life, and death, and condemnation to hell fire. If a girl or a man is holding your mind or thought captive by seduction and you are being tempted, do not shut up, cast out the demons and ask Jesus to deliver you from her or him, to separate you from her or him, and avoid the person. If he or she continues to visit you or if that person is on your way, preach to him or her, if she wants to seduce you, chase her away.

For example, you can say: "Thou spirit of fornication, you spirit of carnal desires, you are defeated in Jesus 'name, go out of my mind in Jesus' name, and never come back again, you go out of my life. You that wants to cause me to sin, spirit of adultery, you who want to use this man or woman to lead me to sin, you are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life, and do not come back." Insist, then talk to Jesus saying: "Lord Jesus, I pray deliver me from this demon of sexual temptation, or demon of anger, jealousy, hatred, unbelief, etc., I ask you Lord to separate me from this girl or from this man, by thy powerful blood, and that I will not see him any longer, or he or she meets me no more in the name of Jesus. "

The young Christian and the naked girl

A young true born again Christian, received the visit of a very charming girl to his home who told him: "You're a handsome man, I like you, but you don't like me?" The young Christian replied: "In the name of Jesus, stop what you're doing. " She did not listen. She undressed, took off her clothes, her knitting, her bra, she removed her pant and the rest, and she stood before him naked refusing to listen to him, and said: "Do you think I'm not beautiful?" He turned his face and said: "Get dressed right away, or I'll strike you." And he went out and walked away.
She dressed up and left. This kind of girl and men like this will push you to sin in vain, and you will lose everything, in addition they will forsake you when you are in problems or leave you for another person, even when you will need them. If not AIDS disease that he or she would give to you as a reward for your sexual freedom, she would be looking for your money or livelihood or success through sin. You will only be left to weep regrettably. You must know that God said: "Cursed be the man who trusted in a man." And Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. If you sin, you're guilty. Therefore, do not look for excuse or justification. It is you who have coveted and acted that way. God said, '' The soul that sinneth shall die.''

Jonas, the former Rosicrucian and spiritual warfare

Jonas was an initiate of the Rosicrucian order for many years. One day, he came to an Evangelical conference where he was moved by the boldness with which the preacher was speaking, saying that a witch is nothing before a true Christian; contrary to the Rosicrucian order where their assurance before witches is not to such point. At the end of the conference, he decided to accept Jesus Christ as his personal saviour, including deliverance and salvation. On getting home, at towards midnight, he heard voices saying: "we shall kill you". And this voice was accompanied by fear. And he heard a voice said: "Tell them that Jesus is more powerful" and he said:" Jesus is more powerful". And the other voice went down. Later, the voice rose again: "we shall kill you". And he said: "Jesus is more stronger" And the voice disappeared.
And the voices continued again the more saying: "we shall kill you, we shall kill you, it is not going to go on like this". And he replied: "Jesus is stronger, Jesus is stronger, Jesus is stronger…", until the evil voice died down. Whenever danger, temptation, evil thought and continuous fear present themselves, Invoke the name of Jesus Christ, and say something like this: "Jesus is my saviour, I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus is more powerful. You demons, you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ, go away from here and never return again. You demons, depart from my life in the name of Jesus Christ" etc. Spiritual warfare means, casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ and declaring words of authority. Jesus said: "In my name you shall cast out devils…"

Bernard, former mystic and spiritual warfare

Bernard related: "Coming out of mysticism, I was freed from paralysis through Jesus Christ, and I had the job of Director of Society instead. But one day I went to a service vehicle to clear, and while I was walking in an alley between the offices where there were many men, I saw a severed hand coming towards me. Instead of saying, "In the name of Jesus, you're defeated!" For it to disappear, I was intimidated by the presence of men who were there, and I said nothing. The severed hand went into my chest and grabbed my heart and made me trembled. I was spirited to die and I knew the remedy, but I said nothing because of shame or snobbery.
So, I tried to release myself by other means but to no avail. Unable to hold back, I shouted: "in the name of Jesus get out of my heart". The hand released me immediately. All who were there were looking at me with astonishment, but I continued to fight the demon by saying: "you are defeated in Jesus' name, get out of my heart, depart and do not come back!" I was delivered by Jesus who said: "Call my name. In my name, you shall drive out demons ..." Mark 16 / 15 to 18.


A wizard came to me and said that throughout his life, he had been hearing a phrase which says: "you should kill, you should kill," and he only thought evil of everyone he sees. He came to me for his deliverance. I told him that from now on, whenever he hears that voice again asking him to kill, he should reply aloud: "you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ! you Spirit of witchcraft, depart from my life in Jesus' name, and never come back again!" He accepted, and we carried out his deliverance. He was overwhelmed and he screamed greatly and cried. He also received the word that he should not live in sin anymore.

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