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Welcome to the website
of reverend Raphael Emmanuel okoudjedje

From Philosophical Atheism to a radical faith in Jesus Christ in the demonstration of the supreme power of God.

Former professor of philosophic atheism and psychology, A former Marxist and adept of philosophy from the school of Frankfort, who delivered by Jesus Christ and today he is an apostle of His word and of His power in the world for the salvation of souls

A great and un-doubtful worldwide testimony of great manifestation of the supreme power of God in Christ Jesus

A ministry of healings, of deliverances, of deblockings, of revelations, of solutions to problems and of salvation.


A brilliant student, Reverend Raphael Emmanuel Okou Djedje was a Professor of a pagan philosophy and psychology. An a former Marxist and adept of philosophy from the School of Frankfort. (German intellectual groups of philosophers who meet to make researches for social solutions). They were not able to find definitive answers to questions on the following.

1) Does God exist ? based on philosophical level.
2) What is the solution to the problems of this world?

For many years, he made researches on the responses in several literary books. Following his professional, historical footprints as a professor of philosophy and psychology, promoter and founder of a school and Enterprise, he came to realize that the universities is a world that kept questioning itself, and in which each intellectual has their own different answers to the point where they no longer know if these is only one truth or if truth is relative, subjective, subjective, changing or purely controversial.

Divine providence made it I'm such away that the philosophers Okou Djedje Should listen to cassette about the testimony of a young lady who was delivered and healed by Jesus-Christ. Listening to this cassette stimulated in him the curiosity which gave him a miraculous, experience of his faith in Jesus-Christ.


Today, he has encountered the lord Jesus-Christ who healed him from an illness which he had suffered for 14 years. His total and radial conversion has transformed his life. 1 Corinthians 6:11.

Reverend Okou Djedje; Greated and Edited the international the international news paper (journal): "The denouncer of the World and of darkness and founded the Ministry World of Jesus-Christ. Wish was established essentially with the mission to create and use every means and technics of communication to transmit the words of the Bible (Conferences, Radios, TV, Journals, Newspapers, Prospectus, Internet, Enterprises). In the aim to convey, Experience and live the message of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ in the World.

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