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No 5
(The deliverances from Blockages)





Kouadio Laurent: delivered from demonic oppression:

When I was a child and I slept in the parlor at my uncle's place in the village. I slept on a mat with my cousin. One night I woke up and saw an old man cross the wall and entered the room. He looked at me angrily and threatened me with his cane. I was very scared and I pulled the hair of my cousin to wake her up. But my cousin did not wake up. She was like been hypnotized into a deep sleep by this being. I did everything I can to wakes up my cousin. But I could not. This being disappeared and my cousin woke up. The next night, I was still in bed and I was sleeping. Suddenly, I woke up and found myself as if raised from my mat and I was in a sitting position. At the same time, I saw a dwarf walking in the corner of the room, on the corner. He went from one corner to another before me, moving to and fro. I could not turn my face and eyes away from him. My head was as if directed by him, and it went in every direction where he stood. This went on until it disappeared. In the morning I told my uncle about what happened. He took me to a fetishist, an occultist who said: "This child has disturbed the peace of the spirits, which is why they are angry. Here is a statue, you are to put it on the bedside of the child where he sleeps and they will no longer come to disturb him." The same day, when I woke up at night, I saw a giant above my head looking at me viciously in the eye. His head as if appeared through the ceiling. I could not move or cry out or look away until it disappeared. From that day, my parents brought to me one occultist after another in search for my deliverance, but every night the demons were there visibly, walking, tormenting me in the house. I lived this way without any solution throughout my childhood and adolescent years. I spent all my time looking for fetishist and occultists who said they were healers and that they had solutions. But my problem remained. During the day, I had little peace, but at night was fear and terror because these beings reappeared. I often said to myself: they said that God exists, can he deliver me? I lived this way until my adulthood. One day, I saw Christians who were praying somewhere, I approached the group and I went among them. Suddenly, a Christian said aloud by the Spirit of God: "My son, you're here today and you have met with me. When I heard these words, chills went through me and I was delivered. Since that day, I became an evangelical Christian and I never saw these spirits again. Having read the Bible and believed completely all that Jesus said, I now practice the deliverance for all patients and for the oppressed and for those possessed by demons as Jesus commanded us to do in his name as in the Bible until the end of the world. In fact, Jesus said: "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons. If they drink any deadly thing, it will do them no harm ... they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick will be healed. Mark 16 / 15 to 18.

Boua Emmanuel delivered from madness and from bewitchment by Jesus Christ.

I used to be a child and my school teacher of the village school had sent us (pupils), to the bush in search of dry wood to cook meals. Each student was looking for dry wood in the bush. In my search for wood, I found myself in a place where I saw a woman sitting down backing me. She was naked and her hair fell on her back. I shouted: "You there, what're you doing here?" I said this 3 times. Suddenly, this strange woman turned violently towards me and uttered a loud cry and I fell. I got up and ran away to join my schoolmates. Then we returned to the village. Since that day, whenever I enter the classroom and sat on my chair, I would put my head on the table and sleep. Saliva flowedfrom my mouth and I stained all my notebooks with it. The teacher told this to my parents, he told them that I can't continue studying in this state. My parents took me to seek for fetish priests and occultists. Nothing changed in my state. My parents and I went to visit several villages, but my situation persisted and worsened. At one point, my parents left me to my fate. I stopped going to school. I walked from village to village like a lunatic, a mentally ill person. I was also in the neighboring town, a city called Bouaflé in Cote d'Ivoire. I was stealing and begging for food. I slept in the streets, in abandoned or unfinished houses. I masturbated until it hurts me. In the villages I watched naked women taking their bath in houses made of straws with holes. One day an old woman who was washing herself and who knew I was looking at her nakedness said: "You looking at me, be cursed". I felt this terrible curse that she threw at me. One night I was in the city, I went into the neighboring town Bouaflé. I went to the college of that city. I climbed the fence and I went to the boarding section of the girls. They were in their rooms sleeping.. I stole their panties which they hung out on the ropes. The next day, I distributed the pants to some girls whom I knew in the city. I masturbated in the open air at any time and people looked at me. I made this show almost every day. One day I was in an old abandoned car where I slept. Two Christians came to me and took me to their evangelical church and prayed for me. The next day I had a dream. I blew my nose in the dream and insects were coming out of my nostrils. When I awoke, I was delivered. Today, I am a Christian truly delivered by Jesus Christ. Let all sick and all those who have problems or blockages whatsoever; come to Jesus who said, "Whatever you ask in my name, believe that you received it and it will be yours.


Nady, the Muslim woman who delivered from madness by Jesus Christ:

Nady narrated: One day I fell ill. I was treating it and I wasn't healed. Then I went to see an occultist for my recovery. He gave me a local clay pot containing leaves to boil so that the steam could rise on me and I drink the contents. I did this but I was not healed. One day, in anger, I broke the canary (a local clay pot). As soon as I broke the canary, I lost my reasoning, I became mentally ill, and I became mad. I walked everywhere in town and I wanted to kiss every woman like me that I met. I imitated the lepers and saliva dripping from my mouth. My husband and my parents sent me to a bush where lived a very powerful occultist, alleged healer of the mentally sick people. He tied me to a tree under which I slept night and day. I was like seeing snakes on the tree. The occultist would beat me continuously whenever I manifest the symptoms or my mental illness. And then he pretended to look after me.
One day, a friend of mine who was a Pentecostal Christian, and had learned that I had taken to this place to cure me of madness came to fetch me. I was a Muslim. She left Abidjan (a big city in Ivory Coast) to come very far in the bush where I was. She asked the occultist to allow her to take me away. Arriving at Abidjan, she took me to the church and evangelical Christians prayed for me, for my salvation as Jesus directs and demonstrated in the Bible. A few days later, I was totally healed and lucid.

As soon as I was healed, I lived as I wanted without obedience to the Word of God. One day, a friend told me she had found an occultist, who can do something so that my husband would loves me and gives me everything I want. We went this man who gave us a fetish, an occult object. I became insane again, mentally ill. I imitated the lepers and even tried to kiss women on the streets. The Christians brought me back to church. They prayed for me. They asked me to carry out a fast. I did it and I was delivered and I respected the voice of Jesus saying: "Go, but sin no more. For when the unclean spirit leaves a man, he walketh through dry places and there is no rest and he said, I will return to my house whence I came. And if the person healed goes back to his sins or bad habits; the unclean spirit would go and look for seven spirits stronger than him and would come into this man, and the new condition of this man would be worse than the first."
So I decided never to sin and to live in Jesus Christ so as to keep my healing and my salvation.

The Catholic woman from Korhogo who was delivered from the demon that slept with her in human form.

I often had a dream in which a white European slept with me and after the intercourse he gave me money and left. I derived pleasure from this without knowing the meaning and consequences of this evil phenomenon. One day, the white came but this time he had the horns of an ox. When he walked toward me, I was scared and I recoiled back. But he kept coming to hurt me. Suddenly, I heard a divine voice told me: Say: "You are defeated in the name of Jesus! " so I spoke out loudly and with authority: "You are defeated in the name of Jesus!" . Immediately, he fell on his head and one of his horns broke. He got up and went away from me saying: "You will see, I'll be back. "
You should note that I was from the Catholic Church but I had sex without marriage with a man. I did not know that every sexual relations in the dream is a real relationship with a demon or an occult man that God revealed through the sexual dream. I did not know it was a possession or occult oppression and an attack against my health, my wealth, my blessings, my marriage, my marital life, my fertility and other advantages. I did not know I needed to reject all sins even in dreams. I did not know I needed to invoke the name of Jesus Christ before any demon, any danger, all fears, doubt, any problem and drive out demons in Jesus name, and speak directly to Jesus for my deliverance.

The mistress of a deputy delivered from a spirit man after a long personal prayer.

Men left me one after another. After years of prostitution and living as the mistress of rich and important men in society or in their workplace, the woes and problems began to hit me.
Several people that I loved left me, or did not trust me for marriage despite my use of fetishism, mysticism and the occult. I was then diagnosed with a disease and a persistent demon possession. I had nightmares, and I had financial problems too. For my deliverance, I finally converted me to Jesus Christ in a church. Despite the prayers, demons persisted in my body that they had taken control for years by my sexual sins without marriage, pornography, fetishism, and other occult and abominable things. One day I decided to pray all day without leaving the house chasing out the demons. After several hours of prayer and spiritual warfare, while I sat, I felt something came out of me. I opened my eyes and I saw before me a man-spirit left me and went away. He wore trousers and a short sleeve shirt and was well built. I was surprised and looked as he walked away. I was delivered by Jesus who said: "Persevere in prayer." Jesus also said that there are demons that can only come out by fasting and prayer. But especially, you need to meet a true servant of God.


The man from Italy

In Italy, I lived a life of sexual debauchery. I had sex with any girl or woman who gave me the opportunity or who accepted me. I even had sex with the wife of my boss. One day, I fell ill. The disease persisted despite all cures. I went for my HIV / AIDS test and my test showed that I was suffering from HIV / AIDS and therefore positive. After several treatments without improvement in my situation, I returned to Côte d'Ivoire. When I arrived, I was advised to go to an evangelical church to be prayed for. I went and I accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and the Pastor prayed for me at length.
He asked me to believe that I am healed because Jesus said: "Whatever you ask in my name Believe that you received it and it will be yours. " A few days later, I felt completely healed and I put on shape and weight, so I went for my test and was declared healed of HIV / AIDS. Indeed, it is written that Jesus healed all kinds of diseases.
And Jesus said: "All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth."

Serge: Healed of AIDS by Jesus Christ.

OKOU DJEDJE narrates: Serge gravely sick with HIV / AIDS met me at the National Library of plateau where I held a conference. At the end of the conference, he told me he has HIV / AIDS. He was very skinny and had sores in the mouth and lips His hair were falling off. I gave him a document containing the testimonies of people healed of AIDS by Jesus Christ, both through my prayers as well as that of other servants of God. I asked him to meet me at my house for his deliverance. After reading the book, he met me and I prayed for him. I told him that if he wants to be healed more quickly, he should carry out a fast for 3 days if possible. He did three days without eating or drinking by his own decision. I prayed for him. Two weeks later, he said he could still feel some headache. I calmly told him to see the testimony of the Cameroonian who did thrice, 3 days without drinking or eating almost every two weeks and was cured after the third time of fasting. A single fast and just praying once would not always bring positive result absolutely. Serge made a second fasting of 3 days and I prayed for him. The following days he was healed, and all the external symptoms all disappeared. He went for his test and he told there was no virus, he was healed. He took the test result and without me knowing this, he organized a crusade at the bus terminal of Yopougon Kouté (a large quarter of Abidjan in Ivory Coast) before a large public and he testified at SALLE DES FETES (meaning HALL OF FEASTS) of the new district of Yopougon. Additional tests confirmed his recovery. Serge met me and we invited all those with HIV / AIDS and we went to Radio station of the city hall of Yopougon for his testimony and his answers to questions from men of the press and of audio visual. He says: If you believe that Jesus gives sight to the blind, the deaf heard and raise the dead, why can't you believe he can destroy a simple virus, a microbe, a virus of AIDS?

Serge is healed and he is a great reporter of the radio and television in Côte d'Ivoire.

This was how others who were healed such as Akre Raphael from aboboté, Aminata from Abobo, the Cameroonian, Prosper, the man in the hall of feasts, the girl from Kumasi, the man of Agboville and Aboisso, Lazarus etc. through Jesus Christ. And they could still testify this to you after several years.


In fact, if you tell a man that Jesus healed a man of tuberculosis, he will believe if he believes that Jesus heals already or could heal. If you say that Jesus healed a man with a headache, he would believe. This is because he believes that Jesus heals, and that tuberculosis and headaches have are being cured today in our days by medical remedies. But if the medicine does not cure, for them Jesus can not heal a man. And yet he healed the men who accepted him as savior of all kinds of diseases, and delivered them from all sorts of demons, problems and blockages. In fact, all medical remedies that heal the sick today were discovered years later after the disease, and this is by scholars. Before the discovery of the cure, diseases were viewed as incurable itself, when it's the medicine that had not yet been discovered. But how does one discover a scientific truth or scientific remedies? The scientific method of discovering the truth or remedy works by assumptions. And several hypotheses are reported inconclusive after testing, until one day it comes to the mind of the scientist an idea, an hypotheses that coincides with reality when the experiments is made. And that this is by chance or by simple revelation as scientists themselves say. They argue that a true scientific discovery is by chance or by revelation. Millions of assumptions can therefore not succeed and this may be for tens and hundreds of years until one day it comes to the mind of the scientist an idea, one possible solution which when passed to the experiment is successful and gives the result. Then the scientist shouted: "I have found it". God said through Daniel, in Daniel chapter 2 that he will reveal things hidden or things ignored and make scientific truths be known to scientists and to the wise. God said he is behind all revelation of the right mind or of solution hidden. And we will explain this below. Jesus who is God, who is omniscient and omnipotent and who heals all presently all patients who come to him as they should, he must first wait for the scientists groping and fumbling of ordinary men called scientist who would later on discover this by chance or by revelation according to them, before healing the sick which we could someday cure by chance. Also God says in Deuteronomy 28/15 to 64 there are diseases that men can never cure, except God himself. And he shows us how to experience this miraculous healing by Jesus Christ today. Jesus cures AIDS, which men would cure someday by medicines when scientist will discover the cure, cure which already exists but certainly they haven't yet the exact hypothesis. God answers all questions put to him. And if he wants to reveal the cure for AIDS, He can. Its just a matter of responding to the question directed to Him as in the case of Daniel in Daniel Chapter 2, who asked God about something unknown, it sufficed him to give a dream to man or to a true Christian scientist, who would ask him questions about the remedy or combine elements or other chemicals which is the remedy that nobody could picture or imagine by theory. For it is true that God does heal the sick and give eternal life through Jesus Christ, but he also speaks the truth and reveals the truth, hidden things and secrets unknown to man even without questioning him, but especially when we ask him insistently with sincerity. God is not opposed to science, he says he is even at the base, and he is not opposed to medicine as it says in Ezekiel that he created plants to feed people and other plants to heal the sick in a scientific way and not through occult means by demons or evil spirits. Besides God says he has reserved the miraculous aspect of healings, deliverances and of success which is without pains which means without evil consequences and therefore safe if you live according to his word.


The lady of Yopougon (a large quarter of Ivory Coast) and divine revelation of AIDS in her boyfriend's life.

OKOU DJEDJE: A girl came to me and said she had a dream in which she went to see one of her friends with whom she had extra-marital sex. In the dream, she went to his home and she found at the door two of his friends. They asked her: "Where are you going to?" She replied: "I'll like to see your friend". They told her: "Don't you know he is a carrier of AIDS?" This lady told me that when they finished speaking", she entered the house where this man was. She said: "They say you have AIDS." Immediately he lowered his head and I woke up. Indeed he had AIDS but he had been hiding it and did not want me to know it. This revelation saved me. And God said in Genesis 41 that if a man had the same dream twice, it means it is from God. And even a single dream is enough as been from God if it coincides with reality even if the accused lies or denies, but it can be proved by various facts and other words and other means or outside evidences which we ask God.

Sergio and the revelation of HIV / AIDS virus in his body.

One day, I had a dream where I was very thin. And people were telling me: "You have AIDS." Another time, I had another dream and I saw that my arm was transparent and insects were walking in my arms as I watched. A 3rd time, I had another dream, and I found myself at Reverend OKOU DJEDJE'S place and he prayed for me. In his prayer he said: "You AIDS virus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus, come out of this man." And been ashamed, I said to reverend: "Pastors let's leave, there are men here. Let go to the other side." Because we were on the terrace of his house and we went into the garden a little further away from men and I woke up. In view of these dreams, I woke up and I went for my HIV /AIDS test. The doctor told me that I am suffering from AIDS.

The girl from Yopougon: the revelation of AIDS which she had against all her expectations.

One night, I had a dream. In the dream, I was before a medical doctor who gave me a paper written: "HIV-AIDS positive". Then he gave me another paper with a prescription on which was written: "OKOU DJEDJE" Faced with this nightmare, the next day I went to the hospital to have my test done and the doctor actually confirmed that I have HIV / AIDS. I was attending an evangelical Pentecostal church. I went about searching for this person called OKOU DJEDJE. I was told that he is also a pastor who preaches at the HALL OF FEASTS in Yopougon new district and other places. I went into this place; I explained everything to the associate pastor that I found there. He prayed for me. Months later, I decided to meet the Reverend OKOU DJEDJE at his home. He told me the conditions to obey for me to be healed from AIDS or any disease.

The lady from Koumassi (a district of Ivory Coast): the revelation of AIDS collectively with other girls.

Okou Djedje reports: A girl met me after my lecture in Koumassi and told me she is sick. I told her: "You know what you have." She pretended to know nothing. So I said, "you have HIV / AIDS though there are no visible signs and you are well built." She said: "I do not know." I told her: "You know it but you don't want to say it." So I handed her a note containing testimonies of several HIV / AIDS patients healed by Jesus Christ. I gave her this for her to have the courage to admit it in our next meeting so that she will be healed and that the testimony of her healing be not hidden and that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified and so that the other patients would come to Jesus to be healed and to have life eternal. She came to me on the next conference a week later. I asked her: "Do you read everything? Can you say something now" Then she said: "It's true, I have HIV AIDS, I have the Virus" I asked her: "How did you know that you have the AIDS virus?" "What made you go for the test? She said: "One night I had a dream where there was a group of girls and I was among them. We were walking together on a road and we all wore a T-Shirt and on the chest was written in red AIDS HIV positive. When I woke up, I took my test and I was told I was carrying the AIDS HIV virus. I certainly must have given the virus to many people without knowing it. I said: Why didn't you want to admit it the last time we met? And she smiled.
OKOU DJEDJE affirms: God reveals hidden and ignored things to man. The same God who shows these things can also reveal the remedy to AIDS virus if asked to and if he wishes. At any time God could allow the scientist to still grope about, and he could even not respond to those asking him for remedy, seeing that AIDS is largely related to immorality, ignorance and denial of his word for reasons of pleasure and commercial sex and even sexual madness and God could use AIDS as secondary punishment until the long cries of men would rise to heaven as in the case of 400 years of Israelites slavery in Egypt due to disobedience to God until Moses came and encounter God in the burning bush and God showed him the remedy and the method of liberation of the Hebrew Israelite from the yoke of Pharaoh king of Egypt, from whom no one could escape once in Egypt. In everything, prayer is not enough; you should ask God for the correct method to follow and the knowledge of the true solution.


The adultery of the professor's wife revealed by God.

OKOU DJEDJE reports: A crippled man came to see me so that I could pray for him. I asked him: "How did you become so paralyzed to the point of crippling on your both legs and hands on the floor." He said to me: I am a Christian in the Assemblies of God and one day I had a dream where I saw my wife had sex with a man. I woke up and I told her: "You have being deceiving me, you have had sex with a man and God has revealed it to me in a dream." The woman acknowledged it and asked forgiveness from her husband. He said that he struck her for a long time and then he said I forgive you. But whenever this incidence comes to my mind, "I would rise to hit her." And I could not take it off my mind because this betrayal came back each time in my mind. One day, I saw my feet and my hands became twisted and crippled. Today, I no longer work and my wife is the one who takes care of everything and I'm at home day and night.

The adultery of a pastor's wife who lived at Abobo revealed by God

One day my pastor friend who lived at Abobo told me: "I saw in a dream where God showed me that my wife is having sexual intercourse with a man who had white hair and who was financially balanced than me. Some days later, I told my wife and she acknowledged her sins and said bluntly: I no more love you. Shortly after, she left me forever.

The history teacher whose wife was unfaithful and a liar.

A man said to me: "My wife has become very arrogant, rebellious and without respect and kindness, especially when I went on retirement and I was no longer working ... These behaviors became horrible. She would leave home and returned when she wants. She was sleeping outside in known and unknown destinations for several nights. She took contraceptives without me talking about it to me. She made fun of me and mocked everything I said. She was at home just to avoid paying rent of her own and she was pretending and carrying out her businesses. I sponsored several business activities for her and for us and it all failed. She humiliated me in front of everyone; before men of God as well as before worldly people. I was only a means for her to achieve what she wants. One day, I spoke to the senior pastor of the church who had great discernment. He said to me: "This woman is there to torment you ..." One day I prayed to God and I told him: "Lord Jesus, show me what is happening in this house. Show me why this woman is misbehaving this way and what I must do. In fact, God asked us to question him as in the manner of Daniel in Daniel chapter 2, and he will respond through dreams, by puzzle or other means described in the Bible. The same night I had a dream. In the dream, I came to a house; I crossed the courtyard and entered a house. When I crossed the living room of the house, a man who was coming out of a room went past me. I went on, I entered the room and I saw my wife lying on bed naked, legs apart. The next day, I searched the things of my wife. I found among her properties some antibiotics (tablets) for the treatment of gonorrhea and sexually transmitted diseases. I asked her why "the medicines". "She said she must have contracted the disease when she spent some days with her aunt who is married to a police man who certainly had these diseases, seeing that we all used the common washroom and toilet. According to her, this was when she contacted these diseases. I knew she was lying. After this lie to my said wife, one day when she went out, the Holy Spirit told me to follow her. I followed her and I saw her going into a hospital. When she entered a room, I met the woman who was at the reception and she told me that my wife came to have abortion of nearly 5 months of pregnancy, and that she was in the room. I told this later on to my wife. She became more violent denying all completely and she walked out. Whenever I ask her questions or make comments as regarding this subject to cause her to be sensible, she would rebel, shouting insults at me and would leave home only to return days later when she wants. We had several young children and some are even very young in age. Despite all I Still kept her. She had no more time for me just as she used to say and demonstrates. Yes, I was older than her and she was very much younger than me. But since the beginning of our relationship, she had stayed with me. Without doubt, is because I was a university professor. In fact, I was a researcher in history. She had thought that I am very important and would be a future-rich man or rich or easy life. I tried to save the home but all in vain. My pastor had told me to leave the woman, but I hoped in vain. It is true that God reveals the truth and unveils hidden things.

The man from Vridi: Delivered the dismissal by Jesus Christ.

OKOU DJEDJE narrates: After a conference which I held at Kumasi (a district of Ivory Coast), a man approached me and said: "I worked in a company and I was dismissed with other large number of workers because of economic problem. We have even been given the papers of dismissal and of early retirement" I asked him:" Do you belong to an evangelical church? ". He said: "Yes, I am of the assemblies of God at Vridi (another district of Ivory Coast)." I asked him: " Are you faithful with your tithes to your church, because God says anyone who is not in good standing as regard to tithe will be cursed and be poor" Read Malachi chapter 3 verse 7 to 12. He said: "No, I am not faithful in my tithing, and I do not pay my tithe as it supposed to be" I told him: "When you get home, count everything which you have as money, whether in the bank or at home. Takes all the tithe of this sum that is to say 1 / 10, and gives it to your pastor tomorrow even if it is not a worship day. Then immediately carry out a fast of 3 days without eating or drinking day and night 24 hours all rounds as in the book of Esther in the Bible. On the third day of the fasting, go to your boss, the decision maker, and then beg him to re-employ you back as a worker. Stay in front of him and do not go away even if he says no. He will change his mind. Do not leave as long as he does not change his opinions or until he gives you hope or an appointment. You will come to tell me that your problem is solved. If you accept these 3 conditions: tithing, fasting, and meeting with the boss who is the decision maker with humility, prayer, persistence, and if you have really given up all sins and you now live by the word of God. You will be accepted" So I prayed for him and he left. He did everything I said. After meeting with his boss, he met me at the next conference, 7 days later and told me this: "I did everything you told me. When I met my boss and I told him to take me back, he did not hesitate. He said: "Since you're already gone and we had signed all the papers for your early retirement, I will ask you to finish this month at home and this month will be considered as a month of paid leave, then you come back at the end of this month to resume work." This man after his testimony decided to find a permanent place of worship for me in Kumasi for the church to be planted there. This he did. May all glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Read the book of the Reverend Okou Djédjé on victories with God and instant results
The Director General Delivered from dismissal and persistent unemployment through Jesus Christ.

OKOU DJEDJE reported: I received a CEO of a European company who told me: "I am a very committed evangelical Christian in the work of God. For years, outside of my office work, I am behind the plantation of all the Evangelical churches in the villages of my region and I preached every Sunday morning in my village and I would return to town to resume work. I do not live in sin. So I do not understand why I was fired from my job and my office and up till today, for years now I have no job. I am married with several children. I live in Riviera Abidjan. I asked this man who thinks he has done everything, "Have you ever fasted for 3 days without eating or drinking day and night in your life?" He said: "No, never," I told him: "This is the minimum standard for a Christian especially for anyone who has a particular serious or persistent problem, according to the Lord Jesus Christ. For God, all His counsels must be put into practice at once, not just respecting some and putting other recommendations aside. Conversion, sanctification or abandonment of all sins, prayer, fasting to root out any problem, tithes and offerings, evangelism, love of neighbour, spiritual warfare by casting out demons, receiving the Holy Spirit, consecration to Jesus Christ for the redemption of souls, appropriate steps for results, the search for employment, work and enterprise etc.. Below are divine recommendations to practice. All together, this is a very high level in a month. All these recommendations go together. Nothing should be omitted and neglected. I told him: "When you evangelize in a village or elsewhere and you have a high professional position or project, you can be attacked. You need a fasting for at least 3 days and including other recommendations if the subject is important or the problem persists. King Jehoshaphat although he gave tithes and offerings of all income and did God's work, he also fasted with all Israel when they were attacked. This is in the Bible in 2 Chronicles 20. Esther also fasted with the Jewish people for 3 days without eating or drinking when they were threatened with death and God delivered them from danger. The Director General said that the company where he used to work no longer exists but that he has an engineering degree and has filed applications for employment without success. I told him do at least 3 days fast without food or drink and I will pray for you. He made 3 days of fasting without food or drink voluntarily. I prayed for him on the 3rd day and he said he wants to continue until the 5th day and that he could feel no hungry. He came again on the 5th day and I prayed for him. Some weeks later, he came to me and said: " I just came to inform you that since 2 weeks I have been employed in a company that has decided to pay me for the moment 450.000F ( about 900 US dollars) every two weeks, making a total of 900,000 F (about 1,800 US dollars) per month. I have come with 45.000F to give to you which is the tithe of 450.000F I received two weeks from the employment. The man looked at me puzzled as if I were an angel. I told him: "You must know the whole Bible and especially in its requirements for resolving problems and for salvation. And we need the gifts of knowledge and of revelation by asking it from God. "Every problem has a solution but we must know it and act consequently. "


One day a man who was in a position of authority wanted me to remove me from the post that brought me great means for evangelization and salvation of souls, and great economic means of livelihood and help for God's children. According to my conversion and my sincere commitment to God, I knew that this problem will be solved completely and I knew the method by biblical knowledge in different situations and experiences. I also knew I was in the interest of God and all these means and that position is in the interest of God which is to win men and the world to Jesus Christ by those who are most effective. So he had to battle it out with God. So I met the authority to advocate and present the truth and of the conspiracy made against me by my enemies who had approached. He would not want to listen to me and was violent. I knew this will be a thing of the pass and that he will change or someone else would cause him to change. I knew then what I do. I made a fast of 3 days without eating or drinking. I went to see him. Again he would not want to listen, but he gave me an appointment. I knew he was only losing time because he will change. If he does not change, I would meet someone else who will intervene for me, he would make him change. Any time, I had to be submissive because he is an authority, and God said, "Submit yourselves to the higher authorities even to the wicked ones" But I should not give up the fight by this method. Because I have a battle to carry out with the devil, the demons and my most intractable enemies, and not with the ones that injured me temporarily. The only thing needed is fasting, prayer and perseverance in the approaches and appropriate methods according to divine revelations of effective words. I made another 3 days of fasting which I stopped at 3 PM on the 3rd day. During the night, I had a dream where I was still fasting while I had already broken the fast. I realized I had to continue fasting until the next morning on the 4th day; it was a great attack, a great battle, which was launched against me and against the work of God through these occult forces. The next day, I went to see the authority in charge despite my dream. He told me to come back the next week. So I made a fast of 3 days without eating or drinking until the 4th day and I met this man. He greeted me smiling and said to me: "You have done a little sport and by going back and forth several times. Excuse me, do not worry. You have my support and you are restored. My enemies were surprised and at the same time driven from their posts in the following days, they position they had used to work against me by greed.
There was another man in authority that also plotted against me in another year, due to financial greed of the position I had occupied in the administrative area and of which I earned a very large sum of money. I went to see him to inquire about the truth of what I had learned that he had written for my dismissal to replace one of his collaborators who would give him the money. He was cunning, crafty and full injustice in his words. But I could not verbally or get upset because he is an authority and God said: "submit to the higher authorities even if they are evil." To defeat and destroy all his projects, I decided to fast for 10 days with 3 days without food or water and the other 7 days by drinking only. When I was on the 3rd day without eating or drinking, God took him from his post and sent him away. His deputy took his place. He was someone that God had chosen to replace him. I met him and he hastened to do what I asked him. He destroyed the whole plot and protected me against all my enemies. I promised and I showed him my gratitude for God is against greed and selfishness, and Jesus says give and it will be given to you; and do good to those who do right.
One year, God called and used for me and for his work a Minister of the Republic of Ivory Coast, whom I met once in each fasting so as to disperse all my enemies that the devil used from time to time and even each year. Jesus said: "I've given you all power and nothing can harm you. "Luke 10 / 17 to 19.

There is a way to win every battle and overcome any problem and defeat any enemy, every adversary, every problem, all poverty, all want, all wickedness of others etc... Put the divine revelation and the gift of wisdom and discernment to work for ones good, including conversion, prayer, fasting, tithes and offerings, evangelization, love of neighbour etc... Please take appropriate steps and actions and not misleading and awkward or dangerous steps, if not, all prayers and fasting and holiness will be in vain. Esther fasted but she was able to approach the king to plead for his people with courtesy and efficiency.
You will be victorious in any situation. Meet us.


The case of 8 taxis

One day, I bought eight (8) taxi cars at the same time to finance the work of God. After several months of operation, I saw that there were many problems in the area of revenue due to bad drivers and car breakdown. One day, someone told me to return the cars to where I had purchased them for a refund. I made a fast for three (3) days and three (3) nights without eating or drinking so that they would not fail when I would drive the vehicles for a long time. The day before I was to return the vehicles, here was a girl in my school who had enrolled in class one came to me and said: "Sir, I enrolled in your school but I got sick and I have not been able to follow up the course so far, so I came to ask for refund. I told her: "You know there is no refund after any amount paid and it is written in your registration form. She said: "Yes it's true, but I could not attend classes. I remembered that I had planned to seek restitution the next day. But I told the girl: "Do you think if all the two thousand (2 000) students should descend from the classes and asked me to return their fund, are you sure I can?" She said: "No sir, but its not the two thousand (2 000) students who came to ask you, it is me alone." I noticed that the girl was very polite, respectful and persistent with great gentleness and supplications. This means that tomorrow I should be very polite. When the teachers came near me, she would retreat back and sat down somewhere. When they left, she came back to me. In other words, I had to do likewise. That is to say, be polite, not get upset and not to leave until I have received the refunds. Finally I told her: "Go, the account will give you your money," and she left. When I gave her back her money, a joy came over me and was certain that the next day mine will be restored. I went to the accountant and gave her two (2 000) francs to give to the girl freely as transportation fee because I was reassured and happy. But the girl had already disappeared. Jesus said: "Do for others what you want them to do for you". The next day I took all the vehicles and arrived at the Commercial Director. I told him: "You know, I wanted to do the transport business, but now I came to give you back the vehicles and I am requesting for refund because I can not continue because of the difficulties and failures. The old Director screamed when I put the taxis papers on his desk. He took them and threw them away. His bodyguards approached. I remembered the case of the girl; I am not to be upset, and I must not leave without at least the promise of return from this man. Like in the case of the girl yesterday, I was there and I waited. I stayed there for more than 45 minutes. Then this old Lebanese said: "Well now, I'll return all your money giving you two hundred thousand francs a week until everything is paid." I said:" There is no problem, write me a note." He took a leaf and wrote this: "I ( his name) hereby acknowledge owing Mr. (my name) the sum of (amount) two hundred thousand (200 000) francs to be paid to him weekly until exhaustion." When he gave me this paper, I disappeared like the girl yesterday. I received all the money and I gave all the tithes of everything he handed to me each time I was paid. Before the end of the month, I was given the rest in two payments without taking account of the agreement of two hundred thousand (200 000) francs a week that was written.
The case of the student with a problem
I know that God reveals what is hidden and gives revelations in dreams and in visions and by all other ways indicated in the Bible according to individual testimonies not speaking of healings, deliverances and other solutions. I also knew that God is omniscient and he answers questions put to him in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. So I never get worried whenever I have a problem or something which I do not know which need divine revelation after several efforts in reflection or natural research. So every time I want to know something or do something, I say: "Lord Jesus show me what it is on such a subject" or "Lord Jesus shows me what I should do about this situation. And by insisting and returning several times to this prayer. Putting aside prayers such as: "Lord Jesus gives me healing" or "Lord Jesus give me such a thing." Usually, when I go on my knees and I would say, "Lord Jesus shows me what I must do" or "show me the truth about this thing or that person" or "Show me the solution as regards to this problem " immediately, I would receive in my head, in my mind, the answer or solution or the revelation that I was looking for. I must say that it is a grace for me or a gift from God, but everyone can practice it because God said "ask of me and I will answer you…" and David was questioning God on whether to go to war or not, and whether he would win or not; before engaging in certain wars which he is not sure of the outcome or victory. King Jehoshaphat also asked God to know how to win wars. He convened a meeting of prayer so that a revelation be given before going into battle. Because it is not enough to have God to defeat your enemies, but one must know the method or ways revealed by God himself to defeat your enemies. Read 2 Chronicles 20.

I who used to receive divine revelations, but without questioning God; one day a girl asked me something she needed and I did not know the solution even after reflection. So, knowing that what can not be obtained by reflection can be received by divine revelation through divine prayers of interrogation to Jesus Christ as in the case of David, Jehoshaphat, the apostles of Jesus and other interrogators of God, these were men in good standing as regarding God's word and were devoted to God, I asked God with my knees down saying: "Lord Jesus, show me what to do in this situation." After this prayer, I received nothing. I persisted for some days and nothing came. This did annoy me because Jesus said: "What cannot be obtained through prayer can be received by fasting. And seeing that fasting for 3 days without eating or drinking day and night, was moreover recommended in the Bible for serious situations, I knew that if I fast for 3 days without eating or drinking, I would have the answer and the solution to my question. On the second day of my fast, towards 4pm, an idea came into my mind suddenly, an idea that I had not imagined or thought about and that was really the divine solution by revelation, even while I was wide awake as God used to do. I called the girl and she was filled with gladness.


When I got converted by coming out from philosophical atheism and unbelief which cannot be compared with the miraculous healings and experiences that God gives, I immediately read the entire New Testament of the Bible to know what healing, deliverance and miracle are all about, which is being done in the name of Jesus Christ for all those who believe in Jesus. But one day, I opened the Bible and I came across a passage where God says: << Even from the days of your fathers, you are gone away from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return to me and I will return to you says the Lord God of host. But you said, wherein shall we return? Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me. But you say, wherein have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse; for you have robbed me even this whole nation. Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now here with, says the Lord of host, if I will not open to you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, says the Lord of host. >> "Malachi 3 / 7 to 12. I remembered at the same time that I had 2000 US Dollars in an account somewhere before I read this passage, and also that I had to tithe, that is 1 / 10 to God in the church. As I had decided never to sin and decided to obey every word of God so that I could be answered, healed, delivered and have eternal life, I said to myself "no problem"; but I told myself that every sum I shall withdraw from this account, I will give tithes. For example, If I withdraw 20 Us dollars, I will give one tenth of it,no matter the amount so that God would give me more and that the opposite is a sin, and it leads to ruin and curse, and to stagnancy in businesses or employments. But the Holy Spirit told me to give at once all the tithe of the whole sum, which is one tenth of the 2000 US Dollars that I had. What seemed at the beginning of my conversion a very heavy blow, but bearable by fractions. So I hesitated, but I could not find peace of mind. So I told myself that to give the tithe of the whole sum at once and of all I am going to earn is too much. It was one night. The next day, I went to the bank, I took the 200 US Dollars tithe and I brought it to the church and gave it to be forwarded to the Senior Pastor. I had just opened a facility where I hardly had just five to eleven students enrolled per day. The next day, I had thirty students registered the same day. And I set aside the tithe to give to God. The next day, I had enrolled forty. I did the same thing, the following day; there were eighty that enrolled in a single day. I gave the tithe still, and the day after I had a hundred and three students enrolled in a single day, so on and each day the registration increased, until I found myself with 2004 students recorded for 1,500 seats available for thirty classes. I told the five hundred and four students extra that I would like to return their fees so they could go and register elsewhere, they refused and asked me to buy tables - additional benches and put them in classes. So I did as they said. There were 14 classes for final year students, five classes for secondary school class 3, and the other classes were full, and more students continued to apply to register. I began to think of decentralizing the school and look for additional premises, which I did. One thing is that you must not stop tithing if you want to live in abundance, and even receive promotions, ideas and creative gifts. Doing Otherwise impoverishes you even if God loves you. I now give tithes of 600 US to more than 2000 US DOLLARS per month according to inflow, after that, with about 60 USA Dollars and from an intelligent method and wisdom that God gives, I created almost 10 Computer Centres (cyber café), which gives me an average of about 600 USA dollars a day. And God inspired me in other things,and the incomes I used to support the work of God for the salvation of souls.


Raphael narrates: "When I was in 3rd grade, I learned from a saleswoman who sells Alloco (a local fried plantain) in front of a high School of Yopougon (a town in Ivory Coast) that with banana chips which you can begin with less than about 60 USA dollars," she said she earned 20 US dollars as profit daily. I concluded that this mean about 600 US dollars a month. A salary that a medical doctor or an engineer of the public service could not earn, despite their more than five to seven years of studies at the university. And I said if this woman could takes cousins from the village or house maids, and place them in front of every school in the same capacity of sales she was making in front of a high School in Yopougon, instead of 20 US dollars earnings per day, if she places them in front of ten schools, and if she earned the same thing as at the school at Yopougon, she will have a hundred thousand francs profit per day, making 600 dollars a month. Years later, I was now at the University, and I knew that professors with a position called chair professor at the university, a position that I planned to reach in my final year, they had about 1,200 USA dollars monthly as salary after fifteen to twenty years of teaching at the university, and that is if these proffessors are well assessed by the CAMES ( an educational institution in Ivory coast), it is not immediately, and besides, this fact is rare. They usually begin with about 500 dollars as Assistant and after three years they become assistant lecturer( a kind of educational level in Africa) with about 700 US DOLLARS if properly assessed, and after eight years he becomes senior lecturer and if he is always well assessed, he will earn nearly 1000 USA DOLLARS, and finally after several years again, for at least three years of good grades and assessment, he can become a full professor with about 1,200 dollars towards his 20th year of teaching and not immediately. But generally, most of them end up as Assistant lecturer in thirty years of service with about 600 dollars and go into retirement. At the same time, I learned that a cassava grinder installed in one place would earned 40 USA DOLLARS per day, which is 1,200 USA DOLLARS per month, i.e. equivalent to the salary of a chair professor at the university who had been teaching for fifteen to thirty years and whose written records were highly rated, and not immediately. and I could already as a student install this cassava grinder machine which cost about 800 USA DOLLARS and I could have that amount per month, provided that my grinder is well located. Also I could with the first revenues install two grinders and I would have 2,400 US DOLLARS monthly which was almost the salary of a minister at that time. MPs used to earn 800 DOLLARS per month, and ten grinders would give 12,000 dollars per month, while the salary of Public Service personnel could never get to these levels, even when you divide these into ten parts. I concluded that there is a difference between being employed and being rich in business. To be an employee is what one does after training, to be rich or prosperous comes from the businesses you have created in a profitable sector. This shows the importance of the enterprise. Hence the divine admonition to undertake entrepreneurship. When I was creating my first institution, to have enough students, I would bring down the price, and I carried out an advertisement that is more powerful than all my competitors, by adding services and benefits not found in theirs, and I did not stop advertising from the beginning to the end of academic year, and giving the tithe of all that came each day by financing evangelization materials and equipments and media, spreading testimonies from evangelization everywhere and massively inviting souls to the church; by living only for the gospel and the salvation of souls, practicing hospitality, and good towards all and especially to pastors and souls, by creating a newspaper of global evangelization from my first year of conversion, giving my testimony of conversion and evangelising everywhere, in schools, in universities, in prisons, in public places in each district, in the towns around, and this I did continuously from the first day of my conversion to date in creating new businesses for my own life and to finance the halls for preaching, for several announcements on television, radio, posters, prospectuses, the newspaper and other materials needed, and waiting for the souls who got converted in turn give their time providing support to the work of world evangelization. That is the purpose of the work.


What could be simpler when a Christian woman had the idea to make dèguè (a local kind of yogurt milk and millet), and sell it. From the beginning, she was already selling 100 bottles at 2 dollars per bottle a day. And 100 bottles would give at least 200 US DOLLARS per day, which gives 6000 US dOLLARS per month. With this revenue, this woman had sent her younger brothers to the United States. Another Christian woman who was deeply involved in the work of God in her gifts, tithes and offerings sold 300 to 400 bottles for about 3 dollars per bottle in all municipalities, which earned her about 800 USA DOLLARS a day, so in 10 days it is 8,000 USA DOLLARS, and within a month she was making 24,000 USA DOLLARS. With great benefits. Like another who is selling cakes at the Municipal college at Yopougon (a quarter of Ivory Coast), according to what people say, she is earning 24 DOLLARS approximately as profit per day and she uses half a bag of flour per day. And 24 USA DOLLARS per day gives about 700 dollars monthly with which she provides the secondary school fees of her children that she showed to me. She only needed to place before each institution a house maid or a cousin, if this same business is placed before 10 establishments, and if her income is the same in all the locations, she would have 300 DOLLARS per day, making 7000 dollars monthly. A young student met us and told us he wanted to sell frozen meat but he did not have enough money and we told him: "starts with what you have", we met about 8 months later to tell us that he now sells 500 cartons of frozen meat per day at approximately ONE DOLLAR as income per carton. He bought a carton at 9 US DOLLARS and sells at 10 dollars. Therefore, the 500 cartons bring in 500 dollars profit a day, which means 15,000 per month in one market. This is what he can do in all other domain of businesses that exist in Abidjan, in the villages and in the world at large, this is not with love of money but to support the work of God in tithes and offerings for salvation of souls, including helping others and giving them jobs. A woman who sells diverse foods and fruit juices said she sells about 300 dollars daily in the front of a college at Treichville (a quarter of Abidjan), and she made profit of approximately 80 US DOLLARS daily. There are methods of creating businesses from scratch which I would reveal to people who are already converted to Jesus Christ. God can also give each person great inspirations on this matter if that person is useful to him through conversion and committed to evangelism.
The young man who regretted for having given

A young man at the time of offering gave the sum of 500F CFA (About one USA Dollar) and had only his transport fare to return home. He later regretted bitterly for having done so, believing he had lost or made a mistake. But the same evening at home, his older sister who usually doesn't speak with him gave to him five thousand francs for no apparent reason. The next day, his uncle who was visiting the house gave him ten thousand francs, a sum that was very unusual to him. He went to church on Sunday and gave this testimony. Jesus told us to fear nothing. And also not to give a weak offering to God, but rather what has value.


As a carpenter, I had no customers, and moreover, I could not sleep. I met Reverend OKOU DJEDJE, he prayed for me and asked me to fast and be faithful to my tithes of all that I earn or receive, and not the tithe of what remains after expenses, and then I would see the overflowing of customers and financial release... Tithing is the 1 / 10 according to Malachi chapter 3 verses 7 to 12... After my fasting and giving of the tithe of what I had, I was at the same time delivered from insomnia and I received a contract of about 100 USA dollars. I gave five thousand (5,000) francs tithe. I bought the equipment with the rest of the amount and I did the work. After that, I received a contract about 2000 USA dollars and I gave the tithe without fear. I bought the equipments and I still had a lot of money left on me. Afterwards, I received a contract of a large number of computer tables, of office furniture and other important things which cost a total of about . I received an advance payment of 350,000 francs for the initial work. I gave the tithe of 1,500 US dollars and I made a free will offering of 100 US DOLLARS. To be successful, it is not enough to be smart or have degrees. You simply need to obey the word of God and also in your tithing and giving to God as it is written.

The carpenter from Abobo (A quarter in Ivory Coast)

A carpenter who had about 4 USA dollar in his pocket and decided to give about a cent at the time of offerings, later decided to give about 2 USA dollar upfront with courage as he listened to my preaching. The first week, he said he saw nothing, and he began to regret for having given his 2 DOLLARS. But the second week, he met a woman who gave him a contract of about 1,200 USA dollar of chairs and tables to make for her. This is the same man who used to have no customers and has never seen about 250 US dollars, and has never received a contract of 200 US DOLLARS. God says: "Put me to test ..."


The Engineer: I had my engineering degree and I sought for job without success. I was already attending an evangelical church but I came to the preaching of Reverend OKOU DJEDJE meeting. At a point he said: "you who pray and fast without success, I want you to carry out a higher fasting than what you normally do. If you used to do three days without food or drink, with courage, increase it a little as you can, and you will see a great freedom if you are in good standing on the Word of God, that is: doing away with sin, sanctification, tithes, evangelism, love towards your neighbor. At the end of preaching, I resolved to fast for five (5) days without eating or drinking. After this fast, I was called and employed as an engineer at the SOTRA (An Ivorian Transport service company) to a high position beyond my imagination. I who used to be in despair is now very happy today.
THE BAPTIST BROTHER: in the church attended, I used to do three days of fasting without food or water as in the case of Esther in the Bible, and even several times. One day I came to the preaching of OKOU DJEDJE and while he was preaching, he said through the word of knowledge that: "There are people who want to cut a large tree with a small knife by giving it small strikes. They will never achieve it. And when their problem remains, they would now begin to believe that it is God's trial for them. It is not true. They do not know what God told them to do when facing a situation even if they know his word sometimes about eternal salvation. Every level of any spiritual warfare must be higher than the level of attack that we receive. You must never engage in any battle at a lower level to the attack received or problem that we have. Prayer is a weapon, but fasting is the most powerful weapon in any persistent situation of any truly born again Christian or who is in good standing on the word of God. It is not enough to fast. All fasting are not the same. It is not enough to give to God. All giving are not the same. In the Bible, Cain also gave gift, Ananias and Sapphira also gave gifts to God, but Abel and others gave more. The amount or level of a thing matters in relation to the outcome. The longest fast in the Bible is 40 days and 40 nights, an act performed by Jesus and Moses, the longest prayer is the prayer that Jesus did throughout the night. The greatest gift is to give all that we have, and all of ones life for the person you love, and precisely for God whom we love, and this was done by the poor widow who gave all she had, and Jesus Christ who gave all his life and the faithful apostles and Christians in the days of Peter who gave all. There are diseases and blockages or problems or enemies that cannot be defeated except by effective prayer and fasting". Hearing the testimonies which OKOU DJEDJE gave and their immediate results, I decided to go on a seven days of fasting without food or water day and night. Note that you must fast according to your capacity and not with pride. When I finished the seven days, I experienced a breakthrough in business and with overflowing customers in my manufacturing and sales of shoes to many retailers to re-sell.

Jacqueline: it was after five days of fasting without food or drink that those whom I had asked money from and who were reluctant granted it to me. This allowed me to buy a freezer and to rent a house and to establish my business of selling cakes in front of a high school and it flourished very well. The months that followed, I met a true born again fiancée who married me.
Germain was retained in a competitive examination with very selective few places as he carried out the following instructions: three days of fasting without drinking or eating 3 months before the exam, he did the same fasting again at two months to the exam competition, and he did the same fast one month of the competition, then the same fast one week before the exam contest and the same fasting from the first day of the competitive exam until the third day of the exam. He was retained at once among the few chosen people. Note that he was in good standing as regarding other elements about the word of God and very involved in the work of God in the role he plays in the church...

Gnakouri: one day, I made the decision to equip the house fellowship prayer meeting places of the church with drums which cost about 14 US dollars for each of the meeting places. I was having only 14 US dollars to buy the first drums, while the 14 US dollars were supposed to be used to buy me a bag of rice and that was all that I had. When I bought the drums, that same evening, my older brother came to me and gave me 14 US dollars. My pastor saw me passed by and called me to give me five thousand 10 US dollars. A few days later, I had a dream in which I was told: "Make a fast of three (3) days and three (3) nights without eating or drinking and you'll no more struggle to see things accomplished." I made this fast and on the 3rd day, on Sunday, a founder of secondary school in my church approached me and gave me the post of an accountant and saving accounts manager of his College and High School. I am still holding this post till this day and my salary has allowed me to pay the bride price of the girl I wanted to marry.
Simon: I had nothing to eat. I was only having the tithes of former money kept, which is 20 US dollars, which I have kept to give to God as an offering the next Sunday service. At night, my wife told me that she was very hungry. I told her that there was nothing except the tithe. She said to me: "If this is the tithe of God, you don't need to touch it", because God said we are not to use it for ourselves. Doing so (spending tithes), invites poverty and creates blockages and problems which many have ignored. To obedient is the first battle in the area of material prosperity. The next morning, I walked to the evangelical church which I attended. I was so anxious for the offering time to arrive, so that I could get rid of this tithe by giving it, because the temptation to use it for myself was strong. The time came and I gave and I was at peace. On leaving the temple, a girl of the church called me and gave me about 2 cent for my transport home. On getting home, my uncle called me and told me to come take twenty-five thousand 50 US dollars, the next day, a friend whom I have asked money from some time ago, called me to pick up 100 US dollar, then another friend called and gave me 100 US dollar, the sum that I had requested. After that a friend financed my project to manufacture cosmetics.

I wanted to backslide because I asked God for a husband and I saw nothing. So while I thought on this, I had a dream from God. In the dream, I was with a sister in Christ and brothers, and we were going somewhere. At certain moment, the sister and I walked more slowly than the brothers who were in front of us. Suddenly, the sister in Christ told me she could not continue any longer and that she would stop there. And she stopped. This sister of my church had actually fallen from the faith a few days after the dream. But in the dream, I went alone without her. And suddenly, a mountain stood before me and I could not cross it. I did not know how to continue. But suddenly, I looked to my right and saw a bush. I went by this way, hoping to reach the brothers. After a few steps, there was a large hole that separated me from the other side. I could not cross it. So I could no longer continue, but I could not return. All of a sudden, miraculously, I found myself on the other side and I found the brothers in Christ who were waiting in a place. A woman was making cakes at this place and I ordered some cakes which were being fried. Suddenly a car appeared and has a beauty that could not be found on earth. The brothers in Christ and I watched the car ahead coming towards us.
The car stopped in front of us, then the driver came out and behold it was Rev OKOU DJEDJE. Without wasting time, he urged everyone to get in the car which was like a mini bus. All the brothers went in immediately, and as for me, I told him I was waiting for the cakes. OKOU DJEDJE told me in the dream to leave the cakes and to come into the car. I refused. He insisted. I refused again. And he went with the brothers who were in the car. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying: "Look at my servant." And I saw the Reverend OKOU DJEDJE who appeared well dressed in a coat. And the voice said: "He is to me a matter of pride and glory in the world.>> And the voice said again: "Look at my servant," and I saw the Reverend OKOU DJEDJE reappeared but this time, he wasn't dressed in coat and he was very skinny as a skeleton and you could see his ribs. And God said, "it is not because he lacked food but because he fast a lot, and this is why he is unshakable. And the voice said: "as for you, because of cakes, you'll lose everything." I told the dream to my brother, who advised me to meet the Reverend OKOU DJEDJE, who is not of my church. I did not do so.
A few days later I had another dream in which a girl told me: "There is a house in this city and whoever meets the man inside will have a solution to their problems. I told this girl to me show this house. And she indicated it to me far away. I walked and I saw a beautiful house and I wanted to enter. The girl shouted from afar: "That is not it, if you go in there you'll worsen your situation. And I went a little further ahead. I found another house. A girl stood before it. I told her: "They say there is a house where anyone who encounters the man in it, will have solutions to their problems. Is it here?" She replied in the affirmative. So I went in. When I arrived at the sitting room, I saw OKOU DJEDJE. I jumped in surprise. He asked: "What is your problem". And I awoke up. God respect fasting and one must have knowledge and revelation of solutions to problems and act accordingly in good conversion to be successful.
Ahua, a director of an enterprise
This young man who had just converted to Jesus Christ have had absolutely nothing, himself and the wife used to beg for about two cents for his food after each worship service. But the two held on, and prayed and fasted incessantly. One day, the brother had a dream in which he sold cosmetics. When he woke up, he told this to his wife and she said: "If the dream is from God, do it." The following days, he sold whatever he could sell his house and he obtained the sum of fifty thousand about 120 USA dollars to finance the cosmetics business. . He took the 100 US dollar, bought the cosmetic products and placed a table at the entrance to the market of Koumassi (a quarter of Abidjan in Ivory Coast). And his commerce began to increase until he had shop and he began to manufacture several cosmetic products in large quantities and he had customers flowing and he started earning one million francs daily during a national exposition of cosmetic products. He used to be a man who lacked everything for life. But now his activities has increased and his income too.


In accordance with actual and biblical testimonies of what Jesus did for men, to be healed or delivered or other, for every other solutions that man seek for and for salvation, follow these rules :
1- Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Say, for instance, "Lord Jesus, I accept you as my saviour ...."
2- Repent confessing all your sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, make your confession like this: "Lord Jesus, forgive me all my sins, sins of sex before marriage and outside marriage, of masturbation, theft ..., because in my life, I have sinned, I have stolen, I lied, I consulted witch doctors... "(Name all the sins that you once committed and ask forgiveness from Jesus).
3- Ask Jesus Christ to heal you or solve the problem that you have. Example say: "Lord Jesus, I pray you heal me, deliver me from disease, pain, unemployment, debt ..."
4- Use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out all evil spirits which causes you to suffer or the sins you have committed. For example, you should strongly address the demons like this: "You demons of illness, bewitchment, witchcraft, unemployment, poverty, of sex outside marriage ... Get out of my life in the name of Jesus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus ... (you should pray often as much as you can and drive the demons each time).
5- Believe that you're healed or that God has answered your prayers and thank Jesus Christ for having healed you, for Jesus Christ said "whatever you ask in my name, believe that you have received it and you will have them". Example say "Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, and for solving my problems, thank you Lord Jesus Christ."
6- Now, begin to put in action the things you are looking for, if it is a job, go and deposit your applications for jobs, if it's for healing, let a true pastor or a true Christian lay hands on you and pray for you casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's for a reconciliation, meet the person or the leader in charge.
7- Carry out a fast, if you think the subject or the problem you are having is serious, especially since the Lord Jesus said that there are demons that won't come out of man except by fasting and prayer, and thus there are problems that are resolved only through fasting and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Fasting for 3 days without food or drinking day and night 24 hours over 24 hrs is biblical and very effective. But you're free to choose the days of your fasting and may go from one to 40 days praying without ceasing. You could go for 3 days without food or drink day and night if the subject is important and that hands should be laid on you and pray for you. If it persists, you could try another much longer fasting drinking after the first 3 days without eating day and night depending on the number of days that you have chosen and that Christians pray for you. See the biblical example of Esther etc...
8- Pray without ceasing, perseveres in prayer, wake up a little early every morning and pray for at least an hour without stopping and drive out the demons as in number 4 mentioned above. Do the same every night before bed. Ask God every time in your prayers for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and for spiritual qualities such as kindness, joy, love, patience, temperance, gentleness, etc... Abandon all your weaknesses, all malice, all bad characters, any hatred toward anyone.
9- Now abandon all sin and live a sinless life and be full of kindness, even toward your enemies, be without blemish, and do not commit and do not think of any evil. Abandon all sin (sexual sin, masturbation, sex outside marriage, occult fetishism, other religion, other belief, forsake other conceptions that go against the bible), including worldly music, sinful dances, hatred in politics, thoughts and other thing that opposes God's word ...
10- Read through the Bible, preferably starting with the New Testament from beginning to the end without skipping any page to find information and so as not be deceived, then reads the Old Testament. To know what to do or what not to do, and the whole word of God, read or listen to current testimonies of what Jesus did for men in the area of healing, deliverance, protection, power, success, employment, marriage and others. Read or listen to messages that took place prior to your conversion or your absence, know what the Bible says from beginning to end, and make documentation, catching up to have the same level as those people you met during your conversion and even grow better than them.
11- Invite everyone, parents, non-Christians to Jesus Christ, to the church by testimonies and other strategies. Do not be indifferent to their non-conversion, their sins, their problems, their views as regarding eternal life ... evangelize by inviting all to Jesus Christ, to the church every member of your family, your neighbours, your colleagues, and anyone...
12- Concentrate on the things of God: conversion of souls away from sin, love for every man and kindness to them for their conversion, be perfect and be very active for God and for yourself in evangelism, and at work, in creativity and in search for job. So be active, be creative in spiritual, material and economic works, and never prefer the work of the world more than God's work and don't fall in love of money and riches of this world except for the need of money for essential daily life needs and for everything that is useful and for the financing of God's work. Then God will bless you greatly and you will want nothing and nothing can overcome you as long as you continue.
13- Live for Jesus Christ and for his Gospel in the world and be sure that you will not want anything and that nobody can defeat you unless you sin and live in sin. Therefore, repent immediately from every sin you have committed inadvertently, but never sins voluntarily, for anyone who sins is of the devil, says the Lord Jesus. And God does not answer the prayers of sinners.
14- Never doubt nor fear. If fears and doubts should come, say this: "Thou spirit of doubt and fear, you are defeated in Jesus' name, go out of my life, and never come back again, and you have no power .... I know that Jesus Christ has heard my prayers..."
15- Ask all things to the Father in Jesus' name. Jesus said "Whatever you ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours" and he said: "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Do not be afraid ... let your needs be made known only to Jesus Christ.
16- Support and financially give for the work of God in tithes and offerings and voluntary donations according to the needs of the church and of work. If you want to be blessed materially, be faithful in your tithe and your free will offering but worthy and of value to support the work of God and world evangelization, and not superfluous.



First, do what we have said about conversion to Jesus Christ and deliverance. In effect, you need to first be delivered from evils, curses, spirit of failures, lack of success, impoverishment, ruin and debt or other obstacles related to witchcraft, bewitchments, curses and evil spirits, before seeking employment or establishing a business. Then, as regarding physical acts to carry out; do the following:
carry out the steps of the job you're looking for in this way, if you know that your life is in good standing with Jesus Christ, that is to say the Word of God, faith, holiness, evangelism, tithing and offering , love of neighbor, prayer, necessary fasting, spiritual warfare.

Case of applications for jobs or paid employees or how to get a job safely


- First of all, you need to be trained in a field of employment or business or be trained beside someone who already has the job you are seeking for. If you want to receive job, make employment requests in your community, your town, then out of your city, in your country both in public and in private sectors and particularly in relation to your training.

- Make as many applications as there are places in the private sector and among individuals. As regards to the public service, submit your applications in the places indicated and introduce yourself to all competitive exams for your public training; if there are 100 places in private or among individuals, e.g. 100 pharmacies in your town, submit 100 applications, 10 applications per day at least and file such applications gradually as you write them, until the 100 pharmacies in your town are identified, do not forget any; that is to say, every place of employment (Matthew 7 / 7) "...."

- After that, you can also make application requests for the pharmacies that are in other cities outside of your city of residence, look for transportation to go and deposit your applications in other cities, then to all the quarters of your city, or, send these letters of job requests by post, or make them pass through someone who is in the city, by bus stations or by coincidence or by mailing. One thing is certain, you must not stop to file your applications in other places or you need to often return for results and negotiations even if those places are hesitant or unwilling. Gradually, as you discover new places, you have to deposit it or apply, and when you see new people that go to the places where you can not go immediately, you give them the message to transmit your applications where you need it.

- you should as you gradually deposit your applications, meet with policy makers, the real bosses of the different places and make friends or get acquainted with the people without sinning.

- If a manager refuses, keep good relations with him saying often that you will pass until there is possibility of being taken; or return there again based on his date of recruitment. Never go away from him disappointed, angry or furious. Consider it an appointment, even if you know you'll see elsewhere. You have to leave your contact with him and return there again according to the date he indicated to you. Keep the contact but do not wait long, go look elsewhere, and return there again occasionally. Do the both. You'll have a job. Remember the faith, holiness, prayer, evangelism, fasting, and finally the total and quantitative approaches as described above.

Cases of voluntary work while waiting for employment or cases of free assistance in a neighbors business, or how to get employed through friendship or how to be useful.


If you have filed applications everywhere you have met with each of the boss in-charge of the premises and you have not yet been employed, and while you prepare for all competitive exams, instead of sitting doing nothing, choose one of these places and meet the manager and tell him that while you may one day be taken at his place or elsewhere, tell him that you are ready to work as a volunteer, that is say freely, and to be useful in other areas such as advertising, approaches, or others according to a job available, insists on your free service. Preferably, choose to work freely or temporarily especially in places of work that costs nothing because of transport cost. When he takes you, be very competent and imaginative and often give her or him accounts of your activities and make proposals for more favorable results. Be persistent and patient, but keep an eye on other places where you have filed your applications which you expect results. Pray that God prospers the enterprise and that he touches the heart of the directors and that he supports you. He will do it, and will make things even more unexpected. If he did not give you what you seek for yet and you have called elsewhere, inform him before leaving. You will be more efficient by the experience you have gained from him. If you are dynamic, not greedy, that you fear God, nobody will be before you. Note also that helping freely a person in his business pending the outcome of your applications, is a mark of kindness that God expects from you if you want others to be kind towards you, and also it will save you from wandering. never remain idle physically, and evangelize constantly wherever you are, and this with good methods. Seeking employment or success must always go with holiness, goodness and with unceasing evangelization. God could because of you, like Joseph in the Bible, bless this place where you work freely in a dynamic way and you can be employed and be paid, and even be appointed and become an officer. Your kindness, your love towards the person in-charge of the place must be indisputable, as well as in external services that you do for him through your ideas and your availability in any field for the existence and profitability of the company.

Case of proposing your idea and your services to a person with means or how to be recruited quickly.


Assuming that you wants to create an entreprise or a highly profitable business but you have no financial means, or employment, or help to implement it, make a list of people you know who you are closed to and who have sufficient resources for this activity. Meet these people one after another as long as you do not have a favorable result from the first ones. Make Suggestions to each of these persons to create this business so that you could make it function for them, the proposal that you suggest to him is a friendship that you are building. The person will have your confidence. So instead of waiting in vain for the finances for years doing nothing, or waiting for the personal money that is slow to come, because you can not find a financier, your ideas and services offered to the person who has the means will give you a well paid job even if the company is not for you. You should therefore necessarily first do investigation on something that works so indisputable and its method of making it prosper, its price, its type, quality, advertising, distribution, types of employees and others, even if you have no money, and suggests this business to someone who is converted, because he is working for God, and offers him your services if you see that you do not funding or if he does not want to give you. Your money are your ideas and your kindness, your non-selfishness and your non-wickedness, then you will not be jobless and you will see money, because every man with salary or with few resources is an entrepreneur who is unaware of himself and who can only be discovered by you. There is thus employment for all. This is what God calls: there shall be no pauper among thee. Moses worked for Jethro, Jacob for Laban, Joseph for Pharaoh by offering freely to him his service so that they will not experience hardship.


- Have all courses which focus on tests
- Learn the entire contents of all courses by heart that which deserves to be learned by heart.
- Be able to answer all questions that will be asked on each topic of the courses and of course against which progress represents responses.
- Handle all the exercises or all the subjects given in relation to each lesson, and check your results or if your answers match the answers or solutions to corrections given.
- Have a book then of subjects or exercises and their corrections to treat each topic without looking at the previous solution.
- Have the tests and examination and of the competitive exams of previous years, especially the last 2 or 3 years, and treat them, and see the corrections.
- Do not go to the examination without knowing anything about these things and without working analog and digital recording without exercise, or without knowing what the test is
- After good conversion and good deliverance, make a dry fast only for the examination or the concurrence for two (2) to three (3) days if you can or more, ask Jesus Christ to help you pass this examination or the competition by giving you all the documents and courses which focus on the test, to make you remember them by heart and by a good memory; by inspiring you to write according to the question, to make you better than your competitors and to cause your name to appear in the list of the admitted; to make the correction in favor of what you wrote without any evil thought coming over them; to cause no one to takes your place of admission into the examination or contest exams because of dishonesty which is in most competitive exams and which consist of excluding candidates to act dishonestly, by complicity or corruption of those who announce the admitted ones.
- Take seriously the revelations of dreams, the advice of teachers and those who have succeeded, etc..
- Before each test, anytime of memory lapse, you should pray during the examination or the competitive exams and ask Jesus Christ to help you in what you should do or write; he will do it; but First of all, be a good Christian: a believer in Jesus Christ as Savior, having abandoned all sins, evangelizing and inviting all people to Jesus Christ, to be faithful in your tithe and offering of everything that you get even as gift, this will not impoverish you, quite the contrary.
- God may even show you in a dream, or on the advice of a man talking on his part or by giving you the inspiration needed during the competition.
- If you can, identify the competitive exams which are at your level and below and be candidates in all competitive exams of the year in your country that you can master the test in the same year. You'll get a job and you can continue your studies and even enroll in higher level exams.
- Be candidate in exams on your level and lower level.
- Failure to succeed in an exam is not because God is not powerful, but may be they are due to factors that we have cited and which you lacked over other candidates who are certainly brighter than you, or who are better prepared or better adapted to the tests or who have been selected automatically due to be protected from organizers, policymakers and other stakeholders.
- But God will give you a job more profitable with greater wealth if you live in Jesus Christ and if you do his will. he will give you the stations of activities that you will carry out well with dynamism, even if you work under the authority of a person, God will cause you to own the same activity, or to create many more activities that he will bring to you or even inspire you and he will give you the means.
- At the outset, during your exams and competitive exams, look for jobs in your level that you can do, and creates parallel business activities, be it through an intermediary. And that do whatever comes into your mind, just as God says in the Bible, in Ecclesiastes Chapter 11.



1-The choice of business: The activity must be a massive need of the population, it must be something that men need; something very much in demand and consumed by the population. Do not mount a business that men do not really need. You must choose what works now or what people need.
2 - Quality: what you sell, or offer must be of good quality and well presented, it counts.
3 - Its location: the activity must be well situated in full population or in a commercial area that is largely visited by those in needs or at a center of the city, town or neighborhood and easily accessible to by all.
4 - The price: it must be the lowest or one of the lowest in place.
5 - Advertising or information: there should be much publicity of the goods in everyplace or in the whole neighborhood, in the whole city, everyone must know where to find it and you should go to people for information or for a strong presentation and the possible ways of payment.
6 - Tithing: Tithing of all income must be dedicated to God, by giving it to the church. Tithing is the 1 / 10 of what you earn; it must be delivered to the church, besides the freewill offerings, to support the work of God. This will bring much blessings and overflowing customers and business protection against any competition, any enemy and all evils. Know that when you accept Jesus Christ, you are already consecrated to God and all that you have is for God's work, of course if you love God. This is not to destroy, but it is not being greedy if you will be blessed. Give tithes and offerings without ever deceiving God as it is written in the Bible in Malachi 3 / 7 to 12.
7 - Multiplication: the company must be represented or multiplied in all the municipalities or districts or across the country, or in all areas gradually as it succeeds in the first place ...
8 - The consecration of the company to GOD


MARTHE: - A Queen of witchcraft and Clairvoyant Priestess delivered by Jesus Christ.
The reality of supernatural things which the bible spoke about: Angels and the protection of Christians against all witches and enemies. Luke 10:17-19
"I was a queen of witchcraft from my region. To get to this position, it has to take a spiritual warfare with the former queen of the witches that existed before you and to kill her and to drink from her skull. Apart from been the leader of a great group of witches, I was also a clairvoyant (a seer). At night I kill and name who is going to deliver his parent to us, and in the day, I play the role of a clairvoyant priestess, very well consulted by all those who don't know that the witches and the charlatan is the same person in two different times of the day. All those who come to me for consultations come to receive curses and demons while they believe they have received solutions to their problems. Whenever any man wants to become successful, I would say to my self "Am I successful myself? If am not, do you think you could receive success here". In fact, when a man goes to consult a fetish priest, it is not the fetish man that heals the person. The fetish priest only meets with the witches to negotiate with them by saying "This man came to see me, and he gave to me money, I beg you leave him for a moment and later on you witches could take him." It is the witches that are sustaining you that will also hand you over for a moment. I had given evil things to my customers who believed the things are good charms. At night, I was a witch, and during the day I turned to be a charlatan. During the night, as a queen, my disciples carry me on a royal chair while they sang. As queen for many years, until one day while I sat at my home, and I saw two Christians coming towards me. They were two, but each of them had by their sides two great powerful beings, which are totally different from the spirits in our world. They are Angels, each of them holding a sword. I was seeing two real human beings and four angels that accompanied them. When my genies, my demons saw them, they fled and entered the house. I was afraid and I fled. I entered into the house. My demons were trembling and said to me: "Do not leave us, for if you leave, with whom will you leave us with"? Few moments later, I thought the Christians had gone and I came out. I came face to face with them outside because they were waiting for me thinking I had entered the house and to come out. They told me: "we have come to speak to you about Jesus Christ." It is then I became sure that they were Christians. Not been able to support the presence of these angels, I said:" I believe in God already", I said this to keep them away. They said to me:" Yes, but now you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour". I quickly said: "I understand". They left. Then I made a search and discovered that they were from a particular Evangelical church, because we the witches know that there are churches where we could carry out whatever we want, and there are also true churches especially the Pentecostals. There are people who call themselves Christians and who go to church and say they are Christians also, and we the witches could kill them. I decided to kill one of the Christians who came to see me. I went to his home, I took a spring chicken from his compound, I then invited all my groups of witches to the tree where we do tie our victims and kill them. And we killed the chicken in his name and did all we know to cause him to die. The next day, instead of the Christian, it is one of our members that died. My disciples became afraid and left the city for the village. I went to the Christian's place to see what was happening and I saw the angels escorting him. And when my demons saw the angels, they fled. I saw the Christian coming out of his car; laughing, he came forward to me to shake my hands and I fled. The truth is that, no witch can harm a real Christian. In addition to my failures and humiliations, one day, I had a dream where there was a great hole where many people are weeping, and on the other side I saw the Christians and they were rejoicing. And I heard a voice saying: "If you stop witchcraft practice and accept Jesus Christ, you shall be where those ones are rejoicing, if you don't, you shall be in Hell fire where the others are suffering". When I woke up, a demon was close to me and begged me in these words saying: "Do not depart from us". I decided one day to visit the church of these Christians. From afar, I could see an angel by every Christian. Except for those living in sin. When one of the Christians called me, it was the angel that was beside him that called me. They carried out the same gesture. I sat down in the church. The pastor was preaching. I saw an angel close to him, and the angel was making the same gesture and moving his lips with the same rhythm as the pastor while saying the same thing like him as he preached; and behind the pastor, I saw Jesus as blood flowed from him. At the end of the service, I went to the pastor and I would not let him know I am a witch, I told him: "Pastor, I am clairvoyant and there is a witch who wants to kill a member of your church". The pastor said to the Christians: "come and pray for this woman, she is a witch". When the Christians were saying: "In the name of Jesus Christ, demons come out of this woman…" I trembled and shook, and the demons cried out through my mouth. They prayed for me until I was totally delivered, but I needed to fast so that they could cast out the dragon with six head, which my grand mother gave to me during my initiation when they caused me to eat the heart of a man. On the day of my complete deliverance, I was filled with Joy >>.


A high level sorcerer learned one day that a girl in the village was a Christian and a virgin and refused all advances from men because, she said, she will never involve in sexual intercourse with any man before marriage. This information led the sorcerer who decided to approach her, what he did. He made advances which she refused. He returned home and said, "What one can not obtain by words, one could obtain it by money." He took a note of 20 USA Dollars which he bewitched, saying: "if she takes the money, it means that she accepted me." He went to her home, he remade his advances and before leaving, he handed the money to her. The girl said, "You perish with your money." Then he became angry and decided to kill her. One day seeing her going to the farm, he transformed himself into a snake and went along to the bite. He hid in the grasses. When the girl arrived a few paces from him, she began to sing a Christian song. Suddenly, he saw that out the mouth of this girl who sang, came flames of fire, which surprised him. He then crept back into the grasses and let her pass. He returned home and in the evening, he left his body and went into the bedroom of the girl late at night to kill her. Coming close to her, he saw a fire around the girl. He tried to bypass it, but the fire increased to envelope the girl. He tried to overcome it but the fire rose higher. He tried to force his way by daring to cross the fire but could not. He insisted when he saw a man come out between the girl and the fire and appear before him saying: "why do you want to kill me? " He replied: "it's not you I want to kill, is this girl I want to kill." The man said, "If you want to kill her, which means it's me you want to kill." The sorcerer grew annoyed and said: "Who are you to defend her? " And the Being who appeared to him replied: "I am the God who saves and the God who judges". Immediately the witch fell and lost all power, all strength. He could not go back home into his body. He began to beg the Being, asking him to allow him to return to his home into his body for dawn was approaching, and if he does not return before the women swept the yard, he would die. He begged that being to give him for the last time his strength to go home. The being then granted his request. He returned home. The next day, he asked his cousin: "Who is the God who saves and the God who judges?" His cousin said: "It is Jesus." Since that day he was converted to Jesus Christ and became a Christian, and even became a Pastor.


Emmanuel Eni ex - World President of witchcraft, fetish, occult, mystic who presides over the international conference of witches held in South Africa, and was delivered by Jesus - Christ, and author of the book "Delivered from the Powers of Darkness" published by "Word of life", narrated: " A true Christian is not recognized by the fact that he carries a Bible or by the number of meetings he has attended" (note that there are false Christians and also false churches, false religions and false conceptions, and real Christians). The true Christian is known by the spiritual light that shines continuously like a very bright candle in his heart or as a circle of light around his head or as a wall of fire all around him. When a Christian moves, we see many angels around him. One on his left and the other on the right hand side and another behind him. Because of this, it is difficult for us to go close to him. The only way to get him is to cause the Christian to fall into sin, which opens a door through which we can enter. When a Christian is driving a car and we want to hurt him, we always see that he is never alone in the car. There is always an angel by his side. It is written: << A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come near thee >> (Psalms 91 / 7). There was a pastor full of the Holy Spirit, Whenever he knelt down to pray, he would throw confusion into the camp of the enemy, sorcerers or others. To destroy him, we sent girls to him. This man agreed to feed them but refused to be drawn into sin. They did everything they could, but they did not succeed. Consequently, these girls were put to death because they failed. So, I then transformed into a woman. I went to see him and I used all sorts of words, I tried to seduce him, but he was adamant. This was too much for me and I decided to kill him physically. One day, the pastor went to the market at Oduekpe Street (in Nigeria). I followed him closely and when he stopped to buy some products, by the power of my will I wheeled off a trailer loaded with drums of oil and caused it rush into the market where this man was. The trailer truck went to knock down a high tension electricity pole and rolled over in the market killing many people, but the pastor escaped death. Another day I saw him walk towards the town of N'kpor (A town in Nigeria). Again, by my will power, I directed an army truck loaded with yams passing on the road to kill him. The truck went straight into the street of a new cemetery, killing many people, but the pastor was again spared. After this second attempt, we left him. He is still alive. "It is written: "at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth" (Philippians 2 / 10). Emmanuel Eni relates the case of another pastor of a church at Ebuhe Mea in Nigeria whom he wanted to eliminate when this pastor was walking somewhere. He said: "I commanded rain to fall and the thunder to rumble. Suddenly the trees began to lose their branches. And this pastor began to sing a song that says "in name of Jesus every knee will bow." As he continued to sing this song, the rain stopped, the thunder rumbling stopped and immediately two angels appeared one on his right and one to his left with a flaming sword in their hands. Their eyes and their swords were like flames of fire. Then a strong wind blew and carried me away... "Because of a Christian, the devil may decide to destroy many people thinking he could kill him, but he always fails. These things happened to many Christians without their knowledge. Their God has always protected and delivered them. The problem is that the devil does not give up. He always thinks he will perhaps succeed someday, but he will never succeed as long as the Christian walks in the love of God and remains in him and so long he does not get entangled in the affairs of this life. The devil can never succeed regardless of its violence and its efforts. Only the faithless or the sinner belongs to him. Jesus said to his true disciples, the real Christians <<…nothing shall by any means hurt you>> (Luke 10:19). There was a young Christian man who loved going about testifying about his conversion and his deliverance. He did much evil in the spiritual world (witchcraft, mystical and others), because of this, I decided to go after him personally. One day, he was driving in a luxury coach to Lagos. He went to a meeting where he would give his testimony. So when the bus was travelling at high speed, I used my will power to get him off the road. That's what happened. The bus crashed against a tree. All the passengers died, with the exception of the young convert. It was really miraculous because he came out of the vehicle through the car boot and began to shout: " I am free, I am free". We wanted to prevent him from testifying, but we failed. "You're the apple of my eye" says God. There was a young Christian, he was very zealous and started distributing Gospel tracts inside the bus. When he handed me a tract I refused. Then he began to preach the gospel to me. It began to bother me, so I hit him with the ring I wore on my finger with intention to kill him. He shouted: << the blood of Jesus! ". Immediately, there was lightning, thunder and an angel appeared and a strong wind pushed me forcefully out of the bus...
(they must have noticed my disappearance from the bus).

Chantal: I had just been converted to Jesus Christ and I went to the village. When I arrived, I fell ill and I knew it was an attack. I began to pray, but the sickness persisted. One day I had a dream and I saw my aunt who came into my room with men, and in the dream she told the men: "I told you long ago to kill this girl, you told me to wait. Now she has joined their church, we can do nothing." And the group went out. And I woke up. When I knelt down to pray, whenever I closed my eyes I saw my aunt blowing a white powder in my direction and I lost all strength, and I could not pray. I tried several times without having the strength to pray due to tiredness and sleep took me off. Then I decided to carry out a fast for 3 days and 3 nights without food or drink day and night. On The 3rd day, my aunt complained that some invisible people were beating her. Towards evening, she spread a mat near the house, she slept on it, and she died.


Since my conversion, after several years of atheism, I wanted to be healed from a pain I had suffered for at least 14 years continuously. Then I went to an Evangelical Crusade where I was invited. I saw the lame walk, the blind see and other miracles taking place. They prayed for me. But to say the truth, I was not healed. But I wanted to be healed really, quickly and completely like the lame that I saw walking, the blind who saw and whose parents rejoiced. I came home, and reading the Bible, I read that one day, the disciples of Jesus who did many miracles could not healed a lunatic child. And when they asked Jesus why they could not deliver this child, Jesus replied: "this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer." Then I said, the kind of pain in my shoulder blade can only go out by fasting and prayer to God in the name of Jesus or directly to Jesus Christ. But to start with, I knew that before all, I have to abandon all sins. I then fasted for three days without eating or drinking and I was prayed for, but I was not healed. I told myself: "Jesus fasted for forty days, then the maximum is forty, so I have only done three days out of forty days, So in the next two weeks, I have to carry out a 5 days fast without food or water, that is what I did and I felt better. I was quite cured, but I still felt a slight pain, but I wanted to feel completely healed. then I told myself: " I'm going to do fourteen days of fasting with the first 3 days without eating or drinking, day and night and other days by drinking only water but without food day and night; and if I am not healed, I will return to zero and I will do twenty-one days of fasting, beginning with the first three days dry without food or water. And if I am not healed, I'll carry out a thirty days fast after the same manner, and if I'm still not healed, I will do forty days. If I am not cured after forty days, then I could only jeopardize these words of Jesus that says "there are demons that can only come out by fasting and prayer." After five days of dry fasting, I did two weeks later and I made the fourteen days of fasting as I have said. When I did it, I was completely cured. I found no need to continue.

The medical doctor

a doctor who had about 20 US dollar in his pocket ( a note of 5,000 francs and a note of 2,000 francs), who wanted to give two thousand (2,000) francs (about 4 US DOLLARS ) decided to changed his mind and gave the note of five thousand (5,000) francs (about 10 US dollars). Then, at the end of worship, on the road to his house, an idea occurred to him to return to the hospital. He found at the door of the hospital a patient seeking a doctor to issue a medical certificate of thirty thousand (30,000) francs (about 60 US dollar) and did not find one at this time which was not a working hour. The doctor issued it and gained 60 us dollars. The following days, he had 3 successive requests to issue 3 medical certificates.

The brother from Abobo: Following the pastor's sermons on the tithe and offerings and giving to God, as an instrument of attracting great blessing and recipes of financial miracles, I made a donation of five thousand (5,000) francs (about 10 US dollars) to God during offerings time. It was all that I had, for God asked us to put him to test and we will see what he will do, so gave it. The next morning, my mother woke me up and gave me fifty thousand (50,000) francs (100 US dollars). In the same week, Just as the brother from Kumasi gave an offering to God of 14 US DOLLARS, which he had reserved for his New Year celebration on the first of January, and the next day he received 80,000 francs (about 160 US DOLLARS) from one of his parent. This is real and you only need to put God to test.

The insurer: I had a house which I gave out for renting at the cost of one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) francs (about 250 US dollars) per month, and the tenant would not pay and he also did not want to quit the house either despite all my efforts to put him out. One day I made a donation of a free will offering of one hundred thousand (100,000) francs (200 US dollars) to God outside my tithe. The same week, the tenant released my house, and another tenant took it for two hundred thousand (200,000) francs (about 400 US dollars) per month, the following days, I had enough money to buy a Mercedes instead of my first car.

The student: I had in all seventy-five (75) francs (about a CENT) in my pocket at the time of offerings and this was all that I had. I hesitated between giving or not at the time of offerings. Finally I gave it. Coming back to the hostel, an acquaintance gave me five thousand (5,000) francs (about 10 US DOLLARS and in the same week, I was called to receive a favorable scholarship for my PHD which I had requested. A scholarship award of more than 300 000 francs (about 600 US dollars) which I received.


The brother who threw his ENVELOPE

One brother had a dream in which he was holding an envelope containing his monthly salary and he threw it away, and maggots were coming out of the discarded envelop. The days following, his elder sister fell ill and he took her to clinic, then his mother fell ill and he also led her to the clinic. And the two (2) patients ruined him. Then he took some credit that plunged him into debt until his dismissal from his job. Before this dream, and especially the discovering of the disease from those 2 family members whose charges were on him and are not getting healed, he was to fast at least three (3) days without drinking or eating, and these people would be healed by simple tablets or by nothing at all. For his money was what the enemy targeted. Whenever any problem persists, carry out a fast.

A brother had a dream in which the older sister of his wife snatched his money which he was holding, and threw it in the grasses, and the money disappeared into the grasses. A few days later he was fired from his job. Then he and his wife made a fasting for three (3) days without drinking or eating to ask God why he was sent away from his work. His wife had a dream where she saw the elder sister torturing her finger. When she woke up, she realized it was the finger that she wore her wedding ring. The brother having had this bad dream, decided to fast for at least three (3) days without drinking or eating, or increase it to 5 to 7 days and to meet his boss or the bosses or the appropriate person and negotiate properly. He must negotiate like Esther before the king in the Bible. After the dismissal, the brother met OKOU DJEDJE who told him how to do the fasting and other things; and was later on recalled back to work within two (2) months that followed. And God knows that what I am saying is true.


Divine Dream according to God, is a means to show man hidden things and it is one way to talk to people and make known his will. So God also answers questions put to him and reveals the danger or enemy that threatens humans, and shows him what to do, including the Bible and by testimony or advice from others that he had chosen. Thus, a brother saw in a dream a dog eating a lot of money in his briefcase. The dog ate this money like an animal eating grass. The brother drove it away and while the dog left, he saw that it was his mother. After this dream, this brother who had two great successful big businesses began to have huge problems until he was completely ruined and was in debt, and penniless. The brother, after the dream or the beginning of his problems was to engage in multiple fasting always to a higher level and to repeat the fasting it if the problem remains; and to forsake all sins and paying his tithes and offerings effectively to be used in the work of God. Then God said: "I will rebuke the devourer of your property". Malachi 3 / 7 to 12.


A girl who prospered in her business of dry cleaning, one day saw in a dream a man who had a large wound that smelled bad. Since that day, all his business tumbled down and was plunged into a debt of 2 months of outstanding rent not paid. He had to react by fasting, tithing and living a holy life and other actions such as advertising, price revision and others.
Monique was selling cakes when she saw herself one day in a dream selling rice. This is what she did exactly when she had a saving of hundred and seventy-five thousand (165,000) francs by moving to a market of Cocody (a quarter in Ivory Coast). This enabled her to gradually purchase two (2) plots of land and constructed a two (2) storey buildings at Plateau Dokui (A district in Abidjan).
The woman who sold degue (locally made yoghourt from millet):
She received the revelation to sell degue. During a sermon by the Rev. OKOU DJEDJE which he demonstrate HOW GOD COULD REVEAL TO MAN WHAT BUSINESS TO DO ECONOMICALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY so as to come out of joblessness and failure immediately, this woman applied a method presented by Rev. OKOU DJEDJE and seeing the production of the food (degue cream milk and millet) in a dream, went one to do the business and to market it; God confirmed it. With this degue that one could start with ten miles (10 000) francs, she now sells more than 300 bottles of degue a day, which one bottle cost 1,500F (about 4 US dollars) a bottle, which gives more than three hundred thousand (300 000) francs per day according to the method of mass distribution.


When I got converted; I heard a loud voice in a dream saying: "Now we will show you that no witch can harm you." Immediately, I saw a lot of people which sensed around me as being witches. I felt no effect and I smiled. But suddenly in my head I told myself: "What proves that they can do nothing against me." At that thought, my head became hot and I screamed "the name of Jesus!" And they all fell down and disappeared. At the same time I found myself in the dream somewhere in a mystic lodge at Yopougon (a quarter of Abidjan in Ivory Coast). And I saw people running and entered the lodge. And the same voice said: "They are going to invoke Satan." I said: "Father, stop them from invoking Satan", but my prayer had no effect. Suddenly my prayer turned into invoking the name of Jesus, and I shouted: "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!. " Immediately, all those who had entered the lodge came out fleeing. In fact, Jesus said:" In my name, you shall cast out demons. "

A few months after my conversion, I decided to create a newspaper to denounce all the works of the devil in the world about witchcraft, fetishism, the occult, mysticism, magic and other sins, and show how to overcome them by the supreme power of God in Jesus Christ.

But here before the first issue, I wanted to renounce everything. I was only about 9 months of conversion and pagan people gave me wrong advises. So I said to God: "Lord is this newspaper really necessary? " "Can't I serve you otherwise?" One evening while I thought on this matter, I opened the Bible and I came across a passage where God says: "If you do not want to serve in abundance, then in want you shall serve me. (Deuteronomy 28 / 15-64). I was in abundance, seeing I had no great needs and for I was earning between five hundred thousand (500 000) francs (1000 USA dollars) and more than one million (1000 000) francs in certain days at least weekly in those days. But I continued to ask God in this struggle in my mind. One day, after a kind of prayer, in a dream I saw my Pastor at that time stood before me and was in a very angry mood and he shouted: "THE LORD has given you a WORK, YOU ARE NOT DOING IT, HE WILL FORSAKE YOU IF YOU DON'T DO IT, HE WILL FORSAKE YOU IF YOU DON'T DO IT!..." And he disappeared and I woke up instantly. I said to God: Thy will be done. "From that day, nothing could stop me and nothing stops me, except for better organization of things, and as regarding the funding, God assured him for life., including the inspiration of things to publish.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... Then ask the unbelievers: And who are suddenly blind to the miracles of Jesus Christ and who say that the number of fingers presented to them and the lame who walk, do they see or walk while you see them or do they walk or are they real? Anyone who sees them can't doubt that they saw or walk when they give testimonies. Jesus healed and this really is not an illusion or a mere psychological feeling or thought. Others believe that Jesus healed the sick today and he can heal the sick, but they do not believe when we say that Jesus healed a man who had AIDS, because for them it is an assertion and even exaggerated by so-called enlightened people and are liars because no one can cure a man with AIDS since the disease is incurable, and this virus is indestructible, and yet the HIV patients are been healed of the virus and delivered by Jesus Christ after test and all those who gave testimony.

Founder of the world wide newspaper
"The denouncer of the world and of the darkness"
Former professor of philosophy and atheist psychology; delivered by Jesus Christ and today, an Apostle of the power and the word of Jesus in the world.


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