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No 9


Several Muslims declare:
It is the Koran that evangelized me
What the Koran says and which is against the Bible.
What the Koran says and which led the Muslims to become Christians.
Personal experiences of Muslims with Jesus Christ and The end of Doubt and controversial debates.

In the Bible, God says: "You shall not kill."
In the Koran Allah says: "you can kill to defend yourself and you can kill for God's sake".
In the Bible God says: "One man for one woman"
In the Koran Allah says: "You can marry up to 4 women"
In the Bible God says: "Thou shall not divorce except for the case of unfaithfulness of the woman..."
In the Koran Allah says: "You can divorce. If a man says to his wife 3 times; "I divorce you". This divorce is approved by Allah.
In the Bible God says: "Thou shall not lie"
In Hadith of the Koran, it is written: "You could lie to protect your marital home, you could lie to ..."
In the Bible God says: "Jesus is the Son of God"
In the Koran Allah says: "God has no Son"
In the Bible God says: "Jesus was crucified, died on the cross and rose again on the 3rd day, he ascended physically into heaven in the presence of all His disciples; from where he will also visibly return."
In the Koran it is written that: "Jesus was not crucified, he was not killed, he is not dead, but he was directly taken away into heaven from where he will return. But when he will return, it is the Muslims that he will take away, and he shall be by their side, for he had said, according to Muslims that after Him is Mohammed."
In the Bible God says that: "Jesus is the Saviour of the world, his word is final for the salvation of the world, until the end of the world. Matthew 28, Revelation Chapter 2, Mark 16:15-18.

In the Koran it is written that after Jesus is Mohammed.
Jesus said: "I am the first and the last". The book of Revelation chapter 2 etc…
Can the same God say two contradictory words to the same generation of men, of which we are and for the same salvation?
Can God say at the same time: "Do not kill" and "you can kill?"
"Thou shall not lie" and "you can lie?"
"One man for one woman" and "One man four wives?" Etc....
Between the two, one must be lying; one of them is not God. Alternatively, there is one that is not from God.
Indeed, Allah of Muhammad may not be God Yahweh which the Bible speaks about.


There are several types of Muslims, especially in the sense that the Muslim is simply one who is subjected to a single God. But which God, since every monotheistic belief present God in their own way? Several <<religions>> or beliefs affirm the existence of one God. Islam and Christianity as well ... though Muslims suspect the Christians of being idolaters or polytheists. In short, we can therefore submit to one God and not be a Muslim in the strict sense of having Allah as God and Muhammad as a prophet. Religions can therefore claim to believe in one God or in one same God without talking about the same God and so, in fact, even without believing in the same God. Several spiritual beings and people could therefore give their word to each man as a god or even the only God or as a messenger of God, and bringing men into conflict. In the Bible, the god Baal was presented as a god by his prophets and the God of Elijah was also presented as the only God. It was necessary that God proves himself. And it was done. And we saw who was right, not in persuasive speeches but in demonstrating the power of God himself. This was also the case between the God of Moses and the gods and magicians of Pharaoh, the God of Daniel and the friends of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazar ... No Muslim in the sense described above, can say that the Christian or the men of another religion than Islam is a Muslim and that all religions are Muslim and are from God. There are many Muslims who stick on the Hadith of Islam, which says: <<Anyone who changes his religion, should be killed >> (hadith Bukharin) translated by O. Houdas page 425. here, is it about leaving the Muslim religion, that is from Islam to another non-Muslim religion, not from Christianity or another religion to Islam, because Muslims are generally happy to welcome anyone changing their religion to come to Islam. In short here is what the Koran and the Hadith says and which opposes the Muslim to the Christian in this faith of course.

The Koran denies Jesus Christ as the son of God.

In some of its passages, the Koran rejects that Jesus Christ is the son of God. For Muslims, Jesus Christ is not the son of God. And it is a blasphemy to say that God has a son. So to them, the Christians are blaspheming. In fact, the Bible says that Jesus is the son of God. For the true Christian, Jesus Christ is the son of God. Denying this and not to confess this, is to deny God himself. God has a son he is the father of Jesus Christ, and He becomes the father of one who believes in Jesus. The believer in Jesus changed from being a mere creature of God to a son or daughter of God. And Jesus is the original spiritual son of God. For Christians there is no blasphemy in this. For them, God told this to angels, to the wise men and confirmed it also by the Holy Spirit, the prophets also said so, even the demons that Jesus chased out in the Bible believed this. Denying this fact mean you never had believed in God himself, although many people claimed to serve, to worship or believe in him. Jesus Christ is the son of God. Read Matthew 3 / 17, 4/3-6, 8 / 29, 14/33, 16/16, 17 / 5, 26/63, 27/54, Mark 1 / 1, 1 / 11, 3 / 11, 5 / 7 9 / 7, 14/61-62, Luke 1 / 32, 1 / 35, 3 / 22, 9 / 35, 22/70, John 1 / 14, 1 / 34, 1 / 49, 3 / 16 , 3 / 18, 5 / 25, 10/36, 19 / 7, 20/31 ... Compared to this, the Koran says: <<so enormous that the skies are not far from cracking, the mountains and the earth Melt for the fact that they attribute to the Merciful God a child. For rather everything in heaven and earth must come as a humble slave to the Merciful God >> 19/90-93 Surat.

The Koran denies Jesus Christ as having died on the cross

The Koran denies that Jesus died crucified, buried and then resurrected before ascending to heaven. For Muslims, Jesus was not crucified: he is not dead; he did not go to the cross how much less talking about resurrecting. As for The Bible, for nearly 6 centuries before Muhammad and the Koran and Islam, the bible says that Jesus died on the cross, crucified, buried and rose again 3 days after his death as he himself predicted. And his death as a man without sin was useful for the forgiveness of sins and salvation to whosoever believeth in him from when he ascended to heaven 40 days after his resurrection, until the end of the world. For the Christian whoever does not believe in the death of Christ on the cross up to his resurrection before he ascended to heaven denies the Word of God. Indeed, the Bible speaks of Christ's death on the cross, the death which marks the fulfillment of all laws and all the prophets of God. Christ said this before he died <<it is finished>> and he came for that. It is no accident. Read Mattiew27/33-66, Mark15/22-47 Luke 23/33-56, etc. John19/18-30. But here is what the Koran says, "because they said: We killed the Messiah, Jesus Christ, son of Mary, the messenger of God. They have neither killed nor crucified him, but deceived the people by replacing him with one who looks like him ... They did not kill him in full awareness of his identity. God rather took him up to himself and God is always powerful and wise>> Surah 4: 157-158

The Muslim denies the Bible as the Word of God

the Koran denies Jesus Christ as declared by the Bible as the son of God, who died on the cross as a sacrifice for the atonement for the sins of anyone who believed in him, he said: 'I am the truth, way and the life, and no one comes to the Father (GOD) EXCEPT BY ( ME) >> John 14 / 6. He is <<The first and the Last >> Revelation 2 / 8 ... For the salvation of men, Muslims rejects outright the Bible as the Word of God because it is in contradiction with the Koran. God is for Muslims the One who gave the Koran and sent Muhammad; he can not contradict this point when he says in the Koran that Muhammad is the last prophet and that all must follow him, and that Christ Jesus predicted the coming of Mohammed. Muslims state that the actual Bible is not credible, is not the word of God, that at least parts of the Bible that are against the Koran are not God, but are forgeries made by men. God in the Bible says that His word is truth, it will always come to pass, and it shall not return without effect, nothing can destroy it. And Jesus Christ says that without the Bible, " the Heavens and the earth will pass away but my word shall not pass>> and he said to his disciples," 'I am with you always until the end of the world>> Matthew 28 / 20. Compared to that, here is what the Koran says: "Have you then any firm hope to get them to think, when a group of them listening to the Word of God to deform it later after having understood and knew the cause>> And in some of its passages the Koran warns Muslims against Jews and Christians and against the Bible, but at the same time Allah asked the Muslims and Muhammad to read the Bible and to consult the Jews and Christians if they are in doubt about the Koran. It is written: "Oh you who believe (Muslims) believe in God, and in his messenger ... In the book which came down in olden times (the Torah and the Injil, which is the Old and New Testament of the Bible) He who denies God, His angels, His books, His messengers and in the last days has actually been misled wandering far away>> Sourate4/136. And again it is written: <<For To us (God) had brought down the Torah containing a right direction and a light ... We are in their tracks by sending Jesus the son of Mary which was confirmed by the Torah that came before him. We gave him the Injil containing a right direction and a light>> Surah 5 / 44, 46. And the Koran says: <<nothing can change the words of God>> Surah 6 / 34. The Koran thus considers the Bible as guide and light that came from God. And he said to Muhammad: " 'If you are in any doubt about what we (God) have brought down to you, then ask those who read the book before thee.(the Jews and Christians and therefore the Bible>> Surah 10 / 94. At the same time that the Koran denies the Bible, he mentions and recommends Muslims to consult it for life.

The Koran denies Jesus Christ in all regions and for all times until the end of the world

For the Muslim, and as we have spoken above, the biblical period is over and past since the coming of Muhammad, it is Islam and Muhammad as the prophet of God, the last prophet and that it is him all must listen to, he whom Jesus Christ announced who came for a time. And yet, Jesus says in the Bible: "Go, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them everything I have commanded you. And here I am with you always until the end of the world>> Matthew 28/19-20; and he said that after him: "<There shall come many false prophets…>> Matthew7/15, hence, caution and vigilance, <<All is accomplished >> John 19/30 and he said that he is the first and last. (Revelation 2 / 8). The Koran says that Jesus Christ said: "Oh sons of Israel I am the messenger of God who came to add to what has been given to me to believe the Torah as the Pentateuch (see the Old Testament) and I have also come to announce the good news of the arrival of a messenger who cometh after me, named Ahmad>> Surah 61 / 6. In other words, the Koran says: "Jesus said:" Oh sons of Israel! I am truly the prophet of God sent to you to confirm what the Torah which existed before me spoke about, to announce the glad tidings of a prophet who will come after me, whose name is Ahmad>> <<But when he shall come to them with clear evidence, they would say this is an evident witchcraft! >> Surat 61/6. Masson's translation. So Muslims have justified themselves that Jesus spoke about the coming of Muhammad, and as for the Bible, they deny and accept at the same time, through a passage where Jesus said: "Do not think that I am come to abolish the law and the prophets. I have not come to abolish but to fulfill, because I tell you in truth, until heaven and earth pass away, it will not disappear from the law one jot or one tittle until all has been fulfilled>> Matthew 5/17-18. The Christian knows that this biblical passage does not mean that there will be another prophet after Jesus Christ or any other law or word of God after Jesus Christ, but only the laws and the prophets God of Israel who were before Christ and who are mentioned in the writings of the Old Testament are not abolished or cancelled, but Jesus said he came to accomplish them. The Muslim also quotes this passage to justify that the Bible should not be taught and people must now follow the laws of the Koran. It is written: << Every time we (God) abrogate a verse or that we let them fall into oblivion, we bring a better or a verse like that. Do you not know that God is capable of all things? >> Surah 2 / 106. He says: << God repeals what he wants or he owns and maintains the scriptures >> Surat 13/39. Yet the Muslim distrust anyone claiming to be prophet after Jesus Christ outside of Mohammed or after Muhammad; and he considers them as false prophets. The Muslims search the Bible to find something that will justify what is cited in Deuteronomy 18/15-19 which however does not mention Muhammad, but Jesus Christ who descended from the perspective of the flesh, Jacob, of Israel as was Moses. Jesus himself said: << salvation comes from the Jews>> i.e. the territory of Israel and from the descendants of Jacob out of Egypt with Moses and arrived in Canaan with the current Israel with Joshua. God has chosen Israel only as the territory and the descendants of Jacob only to bring forth the Messiah for the salvation of all men on earth so that there shall be no impostor from one point of the earth to another. And this plan of God dating back since the world began; it is described in the Bible. The Muslim also refers in the Bible Deuteronomy 33/2 and John 14/26 which Christians themselves know the meaning in its biblical context and content.
The Muslim also denies the Christian as monotheistic.

The Muslim sees the Christian as idolatrous and even as a polytheist. They say that Christians worship many gods and that are idolater, forgers ... In this passage from the Koran, Roman Catholics are most targeted. The Koran says: "And when God said oh Jesus (son of Mary)! Is it you who said to people. Take me and my mother as two gods other than God! He said: Glory be to thee! The right is not given to me to do so. If I have said this to them, you know you already have known what is in myself and I do not know what is in you. You're the perfect one knowing the unknown worlds. Surah 5 / 17 and 5/116-117 "I told them that what you ordered me to say namely to earnestly worship God my Lord and yours. I was a witness against them as I was among them and when you took my soul, thou wast the Watcher over them and you are witness to all things>> Surah 5 / 17. However, the Koran recognizes that Christians are not all alike. And it accredits some Christians. Surat 3/113-114. Surat 29/45. Here are the basic points which are the pure reasons why Muslims reject Christianity or withdraws if they recognize the good works of love, life of holiness, peace, kindness and infinite forgiveness inherent in the bible Christian, and even when they are touched by some biblical words of Jesus Christ who they admire and extol as in the Koran. However, with these Koranic passages that constitute the reasons for the rejection of Christianity or faith in Jesus Christ as a Christian, there are other Koranic passages that pushes Muslims to read the Bible without prejudice and to become Christians by realizing the biblical truth, especially in recognition of Jesus Christ as son of God and only savior.
Source: Writings of Muslims who became Christians


The Koran recommends that Muslims and Muhammad himself should read the Bible when in doubt. The Koran says: << Oh you who believe (Muslims) believe in God, and in his messenger... In the book which came down in olden times (the Torah and the Injil, which is the Old and New Testament of the Bible) He who denies God, His angels, His books, His messengers and in the last days has actually been misled wandering far away>> Sourate4/136. And again it is written: For To us (God) had brought down the Torah containing a right direction and a light ... We are in their tracks by sending Jesus the son of Mary which was confirmed by the Torah that came before him. We gave him the Injil containing a right direction and a light>> Surah 5 / 44, 46. And the Koran says: <<nothing can change the words of God>> Surah 6 / 34. The Koran thus considers the Bible as guide and light that came from God. And he said to Muhammad: " 'If you are in any doubt about what we (God) have brought down to you, then ask those who read the book before thee.(the Jews and Christians and therefore the Bible>> Surah 10 / 94. In addition to This recommendation of the Bible, and its presentation as a guide and light by the koran, there is the exaltation of Jesus Christ in the Koran that leads Muslims to become Christians by reading the Bible after the Koran … The angel said: "Oh Mary! Allah is telling you a word from him, and his name shall be called<<Al Masih>> (savior), Issa (Jesus) as revealed here below in the hereafter and the one who is closest to God>> Allah says "Oh Jesus, I'm going to end your earthly life, bring you up to me and I will get rid of those who disbelieved in you and I will keep those who believe in you until the day of the Resurrection, those who follow you shall be above those who disbelieve you. Then unto Me is your return and I will judge between you, whereupon you differed>> Surat 3 / 55. As for those who have not believe, I will punish with a severe punishment in this world as in the Hereafter, and as for them, there shall be no helpers>> Surat 3 / 56. And We (God) sent him (to Mary) our spirit that will manifest to her as a perfect man>> Surat 19/17. So through these Surats, we see that Jesus is Lord and Savior of mankind Surat 3/45. He is the path to God ( Surah 3 / 55). Those who reject Jesus will suffer eternally. Surat 3 / 56, Jesus is the son of God (Koran 19/12-22). This does not mean that God has a woman or took Mary to wife, but spiritual son because God is a spirit and Jesus is a spirit, Word made flesh. Jesus says in the Bible <<my word is spirit and Life >> And he even said: "I am the resurrection and the life ... Whoever believes in Me will live even if he dies. Jesus resurrected several dead and those who believed in him will do the miracles he said they will do. We also know that Jesus is God's wisdom ( Sura 43/63) Jesus is above the other prophets (Surah 2 / 87). Jesus is the grace of God for All (Sura 19/21). All authority has been given to Jesus (Sourate2/253). Jesus is the model of God. "(Surah 5/56-57). Jesus is the light of the world (Sura 5 / 46. Jesus is the favor and the evidence of God's existence. It is written: << Among his messengers, we (God), have favored some over others. It is to whom Allah spoke, and he has placed some high over others. To Jesus, son of Mary, We gave clear proofs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit...>> Surah 2 / 253. And the Koran mentions that Jesus said : "And I confirm what is revealed in the Torah before me, and I will make lawful some of what were forbidden to you. And I certainly brought a sign from your Lord. Believe in Allah and obey me>> Surat 43/63. So the Koran recognizes Jesus Christ as one who performs miracles and that this is not given to any other prophet. It is written: "And when Allah will say" Oh Jesus, son of Mary, remember my blessings upon you and on your mother when I strengthened thee by the Holy Spirit. From The cradle you will speak to people, just as in maturity. I will teach you the book, the Torah and the Gospel! you will make out of clay as a form of bird, by my permission, it will become a bird. And you will heal the sick by my permission, those born blind and the leprous. And by my permission, you brought forth the dead. I will protect you against the children of Israel while you bring my proofs to them. But those of them who disbelieved would say: << This is just magic >> Sourate5/110. Jesus Christ is presented in the Koran as the only Holy One of God, the only man who has never sinned, even among all the prophets (surat 19/16-17). Also about of Jesus' death and resurrection before ascending into heaven it is written in the Koran God says: "Oh Jesus I'll make you suffer death, I will take you up to me, I will deliver thee from the infidels and those who will follow thee shall be above those who do not follow you until the Day of Resurrection. You will return to me, I will judge your difference. >> Surah 3 / 48. Thus the Koran says that Jesus said :<< Peace will be on me on the day I was born, when I will die and where I would resurrect >> Surat 19/34. Was Jesus killed? The Bible answers <<yes>>. And there is also in the Koran decisive passages which lead Muslims to read the Bible break off Grievances and become Christians. The Koran says "Fear the fire which was built for the deniers. Obey God and the messengers, you will be touched of grace>> Surat 3 / 131-132. And it says: << And here is a book that we (Allah) have revealed, blessed. Follow the (koran) and be pious. Maybe you'll be in touch with my grace >> Surat 6 / 155. These passages regarding salvation says : <<Maybe>> and create doubt in the believer's heart. Even on the basis of the following verses, it cannot be trusted concerning salvation as is the case among Christians where is different. Certainly, it is written in the Koran: <<weighing on that day (the Day of Judgment) will be carried out in all justice. Those whose good works will tip the balance, there will harvest success. And those whose works will not weigh, are the very ones who are lost themselves>> Surat 7/8-9. And many other verses exist, but this uncertainty about salvation and the doubt remains. And the Koran says : << If you are in any doubt about what we have giving to you, ask those who read before thee >> Surat 10/94. Hence the reading of the Bible by most Muslims know these passages from the Koran, is what have led them to become Christians by their experience and testimony reports.
The writings of Muslims who became Christians
Allah declares to the Muslims in the Koran: << If you are in any doubt about what we (God) has brought down to thee from above, ask those who read the book before you (The Jews and Christians; and therefore the Bible)> >
The Koran and Muhammad recommend reading the Bible to be Sincerely assured. Surat 10/94


Most of these Muslims who testified says that it is the Koran itself which has led them to become Christians, by reading the Bible, discovering the assurance of salvation which is preached in Jesus Christ and by living a personal experience with the Biblical words of Jesus Christ. Others have become Christians by the miracles of deliverance and healing that Jesus Christ has done in their lives. In fact, Jesus Christ, before ascending to heaven said: << Go ye into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. He that believeth and is baptized will be saved but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents. If they drink any deadly thing it will do them no harm; they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick will be healed >> MARK 16/15-18. << And lo I am with you always until the end the world >>Matthew 28/20. Consider the testimony of the Muslim woman paralyzed for several years having been taught by the Koran that Jesus Christ healed the sick, raises the dead, delivered the lame and even the demonic. And that Christians who believe in the biblical word of Jesus Christ will confirm until the end of the world. She asked in a sincere prayer to Jesus Christ to save her from paralysis. Immediately, Jesus Christ, who said in the Bible: << I am with you always until the end of the world>> <<Heaven and earth will pass away but my word shall not pass. >> << And whatsoever you ask the Father in my name, I will do it that the father may be glorified in the son>> and where it says: << Whoever calls on the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved >>. In a vision appeared to the woman and held out his hand towards her just few steps away from her, and Jesus asked her to walk and the woman got up and walked, this was after several years of paralysis and seeking for healing. Many other people, the sick, the lame, the blind, deaf, etc... ...recovered their health and the demonic possessed were delivered until this day in the name of Jesus Christ....
(Sultan Muhammad Khan)


Muslim: I was deemed to engage in discussions with Christians in order to destroy their faith. After my first meeting for discussions, I began to search for books attacking Christianity. I began to look for Christian preachers in order to confuse them. One day, an English clergyman asked me << Do you read the Bible? >> I replied: << why should I read the Bible? >> Who wants to read a book that is ever changing? >>. And He said :<< do you think all Christians are dishonest? >> And he said that the argument about the Bible been changed by Christians and that there is no genuine Bible and is without foundation and all come rather from Muslims who are ignorant of the Bible, faith and Christian doctrines. This pastor then gave me two Bibles. One in Arabic and another in Persian. What concerned me was to find errors and to prove that Islam is the truth, in order to reduce Christians to silence in any discussion. Besides, I did not bother to read the Bible from one end to another. I seek only those passages that Muslims cite in their controversies. I devoted myself to lead a controversy with the Christians. I walked one day to Christian preachers when a fellow stopped me and told me to leave because they do know neither the art nor the rules of debate, of course, but they know only how to mislead people by teaching them the falsity. It is the responsibility of every good Muslim to save his brothers from their misguided machinations. I went and I began to throw at them a lot of objections. They also countered by gusts of objections to my objections and stopped due to time problem. On the advice of an Imam, I rented a house for our preparatory meetings. Some students and my colleagues had formed a group with the purpose to prepare and train controversialists against any non-Islamic religion and especially against Christianity. But one day my Muslim teacher saw me reading the Gospel and said: << I am afraid you will become a Christian>> and this shocked me. I told him: << Why would I become a Christian ? >> << I am reading the Bible to better fight and destroy Christianity to its roots>> He replied: << I say this because I learned that those who read the Injil (Gospel) become Christians. Don't you remember what was said by a poet? That When a faithful Muslim reads the Injil his heart turns away from Islam>> This information is not right I said. After my pilgrimage to Mecca, I re-launched the debate group. Once a week we invite a non-Muslim to speak, and one of our members could start the controversy. One day a Christian that we called MUNSH MANNER MASH said with great conviction that there is no salvation in Islam. The group asked me to respond. I did and the group were satisfied, but I knew deep down inside myself that I was not sure that I had advanced. Although I was showing strength and brilliance, the voice of my companion shouted in my soul. I went home and began to think. The question is to know how to actually be saved, since sin has become the nature of all men. My duty was to study this important subject with honesty and without prejudice. If I discovered that salvation can be discovered in Islam, I would be the happiest. But I admitted that now, I would not read the Bible as I have done so far. I read in order to discover my poor sinful nature, the way of salvation. I began to read the Bible carefully and compare it with the Koran. What I found in my study of the Koran is what I had always known. That salvation is not obtained by good works. The surat of Prostration 32/19-20, the Surat earthquake 99/7-8. But one question in my mind was: << Is it possible to do only good and not evil? Is this in the power of man?>> Only Jesus Christ was said in the Koran as the man who has never sinned. He is Holy. Surat of Marie19/19. And the Koran considers every man outside of Jesus Christ as a sinner. << Yes, man is ungrateful to his Lord. He is witness to all this, but his love of wealth is stronger>> Surat of horses 100/6-7. And the Koran says, speaking of hell that every man will be thrown "There's nobody there that you will precipitate, the decision is decided by your Lord ... Then we shall save those who fear God and we shall leave the wrongdoers kneeling>> Surat of Marie 19/71-72. In searching at all cost a Koranic passage that promised me a safe way of salvation... I clung to a hadith which says: << Whoever testifies that there is no God but Allah, no other partner and that Muhammad is His servant and apostle and Jesus, son of his servant and his word he has placed in Mary is a spirit from him, and there is a heaven and hell. God will cause him to enter heaven at his death for merely reciting this passage>> But I said to myself: << even if he had done wrong ?>> Also the following Hadith says: << No work that you do can assure you heaven, forbid you not hell, not even me, without the grace of God>> said the Prophet of Islam by Jabir. And another Hadith says: <<The prophet of Islam said "O people of the koran and you, son of Abdul Nattalib, and you Saffyyad, my aunt, I can not save you on the day of retribution and punishment and my daughter Fatimah, you can use my property, but I can not save you from the judgments of God, watch over yourself>> (Bukhari). In this desperate state of mind, I began to read the gospel. I opened my Bible and my eyes fell upon these words. Jesus said: << Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest>>. Matthew 11/28. Also in another verse, Jesus said: << I am the way, the truth and life, and no one comes to the Father except through me>> John 14 / 6. Then another verse says: "<It is for this that the son of man came not to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many>> Matthew 20/28. Then << God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.>> Romans 5 / 8. Then I read Romans 3/19-25. Now I know that the Koran and the Bible say that Jesus is Holy, he never sinned, and he is glorious in this world and the hereafter, he is the word of God and the spirit of God. So after completing my investigations, I concluded that I want to become a Christian. I went to the meeting as usual. The Christian Manshu was ready to talk; I spoke to say that this time it was me who would put Islam in question. And I describe the results of my research. My group thought I was joking. But I repeated that I have come to the conclusion that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ. That's all I have to say, I left the room because he was reckless that I should stay. Then I became a Christian. Manshu once told me: << I knew that if you read the Bible very well you will become Christian…>>

<< GOD, I dared call him Father>> (BILQUEZ SHEIKH)

I read the Koran but I also wanted to read the Bible on which it made frequent references, even if in some few passages it says that the early Christians had falsified it. the Pakistanis who persuaded Muslims to become Christians were murdered. I tried to quietly get a Bible. When I opened it one day, I came across the following verse where God says: << I will call my people who were not my people, and beloved one who was not beloved, and where they said you're not my people! they shall be called son of the living God >> Romans 9/25-26. I closed the Bible and began to reflect on this verse that has had a significant effect on me. The next day I opened the Bible again and read what following: <<Israel, who sought for a righteous law, could not attain that law>> here is what followed: why? Because Israel has sought, not by faith but by works ... They have a zeal for God, but without knowledge: not knowing God's righteousness and seeking to establish their own righteousness, they did not subject to the righteousness of God, << For Christ is the end of the law, the justification for all those who believe> Romans 9 / 25 to Romans 10 / 4 and I read:<< The word is near you in your mouth and in your heart. Which is the word of faith which we preached. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Here are more: for it is by believing in your heart that one comes to righteousness and through thy mouth confession is made unto salvation, according to what Scripture says. Whoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall not be ashamed. There is indeed no difference between Jew and Greek, since they all have the same Lord (Jesus) who is rich to all who call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved >> Romans 10:8-13. I laid the book down. This was in contradiction with the Koran. The Muslims say that the Prophet was merely human, that this man had not died on the cross but was taken to heaven by God, someone who resembled him had been nailed to the cross in his place; Jesus now is in the lower heaven, but he would one day return to earth to reign for forty years, marry, have children and die ... on The day of resurrection, Jesus would come out from the tomb and stand with other men before God Almighty to be judged ... Also, the Koran says that Jesus never sinned. My thoughts swirled. <<If the Bible and the Koran speak of the same God, why so many confusions and contradictions? How could he be the same God and this same God of the Koran is a God of vengeance and punishment and that of the Bible (Christian) is God of mercy and forgiveness? That night, I who usually do not dream, I had a dream where I had dinner with a man whom I knew to be Jesus. He came to visit me at my house and stayed there two days. We ate all our meals in peace and joy. Suddenly the dream changed. Now I was standing atop a mountain with another man, dressed in a robe and sandals, whose name was John the Baptist, a strange name that I never encountered anywhere, neither in the Bible or elsewhere. I narrated this recent visit of Jesus to John the Baptist saying: <<the Lord came, he was my guest for two days, and Now he is gone-Where is he?>> I must find him! Perhaps you, Jean Baptist would you take me to him? When I awoke, I was calling out aloud: <<John the Baptist! John the Baptist!>> Nunjan and Raîsham (two of my household help) rushed into my room. I told them my dream. Who was this John the Baptist? I have never fallen upon that name until now while reading the Bible. I opened the Bible and a story fascinated me. Jewish leaders brought to Jesus a woman caught in fragrant delicto of adultery. I shuddered because I knew what fate was reserved for a particular woman in Pakistan. Then Jesus said: << Whoever among you who is without sin should cast the first stone>> John 8 / 7. This made me dizzy when imagining seeing men who had come to stone her until death (according to the Law of Moses) but asked Jesus first. Keeping far away furtively. Instead of condemning her to death, as was the law, Jesus had forced her accusers to recognize their own sinfulness. Three days later I had a second strange dream: I was in my room when a servant informed me of a visiting perfume seller. Also in my dream, I cheerfully asked the girl to introduce the man. The scent he introduced to me shimmered like liquid crystal with a pleasant smell. I was going to touch it with the finger when the man raised his hand. No, he said, taking back the perfume, he walked to my bedside table and put it there. It will spread around the world >> he added. When I awoke, I rose and looked at my table, expecting to see the golden bottle containing the perfume. In the place where the merchant 's had deposited the bottle of perfume, was where my Bible is. I tried to meet secretly a Christian missionary couple who lived nearby. The missionary woman explained to me who was John the Baptist but she does not understand the idea of the scent that I also saw in my dream. I returned home and a moment later the woman sent word asking me to read 2 Corinthians 2 / 14 which gave the sense of the perfume. So I made a comparative reading of the Bible and the Koran. But how do I know which of them is telling the truth because of contradictions. Because I always doubted, a Christian told me to ask God to reveal himself to me by speaking to Him as one speaks to a father. This was what I did. And God replied (p 60). I began to believe in Jesus Christ and his word the Bible and I then asked God to give me the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised those who believe in him and I received the Holy Spirit in my whole being. Acts 1 / 5. The missionary came to see me the next day about this event. Unable to contain my joy, I exclaimed: << I am a Christian now and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He asked me who told you about the Holy Spirit? I say, I read the Bible and have asked God and I have received it. In fact, Jesus said: << Go ye and preach the kingdom of heaven is near, heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, you received freely, freely you shall give>> <<I have given you all power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing can hurt you>> The men whom Jesus Christ has revealed Himself to, had delivered from burden, sentence, spells, illness, infirmity, death ... in the Bible and are now numerous. And although these people come to believe. Indeed, the Bible says: << The gospel is not in persuasive words, but in demonstrating the power of God>> One thing is true, all those who call themselves Christians who have big titles do not necessarily preach The true gospel of Jesus Christ. But those who preach realize what Christ described. And Christ enumerates the miracles that accompany those who believe in him and who know and teach biblical truth.

Mr. Ahmed Deedat is the man known as a Muslim Imam and controversialist, known to make <<face to face>> debate with Christians or disseminated through his videos, his travels around the world and give lectures that the Bible is not the word of God and proclaiming this out loudly in Christian countries ... In any case, Christians do no harm to anyone but bless even those who fight them, pray for them and love them with all their might pure that they will repent one day and come to salvation. I like Ahmed Deedat. I pray constantly for God to keep him alive until he accepts Jesus Christ the son of God as Lord and Savior the one whom God gave for all mankind, once and for all, so that whoever believes in him in obedience to His Word the actual Bible will have everlasting life. I am praying that Ahmed deedat will one day come to know the real Jesus Christ, who is really the son of God and fully one with God and not a mere man or mere prophet, and I knew him myself after mocking and upsetting Christians. Ahmed said then that the Bible is not the word of God, that it must be corrected by the Koran, the Muslim book, which according to him, is the true word of God. In other words, Ahmed wants the Bible to cease to be what it is today and that it should become conformed to the Koran, or that it becomes the Koran. And thus that all other religions become Muslims and Let the whole world become Muslim and to worship Allah as God and Mohammed as the last, the greatest and the seal of the prophets. What the Bible even before the arrival of Mohammed condemns. Indeed, the Bible bothers Ahmed Deedat for Christians continue to believe it and their numbers are growing and serious Muslims are becoming Christians. If children born in Muslims families were all free to choose <<their religion>>, the number of conversion to Jesus - Christ would be extremely great. Confidences of young Muslims and Christians in the old show. The Christian and the sons of Christians, who wants to become Muslim do not cause fear to their parents. If their parents knew this, they will only pray for him to return back to Christ with love. Unless they are not true Christians, that is true sons of God in obedience to the biblical word of Christ. Do not mistake these with bands of murderers, murderers who claim to be Christians. At one point in history, the Romans embraced Christianity in their own way, by inserting their pagan religions, traditions and special rules infused into Christianity while they were the crusaders who murder, torture , burned, and make wars that some called holy. There are no holy wars. Every war is of the devil. All that is called torture on grounds of religion or God is Satanic. And Jesus Christ said: << Anyone who sins is of the devil>> and killing is sin and God said: <thou shall not kill>> Let murderers not abuse the name of Christians or Jesus Christ. Only someone who knows the Bible can identify the true Christian, the true Christ and the true Church of Christ. The Christian is and should be what the Bible says. Only these ones will be saved. Which Bible? It is the whole 66 books written under the inspiration of God by men filled with the Holy Spirit, all from Israel that is from Jacob son of Isaac, son of Abraham and not another. The men appeared at different times (periods) in different places, and wrote separately, discussing the same thing without contradicting themselves and the books control one another, fulfilling one another as well. According to Deedat Ahmed, the Bible is forged. It is a book written by men and has been translated, revised, corrected, transformed and changed, and this from generation to generation, so that the authentic words has disappeared and now it has become a book which is not God's book but a book full of falsehoods. We may well answer the questions of disbelief and incomprehension of Ahmed on this point about the Bible. We ourselves were also victims of our conceptual presuppositions and religious and biblical debates when we were still non-Christians. For Ahmed, even though the Koran counseled a Muslim and even Muhammad to read the Bible (the Torah and the Injil) (the Old Testament and the Gospel) and to consult the Jews and Christians, Ahmed Deedat says it is not the present day Bible and Christians of today, but an authentic Bible and certainly true Christians who have disappeared and this because the Bible is contradictory to the Koran or at least contradict the Koran. For Ahmed, the Koran can not be false, because it has never been written nor reviewed and corrected by a any man, and especially being descended from heaven by Allah to give to Muhammad and who will transmit it to other men. Ahmed is bearing himself witness. And if the Bible contradicts the Koran, so there is that bile that is false and not the Koran miraculously descended from heaven... But here again is a matter of faith, but there is a need to search historically, mystically, prophetically, and in language etc... So as to have brief evidence to convince one. And this does not constitute the salvation which is in fact the goal of every believer which is the basic essentials. However, Ahmed waved the Koran as a criterion for validation of the Bible. Ahmed Deedat cites all passages that he found ridiculous from the Bible. For him, no normal man should believe such and say that the Bible is a bunch of lies and the Muslim must beware of the Christian and repent by taking the Koran, only the Koran. Deedat is applauded by his followers; and his tapes are released, sold around the world. Muslims refer them to confuse Christians mainly in all countries considered non- Christianized. Here are the titles of the tapes in French.
-Is the Bible the Word of God?
-The Koran and the Bible.
- Is Jesus Christ God?
-The miracle of the Koran
-The Prophet Muhammad in the Bible. Etc...
Knowing fully well the arguments of Ahmed Deedat and levity before the real truth of the biblical word as regarding practical experience. I would simply like to invite Ahmed not to a debate but a personal experience with what is written in the Bible, namely: << believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved>> When John the Baptist began to wonder about Jesus Christ in the difficult moments of his life when he had already presented Jesus to the Jewish people as <<the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world>> <<He who will baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire!>> << As Savior>> Jesus said to the messengers of John:<< Go tell John what you hear and see: the blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised back to life and the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is he who will not abandon the faith in me>> Matthew 11/4-6. it is time for Ahmed to change to the real way to the truth just as in science for instance, this is the testing of any hypothesis or any speech. In the Bible, God always confirms his word and which is above all powers and all reasoning. It is better to save ones soul instead of trying to saves ones conceptions and ideologies and looking for arguments to tackle the bible. Jesus Said: << I am the truth, the way and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through me>> Jean14 / 6 and this is true. I lived it and I saw him. Not simply because it's written but because it is accomplished. Read the Bible without prejudice and experience the word of Christ through obedience.

Founder of the world wide newspaper
"The denouncer of the world and of darkness"



The Evangelist T.L Osborn in India Buddhists and Hindus delivered by Jesus Christ Jesus said: "And these signs shall follow those who believe in me: In my name they will cast out demons ... they shall drink deadly things and it will do them no harm ... they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick will be recovered. Mark 16 / 15 - 18.” And Jesus said, "Go ye into the entire world proclaiming the good news to all creation. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be condemned ..." (Mark 16 / 15) "

All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth ... and lo I'm with you always even unto the end of the world ...»Matthew 28. One day, the American evangelist T.L. Osborn went to India where most of the people do not believe in God, the God of the Bible, the creator of heaven and earth, the true God. In India they speak rather of reincarnation and Law of Karma and God as all that exist, example: man, animals and all things are a part of God, and God is everything and everything is God. So for them, if a person is sick or have problems, that means he has done such evil before his birth in his previous existence, and has returned to earth to be reborn so as to pay for the harm he had done, to pay his Karma suffering from the evil he had committed prior to his death in his previous life and has come back so as to respect the Buddhist or Hindu laws which will allow him to reach Nirvana (paradise realm of total bliss), then never to return to earth if he has reached perfection; because according to them, the earth is where the cursed return and those who did not achieve perfection in God, and where one comes only to pay his karma. Osborn therefore visited this country where people believe that if we suffer, it means that we are under a divine law before which nothing can be done. Osborn knew it was a false doctrine of seducing spirits denying the idea of a creator God and who is different from His creatures.

Osborn, who arrived in India for this proofs of God which the Bible speaks, went on radio and to the newspaper and made an announcement inviting all sick folks, all the blind, the lame, the disabled so that they would be healed by God in the name of Jesus Christ. Buddhists, Hindus and other speculators and unbelievers all came to this God whom the Christians speak about, for they also wanted to be healed and overcome their problem, and thus for God to save their lives, to deliver them from their misconceptions, from their doctrinal or religious beliefs that does not resolve their problems. They came in large numbers to the crusade ground. Osborn preached the word of God where Jesus Christ said: "I am the way, the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father except through me." (John 14 / 6). And Jesus said: "I am the first and the last for the salvation of man." (Revelation 2). At the end of his sermon, he asked all those who want to accept Jesus Christ and to receive from the true God, their Healing, deliverance and salvation, and also to come forward so that he could pray for them. Many Buddhists and Hindus came forward voluntarily.

He prayed for all these people: the sick were healed, the lame and the paralyzed got up and walked lifting or throwing off their crutches, even already, during his sermon, miracles exploded everywhere; the same thing continues to happen wherever the true Jesus Christ is preached and wherever deliverance is carried out. Therefore, If Osborn heals the sick and delivered those with infirmities as Jesus asked him to do in the name of Jesus Christ, it means the god of the Buddhists which consider a disability or persistent unemployment as the result of an act of divine condemnation(DIVINE WILL) is not of God, because a man can not be stronger than God, and prevent the will of God,and heal a man whom God has condemned to be sick. God says that there are false prophets sent by the devil and they are at the root of many false doctrines, false religions and false philosophies, misconceptions and false practices for the destruction of man. Jesus Christ and the Bible is the only truth of God for the salvation of man, and God has proven this.

The woman from Dabou: (a town in Ivory Coast): Healed instantly from various diseases Okou Djédjé narrates: "A woman was to go through a surgical operation from several illnesses which she suffered terribly. A few days before her operation, she saw me on TV announcing the crusades of miracles, of healings by Jesus Christ and conferences of solutions to problems and of salvation. She attended, even before my arrival; the hosts were taking testimonies and calling forward those who want to be healed. She was prayed for through the laying on of hands. After the meeting, she went home. The next day, she discovered that she was completely healed. The medical analysis showed the disappearance of Hypertension, and of the problem for which the operation was planned.
The medical doctor: healed of a disease declared incurable by medicine This man was sick since his secondary school years, high school and university. The disease had no cure in medicine; this is what he was told. The palms of his hands and feet became hard, black and was cracking, and blood spurted out. He tried to get solution from the occult and from “ traditional healers”, but nothing changed. He did not believe so much in God, but he listened to me on the radio and I was talking about healing. He was among those who came to the crusade in which I invited all the sick and all those that have whatever problem. After the sermon, we prayed for him. The next day, he decided to fast for three (3) days without eating or drinking, day and night, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ for some cases and we prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ. In the days following, the palms of the hands and feet became normal and all the disease disappeared.

Lazarus narrated: "I lived a life of sexual debauchery. After several gonorrhoeas, I was diagnosed with AIDS according to the medical doctor’s report. Every medicine I used, be it traditional or pharmaceutical, did not have no positive effect on me. At one point, my eyes were almost pumping out from their sockets because I was so thin.
And there were spots on my skin, my hair was fallen off, parts of my body began to rot. I had very strong pain in my head as if a spike was pierced in the head. I was very cold and at the same time I was sweating. My teeth were yellow. At a particular point, everything I ate both came out through diarrhoea and vomiting. In the room where I was at my parents' place, everyone had abandoned me.

After the visit of the last traditional occult medicine man that my mother brought to me and who carried out his cure procedures on me, I became more skeletal. I could not stand on my legs. I had only my eyes to weep and wait for death. But suddenly, I remembered an old Bible lying in this room. I crawled towards it. I took it, opened it and came across this phrase in which Jesus says: « What is impossible with men is possible with God” Luke 18 / 27. I reread it several times and through to the depths of my heart, then I said: “Lord Jesus, if this sentence is true, heal me." After this sentence, I heard like three trumpet blasts and a fire through my body. Suddenly, I stood on my feet and I saw all my limbs trembled. I panicked and shouted: "they want to kill me!”. The fire stopped, I stopped shaking, and I realized that I had regained my strength. My limbs and my body had found life. I left the room running and I found my cousin outside and I said: "Jesus Christ had healed me." It was unbelievable and yet true. What is impossible with men is actually possible with God. I was really healed. I went for my test on HIV AIDS and the doctor said that I am no longer carrying the AIDS virus. Jesus heals AIDS. Let those who believe come if they have AIDS, those who would not escape are those who live in unbelief and sin, and who follow the doctrines of demons, false beliefs and religions and different philosophies.


A girl of Muslim origin, with BTS (SUPERIOR PROFESSIONAL HIGH SCHOOL QUALIFICATION) for three years without the opportunity of having a job or even an internship, we met. We gave her books to read on every subject we have written, including how to obtain a job without difficulties, and we asked her to accept Jesus Christ as her Saviour and He will give her a job. This girl got converted to Jesus Christ and voluntarily fasted for 3 days without food or water for her deliverance and for answers to her problem, and this time, she deposited again her applications letters on the inspiration of God and she obtained an employment in a big company with a salary of about 500 USA Dollars per month to start with. Such was the case of all those who obtained employment in accordance their training once they came to Jesus Christ in an exemplary manner.

This young man who had just converted to Jesus Christ have had absolutely nothing, himself and the wife used to beg for 100 francs ( about two cents) for his food after each worship service. But the two held on, and prayed and fasted incessantly. One day, the brother had a dream in which he sold cosmetics. When he woke up, he told this to his wife and she said: "If the dream is from God, do it." The following days, he sold whatever he could sell his house and he obtained the sum of fifty thousand (50,000 F CFA)( about 120 USA dollars) to finance the cosmetics business. He took the fifty thousand (50,000) francs, bought the cosmetic products and placed a table at the entrance to the market of Koumassi ( a quarter of Abidjan in Ivory coast). And he went there to sell it himself despite his age. He noticed that his products were (bought) almost finished the same day, and he again bought some to put on the table and everything was sold. With his profits, he said, he began to eat meal of 500 francs (1 USA dollar) a day, instead of 100 francs (TWO CENTS) a day. In the same week, seeing that this activity was profitable, he began the manufacture of shampoo, and different types of soap for skin care, and gradually, he started to produce toilette perfumes and for offices and other cosmetic products that he saw and which he studied. This brother, one day at a major national and international exhibition of domestic products in which he participated, sold for the first day, four hundred thousand (400,000) francs ( about 900 USA dollars) shampoo that he made himself and put it in ordinary bottles, the second day, he sold for one million (1 000 000) francs shampoo, the third day of two million francs, the fourth day two million francs and other days one million (1 000 000) francs per day until the tenth day the exhibition ended. Out of curiosity, he inquired what other exhibitors with various sophisticated products earned, they told him that they were earning 80 000 francs (about 180 USA dollars) per day, two hundred thousand francs a day, and other insignificant amounts. The difference is that what he did was inspired by God and led by God, he gave tithes and withdraw money to finance the progress of the gospel and also gave jobs to God’s children whom he recruited. Do not ignore a revelation or a divine inspiration which is in conformity with the Word of God and consequently act quickly, for it is a great way to success. If you do not understand the revelation, pray and fast to know the meaning or tell us or relate it to a honest servant of God who has the gift of understanding as in Genesis chapter 41, and in Daniel chapter 2. God gives prosperity and employment in the name of Jesus and He reveals things to the born again Christian.


RAPHAEL: THE IMPORTANCE OF FASTING AND FASTING PERIODSSince my conversion, after several years of atheism, I wanted to be healed from a pain I had suffered for at least 14 years continuously. Then I went to an Evangelical Crusade where I was invited. I saw the lame walk, the blind see and other miracles taking place. They prayed for me. But to say the truth, I was not healed. But I wanted to be healed really, quickly and completely like the lame that I saw walking, the blind who saw and whose parents rejoiced. I came home, and reading the Bible, I read that one day, the disciples of Jesus who did many miracles could not healed a lunatic child.
And when they asked Jesus why they could not deliver this child, Jesus replied: "this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer." Then I said, the kind of pain in my shoulder blade can only go out by fasting and prayer to God in the name of Jesus or directly to Jesus Christ. But to start with, I knew that before all, I have to abandon all sins. I then fasted for three days without eating or drinking and I was prayed for, but I was not healed. I told myself: "Jesus fasted for forty days, then the maximum is forty, so I have only done three days out of forty days, So in the next two weeks, I have to carry out a 5 days fast without food or water, that is what I did and I felt better. I was quite cured, but I still felt a slight pain, but I wanted to feel completely healed. then I told myself: “ I'm going to do fourteen days of fasting with the first 3 days without eating or drinking, day and night and other days by drinking only water but without food day and night; and if I am not healed, I will return to zero and I will do twenty-one days of fasting, beginning with the first three days dry without food or water. And if I am not healed, I'll carry out a thirty days fast after the same manner, and if I'm still not healed, I will do forty days. If I am not cured after forty days, then I could only jeopardize these words of Jesus that says "there are demons that can only come out by fasting and prayer." After five days of dry fasting, I did two weeks later and I made the fourteen days of fasting as I have said. When I did it, I was completely cured. I found no need to continue.

The case of unceasing PrayerThe Importance of prayer periods (time) in certain cases
JB: This brother remained for several years without been healed from an illness, one day, he had an idea to pray from 7 AM to 5PM non-stop. Towards 4PM, something came out of him when he said: “Jesus healed me and make me who you wish me to be”. He was totally healed by Jesus Christ. Unceasing prayer is necessary.

The case of tithe and offering for professional prosperity and Elevation
ROBERT: after my studies in Europe, I looked for a job related to the training that I received by depositing my applications. I obtained a job in a company and they offered me a salary of about 40 USA dollars, which was extremely ridiculous. But I had no other offers. So I accepted. I also knew that I am a child of God, and that for things to change, I must obey the word of God, including paying tithes and offerings according to Malachi chapter 3, verses 7 to 12, for financial blessings. Tithing is the 1 / 10 of income, wages and even of gifts received. The tithe of my salary of twenty-two thousand francs was two thousand two hundred francs. This was what I paid in my evangelical church each month and including offerings. A few months later my salary went to about 90 USA Dollars and I began to give the tithes per month, without counting the offerings. Some time later, my salary went to about 120 USA Dollars and I gave the tithe, my salary then progressed up to about 350 USA Dollars, which at that time, in the year 1970, it was the salary of a senior civil servant. I now give a tithe of thousands of dollars. At that time, my boss gave me a service car; he called me and asked me to accompany him to a place of sales of furniture. Getting to this place, he told me to choose 2 complete sitting room furniture.


When I got converted by coming out from philosophical atheism and unbelief which cannot be compared with the miraculous healings and experiences that God gives, I immediately read the entire New Testament of the Bible to know what healing, deliverance and miracle are all about, which is being done in the name of Jesus Christ for all those who believe in Jesus. But one day, I opened the Bible and I came across a passage where God says: << Even from the days of your fathers, you are gone away from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return to me and I will return to you says the Lord God of host. But you said, wherein shall we return?

Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me. But you say, wherein have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse; for you have robbed me even this whole nation. Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now here with, says the Lord of host, if I will not open to you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, says the Lord of host. >> "Malachi 3 / 7 to 12. I remembered at the same time that I had 2000 US Dollars in an account somewhere before I read this passage, and also that I had to tithe, that is 1 / 10 to God in the church.

As I had decided never to sin and decided to obey every word of God so that I could be answered, healed, delivered and have eternal life, I said to myself "no problem"; but I told myself that every sum I shall withdraw from this account, I will give tithes. For example, If I withdraw 20 Us dollars, I will give one tenth of it,no matter the amount so that God would give me more and that the opposite is a sin, and it leads to ruin and curse, and to stagnancy in businesses or employments.

But the Holy Spirit told me to give at once all the tithe of the whole sum, which is one tenth of the 2000 US Dollars that I had. What seemed at the beginning of my conversion a very heavy blow, but bearable by fractions. So I hesitated, but I could not find peace of mind. So I told myself that to give the tithe of the whole sum at once and of all I am going to earn is too much. It was one night. The next day, I went to the bank, I took the 200 US Dollars tithe and I brought it to the church and gave it to be forwarded to the Senior Pastor. I had just opened a facility where I hardly had just five to eleven students enrolled per day.

The next day, I had thirty students registered the same day. And I set aside the tithe to give to God. The next day, I had enrolled forty. I did the same thing, the following day; there were eighty that enrolled in a single day. I gave the tithe still, and the day after I had a hundred and three students enrolled in a single day, so on and each day the registration increased, until I found myself with 2004 students recorded for 1,500 seats available for thirty classes. I told the five hundred and four students extra that I would like to return their fees so they could go and register elsewhere, they refused and asked me to buy tables - additional benches and put them in classes. So I did as they said. There were 14 classes for final year students, five classes for secondary school class 3, and the other classes were full, and more students continued to apply to register.

I began to think of decentralizing the school and look for additional premises, which I did. One thing is that you must not stop tithing if you want to live in abundance, and even receive promotions, ideas and creative gifts. Doing Otherwise impoverishes you even if God loves you. I now give tithes of 600 US to more than 2000 US DOLLARS per month according to inflow, after that, with about 60 USA Dollars and from an intelligent method and wisdom that God gives, I created almost 10 Computer Centres (cyber café), which gives me an average of about 600 USA dollars a day. And God inspired me in other things,and the incomes I used to support the work of God for the salvation of souls.
A girl who gave everything without restraint and with a good heart and her blessing A girl who one day received a sum of money, gave all that she had received, according to the promise made to God without constraint, without someone telling her to do it even when she had nothing else. She met in the months that followed a man who made a promise of engagement to her and even demanded marriage. When God wants to bring you out of a problem, He may inspire you to do something. So, you should learn to do the right thing.

A Woman who got released by the gift she gave
A woman who is not our church member brought to us 600 US DOLLARS one day as a contribution to the work of God and for the launching of our churches in the different quarters of Abidjan (ivory coast), on media expenses and renting of halls, and although we did not ask her to do it, this woman, in the same week got a business of thirteen million francs CFA.
The young man who regretted for having given A young man at the time of offering gave the sum of About ONE USA Dollar and had only his transport fare to return home. He later regretted bitterly for having done so, believing he had lost or made a mistake. But the same evening at home, his older sister who usually doesn’t speak with him gave to him 10 dollars for no apparent reason. The next day, his uncle who was visiting the house gave him 20 dollars, a sum that was very unusual to him. He went to church on Sunday and gave this testimony. Jesus told us to fear nothing. And also not to give a weak offering to God, but rather what has value.

You must know that all these people were blessed, because they have violently given that which was dear to them, And they have given it voluntarily by putting God to test in every of their offerings as God hath demanded in MALACHI 3:7-12.

Laurence had nothing to eat that day. In the yard where she was, every one was fending for themselves alone for food. Faced with this shortage, she said to Jesus: "Lord Jesus, do something, so that someone can give me the means of livelihood today." The day was far gone. From time to time, she would return to her prayers. At a certain hour of the day, a cousin came to the yard, and before leaving he gave her 10 dollars. He did not know he was doing God's will, and was sent by God to this sister. By asking Jesus, you could also do whatever comes into your mind, by praying to know who you wish to ask, to borrow from, etc., but all actions should be carried out after prayer and praying incessantly . Jesus said "ask and you will be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened, because to him that asketh it shall be given, he who seeks finds, and to him that knocketh is shall be opened." Matthew 7 / 7. If you are in good standing with the word of God, you will always succeed. Absolutely.

Aime had no money to pay his rent. The owner was coming soon. Not knowing what to do to get this money, he then fasted as God demands when it comes to serious cases. And he said to Jesus: "Lord Jesus, remember me and save me ..." and he asked Jesus for all he needed. Shortly afterwards, he conceived the idea to take a walk around plateau (the commercial heart of Abidjan in Ivory Coast). On the road he met a former classmate who rejoiced to see him. In their conversation, this friend said to him: "I have 500 dollars, I will give it to you so that you could keep them or do whatever you wish to do with it and then you could pay me when you can." His house rent was about 60 dollars a month. Aime knew that day that God knows those who belong to him and hears their prayers and solves their problems using whom He wills.

one day, while listening to the radio, a mystic who had established an initiation center to make money, was on the radio saying he was ready to initiate men at a certain price, and that He also worked with a female spirit he called ''divine mother,’’ “the Queen'', ‘‘the goddess ''and with another woman of the occult and mystical world. He said that when he lit his candle, and did this and that, this woman would appear dressed in blue. And radio listeners listened to this man. As the radio station’s telephone was opened and that listeners could call, and I called this man and said to him: " If you want to know whether the spirit which the fetish priest, occultist, mystic, magician works with and others are not of God, but of the devil and a demon which disguises to deceive, when this woman appears, say out loud: “Jesus!”’ You will see her disappeared or fleeing. Now, why would she disappear if she is of God and when Jesus is invoked, who is also of God. This proves that the spirit which they work with comes the devil and not from God and to deceive you and they are for your misfortune.” But instead, this mystic grew annoyed and responded with in anger, refusing to carry out the experience of invoking the name of Jesus. But the next morning, a student came to see me to thank me. He said: "Last night I listened to the radio and the mystic that you called was explaining how he operates, and how the occult woman appears in his house; while he spoke, a monster came to strangle me by my neck, and I struggled with him, unable to get out and was choked said the student; it was at the same time you called and said to him that whenever this woman appeared, let him call aloud the name: “Jesus Christ”. When you said <<Jesus >> on the radio broadcasting; immediately, the monster that squeezed my neck released me and disappeared. So I came to thank you." In fact, Jesus said: "In my name, you shall drive out demons”. (Mark 16:15-18)

A witch Mother
A christian lady had an endless problem since her conversion despite her prayers. She asked Jesus: “Lord Jesus; why do I have such endless problem, and who is behind this?”. That same night, she had a dream where someone spoke to her saying: “Do you want to know why you are having such problems? Look through this window”. She went to the window, looked and saw an elderly woman sat down backing her, she looked and the woman turned her head, and she saw her mother. She said told this to her mother, but she denied all completely in the beginning. She took her to the church, and she later confessed before each of her children about what she had done to them …

A woman who had pains on her neck and who had prayed without been healed and also had been prayed for by many prophetess but without result. One day she asked Jesus: “Lord Jesus, what is behind this pain that would not finish?”. Immediately, why she was praying closing her eyes, she saw the son of her husband, a 9 years old child. She could not believe that this little child was the source of her illness and could be a witch. She looked at the child in this vision without believing, and suddenly the child vanished like a television that was put off. She opened her eyes and she said to herself: “If I tell my husband that his son is a witch, he could make problem with me. Rather Lord Jesus, make him to confess to his father”. In the evening she took the child to the church. After the service, the child said to the pastor: “pastor, I am a witch and I do not want my father to marry this woman, and I am behind the sicknesses in her life”.

Philip: it is almost a year that he has given his life to the Lord, and he prayed to Jesus: "Lord Jesus, now that I’m converted, shows me the girl that I will marry." Immediately, like a flash, he saw the image of a girl he had never thought of from the church he attended. He said instantly: "Lord, not this one." Because according to him, she did not meet all his physical criteria which he used to have as in his pagan days. Each day, he demanded, but he saw nothing. Shortly after, he was surprise to see himself falling in love with this girl he saw in his revelation. And he preferred her than any other and married her.

THE MAN TO SEE Clotilde reports: "I had a financial need to start a small business and to plant it in every place. I did not know who to see that would give me the capital of 50,000 francs CFA ( about 120 USA dollars), but I knew that God answers questions that we ask Him according to Daniel Chapter 2, either by dreams or other type of revelation. I then said: Lord Jesus, I pray thee, show me who to see to give me fifty thousand (50,000) francs that I need. Immediately, I thought of a brother that I had not planned my mind as the person to see even before my prayer. I met him and he gave me the money.

THE YOUNG MAN FROM GUIGLO (a town in Ivory Coast)
In order not to marry a girl from his own thought and who might create every problem to him, for this is what every born again Christian wants, he did a five (5) days of fasting without food or water to receive answer from God, and he prayed like this: "Lord, show me the girl that I can choose as a bride at the end of my studies." On the fifth day, he saw in a dream that he was in a worship hall and a girl standing before him and they were looking at each other. When he awoke, he said to himself: what is the proof that this is from God. A week later, a young man from the church came to see him saying: "There's a girl in this church, if you choose her as a wife at the end of your studies, you've made a good choice, she is a good girl”, and he called the name of the girl he saw in the dream. And the young man who came began to smile. Two more weeks later, the deacon of the church called him and showed him the same girl as a future good wife. It was this girl that he finally got married to at the end of his studies when he had gotten a job. EVIDENCE OF

GOD’S EXISTENCE THROUGH THE REALITY OF SUPERNATURAL THINGS. MARTHE: - A Queen of witchcraft and Clairvoyant Priestess delivered by Jesus Christ.
The reality of supernatural things which the bible spoke about: Angels and the protection of Christians against all witches and enemies. Luke 10:17-19
“I was a queen of witchcraft from my region. To get to this position, it has to take a spiritual warfare with the former queen of the witches that existed before you and to kill her and to drink from her skull. Apart from been the leader of a great group of witches, I was also a clairvoyant (a seer). At night I kill and name who is going to deliver his parent to us, and in the day, I play the role of a clairvoyant priestess, very well consulted by all those who don’t know that the witches and the charlatan is the same person in two different times of the day. All those who come to me for consultations come to receive curses and demons while they believe they have received solutions to their problems. Whenever any man wants to become successful, I would say to my self “Am I successful myself? If am not, do you think you could receive success here”. In fact, when a man goes to consult a fetish priest, it is not the fetish man that heals the person. The fetish priest only meets with the witches to negotiate with them by saying “This man came to see me, and he gave to me money, I beg you leave him for a moment and later on you witches could take him.” It is the witches that are sustaining you that will also hand you over for a moment. I had given evil things to my customers who believed the things are good charms. At night, I was a witch, and during the day I turned to be a charlatan. During the night, as a queen, my disciples carry me on a royal chair while they sang. As queen for many years, until one day while I sat at my home, and I saw two Christians coming towards me.

They were two, but each of them had by their sides two great powerful beings, which are totally different from the spirits in our world. They are Angels, each of them holding a sword. I was seeing two real human beings and four angels that accompanied them. When my genies, my demons saw them, they fled and entered the house. I was afraid and I fled. I entered into the house. My demons were trembling and said to me: “Do not leave us, for if you leave, with whom will you leave us with”? Few moments later, I thought the Christians had gone and I came out. I came face to face with them outside because they were waiting for me thinking I had entered the house and to come out. They told me: “we have come to speak to you about Jesus Christ.” It is then I became sure that they were Christians.

Not been able to support the presence of these angels, I said:” I believe in God already”, I said this to keep them away. They said to me:” Yes, but now you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour”. I quickly said: “I understand”. They left. Then I made a search and discovered that they were from a particular Evangelical church, because we the witches know that there are churches where we could carry out whatever we want, and there are also true churches especially the Pentecostals.

There are people who call themselves Christians and who go to church and say they are Christians also, and we the witches could kill them. I decided to kill one of the Christians who came to see me. I went to his home, I took a spring chicken from his compound, I then invited all my groups of witches to the tree where we do tie our victims and kill them. And we killed the chicken in his name and did all we know to cause him to die. The next day, instead of the Christian, it is one of our members that died.

My disciples became afraid and left the city for the village. I went to the Christian’s place to see what was happening and I saw the angels escorting him. And when my demons saw the angels, they fled. I saw the Christian coming out of his car; laughing, he came forward to me to shake my hands and I fled. The truth is that, no witch can harm a real Christian. In addition to my failures and humiliations, one day, I had a dream where there was a great hole where many people are weeping, and on the other side I saw the Christians and they were rejoicing. And I heard a voice saying: “If you stop witchcraft practice and accept Jesus Christ, you shall be where those ones are rejoicing, if you don’t, you shall be in Hell fire where the others are suffering”. When I woke up, a demon was close to me and begged me in these words saying: “Do not depart from us”. I decided one day to visit the church of these Christians. From afar, I could see an angel by every Christian. Except for those living in sin. When one of the Christians called me, it was the angel that was beside him that called me. They carried out the same gesture. I sat down in the church. The pastor was preaching. I saw an angel close to him, and the angel was making the same gesture and moving his lips with the same rhythm as the pastor while saying the same thing like him as he preached; and behind the pastor, I saw Jesus as blood flowed from him. At the end of the service, I went to the pastor and I would not let him know I am a witch, I told him: “Pastor, I am clairvoyant and there is a witch who wants to kill a member of your church”. The pastor said to the Christians: “come and pray for this woman, she is a witch”. When the Christians were saying: “In the name of Jesus Christ, demons come out of this woman…” I trembled and shook, and the demons cried out through my mouth. They prayed for me until I was totally delivered, but I needed to fast so that they could cast out the dragon with six head, which my grand mother gave to me during my initiation when they caused me to eat the heart of a man. On the day of my complete deliverance, I was filled with Joy >>.

Raphael narrates: "When I was in 3rd grade, I learned from a saleswoman who sells Alloco (a local fried plantain) in front of a high School of Yopougon (a town in Ivory Coast) that with banana chips which you can begin with less than about 60 USA dollars," she said she earned 20 US dollars as profit daily.

I concluded that this mean about 600 US dollars a month. A salary that a medical doctor or an engineer of the public service could not earn, despite their more than five to seven years of studies at the university. And I said if this woman could takes cousins from the village or house maids, and place them in front of every school in the same capacity of sales she was making in front of a high School in Yopougon, instead of 20 US dollars earnings per day, if she places them in front of ten schools, and if she earned the same thing as at the school at Yopougon, she will have a hundred thousand francs profit per day, making 600 dollars a month.

Years later, I was now at the University, and I knew that professors with a position called chair professor at the university, a position that I planned to reach in my final year, they had about 1,200 USA dollars monthly as salary after fifteen to twenty years of teaching at the university, and that is if these proffessors are well assessed by the CAMES ( an educational institution in Ivory coast), it is not immediately, and besides, this fact is rare.

They usually begin with about 500 dollars as Assistant and after three years they become assistant lecturer( a kind of educational level in Africa) with about 700 US DOLLARS if properly assessed, and after eight years he becomes senior lecturer and if he is always well assessed, he will earn nearly 1000 USA DOLLARS, and finally after several years again, for at least three years of good grades and assessment, he can become a full professor with about 1,200 dollars towards his 20th year of teaching and not immediately. But generally, most of them end up as Assistant lecturer in thirty years of service with about 600 dollars and go into retirement. At the same time, I learned that a cassava grinder installed in one place would earned 40 USA DOLLARS per day, which is 1,200 USA DOLLARS per month, i.e. equivalent to the salary of a chair professor at the university who had been teaching for fifteen to thirty years and whose written records were highly rated, and not immediately. and I could already as a student install this cassava grinder machine which cost about 800 USA DOLLARS and I could have that amount per month, provided that my grinder is well located.

Also I could with the first revenues install two grinders and I would have 2,400 US DOLLARS monthly which was almost the salary of a minister at that time. MPs used to earn 800 DOLLARS per month, and ten grinders would give 12,000 dollars per month, while the salary of Public Service personnel could never get to these levels, even when you divide these into ten parts. I concluded that there is a difference between being employed and being rich in business. To be an employee is what one does after training, to be rich or prosperous comes from the businesses you have created in a profitable sector. This shows the importance of the enterprise. Hence the divine admonition to undertake entrepreneurship. When I was creating my first institution, to have enough students, I would bring down the price, and I carried out an advertisement that is more powerful than all my competitors, by adding services and benefits not found in theirs, and I did not stop advertising from the beginning to the end of academic year, and giving the tithe of all that came each day by financing evangelization materials and equipments and media, spreading testimonies from evangelization everywhere and massively inviting souls to the church; by living only for the gospel and the salvation of souls, practicing hospitality, and good towards all and especially to pastors and souls, by creating a newspaper of global evangelization from my first year of conversion, giving my testimony of conversion and evangelising everywhere, in schools, in universities, in prisons, in public places in each district, in the towns around, and this I did continuously from the first day of my conversion to date in creating new businesses for my own life and to finance the halls for preaching, for several announcements on television, radio, posters, prospectuses, the newspaper and other materials needed, and waiting for the souls who got converted in turn give their time providing support to the work of world evangelization. That is the purpose of the work.

PROFITABLE BUSINESSES What could be simpler when a Christian woman had the idea to make dèguè (a local kind of yogurt milk and millet), and sell it. From the beginning, she was already selling 100 bottles at 2 dollars per bottle a day. And 100 bottles would give at least 200 US DOLLARS per day, which gives 6000 US dOLLARS per month. With this revenue, this woman had sent her younger brothers to the United States. Another Christian woman who was deeply involved in the work of God in her gifts, tithes and offerings sold 300 to 400 bottles for about 3 dollars per bottle in all municipalities, which earned her about 800 USA DOLLARS a day, so in 10 days it is 8,000 USA DOLLARS, and within a month she was making 24,000 USA DOLLARS. With great benefits.

Like another who is selling cakes at the Municipal college at Yopougon (a quarter of Ivory Coast), according to what people say, she is earning 24 DOLLARS approximately as profit per day and she uses half a bag of flour per day. And 24 USA DOLLARS per day gives about 700 dollars monthly with which she provides the secondary school fees of her children that she showed to me. She only needed to place before each institution a house maid or a cousin, if this same business is placed before 10 establishments, and if her income is the same in all the locations, she would have 300 DOLLARS per day, making 7000 dollars monthly.

A young student met us and told us he wanted to sell frozen meat but he did not have enough money and we told him: "starts with what you have”, we met about 8 months later to tell us that he now sells 500 cartons of frozen meat per day at approximately ONE DOLLAR as income per carton. He bought a carton at 9 US DOLLARS and sells at 10 dollars. Therefore, the 500 cartons bring in 500 dollars profit a day, which means 15,000 per month in one market. This is what he can do in all other domain of businesses that exist in Abidjan, in the villages and in the world at large, this is not with love of money but to support the work of God in tithes and offerings for salvation of souls, including helping others and giving them jobs. A woman who sells diverse foods and fruit juices said she sells about 300 dollars daily in the front of a college at Treichville (a quarter of Abidjan), and she made profit of approximately 80 US DOLLARS daily. There are methods of creating businesses from scratch which I would reveal to people who are already converted to Jesus Christ. God can also give each person great inspirations on this matter if that person is useful to him through conversion and committed to evangelism.

Célestin freed from the threat of imprisonment Célestin was to be put in jail the next day, having embezzled a large sum of money by deceiving a person. A complaint was laid against him by the victim. On the eve of his appearance before the Commissioner of Police, Célestin was very worried; he was gripped by anxiety and despair. A Christian came to his home and said to him: "Instead of being worried, you should pray by speaking directly to Jesus Christ telling him to ensure that you do not go to jail, and that he should save you from this situation. He will do it if you believe and ask him.” In other words, it is a matter of replacing the concerns, doubts, anxieties and others with prayers made directly to Jesus Christ. For once, Célestin who previously did not believe in God, knelt in his room and spoke sincerely to Christ Jesus begging him to save him from imprisonment, and promised he would not repeat again such abuse of trust. He asked God to bring the complainant to withdraw his complaint. The next morning, before going to the police, he prayed again. Standing before the Commissioner, he said to the commissioner: "Mr. Commissioner, I beg you to tell the complainant to withdraw his complaint." At the same time the complainant who was fiery and hard, against all expectations suddenly said quietly: "Mr. Commissioner, let him go, he will pay later." The Commissioner was surprised by this change of situation and asked Célestin: “Who is your fetish priest”? Celestine replied: "I don’t have any. But it is Jesus." And he was released. He said: "Since that day I knew that God exists."

JEAN FRANCOIS: MIRACULOUS INTERVENTION IN FAMINE SITUATION John Francis, already a Christian, was very hungry and was sleeping at noon in his room. To Lie down and doing nothing does not solve any problem. One day, unable to bear it he said: "Lord Jesus I am hungry, I'm hungry ...." few moments later, someone knocked at his door. He nervously replied: "Who is it”? The nearby neighbour replied: "It's me." He said: "Come in”! She came in with a dish well stocked with food, Jean Francois’s prayer was granted. This means that God hears the prayers that are addressed to him in the name of Jesus. And as you pray, He touches the heart of people and gives idea to all those he has chosen to help you and he directs them to you. Your prayers create an atmosphere for God to answer you, so that you can obtain what you ask or seeking for. So do not keep quiet, but speak to God in the name of Jesus, or just talk to Jesus, repenting from all your sins. And Jesus said: "Pray without ceasing".

ROBERT: DELIVERED FROM FINANCIAL PROBLEM Okou Djédjé narrates: "While I was still a young Christian, Robert, who was my pastor, had a problem that I really ignored, but I saw him in a dream. He was sitting on the floor, on the ground and everyone went passed him. I reached there and I went passed him a few steps and stopped. I said to myself: "this man has problems.” The next day, I went to the bank and I withdrew about 3,000 USA dollars which I brought to him. It was 1 pm when I found him in his office and I told him: "Pastor, I have brought 3000 dollars to you”. I put the money in a khaki envelope. He took it and he said to me: "I'll pray for you." He called one of his assistants and both of them laid hands on me asking God to bless me and use me all over the world for his gospel. I learned later that this was a man who had supplied equipment on credit for the church and the church which was in financial difficulties had delayed the return of the money for a while and the man became furious and was due to arrive at 3 pm, that day was his last date, and the pastor did not have the money to pay back to this man and then I arrived at 1 pm, there I gave it to him ".

Okou Djédjé relates: "When I was still a new Christian, Jeremiah, a good evangelical Christian, owed 1000 dollars rent and had not the means to pay back. He hoped that his bank would give him credit, but the bank refused. It was the last day of the deadline given by the company that gave him the house on rent and would put him out if he did not pay that day. For it was the rule. Jeremiah had prayed, fasted, searched, solicited his bank, but he had nothing. And it was the last day. It was 7 pm, and he went somewhere, I too, and we met. I told him: "Jérémie, good evening," He replied, and we passed each other, I took a few steps and I stopped and turned around and told him: "Jeremiah, if you have a money problem, try and see me, I can lend you one million francs, and you could pay back to me as you can." Jeremiah, surprised, was silent for a moment and asked me, "what time will you be at home”? I told him: "At 8 pm”. He went to his home and told his wife: "God has spoken to Djedje”. He came to see me and he received the 1000 dollars he needed. If Jérémie had asked Jesus to show him who he was to see, God would have already directed him, and would have avoid unnecessary undertakings to certain areas. For God also wants you to ask him for things so as to avoid wrong choices and wrong deals, or to know what to do. Read Daniel Chapter 2, Genesis 41, 2 Chronicles 20 etc...

THE TRUTH OF BIBLICAL WRITTINGS FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END, AND PROOFS. THE BIBLE (WORD OF GOD) AND HISTORICAL TRUTHS ABOUT THE WORLD FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END, AND PROOFS.CONTRARY TO WHAT PEOPLE THINK, THE BIBLE IS NOT OPPOSED TO SCIENCE. The Bible is not opposed to science. It already confirmed it more than 2,500 years ago before it was discovered that the earth is round and many other things that scientists have to learn about the truth. All those who killed Galileo are not Christians, even though they were priests. God says do not to kill. Besides, God says the earth is round. Proverbs 8 / 31, it is already a step to verify other biblical statements, including those miraculous spiritual healings, deliverances, solutions to problems and verifiable spiritual reality.

THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLD AND OF MEN ASIA WAS THE FIRST CONTINENT INHABITED IN THE WORLD AND THE CRADLE OF HUMANITY, NOT AFRICA ACCORDING TO GOD. Indeed, in the beginning God created the heavens and earth and all natural things described in the Bible. In his method of creation, God said let a thing exist and the thing manifested. He said let there be light, and there was light. On the sixth day of creation, he created man and woman. God made man in His image. God placed man and woman in the Garden of Eden which is present day Iraq, which is crossed by river Euphrates in Asia, in the Middle East, in Mesopotamia. The world thus began in Asia in terms of human settlement, not in Africa, and it is from Asia that other continents or places of the earth were inhabited according to God.

The existence of man is about six thousand (6,000) years ago, from Adam the first man to this day. Just calculate the age from Adam and all who are born to him from generation to generation until today as the Bible shows. All other methods of calculation and all opposing views are false. These include the theory of evolution, the big-bang theory, carbon dating theory and others. In addition, Africa is not the cradle of humanity, and all men have experienced permanent migration from generation to generation. Example, that the Akan people of Ivory Coast came from Ghana, is to affirm a recent origin of a few centuries, we should ask ourselves that before Ghana where were they? Some theories say they were in the Sahel, and before Sahel they were in Egypt. moreover, for God, almost all black Africans before being where they are today, came from Egypt and before the 'Egypt, they came from Asia which is the birthplace of everyone before the migration that the world has known.
The discovery of the oldest human bones in Africa at a given time, does not permit the assertion that Africa would be the place as the beginning of the world, for archaeological excavation continues and they may discover in another continent a bone that is older than the one found in Africa, and in addition, if the oldest bone is really the oldest, may be it should already got decayed and not found, and bones found were more recent ones, more newer. God then corrects the false academic or intellectual theories and false theories. The Bible is not opposed to science. But help to perfect it. It is the Bible that first asserted that the earth is round in Proverbs 8 / 31, and this is more than two thousand (2000) years ago even before Galileo and scientists discovered the fact. Biblical knowledge is ahead of science and goes beyond science because the Bible also informs us of other things like the occult world and the kingdom of God, in addition to the truths of the world.

EVIDENCES In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God is Spirit. He spoke and things came into existence. He said: "Let there be light" and there was light. God creates by the spoken word. That was what the magicians tried to imitate, but by the means of the devil and evil spirits. Indeed, God exists and He is the One who until this day in every evangelical church or through every true Christian, continues to heal the sick, deliver those possessed by demon, the weak and others. These are the Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God, as Savior, as God demanded and is baptized with the Holy Spirit etc. In fact, Jesus says: "And these signs will follow those who believe in me, in my name they will cast out demons ... if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them ... they shall lay hands on the sick and the sick will be healed." Mark 16: 15-18. He said: "If you do not believe in me, at least believe because of the works that I do ... the blind see, the lame walk, the dead rise again "... etc. This God who is the creator of heaven and earth is Spirit and His true worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth, and he gives the evidences of his existence in the Bible, by the manifestation of his power, through healings, deliverances and miracles that he operates today in the name of Jesus Christ through those who believe in Jesus Christ and live by his word. The Bible is the word of God by the fulfillment of it’s written content, by it’s historical facts and scientific proofs, by the accomplishment of prophecies, the experimental nature of its contents, by the reality of supernatural phenomenon that it describes etc.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PROBLEMS ON EARTH The sin of Adam and Eve The world was created perfect and without any problem. Even death was impossible except on the sole condition that men do not commit sins. But man who committed what was forbidden. After the man and woman ate the forbidden fruit which the devil deceived them to eat hoping they will become gods,night in the garden, and both of them hid. Then God called Adam. And Adam said he is hiding because he is naked. And God asked him: "Who told thee that thou was naked, have you eaten of the tree that I commanded you not to eat." For since the creation man and woman were naked and they were not ashamed until the day they sinned.
The man replied: "The woman you put here by my side gave me and I ate.” And God asked the woman why did you do that? And the woman explained: "The serpent beguiled me and I ate." And God said to the serpent: "Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed, and now, you'll go on your belly and eat the dust of the earth. And the seed of the woman shall bruise your head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” As concerning the snake, its foot folded inside, this is what we see as a suction cup towards its tail in the abdomen whenever it is killed. And God said unto the woman: "Because thou hast done this, I will increase the sufferings of your pregnancy and it is with pain that you shall give birth. And your eyes will be on your husband and he shall rule over thee ". As for the man, God said: "Because thou hast eaten of the tree which I commanded you not to eat, the soil of the earth shall be cursed. It is with difficulty that you shall till it for food, it will produce thorns and brambles unto thee, and thou shalt live by the sweat of your face until you return to the dust, for thou art dust and to the dust shalt thou return”.

The fact that God was looking for Adam saying: "where art thou?" Does not mean he does not see Adam, but because he wanted him to admit what he already knows. The case is the same with Cain when he was asked: "Where is your brother Abel?" And the murderer Cain replied: "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper? "And God said: " The blood of your brother cries out to me." In other words, God is saying: "I know where he is, you killed him, but I am asking you voluntarily, by indignation as I told you not to do." God is omniscient and nothing is hidden from him. After sin, Adam and Eve had two children. First, Cain then Abel. Cain was a farmer and Abel a shepherd. Abel made a good offering to God, while Cain gave a weak one. God accepted Abel's offering and rejected that of Cain. Cain was jealous of his brother Abel and killed him on the field instead of acting like him to give a good and acceptable gift. God cursed Cain and said that because of this fratricidal murder, the soil of the earth is cursed because there is a spiritual link between sinful acts or the evil deeds of men and the problems of the earth, of the world and of men that the ordinary materialistic mind of man can not understand but which God affirms and experience proves.

since the first sin of man and woman, sin spread on all the earth. Every man was sinning and doing evil. So God decided to destroy all the inhabitants of the earth by flood, except Noah, he was found righteous among all people of the earth of his days. God told Noah to build an ark in which they would enter, himself, his wife and their three sons and the three wives of these, for a heavy rain would fall on the earth and remove all the inhabitants of the earth that did evil before God. Noah made the ark, a kind of large boat built under God’s instruction. God speaks through dreams and through other channels, and Noah, the only righteous, symbolizes the true born again converted to Jesus Christ today, and was saved from the flood with his family. The ark floated on the rain water that had overflowed the mountaintops until the water dried, and the ark rested in what we know as Turkey today on Mount Ararat, while all the other inhabitants of the earth all died, swept away by the flood. A true life history.

THE REASON FOR EUROPEAN MATERIAL SUPERIORITY OVER AFRICA, AND WHY THE COLONIZATION AND SLAVERY The curse of Ham’s descendants and the people of the world After the flood, God told Noah and his descendants to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. And then to repopulate the earth. One day, Noah was drunk with alcohol, and been drunk; he slept naked. One of his sons, Ham, saw him and laughed at him and told this to his two brothers. These two having heard of it, took a blanket, walked backwards and covered the nakedness of their father without seeing it. Noah learned about this when he awoke and cursed the descendants of Ham, saying: “Cursed be Canaan son of Ham, he shall be the slave of slaves to his brothers.” And Noah blessed Shem first saying: "Blessed be the God of Shem ..." and he blessed Japheth second saying: “Blessed be Japheth… may he live in the tents of Shem ...” so the descendants of Ham came from Asia to settle in Africa in their migration; and this was first in Egypt where they spread to other parts of Africa.

THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD AND THE ORIGIN OF LANGUAGES AND RACES: THE WHITES, THE BLACKS, THE YELLOWS AND THE REDS The descendants of Noah multiplied but refused to spread throughout the earth and they decided to build a tower that reaches to the heavens in order to make a name for themselves. God, to force them to spread over the earth, confounded their language. One morning, the men awoke and each was speaking a different language, instead of a single and common language which all spoke and understood from the beginning. Those who understood each other regrouped themselves and went to the same side. Today in some true Evangelical churches, when there is the baptism of the Holy Spirit; men could understand and speak a language they never learned. That is what Jesus quoted that these signs shall follow them that believe, saying: "In my name they shall speak in other languages. This is described in Acts Chapter 2 and in 1 Corinthians chapter 12.

The descendants of Shem are among others, today's Jews,Europeans, Americans ... The descendants of Japheth are among the Chinese, Russians, Japanese.... The descendants of Ham are among other Africans to the point where Egypt is called in the Bible the land of Ham because in the population of men on earth, it was the descendants of Ham who came to Africa and lived in Egypt which is the first African country inhabited. All men thus came from Asia, and the different colors of skin are related to climatic conditions of regions occupied over many years. The African is black because of the sun. Indeed, the Ethiopian said: "I'm black and I'm beautiful, it is the sun that burned me ..." The yellows are yellow according to the climate effect of their area, and according their regions and places of existence, etc… In other words, all men had the same color of skin from the beginning, this color which is found among the whites. So there was the white before the Black and not vice versa; and the Black man was the white that now became black, as stated by the Ethiopian in the Bible. And this is like a white woman that turned bronze in the sun and became colored, and again, it is like an African, newborn baby that became black sometime after his birth. Thus, there is no difference between the original white and black. There is no different God for the whites and for the blacks. Neither set of people created whites and another set of people created blacks. Neither is there any evolution of the human race from black to white or from monkey to man. The creation of animal is different from that of man. The animal can never become a man. And it is shall never be. And it was only a theory according to Darwin, and not an experience, let alone a scientific fact. All men come from the same couple Adam and Eve. The differences came only from the circumstances which God speaks in the Bible.

THE PLAN OF GOD FOR THE SALVATION OF MAN., The choice of Abraham by GodAfter the men spread upon the earth after the episode of the Tower of Babel, and the confusion of tongues, God chose a descendant of Shem, the blessed child of Noah, that is Abraham, the great-grand son of Shem, who was at that time in a region which is the present day Iraq, and said to him: “leave the land of your fathers and I'll show you a good land flowing with milk and honey”. God showed and gave the land of Canaan, the current day Israel to Abraham, who was originally called Abram. God changed Abram's name which means "High Father" to ''Abraham'' which means “father of many” because names have impact on the bearer, for he wanted Abraham to be “ father of multitudes”, God promised a son to Abraham though his wife Sarah was barren. The name of his wife Sarai became Sarah by the will of God. Not seeing the promised child come, Sara was overtaken by doubt and gave Abraham her maidservant Hagar and asked Abraham to have sexual intercourse with her maid, so that their promised child should come through this servant, for she thought it is probably what God meant. Abraham then had relations with Hagar the handmaid of Sarah, his wife, and Ishmael was born. Therefore pride took the girl and she now started showing lack of respect for her mistress. God told Abraham that the child was not the promised child, but that the child will be born by him and his wife Sara. Abraham was hundred years old and Sara 90 when Sara was pregnant with the long awaited child. While she was pregnant, Ishmael the son of the servant laughed at her. Sarah asked Abraham to send away the mother and son. Abraham hesitated because of the child. God told Abraham to do what his wife had asked him, for He (God) will take care of the mother and child. The promised son Isaac was born.
The choice of Isaac God made a covenant with Isaac. One day, God put Abraham to test to see if Abraham loved him, asking him to sacrifice his only son Isaac. Despite the harsh test, Abraham was about to do it. God stopped him and knew that Abraham loved and feared him. He gave him great blessings. Isaac became adult and had two sons, of which one of the son is called Jacob that an angel of God named Israel, which means '' Winner''.
The choice of Jacob called Israel Jacob had twelve sons and daughters, and sons formed the twelve tribes of Israel. Among these children, there was Joseph that he loved.

Joseph In their prime age, the sons of Jacob became jealous towards their younger brother Joseph whom their father loved the most. They sold him to the Ishmaelites and lied to their father that he was killed by an animal in the field, and Joseph was a slave in Egypt, then he was imprisoned on false accusation by the wife of his master Potiphar that Joseph wanted to sleep with her, then he refused each time, until one day she caught him in the room by his garment and tried to force him. This led Joseph to leave his clothes in her hands and fled outside. That's enough for the woman to present the clothes outside and say that Joseph wanted to rape her and she defended herself, and that the garment she was holding is the proof. Joseph then was put in prison. Years later, Pharaoh of Egypt had a dream that troubled him and none of his magicians and astrologers could interpret it. It appealed to Joseph who once interpreted the dreams of two prisoners who had seen him do what Joseph had given such meaning to their dreams. Joseph came and explained the dream to Pharaoh of Egypt who had dreamed of seven fat cows followed by seven thin cows that were so puny that they did forget the seven fat cows. Joseph explained that these are seven years of plenty that Egypt would experience, but that would be followed by seven years of famine to the point that they would forget the years of plenty. Joseph gave a solution, saying to Pharaoh to choose someone at the head of his government who could economize 1 / 5 of the production from the seven years of plenty, so that after seven years of plenty, we would not feel the famine that will fall upon Egypt. Convinced by the explanations of Joseph, Pharaoh then named Joseph as governor of Egypt, that is to say, Prime Minister, Head of the Government with full power, and Pharaoh said to him that only the throne will distinguishes him from Joseph, if not he and Joseph are equal. It was during his reign as governor of Egypt that Joseph, the former slave invited his father and his brothers to Egypt because he saw that the famine was in Israel. At a point his brothers who did not recognize him came to buy food in Egypt. Joseph governor of Egypt revealed himself to them and called his father and Israel went to Egypt. Joseph later died as well as the Pharaoh who appointed him. Another Pharaoh came to power and decided to make the Hebrews slaves. Considering the growth in number of the Hebrews, he decided to kill all male children at birth.

Moses At this time Moses was born, and to escape death his mother put him in a basket and put it on the river Nile where the sister of Pharaoh found him and took him. One day, Moses now grown, learned that he was a Hebrew, an Israelite; seeing the suffering of his people under the yoke of Pharaoh of Egypt, he killed an Egyptian and fled to the land of Midian. He married the daughter of Jethro whose sheep he shepherd. One day near a mountain, he saw a tree that was burning without being consumed, and he heard a voice: << Moses, Moses, I am the God of your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… I am sending to go free my people Israel from the yoke of pharaoh king of Egypt>>. In front of this mission, Moses, for fear of pharaoh, felt incapable. He added that the Hebrews would not believe that it is God who sent him. God said: “ If they do not believe, put thy hand into thy bosom, and they hand will become white with leprosy, after that , put thy hand again into thy bosom, and it shall return again as normal ” God promised to do other miracles and signs through him that will forced pharaoh of Egypt to let the Hebrews go. Before God, Moses carried out the first two experiences of miracles to be demonstrated before the Hebrews, but he hesitated for fear of the Egyptians. God insisted and finally he went.Moses, through the miracles of God plagued the Egyptians with ten plagued, freed the people of Israel from the Domination of pharaoh King of Egypt, and took them out of Egypt to lead them to the Promised Land, at the other side of the desert and of the red sea. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and other laws on which Israel would abide to. Moses wrote all these, and God spoke to him about the future coming of the messiah, the savior, Jesus Christ, saying that whosoever will not listen to the messiah will perish.

The Prophets
Then came the prophets who proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. The son of God who will save the world from sin. However, it was also written that Israel would not believe him, but all who shall believe in Him and live according to his word throughout the earth will be saved from the fire of hell after death at the judgment day. Those who believe in Him will have eternal life.

THE COMING OF THE SAVIOR JESUS GIVEN BY GOD TO MEN AND THE CURRENT PERIOD THE CHURCH IS GOING THROUGH, PROPHECIES ABOUT THE COMING OF JESUS CHRIST AND THEIR FULFILMENT. The birth of Jesus Christ, his life, his death on the cross, his resurrection, his ascension into heaven was prophesied long before they accomplished as they were announced. Indeed, nearly four thousand (4 000) years before his coming, from the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve, deceived by the devil sinned by eating the fruit of the tree that God had forbidden them not to eat, God told the serpent which is Satan: "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel"

(Genesis 3 / 15). Jesus Christ, the seed of the woman as he would be born of a woman who have never had relations with a man would destroy the power of the devil, this is what he will do at his coming, and Jesus would injured at the heel, as was the case at his crucifixion when he was nailed on both hands and feet as prophesied. His virgin birth, his power over Satan and his crucifixion for the salvation of men and were already foretold in the Bible passages about 4,000 years ago before his arrival. Then, over three thousand (3,000) years before his arrival, Abraham prophesied saying: In the mountains, God will provide himself the lamb for the burnt offering; sacrifice (Genesis 22 / 8). At the appointed time, as Abraham had prophesied, God gave a sacrifice at the mountain of Golgotha, Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus was thus given by God to die in the place of all those who believe in him, because everyone has sinned at least once and is excluded from eternal salvation. It is therefore necessary that Jesus who never sinned should die in their place and that they should recognizes Him as their savior. Two thousand (2 000) years ago before his coming, God also spoke unto Moses, saying: "I will raise from among their brothers a prophet like you, I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything that I commanded ... whosoever would not listen to Him shall perish "(Deuteronomy 18/15).
Jesus came and said: "If you do not believe me, you will perish in your sins ...". Here the word ''prophet'' means ''one who preaches the word of God or prophesy,'' and Jesus prophesied about everything he was going to live, how he would die and rise again the third day, then climb to heaven before his disciples, and return from heaven to put an end to the current world system of things and for the renewal of things where Satan and his demons will be first of all bound and then thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, called Gehenna or Hell, they and all men who have followed them or have not been saved by Christ. Isaiah also prophesied hundreds of years before the coming of Jesus Christ, saying: "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which means God with us" (Isaiah 7 / 14). So Jesus was born of a virgin, with an adoptive father. He was born of the descendants of King David. Jeremiah prophesied speaking from God on this subject: "I will raise unto David a righteous Branch” (Jeremiah 23 / 5).

Jesus will be the only man who never sinned, and actually, he never sinned. And as without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin, it was necessary that he who is without sin should die in place of those who sinned and who will accept him as savior, because he died their place and condemned in their place, and who thus paid the price for their salvation, their healing, their deliverance, their blessing by God etc... And Micah also prophesied the city where Jesus would be born, namely Bethlehem. He spoke the word of God hundreds of years before the coming of Jesus: "And thou Bethlehem Ephrata, little among the thousands of Judah, from you shall come forth unto me one who shall rule over Israel, whose going forth have been from of old, from everlasting. " (Micah 5/1). Jesus has an eternal origin. Jesus said: "Before Abraham was I am." He is one with God.
He is God Himself come in the flesh. And the prophet Isaiah prophesied centuries before his coming: "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government will rest on his shoulder, he shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, wonderful God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9 / 5). To be God made flesh, this is what many find difficult to believe, John also spoke about the world and the universe. He said: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and nothing has been done has been done without him. In him was life, and the life was the light of men ... He came to his own but his own did not receive him, but to all who received him, to all those who believe in his name he has given them power to become children of God, which are born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man but of God.
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth, and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father, Jesus Christ. "John 1: 1-14. It is also written that he would be preceded by a prophet and he would come to smooth his path and to testify of him. This was John the Baptist who came and things came to pass as it was written. And John the Baptist said of Jesus to the Hebrew people: "I baptize you with water, but one who comes after me is greater than I. I am not worthy to untie his shoes laces, he will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. He hath the winds in his hand; he will separate the grain from the chaff. He will put the grain into his barn and the chaff will he destroy with unquenchable fire forever ... "And when he saw Jesus, he said: “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.
On the day of Jesus' baptism, the Holy Spirit as a dove landed on him, and God's voice was heard from heaven saying: "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him." To be Prince of Peace as Isaiah prophesied, Jesus Christ is real and manifested this by his goodness and perfection. Note that when his enemies came to arrest him for to crucify him as he had predicted, his disciple Peter, unable to bear it, took out a sword and cut off the ear of Malchus, one of the soldiers who came to arrest him. Immediately, Jesus took the fallen ear from the ground and put it in its place, and He said to Peter: “Put up your sword, for whoever rules by the sword shall perish by the sword." Also, on the cross, when the people mocked him, laughed at him after hitting, scourging, spitting on his face, slapped him, saying: "Prophet, tell us who slapped you?" Jesus said: "Father Forgive them for they know not what they do." He also wrote that Jesus Christ would do many miracles, heal the sick, deliver the sick, resurrect the dead, etc., and he did and gave power to his disciples. Jesus performed miracles that no man could do. And he said: "All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth." Matthew 28.

And he said to all those who believe in him: "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing will hurt you." Luke 10: 17-19. But it is also written that he would suffer much, and died to take upon himself the sins of the world for the salvation of those who will believe in him and confess with their mouth repenting of their sins; and will be sold by one of his disciples that he himself had chosen and he already knew. After his arrestion to be condemned to die on the cross as he had predicted, this disciple who was greedy and possessed by the devil and who sold him, will return the amount received to its customers. But the buyers refused to take the damned money, and this bad disciple, became the son of perdition, who went and hanged himself by remorse since he had sold the innocent one. It was also written that Christ was scourged, humiliated, insulted, and that the soldiers that would lead him to the cross will share his clothes and play lot for his tunic. This is written in Psalms 22 / 16 and was fulfilled in John 19/24.

Also, on the cross where he was nailed by the unbelievers, sinners and enemies manipulated by the devil, it is written that when he would ask them for water, they would give Him vinegar. It is written in Psalms 69/22 and fulfilled in John 19/28-30. And all those who committed all these evils did not know they were helping to fulfill what had already been predicted. When Jesus on the cross asked a soldier for water to drink, he took a sponge dipped in vinegar and handed it to Jesus on a stick; Jesus tasted it and realized it was vinegar. Then he said: "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit, everything is done". And he gave up the ghost. It is finished, that is to say, everything that had been prophesied, from generation to generation, all has been fulfilled as it was said.

Everything went as planned and predicted. In fact, God took care to announce all that the Savior would live so that there shall be no impostor, that is to say, someone who will appears one day and said that he is the Christ. Anyone who comes without going through these predicted things that were described is not the Christ, namely: born of a woman who has never had a relationship with a man, at the same time born in Bethlehem of Judea, would rise from the offspring of David, do miracles that nobody has ever been able to do, die on the cross, be buried and rose again the third day, etc.. No man can imitate those things that do not depend on him, and can not accomplish them all as they were described. And then it was about 3 pm after the death of Christ that darkness filled the whole earth, a dark night fell over the entire surface of the earth, great winds blew everywhere, the veil of the temple was torn, the dead resurrected and walked into the city of Jerusalem. And Jesus was buried. And on the third day he rose again as predicted! He remained on earth for 40 days after his resurrection, meeting and talking to his disciples, and ascended into heaven after 40 days in the presence of his disciples physically but in a glorified body. Anyone who from now on, would believe in himself and live by his word the Bible and prays to God in the name of Jesus will be saved, he that believeth not shall be condemned to hell fire if they follow false doctrine, false thought or sin. And it was also written that people would not believe. Before his arrival, Isaiah had already warned: "Who has believed our report? Who has the arm of the Lord been revealed? He grew up before him like a low plant, like a root out of dry ground. He had neither beauty nor comeliness, and his appearance had nothing to please us. Despised and forsaken by men, a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief; he was despised,and we esteemed him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed ... (Isaiah 53/1-5)


The meaning of the present world is that everyone receives and accepts Jesus Christ as savior, and know that God exists and live according to His Word the Bible, abandoning all sins so as to be worthy to have eternal life; and that the gospel of Jesus Christ be preached throughout the earth, then shall the end of this world come: he that believeth shall be saved from the fire of hell during his death, he that believeth not, or who live in sin even if he believes in Jesus as Savior but does not repent of his sins by abandoning them and changing their life will be condemned, said God. Mark 16: 15-18.

The rapture of Christians 1 Thessalonians 4 / 16, 1 Corinthians 15 / 51...
After the period of the church, there will be the removal (rapture) of true Christians from the earth to escape the great tribulation which shall come upon the world with the coming of the Antichrist. All true Christians that shall be alive at that time will be removed as were Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus, and this will occur in one day, at the sound of the trumpet of God. The rapture is a supernatural phenomenon of which the true divine aspects consist of not going through death. Christians from the earth could directly meet together in the heavenly places to meet the Lord Jesus without their will but by God's power like what happened to Elijah and Enoch. The aspect of sorcery or mystic transportation that resembles this, but God condemns it. Witches or mystics use methods like incantations or methods they have learned, to physically leave a place to another without walking or hiring a vehicle.

Example: If you are a mystic or an occultist of a lower level, a great initiate could transport you from one place to another by a mere touch after having informed you, or by incantation. And you will find yourself in another city or another place without moving by your own discretion. The removal or rapture of which God speaks about only comes from God himself. In addition, it is only true Christians that will be removed from this earth to escape the great tribulation period of the Antichrist, the principal adversary of God on earth, a time when all who are believers in another god like the Antichrist will be killed without exception.

The political future of the world
1 John 2: 18-19, 2 Thessalonians 2 / 3 - 4; Daniel 7: 24-26, Dan. 8 / 23-25, Dan. 9 / 27; Revelation 13: 4-7; Rev. 17 / 11-12; Rev. 19 / 20; 20 / 10 THE POLITICAL FUTURE OF THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GOD THE FUTURE WORLD HEAD OF STATE, BECOMING ONE STATE BY THE GLOBALIZATION OF ALL TERITORY The antichrist, the future head of state of the world according to God, and proofs of God’s existence through the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. So after the rapture of true Christians; there will be a period of great political tribulations that will be marked by the takeover of power by a man who will become the world head of states, after having been the President of the European Union. This man, according to God, will be a great dictator and persecutor and greatly oppose anything that has to do with God and will make himself equal to God. After three (3) years and a half of relative peace out of the 7(seven) years of his reign, this man will be chosen by the entire world as president of the world without knowing he came from the devil. Indeed, seeing the economic problems, wars between states and problems of the world, people will aspire globalization as the only solution to world problems.

EUROPEAN UNION PROPHESIED IN THE BIBLE BY JESUS CHRIST SINCE 2000 YEARS AGO.Europe will unite and become one country and will be headed by a man. Then all heads of state of the world with internal difficulties will now elect this man as world head of states. The world itself will be a single state. All other Heads of state of the world will be as senators, simple territorial representatives. This man will apparently be successful for three and a half years of his reign to solve the problems of peace, unity and security. Either during 42 months, that is 3 ½ years as the Bible says. All will say peace unity and security everywhere. He will unify the currency, the economy and the military. But when he has gotten all this power, including military power, economic and otherwise, and after three and a half years, he will show his true face. The devil will invest fully in him. He will fight any man that would not submit to him. Indeed, those going against his system will be killed and their bodies will be exposed openly.

Israel would wants to withdraw from globalization, that is to say is from the world system that is becoming one, with The Head man as the one that God called the Antichrist, i.e. that which will come before Jesus Christ, but who is fiercely against Christ and God, whom Jesus Christ spoke about. God calls him the beast, the Ungodly, the man of sin, the incarnation of the devil, the man who could say: "Whoever has seen me has seen Satan”. As Jesus said, who has seen me has seen the Father, God. The Antichrist will be an apostate. The Bible calls him the man of sin, the son of perdition, the adversary, the wicked one who causes himself to be worshiped as God (2 Thessalonians 2/3/-4). Daniel sees him as a king, a head of state that is particularly formidable and villain (John 7/24-26). In the book of Revelation, he is presented as the beast opposed to Jesus Christ the gentle Lamb of God (Revelation 13/18). Prompted by Satan and putting on his miraculous power, this man is the devil incarnate and will seduce all the men that would remain on earth and who will not accept the true Christ (2 Thessalonians 2 / 12).

At the height of apostasy, that is to say, sin, he would dared to address God directly, asking all to worship him and kill whoever does not obey him unconditionally. His trademark is a sign of its totalitarian regime and he will control all thoughts and all human activities on earth. He will mark all men with his number 666. All men shall visibly be marked by the sign on the forehead and on the hand. And none could sell or buy if they are not marked with this sign. According to the prophet Daniel, the Antichrist will arise from the territory of the fourth empire (i.e. Rome) Daniel 7: 7-8, 23-25. In the Revelation of Apostle, John saw the beast at the head, a confederation of ten dictators that were also connected with Rome (Rev 17/8-9 and 17-18). He will emerge from the western world and he will succeed in establishing an empire that will spans the entire earth. He will create a frenzy of enthusiastic crowds (1 Thessalonians 5 / 3). He will be a terrible persecutor of Christian believers and of Israel. (Daniel 12 / 7), Rev 11/2-3 and 13-15).

THE ANTI-CHRIST, A REAL EUROPEAN MAN. The Antichrist is the only head of state or head of the European Union who will carry out a political, economic and religious dictatorship on earth. It will impose an iron law in the whole earth and men will tremble before him. Reaching the peak of his power and becoming mad with pride, he will gather his armies at Armageddon, in an attempt to attack Israel, having seen it’s last trick and refusing to worship him (Rev. 16/13, 17/14). But he will be crushed by the victorious appearance of the lord Jesus Christ and be thrown alive forever into the lake of fire and brimstone (Rev. 19/11, 17/21 20/10; 2 Thes ... 2 / 8. Zechariah 14 / 1-5). Then Israel, who had rejected Jesus Christ at his first coming would now recognize Him as their savior at his return. This anti-Christ man will allied himself from the beginning with Babylon, the prostitute and the false prophet (Rev. 13/11-15 and 19-20). Indeed, the false prophet will follow him through to the end, but the Antichrist will then turn against the prostitute and persecute her to death (Rev. 17/16). The power of this man will be extended by his conquest to which no one can resist him, he will bring universal domination.

Israel will decide to break ties with this man. Therefore, the Antichrist will want to destroy Israel and wipe it off from the map of the world. He will use Gog and Magog to destroy Israel, which is to say Russia and China, because Gog and Magog were the first two kings or princes, one from Russia, another from China. The Chinese and Russian armies under the power of the Antichrist will then go on their way to destroy Israel that will be the only country in the world that will refuse to worship the Antichrist and refuse to stay in the globalization system led by him. It is while they would be on the road to Armageddon, in the valley of Megiddo, and when Israel will feel lost without power before this man, who have united to himself the whole military world power by deceiving the people, that will take place in visible and glorious return of Jesus Christ. Christ will come from the clouds with all Christians who have been raptured and he shall lay his foot on the Mount of Olives where he ascended to heaven was his first coming 40 days after his resurrection, and he will destroy the Antichrist and his false prophet by the breath of his mouth. Satan will be bound for a 1,000 years. 1,000 years, during which Jesus will reign on earth with men, with the Christians as rulers.

THE MILLENNIUM OR THE NEXT 1000 YEARS REIGN OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH WITH CHRISTIANS AND THE SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD. According Revelation 20 / 3, 7-8,… after the end of the Antichrist and his false prophet, Jesus Christ will reign physically on earth for 1000 years with Christians.

THE LAST JUDGMENT AFTER THE MILLENNIUM. Who will go to heaven and who goes to hell? For this last Judgment, there will be a new earth and new heavens for this present heaven and earth shall disappear as God had said. And the paradise of God as a city in cube form, the tabernacle of God which God called the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven upon the new earth. Then there will be eternal life for those who believe in Jesus and lived by his word, and there will be suffering, weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who do not believe the word of Christ. For the moment, all men who have died are in the place of for the dead where there are two separate places of an unbridgeable chasm. There is a place where believers in Jesus Christ will go, the place that Jesus called Abraham's bosom, and there is place will where all unbelievers (sinners) will go and that is the place of torment and where sufferings and regrets are already taking place. Both places are places for waiting for the last judgment day that will experience the opening of heaven and hell fire.

THE HISTORY OF THE DEVIL AND OF HIS DEMONS ON EARTH HOW THE GENIES (evil spirits) CAME ON EARTH AND HOW TO OVERCOME THEM. Here's how the evil spirits came to earth. Read Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14, Revelation 12. Here is what God said to Satan, the devil’s story: "You were in Eden, the garden of God, you were covered with all kinds of precious stones, carnelian, topaz, diamond, chrysolite, onyx, jasper, sapphire, ruby, emerald and gold. Your tambourines and flutes they were prepared at your service from the day you were created (Ezekiel 28/13). I have set thee and thou wast upon the holy mountain of God.

You walked among the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. (Ezekiel 28/14-15). «Your heart was lifted up because of thy beauty; thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness (Ezekiel 28/17). I will cast thee to the mountain of God and I will destroy thee covering cherub, from among the stones of fire (Ezekiel 28/16). >> Thus: "there was war in heaven, the archangel Michael and his angels fought against the dragon Satan. And the dragon, the devil and his angels fought, but they were not the strongest, and their place was not found any more in heaven. And they were cast out, the great dragon, that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, who seduced the whole earth, he was hurled to the earth and his angels were cast out with him” ( Revelation 12 / 7-9). God said "thou art fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.
You're cast down, you that weaken the nations! You said in your heart: I will ascend into the, heavens; I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I sit on the mount of the congregation at the end of the north, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, and I will be like the Most High. But you were precipitated into hell, into the depths of the pit” (Isaiah 14/12-15). And Jesus Christ, the faithful witness of creation says: "Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the land and sea because the devil is come down unto you having great anger, knowing he has but a little time. (Revelation 12/12)”. Then Jesus said to the people:

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. (1 peter 5 / 8). In fact, Jesus said: "Everyone who sins is of the devil," "Resist the devil and he will flee from you". Initially, all spiritual beings, beings without bodies, minds, were all angels of God. Among these angels, there was one called Lucifer. Lucifer was one of the angels who occupied one of the highest ranks in the hierarchy of the angels of God. He was an archangel and a cherub precisely. He was wise, perfect in beauty and showing integrity to God. But one day, pride came over him and he rebelled against God and longed to take God’s place and be worshiped as God. Just as a man would rise against a chief or against a head of state to try and take his place, to remove him. In his rebellion, he carried with him a third of the angels of God he had corrupt. After a war which took place in heaven between the angels who remained faithful to God and his angels that he had corrupted, he was defeated, and he was expelled from heaven by God, with all the angels who followed him and they were thrown to the earth by God. So he and his angels became fallen angels. He became the devil, that is to say the accuser, slanderer, as it is now his character, his habit against God and men, and he was called Satan, meaning adversary, for he is now the enemy of God and of men, but always cunning, malice and evil. All the angels that were corrupted, and who had followed him all became demons, this is what men usually call evil spirits or spiritual entities who work with the occult and are at the root of fetishism, occultism , magic and sorcery, and also others, they are behind all sins, all evil, all the falsehoods, etc.,. When they fell, God created the lake of fire and brimstone called the fire of hell, or "hell" and where Satan and his demons will be thrown into at the end of time, the last judgment day. They will be cast with all men who followed them to commit sin. And therefore all sinners, all unbelievers to the biblical word of Jesus Christ and all those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. The devil did not want to go alone to hell and to pay vengeance against God, he went after men, inspired men into all the sins they are committing by his cunning, so that they as well will be excluded from eternal life and that men would have the same fate like him. The devil is the basis of all disbelief and all sins, all the false teachings and false concepts of God opposed to the bible.

TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST SAY THIS PRAYER: "Lord Jesus I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour, I ask you to forgive me my sins, all the sins that I have committed from my childhood until this day: the sins of lying, theft, fraud, anger, hatred, injustice, violence, rape, sex before marriage and outside marriage, adultery, abortion, jealousy, sins consulting fortune tellers, witch doctors, astrologers and others, and every other sins. Lord Jesus, heal me, deliver me from every unclean spirit and from every problem, open for me the doors of job ...” ( speak freely to Jesus Christ, ask him what you want and ask for forgiveness all your sins by reciting the above prayer, and at the end of your prayer, cast out the demons by saying aloud: "In the name of Jesus Christ, you demons of witchcraft, fetishism, sin, sickness, bewitchment, failure, unemployment, doubt, anger, sexual immorality ... " (quote the sins in accordance to your problems, to your sins and your faults and say " you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ, get out of my life in the name of Jesus Christ and never come back again... "After that, come to see us or any true Pentecostal church, and so that they could lay hands on you and pray for you. Repent and read the Bible, the New and the Old Testament. From now on, pray without ceasing asking what you need, and repent from all your sins, and ask for the Holy Spirit and spiritual qualities that you do not have, and drive out the demon of each problem and of every sin and every temptation, bad thoughts and fault. Wherever you sense danger, have bad feeling, or you see something abnormal, or hear a bad thing, say this: "You are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life, go far away from here and never return any more! ...” or invoke the name of Jesus.

HOW TO OPERATE SO AS TO NEVER FAIL In accordance with actual and biblical testimonies of what Jesus did for men, to be healed or delivered or other, for every other solutions that man seek forand for salvation, follow these rules :
1- Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Say, for instance, "Lord Jesus, I accept you as my saviour ...."
2- Repent confessing all your sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, make your confession like this: "Lord Jesus, forgive me all my sins, sins of sex before marriage and outside marriage, of masturbation, theft ..., because in my life, I have sinned, I have stolen, I lied, I consulted witch doctors... "(Name all the sins that you once committed and ask forgiveness from Jesus).
3- Ask Jesus Christ to heal you or solve the problem that you have. Example say: "Lord Jesus, I pray you heal me, deliver me from disease, pain, unemployment, debt ..."
4- Use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out all evil spirits which causes you to suffer or the sins you have committed. For example, you should strongly address the demons like this: "You demons of illness, bewitchment, witchcraft, unemployment, poverty, of sex outside marriage ... Get out of my life in the name of Jesus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus ... (you should pray often as much as you can and drive the demons each time).
5- Believe that you're healed or that God has answered your prayers and thank Jesus Christ for having healed you, for Jesus Christ said "whatever you ask in my name, believe that you have received it and you will have them”. Example say "Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, and for solving my problems, thank you Lord Jesus Christ."
6- Now, begin to put in action the things you are looking for, if it is a job, go and deposit your applications for jobs, if it's for healing, let a true pastor or a true Christian lay hands on you and pray for you casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's for a reconciliation, meet the person or the leader in charge.
7- Carry out a fast, if you think the subject or the problem you are having is serious, especially since the Lord Jesus said that there are demons that won’t come out of man except by fasting and prayer, and thus there are problems that are resolved only through fasting and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Fasting for 3 days without food or drinking day and night 24 hours over 24 hrs is biblical and very effective. But you're free to choose the days of your fasting and may go from one to 40 days praying without ceasing. And do all that the bible prescribed by Jesus Christ.
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"Lord Jesus I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour, I ask you to forgive me my sins, all the sins that I have committed from my childhood until this day: the sins of lying, theft, fraud, anger, hatred, injustice, violence, rape, sex before marriage and outside marriage, adultery, abortion, jealousy, sins consulting fortune tellers, witch doctors, astrologers and others, and every other sins. Lord Jesus, heal me, deliver me from every unclean spirit and from every problem, open for me the doors of job ..." ( speak freely to Jesus Christ, ask him what you want and ask for forgiveness all your sins by reciting the above prayer, and at the end of your prayer, cast out the demons by saying aloud: "In the name of Jesus Christ, you demons of witchcraft, fetishism, sin, sickness, bewitchment, failure, unemployment, doubt, anger, sexual immorality ... " (quote the sins in accordance to your problems, to your sins and your faults and say " you are defeated in the name of Jesus Christ, get out of my life in the name of Jesus Christ and never come back again... "After that, come to see us or any true Pentecostal church, and so that they could lay hands on you and pray for you. Repent and read the Bible, the New and the Old Testament. From now on, pray without ceasing asking what you need, and repent from all your sins, and ask for the Holy Spirit and spiritual qualities that you do not have, and drive out the demon of each problem and of every sin and every temptation, bad thoughts and fault. Wherever you sense danger, have bad feeling, or you see something abnormal, or hear a bad thing, say this: "You are defeated in Jesus' name, depart from my life, go far away from here and never return any more! ..." or invoke the name of Jesus.


In accordance with actual and biblical testimonies of what Jesus did for men, to be healed or delivered or other, for every other solutions that man seek for and for salvation, follow these rules :
1- Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Say, for instance, "Lord Jesus, I accept you as my saviour ...."
2- Repent confessing all your sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, make your confession like this: "Lord Jesus, forgive me all my sins, sins of sex before marriage and outside marriage, of masturbation, theft ..., because in my life, I have sinned, I have stolen, I lied, I consulted witch doctors... "(Name all the sins that you once committed and ask forgiveness from Jesus).

3- Ask Jesus Christ to heal you or solve the problem that you have. Example say: "Lord Jesus, I pray you heal me, deliver me from disease, pain, unemployment, debt ..."

4- Use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out all evil spirits which causes you to suffer or the sins you have committed. For example, you should strongly address the demons like this: "You demons of illness, bewitchment, witchcraft, unemployment, poverty, of sex outside marriage ... Get out of my life in the name of Jesus, you are defeated in the name of Jesus ... (you should pray often as much as you can and drive the demons each time).

5- Believe that you're healed or that God has answered your prayers and thank Jesus Christ for having healed you, for Jesus Christ said "whatever you ask in my name, believe that you have received it and you will have them". Example say "Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, and for solving my problems, thank you Lord Jesus Christ."
6- Now, begin to put in action the things you are looking for, if it is a job, go and deposit your applications for jobs, if it's for healing, let a true pastor or a true Christian lay hands on you and pray for you casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's for a reconciliation, meet the person or the leader in charge.

7- Carry out a fast, if you think the subject or the problem you are having is serious, especially since the Lord Jesus said that there are demons that won't come out of man except by fasting and prayer, and thus there are problems that are resolved only through fasting and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Fasting for 3 days without food or drinking day and night 24 hours over 24 hrs is biblical and very effective. But you're free to choose the days of your fasting and may go from one to 40 days praying without ceasing. You could go for 3 days without food or drink day and night if the subject is important and that hands should be laid on you and pray for you. If it persists, you could try another much longer fasting drinking after the first 3 days without eating day and night depending on the number of days that you have chosen and that Christians pray for you. See the biblical example of Esther etc...

8- Pray without ceasing, perseveres in prayer, wake up a little early every morning and pray for at least an hour without stopping and drive out the demons as in number 4 mentioned above. Do the same every night before bed. Ask God every time in your prayers for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and for spiritual qualities such as kindness, joy, love, patience, temperance, gentleness, etc... Abandon all your weaknesses, all malice, all bad characters, any hatred toward anyone.

9- Now abandon all sin and live a sinless life and be full of kindness, even toward your enemies, be without blemish, and do not commit and do not think of any evil. Abandon all sin (sexual sin, masturbation, sex outside marriage, occult fetishism, other religion, other belief, forsake other conceptions that go against the bible), including worldly music, sinful dances, hatred in politics, thoughts and other thing that opposes God's word ...

10- Read through the Bible, preferably starting with the New Testament from beginning to the end without skipping any page to find information and so as not be deceived, then reads the Old Testament. To know what to do or what not to do, and the whole word of God, read or listen to current testimonies of what Jesus did for men in the area of healing, deliverance, protection, power, success, employment, marriage and others. Read or listen to messages that took place prior to your conversion or your absence, know what the Bible says from beginning to end, and make documentation, catching up to have the same level as those people you met during your conversion and even grow better than them.
11- Invite everyone, parents, non-Christians to Jesus Christ, to the church by testimonies and other strategies. Do not be indifferent to their non-conversion, their sins, their problems, their views as regarding eternal life ... evangelize by inviting all to Jesus Christ, to the church every member of your family, your neighbours, your colleagues, and anyone...

12- Concentrate on the things of God: conversion of souls
away from sin, love for every man and kindness to them for their conversion, be perfect and be very active for God and for yourself in evangelism, and at work, in creativity and in search for job. So be active, be creative in spiritual, material and economic works, and never prefer the work of the world more than God's work and don't fall in love of money and riches of this world except for the need of money for essential daily life needs and for everything that is useful and for the financing of God's work. Then God will bless you greatly and you will want nothing and nothing can overcome you as long as you continue.

13- Live for Jesus Christ and for his Gospel in the world and be sure that you will not want anything and that nobody can defeat you unless you sin and live in sin. Therefore, repent immediately from every sin you have committed inadvertently, but never sins voluntarily, for anyone who sins is of the devil, says the Lord Jesus. And God does not answer the prayers of sinners.

14- Never doubt nor fear. If fears and doubts should come, say this: "Thou spirit of doubt and fear, you are defeated in Jesus' name, go out of my life, and never come back again, and you have no power .... I know that Jesus Christ has heard my prayers..."

15- Ask all things to the Father in Jesus' name. Jesus said "Whatever you ask in my name, believe that you received and it will be yours" and he said: "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Do not be afraid ... let your needs be made known only to Jesus Christ.

16- Support and financially give for the work of God in tithes and offerings and voluntary donations according to the needs of the church and of work. If you want to be blessed materially, be faithful in your tithe and your free will offering but worthy and of value to support the work of God and "world evangelization, and not superfluous.

-NB: you should know that prayer is not a recitation, so speak freely to Jesus Christ or to the Father (God) in Jesus' name, but please include these in your prayers:

1- You must acknowledge that Jesus Christ is your saviour and he is able to heal you or solve your problem.
2- You should ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ or God, in Jesus' name, from all your sins that you have cited and your decision not to commit the same again.
3- You should make request for your needs; for all that you want spiritually, morally and materially.
4- Your request of the Holy Spirit and for the spiritual qualities that you don't have, in the place of your known sins and faults.
5- your spiritual warfare by casting out demons in Jesus' name, the demons of what you are suffering from, your problems, your sins and your faults.
6- Thanking Jesus Christ for what he hath done for thee, for your healing, deliverance, and thank Jesus for what he hath given to you, even before receiving them.

NB:- Pray without ceasing, for example when moving from one place to another: "Lord Jesus accompanies me and protect me ..." before every meal: "Lord Jesus, bless this meal ..." then pronounce name of Jesus out loud before every evil spirit, before every danger, and cast out the demons of doubt, temptations and every other works of the devil.

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